Dossier vaping – de waarheid over electronische sigaretten

1 in 4 U.S. high school seniors has vaped recently — up 4.5 percent from 2018
14 young people in two states experience lung problems linked to vaping
17 new vaping-associated lung injury cases reported in Mass., health officials say
60% of e-cigarette users say they want to quit – but only a quarter have tried, study finds
7th person dies from vaping illness
9 out of 40 mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor developed a form of lung cancer
A Potential New Vaping-Related Exposure to Explore
Acetoin is a precursor to diacetyl in e-cigarette liquids
Acute exposure to flavored e-liquids exacerbates endothelial cell dysfunction, study finds
Addicted to Vaped Nicotine, Teenagers Have No Clear Path to Quitting
Adolescent Users of E-Cigarettes Exposed to Nearly as Much Nicotine as Smokers
Adolescents are more likely than adults to use fruit- and candy-flavored e-cigarettes
Adults aren’t sure if e-cigarettes are harmful to children
After vaping-related illness, teen now has lungs like ‘a 70-year-old’s’
Alibaba to stop sales of e-cigarette components in United States
Almost 20% of nonsmoking workers are exposed to secondhand smoke on the job
American Medical Association Complicity with Big Tobacco
Amid teen vaping ‘epidemic,’ Juul taps addiction expert as medical director
Another banned food additive discovered in e-cig pods
Are e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products harmful?
Are E-Cigarettes Going Up in Smoke?
Are e-cigarettes with higher nicotine associated with more smoking, vaping?
As Vaping Devices Have Evolved, So Have Potential Hazards
As vaping injuries climb, doctors struggle to wean youth off nicotine
As Vaping-Related Lung Illnesses Continue, the Culprit Remains a Mystery
Association of prevalence of electronic cigarette use with smoking cessation and cigarette consumption in England
Asthma-causing bugs found in e-cigarettes for the first time
B.C. men sue Juul, alleging pulmonary disease and other health effects
Ban E-cigarette Flavourings and Misleading Ads to Protect Youth, Says International Respiratory Group
Ban on e-cigarette and vaping adverts could be brought in by Scottish Government
Big Pharma Paying Up and More on Vaping
Big Tobacco’s Worst Enemy Wants to ‘Drive a Stake’ Through JUUL’s Heart
Black market vapes contained ‘high levels’ of pesticides
British American Tobacco under investigation over Instagram vape posts
California lawmaker withdraws bill banning flavored tobacco products after ‘hostile amendments’
California warns public to stop vaping immediately as deaths investigated
Can e-cigarettes help smokers quit?
Can we stop America’s teen vaping epidemic arriving in Britain?
Cannabis use in e-cigarettes by US youth
Cannabis vs. tobacco – What science says about the health risks of smoking
Cause of mystery vaping lung illnesses remains elusive
CDC says almost all vaping illness patients end up hospitalized
CDC warns against vaping after mysterious spike in lung illnesses
CDC warns of dangers of nicotine salts used by vaping giant Juul in e-cigarettes
Changes in e-cigarette use among US adults
Chemicals in e-cig flavors could harm respiratory tract
Childhood maltreatment associated with greater use of e-cigarettes in young adults
Childhood Maltreatment Linked to E-cigarette Use During Young Adulthood
Cigarette butts pose big microplastic hazard in the oceans
Cigarette smoke makes MRSA superbug bacterium more drug-resistant
Cigarette smoking and telomere length
City asked to include e-cigarettes in smoking ordinance
Cocktail of chemicals in cigarettes harmful to developing liver cells unborn babies.
Concerns raised over vaping after teenager’s lung collapses
Congressional Democrats threaten to subpoena vaping company Juul over documents
Dads’ smoking linked with fetal heart problems
Daily e-cigarette users had highest rates of quitting smoking
Death of factory worker is first in Britain linked to vaping
Do NOT vape bootleg e-liquids
Doctors missing vape injuries because symptoms are the same as flu and pneumonia
Don’t put Juul’s poison in body
Dozens of deaths linked to vaping could be just ‘the tip of the iceberg’
E-cig refills contain irritants, and people who smoke and use e-cigs suffer more symptoms
E-cigarette additives increase inflammation and impair lung function, study finds
E-cigarette advertising may face heavy new restrictions
E-cigarette aerosol exposure causes craniofacial abnormalities in mice
E-cigarette battery explosions on the rise
E-cigarette cancer warning as new study finds mint and menthol flavour risk
E-cigarette critics get research dollars from industry competitors
E-Cigarette Explodes in Teen’s Mouth, Breaks Jaw, Blows Out Teeth
E-cigarette explosion and burn injuries have been underestimated by federal agencies
E-cigarette flavors are toxic to human cells, study finds
E-cigarette flavors are toxic to white blood cells, warn scientists
E-cigarette fluid poisonings on rise in Maritimes
E-cigarette giant Juul suspends sales of all fruity flavors
E-cigarette giant Juul’s campaign donations favour Democrats
E-Cigarette Injuries over 40 times higher than FDA’s figures
E-cigarette maker Juul sponsors U.S. public health research on vaping
E-cigarette policy should consider environmental effects, expert says
E-Cigarette products made to look like sweets are being marketed at children, experts warn
E-cigarette smokers have a high bladder cancer risk
E-cigarette use by high school students linked to cigarette smoking
E-cigarette use by teens linked to later tobacco smoking
E-cigarette use could cost 1.5 million years of life, study suggests
E-cigarette use may encourage experimentation with tobacco, study finds
E-cigarette users at risk of brain and heart damage
E-cigarette users face a higher risk of a heart attack and stroke, finds study
E-cigarette users urged to stop vaping ‘immediately’ after latest death from mystery illness
E-cigarette vapor may cause facial birth defects like smoking
E-cigarette vapor slows heart rate in mice
E-cigarette vapor tied to changes in lung cells
E-cigarette vapour may prevent mouth ulcers from healing
E-cigarettes – are the recent health concerns the tip of the iceberg?
E-Cigarettes – Effective Smoking Cessation Tool or Public Health Threat?
E-cigarettes – The new hazardous waste
E-cigarettes ‘likely to lead youngsters to tobacco’
E-cigarettes affect lung biology, even in those who’ve never smoked
E-Cigarettes and a New Threat – How to Dispose of Them
E-Cigarettes Appear to Reduce Body’s Ability to Fight Flu
E-cigarettes are being sold as ‘edgy lifestyle devices’
E-cigarettes are no better than regular cigarettes, say insurance companies
E-cigarettes are NOT as safe as we’ve been led to believe
E-cigarettes as a source of toxic and potentially carcinogenic metals
E-Cigarettes Can Damage DNA
E-cigarettes can help smokers quit, but there’s a catch
E-cigarettes cause ‘signs of lung damage’
E-cigarettes could hinder smoking cessation in some groups, research shows
E-cigarettes do not damage blood vessels says new study
E-cigarettes increase risk of cigarette smoking in youth
E-cigarettes induce toxicological effects that can raise the cancer risk
E-cigarettes linked to higher risk of stroke, heart attack, diseased arteries
E-cigarettes linked to increased arterial stiffness, blood pressure and heart rate in humans
E-cigarettes may cause inflammatory lung diseases: Study
E-Cigarettes May Lead to Cancer and Heart Disease, New Study Finds
E-cigarettes may trigger unique and potentially damaging immune responses
E-cigarettes potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, UConn study shows
E-cigarettes raise the risk of mouth cancer by damaging DNA
E-cigarettes shouldn’t be used, researcher claims
E-cigarettes under thorough scrutiny, and not the way to stop smoking
E-cigarettes with nicotine cause life-long damage to heart
E-cigs Can Trigger Same Lung Changes Seen in Smokers, Emphysema
Effect of deployment on use of e-cigarettes in US military
Effect of e-liquid flavor on electronic cigarette topography and consumption behavior in a 2-week natural environment switching study
Effect of tobacco smoking on the risk of developing community acquired pneumonia
Effects of cigarette smoke on the oxidative damage of mice oocytes and developmental potential
Electronic cigarette liquid exposure induces flavor-dependent osteotoxicity
Electronic cigarette power affects count concentration and particle size distribution of vaping aerosol
Electronic cigarettes are ‘undoubtedly harmful’ and should be regulate
Electronic-cigarette smoke induces lung adenocarcinoma and bladder urothelial hyperplasia in mice
Endotoxin and (1?3)-?-D-Glucan Contamination in Electronic Cigarette Products Sold in the United States
Erdogan says he will never allow vaping, will block e-cigarettes in Turkey
Experimental Acute Exposure to Thirdhand Smoke and Changes in the Human Nasal Epithelial Transcriptome
Experts warn US vaping backlash is turning people back to cigarettes
Exposure to second-hand e-cigarettes increasing among young people
Ex-smokers, light smokers not exempt from lung damage
Failing to warn about teen cancer risk from vaping is ‘unforgivable’ – says surgeon
Fake e-cigarette liquid is putting vapers at risk
Father’s smoking during pregnancy tied to asthma in kids
FDA ‘should have acted sooner’ on e-cigarettes, agency head tells Congress
FDA ‘stands ready’ to accelerate review of e-cigarettes
FDA chief Gottlieb’s departure might not actually be a good thing for vaping industry
FDA chief to meet with heads of vaping companies
FDA considering ban on flavored e-cigarettes
FDA Demands Plan to Reverse Teen E-Cigarette ‘Epidemic’
FDA issues warning letters to JUUL on marketing, youth outreach
FDA opens criminal probe of vaping deaths
FDA outlines e-cigarette rules, tightens restrictions on fruity flavors to try to curb teen vaping
FDA permits Swedish Match to advertise snus smokeless tobacco as less harmful than cigarettes
FDA slams vaping company Juul for illegal marketing practices, threatens fines or seizure
FDA targets vaping ‘influencers’ for online promotions
FDA tells four firms to stop selling flavored e-cigarette, hookah products
FDA warns e-cigarette liquid maker against products resembling food for kids
FDA warns e-cigarette makers against marketing to children
Fetal exposure to nicotine linked with SIDS and cardiac arrhythmias in newborns
First death linked to vaping reported in Illinois
First evidence that e-cigarettes may be prompting UK teens to try the real thing
First known respiratory illness linked to vaping in Canada reported in London, Ont. youth
Flavored e-cigarettes are fueling a dangerous increase in tobacco use
Flavored e-Cigarettes Sweetly Lure Kids into Vaping
Flavored electronic cigarettes linked to possible cardiovascular disease
Flavored tobacco products can lead to DAILY smoking or vaping in teens and young adults
Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes
Flavoring ingredient exceeds safety levels in e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco
Flavors attract both youth and adults to use e-cigarettes
Flavoured capsule cigarettes pose a threat to smokefree goal
Flavoured e-cigarettes can kill lung cells
Flavoured e-cigarettes fuelling a dangerous increase in tobacco use
Former Juul claims company knowingly sold tainted nicotine pods
From smoking to vaping – Why do we abuse our lungs?
Fruit-flavoured e-cigarettes more likely to be addictive
Half as many Britons vape as smoke
Health chiefs ‘ignoring warnings’ over e-cigarette risks
Health warnings on plain-packaged cigarettes have more impact
‘Heat-not-burn’ cigarettes still damage lungs
High use of electronic cigarettes seen in 8th-9th graders in Oregon
Hong Kong to ban e-cigarettes, other new smoking products
How e-cigarettes are burning people’s thighs
How e-cigarettes went from celebrity accessory to product non grata
How vaping crackdowns are politicizing vapers
How vaping helps even hardened smokers quit
How Vaping Nicotine Can Affect A Teenage Brain
If romaine killed as many as e-cigs have, it would be pulled from stores
Illinois lawsuit filed against top e-cigarette maker
India bans e-cigarettes in setback for Juul and Philip Morris
India defends e-cigarette ban in court with attack on Juul
India proposes ban on e-cigarettes and three-year jail term for repeat offenders
India’s government has no plan to roll back a ban on electronic cigarettes
Indoor smoking ban tied to heart attack decline in older adults
Is Something in Tobacco Protective Against Parkinson’s Disease?
Is Vitamin E Oil Behind the Vaping Crisis?
Israel bans Juul e-cigarettes citing ‘grave’ public health risk
It’s safest to avoid e-cigarettes altogether
Judge orders FDA to speed up review of e-cigarettes
Juul agrees to restrict youth advertising
Juul boss exits in vaping crisis as Philip Morris, Altria end merger talks
JUUL Finally Admits That It’s Just Another Drug
Juul is going to be in a hard spot to ever get their product approved
Juul users sue e-cigarette maker for causing ‘youth addiction crisis’
JUUL vaping causing nicotine addiction among teens
Keep pets away from e-cigarettes over poisoning fears, vets warn
Kids who try e-cigs are 12 times as likely to start smoking tobacco
Kids Who Vape Face Toxin Dangers, Study Finds
Lack of vaping product marketing regulations endangers kids
Lead and other toxic metals found in e-cigarette ‘vapors’
Light Cigarettes Are Just as Likely to Cause Lung Cancer Deaths
Light, Ex?Smokers Have Almost the Same Lung Damage as Heavy Smokers
Likelihood of marijuana use among young people who used e-cigarettes
Long-term use of e-cigarettes may increase risk of emphysema
Los Angeles Times Investigation Shows How Vaping Crisis Could Have Been Prevented
Lung damage from vaping resembles chemical burns
Lung disease from vaping may hit Britain
Major tobacco companies continue to market their products despite plain packaging legislation
Man killed after e-cigarette explodes in his face
Menthol restrictions may hike cigarette costs, reduce health disparities
Metal Concentrations in e-Cigarette Liquid and Aerosol Samples
Mice that vaped nicotine for a year had a dramatic increase in tumor growth
Michigan to become 1st state to ban flavoured e-cigarettes
Minister tells tobacco firm to stop promoting device as ‘alternative to smoking’
More Americans say vaping is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes
More Americans trying e-cigarettes but fewer taking it up as habit
More Kids Vaping ‘Changes The Equation’ For E-Cig Regulation
Mum In Coma After Developing Mystery Lung Illness ‘From E-Cigarettes’
Mysterious vaping illness is ‘becoming an epidemic’, doctor says
Mysterious vaping illness outbreak grows to nearly 1,300 cases and 26 deaths
Mystery Lung Illness Linked to Vaping
Mystery vaping lung illness now reported in 153 people
Negative Social Cues on Tobacco Packaging May Help Smokers Quit
New analysis finds link between vaping and cannabis use in teens, young adults
New E-Cigarette Laws Could Drive Some Users to Smoke More Cigarettes
New heated tobacco device is as toxic as vaping and traditional cigarettes
New Study Links Electronic Cigarettes and Wheezing in Adults
New study shows link between secondhand smoke and cardiac arrhythmia
Nicotine Addiction From Vaping Is a Bigger Problem Than Teens Realize
Nicotine from e-cigarettes may damage ability to clear mucus from airways
Nicotine in cigarettes results in a decrease in oxygen reaching the heart
Nicotine levels in Juul, other e-cigarettes may spark addiction epidemic
NL – *Electronisch roken verdubbelt het risico op het roken van sigaretten voor tieners
NL – *Gebruik van E-sigaretten scholieren leidt tot roken van klassieke sigaretten
NL – *Het gebruik van e-sigaretten kan experimenteren met tabak aanmoedigen
NL – *Relatie e-sigaretten en arteriële stijfheid, bloeddruk en hartslag
NL – 74 Britten kampen met gezondheidsproblemen door gebruik e-sigaret
NL – Aantal doden door e-sigaret VS opgelopen naar achttien
NL – Aantal doden door gebruik e-sigaret blijft stijgen
NL – Aantal sterfgevallen na gebruik e-sigaret in VS stijgt naar 21
NL – Al 18 doden door e-sigaret, meer dan 1000 mensen ziek
NL – Amerikaan Chance (18) doodziek na e-sigaret
NL – Amerikaan mogelijk eerste dode door longziekte na roken e-sigaretten
NL – Beantwoording Kamervragen over de schadelijke gevolgen van de HeatStick voor de volksgezondheid
NL – Beantwoording Kamervragen over misleidende reclame van e-sigaretten
NL – Beschadigt de damp van e-sigaretten de longen?
NL – British American Tobacco heeft het sponsorverbod overtreden
NL – CEO e-sigaret Juul stapt op
NL – De ‘Juul’ komt er aan – hoe de e-tabaksindustrie oprukt
NL – De e-sigaret zou alleen gepromoot mogen worden als middel om te stoppen met roken
NL – De VVD wil nieuw uitstel voor tabakswinkeliers
NL – Dode en longziekte door gebruik van e-sigaret
NL – Een e-sigaret is geen onschuldig product
NL – Electrische sigaretten met fruit aroma’s zijn eerder verslavend
NL – Er zitten zware metalen in uw e-sigaret
NL – E-sigaret als kermisprijs mag niet meer
NL – E-sigaret eist mogelijk tweede leven
NL – E-sigaret veroorzaakt longkanker bij muizen
NL – E-sigaret wel degelijk verboden op school
NL – E-sigaretten kunnen nog steeds gewoon roken als gevolg hebben
NL – E-sigaretten zijn mogelijk net zo gevaarlijk als gewone sigaretten
NL – Fabrikanten e-sigaretten verlangen naar Brits vertrek uit EU
NL – Gearomatiseerde e-sigaret-chemicaliën veroorzaken popcornlong
NL – Gearomatiseerde e-sigaretten kunnen astma verergeren
NL – Hoe (on)gezond is de e-sigaret?
NL – Hoe minder kinderen in aanraking komen met roken, hoe minder verslavingen
NL – In de VS zijn zeker 12 mensen gestorven door elektronische sigaret
NL – Is vapen het nieuwe roken na opduiken mysterieuze longziekte?
NL – Kamerbrief over rapport „Op weg naar rookvrije schoolterreinen”
NL – Kinderartsen steunen verbod e-sigaret
NL – Klap voor producenten – India verbiedt e-sigaret
NL – Longarts wil verbod e-sigaret na sterfgevallen
NL – Longartsen willen een totaalverbod op e-sigaretten
NL – Longartsen zijn duidelijk over e-sigaret – niet doen
NL – Longziekte door e-sigaret treft vooral jonge man
NL – Longziekte gelinkt aan e-sigaret eist eerste dodelijke slachtoffer
NL – Meerderheid Belgen wil rookvrij terras, maar horeca volgt niet
NL – Mysterieuze Amerikaanse longziekte gelinkt aan e-sigaret heeft een naam gekregen – EVALI
NL – Mysterieuze dampziekte zet schijnwerpers op ‘gezond alternatief’ voor roken
NL – Mysterieuze longaandoening door vapen eist twaalfde leven in VS
NL – Mysterieuze longziekte in verband gebracht met E-sigaret
NL – Mysterieuze ziekte in VS door vapen
NL – Nicotine in e-sigaretten vermindert afvoer van slijm
NL – Nu ook strenge regels voor elektronische sigaret zonder nicotine
NL – NVWA beboet 114 verkopers van elektronische sigaretten
NL – Omstreden e-sigaret Juul ook bij ons op de markt
NL – Onderzoek gezondheidseffecten e-sigaret
NL – Onderzoeksjournalist Bouma wijst op blinde vlek VWS rond sjoemelsigaret
NL – Ongereguleerd vapen levert nieuwe tiener nicotineverslaafden op
NL – Onrust bij gebruikers van e-sigaretten
NL – Opmars illegale en gevaarlijke e-sigaret Juul in Nederland
NL – Propaganda – Tabaksreus wil Belgische vaping-markt veroveren
NL – Relatie elektronische sigaretten en piepende ademhaling
NL – Roken en de tabakslobby van vier kanten bekeken
NL – Roken vergroot kans op bipolaire stoornis
NL – Roker anno 2019 is een verschoppeling
NL – Rokers hebben meer kans op psychiatrische aandoening
NL – Rond 2025 is roken verboden rondom zorginstellingen
NL – Rookruimtes in horeca definitief verboden
NL – Ruim honderd online verkopers e-sigaretten overtreden reclameverbod
NL – San Francisco wil e-sigaret verbieden
NL – Smaakmakers in e-sigaretten giftig voor witte bloedcellen
NL – Smaakstoffen overschrijden de veiligheidsniveaus in e-sigaretten
NL – Speciale rookruimtes zijn inderdaad in strijd met het wereldgezondheidsverdrag
NL – Stop met het roken van e-sigaretten
NL – Stoppen met roken dankzij e-sigaretten, kan dat?
NL – Tabaksindustrie richt pijlen op Aziatische vrouwen
NL – Tabaksindustrie wringt zich in gekke bochten om haar grip op de samenleving te houden
NL – Te veel teer in sigaretten, maar nauwelijks boetes van NVWA
NL – Tiener komt plots in ademnood door vape-verslaving
NL – Vanaf 1 november geen tabak meer voor jongeren onder de 18 jaar
NL – Verbod op gearomatiseerde e-sigaretten zal jongeren die al verslaafd zijn niet helpen
NL – Verbod op reclame voor e-sigaret zonder en met nicotine
NL – Verbod rookruimte op handen
NL – Verpakkingen sigaretten worden donkergroen-bruin
NL – Vitamine E-acetaat is nu focus van onderzoek naar vapen-gerelateerde ademhalingsaandoeningen
NL – Waakhond NVWA deelt boetes uit aan verkopers illegale e-sigaret Juul
NL – Waanzin, Engelse ziekenhuizen verkopen e-sigaretten om roken terug te dringen
NL – Weg met de e-sigaret
NL – Winkeliers krijgen geen uitstel voor uit het zicht halen sigaretten
NL – Zorg dat zware rokers ook een behandeling kunnen krijgen in verslavingskliniek
ONE e-cig puff increases the risk of a heart attack
One in four kids exposed to secondhand smoke from e-cigs
Opnieuw sterfgeval in VS na gebruik van e-sigaret
Patients with mysterious vaping related illness being readmitted
Peer relations linked to smoking behavior in vocational students
Philip Morris e-cigarette collects data on its users
Pilot Study Shows Even Short term ‘Vaping’ Causes Inflammation in Non-smokers
Possible effects of raising tobacco taxes across the EU
Potential benefits and risks of using e-cigarettes
Pregnant mothers who smoke could be harming daughters’ fertility in years to come, study claims
Pregnant women may think vaping is safer than smoking
Pregnant Women Who Smoke 1 Cigarette A Day Doubles Baby’s Risk For SUID
Probes of e-cigarette giant Juul underway in Illinois, D.C.
Protective effect of aerobic exercise on the vocal folds against cigarette smoke exposure.
Quitting Smoking Starts in the Brain
Recommending e-cigarettes to help smokers quit is irresponsible
Reported illnesses among U.S. vapers reaches 150 possible cases
Research suggests vapers are vulnerable to pneumonia
Researchers find correlation between vaping cannabis and other tobacco use
Researchers find e-cigarettes cause lung cancer in mice in first study tying vaping to cancer
Researchers Publish Comprehensive Review on Respiratory Effects of Vaping
Risk of heart attacks is double for daily e-cigarette users
Rutgers Experts Explore Impact of E-Cigarettes
San Francisco moves to ban e-cigarettes until health effects known
School districts sue vaping manufacturer Juul for draining resources
Secondhand Smoke Exposure Tied to Kidney Disease
Secondhand smoke from vaping could be harmful to children
Shisha smoke linked to diabetes and obesity in a major study
Smokeless tobacco products flying under the radar of regulation in many countries
Smokeless tobacco use in pregnancy tied to higher blood pressure in kids
Smokers have more complications after skin cancer surgery
Smoking and pre-eclampsia may cause fertility problems for offspring, study suggests
Smoking around pregnant women may increase asthma risk in children
Smoking during pregnancy doubles risk of sudden death for baby
Smoking may increase heart failure risk among African-Americans
Smoking to be ended in the UK by 2030, leaked proposal reveals
Some e-cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco
Stop ignoring the dangers of vaping
Stop ‘super-cool’ e-cigarette from taking off among kids, UK told
Strengere regels New York voor e-sigaretten
Study finds increase in cigarette smoking among minority teens after college affirmative action bans
Study finds NICOTINE – not tobacco – strips lungs of their ability to fight off illness
Study finds that quitting smoking during pregnancy lowers risk of preterm births
Study Links E?Cigarettes to Immune Damage as Mystery Vaping Sickness Claims Seventh Victim
Study suggests e-cigarette flavorings may pose heart risk
Tackling Indonesia’s smoking addiction a ‘double-edged sword’
Teen e-cigarette use doubles since 2017
Teen e-cigarette use linked to eventual smoking
Teen vaping is an ‘epidemic,’ FDA declares – blaming Juuls for fueling teen addiction crisis
Teen Vaping on the Rise in US, Canada
Teenager sues vaping company Juul after being left with ‘lungs like a 70-year-old’s’
Terrifying vape disease has now killed five people
Text to quit JUUL – New chat bot aims to coach teenagers through quitting
THC Vapes Dangerous, FDA says
The dangers of E-Cigarettes
The E-cigarette Backlash
The FDA Is Investigating a Possible Link Between E-Cigarettes and Seizures
The FDA tried to ban flavors years before the vaping outbreak. Top Obama officials nixed the plan
The flavors are just more toxic chemicals, warn scientists
The real reason Donald Trump just went after vaping
The Truth About E-Cigarettes And Teenagers
Third-hand smoke may be lurking in nonsmoking areas, study finds
Threats from tobacco industry stalled New Zealand plain packs legislation
Tobacco aside, e-cigarette flavorings may harm blood vessels
Tobacco companies keep killing us
Tobacco company Reynolds blames teen vaping crisis on Juul in fighting FDA plan to rein in e-cigarettes
Tobacco firms accused of using gimmicks to subvert plain packaging
Tobacco stocks drop as FDA probes possible link between seizures and vaping
Toxic chemical fumes not oils, may be causing vaping illness
Toxic reality of trendy ‘harmless’ e-cigarettes
Traditional and Electronic Cigarettes Linked to Poor Sleep
Traditional or e-cigarette use linked with more sleep difficulties
Trump Admin Finds Back Door For Tobacco Industry’s Plan to Censor Science
U.S. lawmakers grill e-cigarette maker Juul over efforts targeted at schoolchildren
U.S. vaping concerns loom as Canada legalizes pot devices
U.S. vaping illness count jumps to 805, deaths rise to 13
U.S. vaping illnesses continue to rise, cause still a mystery
U.S. vaping illnesses rise to 1,888 with pace picking up again
Unlisted chemicals in Juul e-cigarettes may irritate throats of users
US regulators call on e-cigarette brands to reveal the 19 ‘hidden’ toxins
US regulators probe link between vaping and seizures
US school pupils to be drug-tested for nicotine to tackle ‘vaping epidemic’
US smokers don’t believe vaping is less harmful than smoking
Utah teen will ‘never touch a vape again’ after coma, lung disease
Vapers develop cancer-related gene deregulation as cigarette smokers
Vaping Addicts Have No Treatment Options
Vaping and e-cigarettes in Hong Kong
Vaping as a method to quit smoking doesn’t work well
Vaping Association Sues To Block FDA’s New E-Cigarette Review Date
Vaping by teenagers on rise as tobacco companies try to hook a new generation on smoking
Vaping can clog your lungs with fat and raise risk of infection
Vaping cannabis may expose users to carcinogenic compounds
Vaping causes DNA mutations leading to cancer
Vaping companies reprimanded for violating tobacco ad rules on Facebook, Instagram
Vaping Crisis – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Vaping death toll rises to 11 after officials report ‘hundreds’ of new cases
Vaping does encourage kids to try tobacco, report finds
Vaping doubles risk of smoking cigarettes for teens
Vaping E-cigarettes highly addictive and leads to smoking cigarettes health experts warn
Vaping Harms Key Immune Cells
Vaping impacts blood vessels, even without nicotine
Vaping is ‘not necessarily harmless’ cancer survivor Cabinet minister says
Vaping likely has dangers that could take years for scientists to even know about
Vaping linked to more than 1,000 illnesses in US, health officials say
Vaping lung illness cases expected to rise ‘considerably,’ top CDC official says
Vaping May Be More Harmful Than Cigarettes
VAPING may be worse for you than traditional smoking, a new study claims.
Vaping may damage the brain
Vaping may harm fertility in young women
Vaping may help some people quit cigarettes, but what about the nicotine?
Vaping no boost to quit rates in smokers, study suggests
Vaping popular among teens; opioid misuse at historic lows
Vaping propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine may lead to lung inflammation
Vaping residue can transfer between rooms
Vaping ‘risks heart damage and not safe substitute for cigarettes’
Vaping shops selling to non-smokers
Vaping trends and detrimental effects of e-cigarette usage
Vaping while pregnant causes facial birth defects
Vaping’s potential to benefit public health exceeds its risks
Vapors from tank-style e-cigarettes have higher concentrations of harmful metals
Video – 5th vaping-related death reported in U.S.
Video – Are E-Cigarettes Bad For Your Heart?
Video – Before Vaping Smoking Rates Among Youth Had Been the Lowest
Video – Big Pharma Wants To Own Cannabis Like Big Tobacco Owns Vaping
Video – Big Tobacco Created New Generation Of Addicts With Vaping
Video – CDC expects “hundreds more” cases of vaping illness
Video – Could Sabotaged Vapes be Behind Sudden Epidemic?
Video – Do Not Vape Until We Know More
Video – Doctor Reveals The Truth About Vaping – Illnesses, Cancer & Death
Video – Does Vaping Cause Cancer?
Video – Dr Ezike Opening At Hearing On Outbreak of E-cigarette Related Lung Disease
Video – Dysfunctional FDA Standards Are Leading To Vaping Illnesses
Video – E cigarettes are harmful for kids
Video – E-Cigarette Usage Targeted By New FDA Campaign
Video – E-Cigarette Vapor Linked To Lung Cancer And DNA Changes
Video – E-Cigarettes – Firebombs In Your Face
Video – E-Cigarettes – What Do We Know?
Video – E-cigarettes are no safer than cigarettes – Research on vaping and COPD
Video – E-cigarettes could lead to lung irritation
Video – E-Cigarettes in Youth & Tobacco Comorbidities
Video – E-Cigs And Damaged Blood Vessels
Video – E-cigs hook teens, but safer for adult smokers
Video – Environmental exposure to emissions from emerging nicotine delivery devices
Video – Examining the Outbreak of Lung Disease and CDC’s Urgent Warning Not to Use E-Cigarettes
Video – Health groups urge action on vaping
Video – Health officials testify on dangers of e-cigarettes before House subcommittee
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