Rhodiola tinctuur, Alcohol-vrij


2 stuks 5% korting, 4 stuks 7% korting

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Prijs: 15 euro
2 stuks 5% korting, 4 stuks 7% korting

Herb Pharm, Rhodiola tinctuur, Alcohol-vrij, 1 flesje (29.6 ml) *

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Dried root / menstruum ratio: 1 : 5
Bevat plantaardige glycerine, gedestileerd water en rhodiola extract
Bevat geen alcohol

Extra Info fabrikant: We prepare our Rhodiola Glycerite from the dried roots of Rhodiola
rosea plants which are hand-harvested in their wild native habitat in the Russian Arctic Circle.
To assure optimal extraction of Rhodiola’s antioxidant flavonoids and delicate rose flavor, the
roots are hand-harvested at their optimal potency, are carefully shade-dried, and are then
shipped directly to our laboratory and thoroughly extracted.