Nieuwsoverzicht 18 september

Aardappelen niet volgroeid
Al na één keer seks herschikt de beruchte schimmel zijn genetisch materiaal volledig
Antidepressiva verhogen het aantal suïcidepogingen onder jongeren
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over berichtgeving omtrent PFAS
Beckerman (SP) is emotioneel vanwege de ARMOEDE door Rutte
Belgische wetenschappers ontdekken hoe hersencellen afsterven bij alzheimer
Boze Diederik Gommers doet aangifte tegen Chemours
Coronaclaim MKB wegens verplichte sluitingen | Gesprek met Pancras Pouw & Jos Roose
De helft van de appels maar wel twee keer zo groot
De marine moet het gebruik van dubbele bubbelschermen verplichten bij het opruimen van explosieven
De voor- en nadelen van AI in de zorg
Door mentale overprikkeling slapen we niet meer zo lekker als een oermens
Energietoeslag is sigaar uit eigen doos
Frans Timmermans, kampioen nietszeggendheid die Nederland gaat beroven
Fritz Vahrenholt over warmte-eilandeffect en de invloed van de zon
Grote zorgen over koopkracht bij lage en modale inkomens
Heftige vaccinatieschade in beeld
Het dimmen van de zon tegen klimaatverandering gaat te ver
Het zuur-base-evenwicht, een belangrijke pijler voor je gezondheid
Hoe perfect moet je zijn voordat je iets mag roepen over klimaat?
Honderd burgemeesters willen krankzinnige klimaatregels
Je hart verkennen kan alleen door te onthaasten
Jurgen Spelbos over de de invloed van chronische stress
Kees van der Pijl = Ze waren te vroeg met hun Corona-gedoe
Krankzinnige besteldrang leidt tot verbranden van gloednieuwe producten
Lang onzekerheid over kinderopvangtoeslag door blunder ministerie
Lisa is (bijna) zelfvoorzienend in een rijtjeshuis
Met verborgen camera naar verkoper illegale puppies
Minister Van der Wal (Natuur en Stikstof) reageert op vragen en opmerkingen over de aanpak piekbelasting
Nieuwe Archiefwet verslechtert positie burger
Oost-Europese landen verlengen importverbod Oekraïens graan, botst met Europese regels
Profundo berekent financiële verantwoordelijkheid van Rabobank voor natuurschade in Brazilië in nieuw rapport
Schildkliersloper PFAS aangetroffen in papieren rietjes
Steeds meer mensen met parkinson ‘door rotzooi in de omgeving’
Sterven er meer mensen dan vroeger door natuurrampen?
Studenten gebruiken ADHD-medicijnen als studiedoping
The Dutch Farmer zet een prachtig permacultuur project op in Portugal
Tijdgeest Megazien 15 september 2023
Tings Chak (34) over China en de verbluffende aanpak van extreme armoede
Veel landen worstelen met toename vapes, steeds vaker verbod
Verandert Nederland in een controlestaat zoals China?
Verbied het dimmen van de zon, maar doe wel meer onderzoek
Vleermuizen zuigen rekening huiseigenaren leeg – isolatie wordt te duur
Waarom wil de EU geen Chinese elektrische auto’s?
Werken antidepressiva wel? | Gesprek met Dick Bijl
WHO directeur bevestigt SARS lab lek(ken)

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15-year-old lion feels grass for first time
5 Key Nutrients Found in Fall Fruits and Veggies
A first-of-its-kind bill in the United States to ban food additives linked to potential health issues was passed by California lawmakers on Sept. 11
A hidden planet with a mass about 1.5–3 times that of Earth could be lurking at the edge of the solar system
A number of outlets are reporting recent news from France regarding the safety (or lack thereof) of cell phone
A stable current global sea level record has apparently been “corrected” to show accelerated rise since the 1990s
A Very Slow EPA Settlement Process Keeps a Harmful Herbicide on the Market
After Death | Official Trailer | Angel Studios
Alarming rise in UK stillbirths and babies dying within weeks of being born reverses eight-year trend
Animal efficacy study of a plant extract complex (BEN815) as a potential treatment for COVID-19
Antibiotic breakthrough for acne sufferers
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons says masks are ineffective against respiratory viruses, cause harm to body
Baby Who Died 34 Hours After Vaccines Had Toxic Level of Aluminum in His Blood
Ban EU plastic waste exports
Big Pharma’s Most Recent Billion Dollar Scam
Big Tech’s ‘Sinister Agenda’ Behind Getting Kids Hooked on Technology
Bosnian Pyramids’ 30,000-Year-Old Enigma and Expansive Subterrenean Tunnels
Breaking the Cycle of Generational Trauma
Cancer Spikes 79% in Young Adults, Is this to Blame?
Censorship over opinions concerning whether we are in a climate emergency or even worse has made headlines recently
Classification of fasting with Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo | Buchinger Wilhelmi
Climate crazy protesters wreak havoc in New York City
Climate data encouraged over disaster analysis
Climate protesters take on BlackRock, Citigroup
Cochrane Reviews of Psychiatric Drugs Are Untrustworthy
Dementia – The Impact of COVID-19 Infection and Vaccination
Detection of recombinant Spike protein in the blood of individuals vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2: Possible molecular mechanisms
Evolution wired human brains to act like supercomputers
Experts Offer Advice on Working Out During Wildfire Smoke Events
Exposure to microwaves, cell phone radiation causes dangerous free radicals called PEROXYNITRITES to accumulate in the body
Fashion industry’s environmental impact is largely unknown – here’s why
Fentanyl Crisis Spurs Alarm Over Rising Deaths
Food – A Weapon of War Tracks East
For thousands of years, carrots were purple or yellow
Green transition meets opposition in Portugal
Half of women have traumatic births put off having more children
Handheld device ‘mimics’ chest physiotherapy
High Oxalate Greens and Kidney Stones
How AI Could Save (Not Destroy) Education | Sal Khan | TED
How should NZ law deal with disruptive climate protests?
How the Italian mafia makes millions from tinned tomatoes
How To Bullet-Proof Your Immune System And Reverse Autoimmune Diseases – Brooke Goldner, M.D.
I debated a cardiologist on cholesterol
In the first 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Californians who worked in healthcare, “other services,” manufacturing, transportation, and retail trade industries had higher death rates
International Oligarchs Are Behind the War on Farmers
Investing in Africa’s Green Transition
Is America Going Too Far on COVID Vaccines?
Is Eating Meat Dangerous For Your Health & Longevity? | Stan Efferding
Is there an association between waist-calf circumference ratio and all-cause and cause-specific mortality?
Is Your Depression Becoming Worse Due to Sleep Apnea?
Koreans Whose Family Members Died After COVID Shots Get $22,500 ‘Condolence’ Payments
Longer Telomere Length In 2023 vs 2022 (Also, Correlations With Diet)
Making hydrogen from waste plastic could pay for itself
Many types of subaquatic life are discovered during deep cleans, including protected species which have become trapped or entangled in plastic
Medical manufacturers say states can’t use their IV equipment to kill
Melting ice likely triggered climate change 8,000+ years ago
Microdose Your Way to Better Mental & Physical Health With Psilocybin
Miguel Coma speaks below on the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of 5G
Mitochondrial Mayhem – Correcting the Root Cause of Cancer
More than 700 million people don’t know when — or if — they will eat again
Mounjaro – type 2 diabetes drug more effective than Ozempic to launch in the UK
mRNA Vaccines Now Headed for Shrimp
Multi-layered coats and pants worn by firefighters have become the latest battleground over PFAS
Muziek – Emeli Sandé – Buttercup
Muziek – Hans Joseph & Andie Case – River
Muziek – Mark Knopfler – Telegraph Road
Muziek – Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Orchestral Version)
Muziek – Noah Cyrus – Again (Lyrics) Alan Walker Remix
Muziek – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now 2023 (STARSHIP) Cover by The HSCC
Muziek – Pet Shop Boys – The Lost Room
Muziek – Sigur Rós – Fall
Neurological Lyme is complicated but with the proper understanding of the disease and how to treat the brain, major strides can be made.
New files shed light on ExxonMobil’s efforts to undermine climate science
Northwestern Medicine investigators have identified how a calcium channel in the nervous system contributes to brain inflammation
Now the CDC wants to monitor your POOP to track flu outbreaks
ONS Data Show That the ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ was Always a Myth
Oregon has taken an unprecedented step in offering psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, to the public
Overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis with Golden Cells
Overdose deaths from fentanyl-laced cocaine and meth have risen 50-fold since 2010
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine sharply inhibits accumulation of embryo-fetal globin mRNAs
Pfizer-Vertrag enthüllt Unsicherheit über Impfstoff
Plagued With Death and Disease, a Community Takes on Chemical Giants Over PCB Toxins
Psychedelic drug MDMA moves closer to US approval following success in PTSD trial
Research is showing that a lack of sleep harms the brain and could raise your risk for neurological diseases
Risk of long Covid lower after Omicron infection than previous variants
Salt and sugar tax would tackle UK’s bulging waistline and prevent 2MILLION heart disease
SARS-CoV-2 infection induces a long-lived pro-inflammatory transcriptional profile
Scientists discover how brain cells die in Alzheimer’s
Scientists uncover a diagnostic signal for preeclampsia that could inform treatments
Should humans consume fructose?
Should Scotland ban single-use disposable vapes?
Stand Up Against the Wireless Takeover – Oppose H.R. 4141
Study on Radiation Impact of 4G Mobile Communication System on Human Body by EEG in Dhaka
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has recently pledged $10 million to support MOSIP in its mission to create a universal digital identification system
The CIA is looking into allegations made to Congress about several CIA analysts being paid off to change their position on the origins of COVID-19
The Dark Reality Behind “Sustainably Farmed Salmon”
The government and local hospitals are seeking to promote greater awareness about sepsis
The importance of shining a light on hidden toxic histories
The myth that our energy bills would come tumbling down
The risk of a certain kind of brain hemorrhage may be transmissible via blood transfusion
The UK is banning far fewer harmful substances than the EU that are harmful to our health and wildlife
This Morning Routine Helps Burn Fat, Study Finds
Throat Cancer Is Becoming an Epidemic, And Sex Could Be Why
Tobacco industry’s ‘clever’ strategies around legislation as vape popularity grows
Toxic lead found in MAJORITY of Americans’ tap water is killing 5.5million people globally
Two ‘natural Ozempic’ weight loss supplements may contain a deadly poisonous ingredient
UK – COVID-19 surveillance up until end of week 36
Ultra-processed foods will damage your brain! | Prof Felice Jacka
We Are Not Just Polarized. We Are Traumatized.
What Inspired ‘No Farmers, No Food’?
Why Carbon Capture Could Cost Trillions
Why Doctors STILL Get Fasting & Fat Loss Wrong In 2023: A Case Study
Why Our Bodies Get Hot When We Sleep
Why This Mysterious US Government Lab Is Shutting Down
Without sufficient bicarbonates, the pancreas is slowly destroyed, insulin becomes a problem