Nieuwsoverzicht 17.3.2023

Antwoorden op Kamervragen over Wet bescherming klokkenluiders
Dit lichaamsdeel zegt veel over je gezondheid en zelfs hoe groot kans op sterfte is
Financiële banden van Wageningen UR met het bedrijfsleven
Gasgestookte CV eruit, boiler CV erin
Geen steun voor Thierry Baudet die debat wil naar aanleiding van de uitspraken van Lauterbach
Geven duizelige apen hints over ons gebruik van geestverruimende middelen?
Groene keramische pannen van TVS blijken toch wel PFAS te bevatten
Hoe maakt 50.000 volt de landbouw duurzamer?
Klimaatzaak van de eeuw – Clintel, Shell, Milieudefensie, Milieu & Mens
Korte slaap verdubbelt risico op verstopte beenslagaders
Lager risico op kanker door minder geraffineerde voeding
Nachtwerkers hebben meer kans op een slechte werk-privébalans
Ozonvervuiling verstoort het seksleven van insecten
Praktijkscholen, decorstuk voor ijdele politici. Iedereen op de opening, niemand op de begrafenis.
Registratieplicht is funest voor de kringloop
Rol immuuncellen bij long covid klachten
Schaf het procedeerprivilege van actiegroepen af
Solidariteit tussen elite en volk is zoek | Een gesprek met Meindert Fennema
STIK, Stof tot Nadenken – FULL MOVIE (2023)
Vegaburgers vaak ongezond
Verzorgingsstaat is een stressfactor geworden
Zuid-Korea stelt 69-urige werkweek voor

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13 giveaway signs of autism in adults revealed as Christine McGuinness bravely opens up about life as an autistic woman
2021 + 2022 – the years the ‘life-saving vaccines’ were administered
A 10 month-old Baby Could Have FOUR Covid Shots for “Best Protection”
A ‘vast censorship enterprise’ funded by taxpayers knowingly suppressed vaccine injury content
An Illinois Town Rejects a Solar Farm
Animal welfare NGOs expose bull’s mistreatment – transport company fined
Antidepressant withdrawal should be taken seriously – we’re investigating ways to help people come off the pills
Anxious dogs have different brains to normal dogs, brain scan study reveals
APOE4 Alzheimer’s blood-brain barrier leaks — could they be even more important than amyloid?
Artificial Sweetener could dampen immune response to disease in mice
Automated tool can link brain scans to cognitive deficits in people with neurofibromatosis
Bombshell From Germany’s Federal Minister Of Health
Can T Cells Abort SARS-CoV-2 and Other Viral Infections?
Federal Labour Board dismisses vaccine mandate claim on ‘technical basis’
CO2 good for the world should be celebrated
Common meat-free proteins may trigger soybean and peanut allergies in some people
Could mRNA Inoculations Reduce Our Capacity for Self Actualisation?
COVID Amnesty for Decision Makers?
Covid, Courage, and Cowardice
COVID-related stress during pregnancy tied to later distress for moms and babies
Depression too often gets deemed ‘hard to treat’ when medication falls short
Did Cochrane sacrifice its researchers to appease critics?
Digital tools make physical exercise programmes more effective and easier to stick with
Does Blue Light Damage Skin?
Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt — Higher Protein for Metabolic Health
Early diagnosis of brain damage is key for recovery
Earth’s water did not come from melted meteorites
Eggs made from male mouse stem cells using error-prone culture
Employees tend to avoid taking breaks despite high levels of stress
Erythritol and cardiovascular events
Estrogen possible risk factor in disturbed heart rhythm
Evaluating the effect of manuka honey on collagen scaffolds
Everyone Has the Right to Food
Excess deaths continue
Fauci vs. Fauci – A compilation of countless lies and contradictions
FDA offers radio silence on question of spring Covid boosters, as other countries push ahead
Federal Labour Board dismisses vaccine mandate claim on ‘technical basis’
Fixing the EV Industry’s Dirty Battery Problem
Floating Solar Panels Could Power Thousands of Cities Entirely
German Health Minister Reverses Course on COVID Vaccine Injuries, Says Injured Being Ignored
GMO bacteria – uncontrolled, global experiment | Interview GMO-expert Jeffrey Smith
Good News for Those with MS—Fertility Treatments Not Linked to Increase in Relapses
Great Debate 2023 – Life Without Plastics
High Blood Pressure Can Cause Heart Damage in Adolescents
High-risk pregnancy can lead to anxiety or depression for expecting mothers, and it can have an effect on expecting fathers as well
House votes 419-0 to declassify intelligence on COVID-19 origins
How Biden’s New Washing Machine Regulations Could Ruin Laundry Day
How Cancer Cells Repair DNA Damage Induced by Next-generation Radiotherapy
How The Food Industry Is Slowly KILLING US – What You Need To Know! | Calley Means
How to destroy the claim that the West must cut CO2 emissions
I was severely injured by the Moderna vaccine
Illinois looks at legalizing psilocybin to treat mental health issues
Is Salt a Trigger for Autoimmunity?
Japan Is Waking Up to the Facts. The COVID-19 Injections Are Causing Harm.
Jordan Peterson Shares the Horrific Consequences of Climate Activism
Life-changing diabetes trial could eliminate the need for insulin | 7NEWS
Lifestyle factors associated with inflammatory bowel disease
Lyme – The Government Has Been Making Bugs More Deadly
MEPs agree EU pesticide reduction plan votes, pushing final deal after 2023
Mild fever helps clear infections faster, new study suggests
MS relapse risk not likely to increase after fertility treatments, study finds
Muziek – Lewis Capaldi – Pointless (Rob Allen’s Story)
NIH-supported trial shows artificial pancreas improves blood glucose control in young children
Open season on scientists
People who start playing tackle football at an early age or play for more than 11 years may have less white matter in their brain
PFAS Leaches into Ketchup, Mayo, Other Common Foods, Elevating Health Hazards
Prenatal cigarette, cannabis exposure may have associations with childhood obesity
Prestigious Pasteur Institute severs ties with China infectious disease lab
Promising new biomaterial for T cell therapy, cancer patients
Purina expands recall of dog food in US due to potentially elevated vitamin D levels
Researchers Reveal What Happens When Your Phone Is Spying on You
Scientists discover key information about the function of mitochondria in cancer cells
Scientists target gut microbiome to treat rheumatoid arthritis in world-first clinical trial
Silence of the lambs
Smart orangutan uses tool to pick up toddler’s baby bottle
Steve Falconer – ‘Gain of Function or Gain of Fiction?’
Study models the causes of insomnia in menopausal women
Sugar, Refined Carbs and Polyunsaturated Fats: The Perfect Storm?
The credibility of the the French govt agency that regulates pesticides is questioned by its own scientific council
The flesh-eating drug taking over America | 7NEWS
The fruit that may create ‘plaque acids’ and ‘damage’ the teeth
The green elites are living in dreamland
The Humans Who Live as Lab Rats
The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients
The relationship between radiofrequency-electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and brain tumor
Trudeau Is Crushing Free Speech in Canada. Let It Be a Warning to the U.S.
UK city could ban single-use vapes to protect children and the environment
Unmasking the New York Times’ Zeynep Tufekci
Vascular dysfunction in dementia — is this the most important factor in brain aging?
What can Indigenous communities teach us about sustainability?
What if Everything You Knew About Autism Was Wrong? New Documentary Asks
What Really Happened Inside the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials?
Why I Left Greenpeace – A Co-Founder’s Perspective on Greenpeace’s Antihuman Stances, Patrick Moore
Why is the Wuhan Lab Leak Story Recirculating Now?
Wuhan Lab Leak Hoax and the Coming Conflict with China