Nieuwsoverzicht 16.3.2023

28 absurde mainstream uitvluchten voor plotselinge en onverwachte sterfgevallen
Bom onder kabinetsbeleid – Om boeren te kunnen onteigenen vanwege stikstof is uitvoerig onderzoek nodig
Chris Stoffer wil weten hoe de regering de zorgkosten betaalbaar gaat houden
Debataanvraag Thierry Baudet n.a.v. Duitse berichtgeving over bijwerkingen na vaccinatie
Elke cel is een batterij en communiceert via elektromagnetische velden & frequenties
Experimentele therapie voorkomt dat Weertenaar blind wordt
Facebook overtrad wet bij verwerking Nederlandse persoonsgegevens
Gassen van vrachtschepen zijn ‘sluipmoordenaar’ volgens ecoloog
Gekke Gates kondigt subsidie ??van $4,7 miljoen aan voor mondmaskers voor koeien
GMO-bacteriën – ongecontroleerd, wereldwijd experiment
Hoe kunnen woonwijken lichamelijke activiteit bevorderen?
Hoge bloeddruk tijdens zwangerschap en cognitieve problemen later
In de ‘klimaatzaak van de eeuw’ zijn wetenschap en burger onmisbaar
Is de natuur blijvend beschadigd door stikstof?
Is dit de reden waarom Hugo de Jonge zijn corona-appjes geheim wil houden?
Klachten na het plaatsen van siliconen borstimplantaten
Kokoswater vermindert het lichaamsgewicht en de bloedsuikerspiegel
Over de grens voor het nieuwste medicijn. Kan dat beter?
Pentagon financiert MEER gevaarlijke experimenten met biowapens op dieren
Quinoa keert vroege diabetes 2 om
Receptoren bittere smaak inzetten tegen astma
Schonere lucht zorgt voor meer zon en hogere temperatuur
Slecht slapen brengt gezondheid en verkeersveiligheid in gevaar
Statistisch onderzoek wijst op verband vaccinaties en oversterfte in Nederland
Waarom voedselinnovatie zich te veel op het Westen richt
Woede om uitspraak Kaag over onteigenen boeren

Natuurlijke multi | Magnesium  | Spirulina  | Chlorella | Zink | Meer

A common metabolite may help treat autoimmune diseases
A guide for Goliath on how to defeat David
A Simple Method to Reduce Alcohol Absorbed from Alcohol-Based Disinfectants Used on Incubators
A Skin-Eating Fungal Plague Is Silently Tearing Through Wildlife Across Africa
A ‘stoned’ society isn’t a ‘successful’ society
Air pollution impairs successful mating of flies
Alberta Is Now Giving Covid Vaccines To Minors Without Parental Consent
An excellent survey of what the globalists are trying to do with world health
Are Big Pharma Payments Driving Anti-vape Campaign?
Both EMFs And Various Chemicals Can Act To Increase Intracellular Calcium In The Developing Brain
Caffeine may reduce body fat and risk of type 2 diabetes, study suggests
Canadian government is getting ready to the ‘global rapid response’ to the next plandemic
Cancer breakthrough from India. First public announcement. Hope for a Cancer- Free World.
CDC Cover-up Signals Big Risk in the Air
Chemical previously found in household products linked to Parkinson’s disease – study
Chemical romance – how politicians fell for BASF
Childhood Cancer – Novel Nanoparticle Shows Early Promise for Brain Tumor
Chinese authorities censor funeral of military doctor who broke silence on SARS
Cleanup of Oceans ‘Futile’ Unless Global Production of Plastics Is Sharply Reduced
Climate activists are to blame for ‘unnecessary’ climate anxiety
Common cold gives children immunity against COVID-19
Covid found to cause ‘face blindness’ in new study – six signs of the condition
Covid, immunology and medicine
COVID-19 pandemic has long-lasting effects on adolescent mental health and substance use
David Zweig – how and why the reality of Covid was censored
Death In The Skies? Climate Change Is NOT Making Flying More Dangerous
Een Canadese regering van Poilièvre zal Big Pharma laten boeten voor het leed en de ellende die ze hebben veroorzaakt.
Electricity to Surge by 30%
Electromagnetic Fields as a Health Risk Factor
Emails Prove Fauci Engineered ‘Natural Origins’ Lie
Europe’s green dilemma – Mining key minerals without destroying nature
Exposing tumours to bacteria converts immune cells to cancer killers
Fats help tag medical implants as friend or foe
Fuel poverty makes you sick – so why has nothing changed since I was a child living in a cold home?
Fukushima victims feel left out
Gain-of-function research in Australia – Why the secrecy?
Global Microbiome Study Gives New View of Shared Health Risks
Gregg Braden – This Inconvenient Discovery Is Something Far Beyond EVOLUTION as We Know It!
Guillain-Barré Syndrome Linked to the RSV Vaccine
Gut Bacteria Help T Cells Heal Muscle
Health researchers launch ‘first’ Long Covid resource for patients and health care professionals
Heat pumps won’t work in old homes, warns Bosch
Helicopter Parenting Causing the Surge of Mental Health Problems Among Teens
Here’s what happens in your brain when you’re trying to make or break a habit
High winds can worsen pathogen spread at outdoor chicken farms
How Covid lockdowns primed the current financial crisis
How does aging affect sleep?
How does the gut microbiome affect muscle strength?
How LED Bulb Industry Ensures That We Keep Buying
How microbiomes are influencing our planet’s health
In Ontario, if you refuse the jab, doctors are instructed to refer you to a shrink, or drug you until you comply.
Inflammation and Nutrition – Friend or Foe?
Is Oatmeal Good for People with Diabetes?
It’s Been 3 Years Since COVID Lockdowns. But We Still Haven’t Learned From These 3 Mistakes
June Slater talks to Mark Steyn about the growing group of sceptics after the government’s failed vaccine campaign
Key articles on origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research and biolabs
Law Group Alleges Stanford Fired Doctor for Criticizing COVID Policies
Leak or Leap? Evidence and Cognition Surrounding the Origins of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus
Mediterranean diet rich in nuts, oils and leafy veg slashes risk of an early death in women by a QUARTER
Mercury Toxicity with Dr Damian Wojcik
Michigan Governor Admits COVID Lockdowns Went Too Far
MicroRNAs Expressed in Pancreatic Islets Linked With Type 2 Diabetes
Molecular component of caffeine may play a role in gut health
More Than 100 Families of Children With ADHD, Autism From Tylenol Are Pursuing Lawsuits
Muziek – Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Official Music Video)
Neurotech could connect our brains to computers. What could go wrong, right?
New DNA tests predict your disease risk – are we ready for them?
New Focused Ultrasound Effective for treating Parkinson’s, Movement Disorders
On pandemic’s third anniversary, loneliness and isolation are down but still high among older adults
Open letter to CPSO head Nancy Whitmore to stop COVID misinformation
Paraquat, Parkinson’s Disease, and Agnotology
Pfizer wants EU to keep paying for unused Covid jabs
Pharma Eyes Exponential Growth in Multi-Billion Market for Autism Drugs
Pressure-detecting insoles help combat foot pain
Protein Offers a Protective Effect in the Diabetic Kidney
Reinstated ‘Vaxx-Critical’ MD in Switzerland Opens Clinic for Vaccine-Injured Patients
RF radiation can lead to brain damage, Alzheimer’s
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Part 2) – The Pandemic Simulations That Foreshadowed Our New Reality
Romanian General Emil Strainu on the Terrifying Possibilities of Geo-warfare
Scientists claim green, cigarette-style plain packaging would deter a quarter of children from ever puffing
Senator Malcolm Roberts – World Health Organisation is rotting from the head
Smart ring offers a simple way to monitor your health
Souls as understood by the Ancients
Study Shows A Low-Protein Diet Reduced The Progression Of Kidney Disease By 33% – 50%
The Cover-up Begins
The message of rising excess deaths – don’t mess with our DNA
The Monsanto papers
The proposed WHO instruments for pandemics is promoting a fascist and neo-colonialist approach to healthcare and governance.
The Story of Antivirals against Influenza – an Introduction
The Sun Almost Ended Civilization 30 Hours Ago
The Truth About ‘Net Zero’ – A Diabolical Agenda Sold as a Saviour Formula
Tracking the pesticide industry propaganda network
University Asks Judge To Block Release Of Documents Related To Dangerous Coronavirus Research
What’s dumped is not just Fukushima nuclear water
Why greenwashing and competence greenwashing are risks to ESG integration and corporate sustainability
Why the Dutch farmers’ revolt matters. They are fighting back against the green elite’s campaign of immiseration.
Why the Lockdown Files prove every side of the Covid debate was right all along
Wuhan lab denied BSL4 access for SARS work without clear reasoning