Nieuws 9.7.2021

3M loosde jarenlang te grote hoeveelheden PFOS in Schelde, overheid gaf pas na 13 jaar boete
450 volledig gevaccineerde Noren ziek met COVID-19
AI voorspelt diabetesrisico door vet rond het hart te meten
Boer Hans Nieuwenburg wint prijs Deltaplan Veehouderij
BPOC2020 – Nieuws 7 juli 2021
Brief van Openbaar Ministerie (inzake smoelendoekboete)
Constant licht slecht voor mannelijke vruchtbaarheid
Covid-stress goed voor je relatie?
Crisis? What Crisis? – Sander Pielkenrood & Bart Maes
De PFOS-vervuiling ontleed door Mieke Schauvliege , Thomas Goorden en Joeri Thijs (Greenpeace)
Diabetes type 2 omkeren
Duizenden Duitsers ziek van corona ondanks prikken
Een onzichtbare regenboog door alle draadloze gebruik
Experimentele ”vaccins” opdringen aan kinderen?
Eén op de zeven beginnende artsen krijgt een burn out
Gezond vet beïnvloed door verandering in dieet en circadiaanse klok
Gideon van Meijeren – De Tweede Kamer laat het keer op keer afweten
Groep van bijna 30.000 mensen delen hun verhalen over bijwerkingen en sterfgevallen door het vaccin
Heeft de coronacrisis iets veranderd?
Het klimaat veranderde de grootte van ons lichaam en hersenen
Hoe helpt MDMA veteranen hun trauma te verwerken?
Hoe krijgen we jongeren aan de oordopjes?
Hoe oorlogssimulaties op basis van biologische wapens ons beroofden van onze vrijheid
Hugo de Jonge moet coronadocumenten aan Nieuwsuur geven na WOB-verzoek, maar wat is dat eigenlijk?
Jongeren die nul risico lopen toch vaccineren? Waanzin, dixit deze hoogleraar
Kankercellen omzeilen het afweersysteem
Kernenergie levert 0 tot 12% van de CO2-reductie tot 2050
Ketodieet veilig bij mensen met hersenkanker
Mark Rutte vs Renske Leijten – Debat Tweede Kamer Toeslagenaffaire
Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit) wil vaccinatiegraad van zorgpersoneel openbaar maken
Officiële grafiek toont – epidemie is afgelopen (al in mei vorig jaar!)
Ook hulpverleners zijn niet van staal
Privacy bestaat niet meer en dat lieten we zelf gebeuren
Relatie ADHD bij volwassenen en tal van fysieke aandoeningen
Vorm van epilepsie bij pasgeboren baby’s op te sporen door ontdekking nieuwe biomarker
Vorm van epilepsie bij pasgeboren baby’s op te sporen door ontdekking nieuwe biomarker
Vroege partijen Pfizer-vaccin waren ‘instabiel’
Waaruit bestaat de ethische verantwoordelijkheid van bedrijven voor dieren?
We zijn vrij geboren en we zullen vrij sterven
Werkdruk in kinderopvang te hoog
Wie stikstof zaait, zal vuur oogsten
Zeldzame genetische varianten zorgen voor grootste toename diabetes type 2
Zonder zonnebril in de zon net zo slecht als zonnen zonder zonnebrand
“Hier is sprake van Mind Control!” zegt Hartchirurg, Prof. Dr. Jan Grandjean


15 States Drop Opposition To Controversial Purdue Pharma Oxycontin Bankruptcy
17 Children Dead, More Than 2000 Suffering From Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome Due To COVID Vaccine
2021 Declaration of the European Patient Group on Antimicrobial Resistance
66 Million Gallons of Toxic Fracking Waste Dumped in Gulf of Mexico Since 2010
A GREAT RESET of energy is coming. Here’s the evidence.
A molecular switch turns on the unfavorable evolution of prostate tumors
A Short Crucial Update on the Delta Variant and Much More
A summary of myocarditis cases following COVID-19
A tea renowned for lowering cancer, heart disease and blood sugar risk
Acupuncture for Sleep Disturbances in Post-Deployment Military Service Members
Adding Folic Acid To Bread Flour An Important Step To Prevent Unnecessary Health Risks
Advanced biofuels feedstock list should be enlarged to meet EU target
Agri Commissioner backs call for polluter pays principle in farming
AI predicts diabetes risk by measuring fat around the heart
All we know about the Lambda variant
America’s Long-Term Care System Is Broken
America’s Impressive History of Bioweapons Attacks Against Its Own People
Animal Contagion Most Likely Explanation For Covid Genesis, Says Study
Anti-androgen therapy can fuel spread of bone tumours in advanced prostate cancer
Anti-coagulant drug could treat COVID-19’s emerging variants
Arctic seabirds are less heat tolerant, more vulnerable to climate change
Are You Giving Your Lover Cavities??
As Evidence Grows That Vaccines Do Not Protect Against Infection, the Case For Granting Privileges to the Vaccinated Collapses
Banishing Cigarettes into History’s Ashcan
Battery-powered trains could be a climate game changer. Is everyone all aboard?
Biden’s new Covid vaccine push focuses on workers, students, doctor’s offices to stifle delta variant
Biden’s Plan to Deploy Federal Teams in Door-to-Door COVID Vaccine Campaign Sparks Backlash
Biological males ARE advantaged in female sports
Bisphosphonate use in children with cerebral palsy
Black Carbon Sensors Give Air Pollution Data to Richmond Residents
Canadian researchers closer to understanding how AZ vaccine recipients develop rare blood clots
Cat DNA alters response to life-saving heart meds
China has eliminated malaria
Climate Activist Gets 8 Years In Prison As Fossil Fuel Executives Kill The Planet
Climate changed the size of our bodies and, to some extent, our brains
Clues to The Collapse of a Maya Civilization Found in Ancient Human Feces
CNIO researchers help to decipher the structure of the large molecular machine that activates mTOR
Concerning Trends in Suicide
Could Ketogenic Diet Be Helpful with Brain Cancer?
COVID-19 can have long-term effects on heart rate, study finds
Covid19 – the final nail in coffin of medical research
Current diabetes treatments fail to improve the disease
Daily morning showers may do more harm than good – expert issues health warning
Dancing can improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in some patients
Delta Variant Comprises More Than Half of COVID-19 Cases in US, CDC Says
Denver Zoo To Begin Vaccinating Animals From Next Week
Discovery shows how tuning the immune system may enhance vaccines and ease disease
Do bacteria keep us safe from infections?
Doug Casey on Why Most People Outsource Their Thinking to “The Experts”
Dr Lee Riley on the state of the pandemic in China
Dr. Ron Interviews Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer
Electronic media use and symptoms of depression among adolescents in Norway
Energy drink consumption among Australian adolescents associated with a cluster of unhealthy dietary behaviours
Energycane produces more biodiesel than soybean at a lower cost
EPA scientists allege in letter that the ‘war on science’ has continued under the Biden administration
Epsilon variant contains mutation that could allow it to bypass vaccine immunity
Eriksen’s cardiac arrest and vaccination – No comment
European Commission gives green light for a comprehensive labelling system displaying the well-being of animals
Even the Deeply Religious Aren’t Immunised Against Fear of Infection
Exhausted lorry drivers hit out at plan to increase working hours amid shortages
Existing in Lockdown Is Not Enough – Some of Us Want to Live!
Exploding the Myth That Face Masks Must Be Worn on Bus Lines, Train Lines, or Other Public Transport
Exposure to nicotine vapor causes immediate, short-term increases in impulsive choice
Fears over the ‘Lambda’ Covid variant that’s hit UK as ‘unusual’ mutations can ‘dodge vaccines’
Find out how La Quinta Columna discovered the connection between graphene oxide and electromagnetic fields
Food loss driving hunger
Funding the Wuhan Lab & the COVID Origins Cover-Up
Furious EU takes Denmark to court for daring to challenge rules
Gain of function gaslighting – America’s Frontline Doctors
George Orwell’s 1984 Has Become a Blueprint for Our Dystopian Reality
Giant Eagle Rays Launching Themselves into the Air
Government ‘too slow to act’ helping victims of birth defect drugs
Government denies top doctor’s claims UK is low on Pfizer vaccines
Has the COVID-19 pandemic lessened bullying at school?
Heavy use of antibiotics in COVID-19 treatment likely to increase AMR
Herbal plants that can treat hepatitis in Indonesia
High Carb Intake Linked to Disrupted Estrogen Levels
Hip fractures in elderly patients with non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease
Home Sensor To Monitor Activities of Daily Living in People With Dementia
How does endometriosis influence women’s work life?
How the Treatment and Therapeutic Industry Surrounding Diabetes can be Improved
Identified an early neuronal dysfunction in Parkinson’s that could help early diagnosis
Impulsiveness tied to faster eating in children, can lead to obesity
Indigenous Water Protectors Face Off With an Oil Company and Police Over a Minnesota Pipeline
Injured by a COVID Vaccine? Want Financial Compensation? Too Bad, Says Injury Compensation Law Firm
Investigation launched into Greek airport over alleged COVID deal
Is Glyphosate Slowly Killing Us? | Stephanie Seneff, PhD
John P.A. Ioannidis, MD, DSC, Stanford University on benefits of lockdown
Julian Assange is our knight in shining armor
KoolBeens have been concerned about Lambda variant
Landfall | Official Trailer | POV | PBS
Lead Sinovac vaccine scientist in Indonesia dies of suspected COVID-19, media say
Lentils – The Number One Food You Should Be Eating
Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for care home workers is unnecessary, disproportionate and misguided
Mask related acne is a problem for healthcare workers and those with pigmented skins
McDonald’s has cancelled the McVeggie Burger – The End of Fake Meat?
Meet dogs rescued from the meat trade
Men with low testosterone more likely to die from Covid – how to tell your levels are low
Metabolic enzyme promotes neuroblastoma aggressiveness
MIT engineers invent human-like e-skin that could help monitor vitals
Most Ontario youth experienced depression during pandemic, early data suggests
mRNA Vaccine Inventor Erased From History Books
Myocarditis Following Immunization With mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Members of the US Military
New approach will help identify drugs that can ‘glue’ proteins together
New Book Explores Hidden Costs of Broken Food System
New generation anti-cancer drug shows promise for children with brain tumors
NGT forms fresh committee, seeks report on pollution caused by slaughterhouses
Novel study of high-potency cannabis shows some memory effects
Officiële grafiek toont – epidemie is afgelopen (al in mei vorig jaar!)
Ohio judge makes COVID-19 vaccination a condition of probation
Our Favorite Healthy Toddler Snacks
Professor Engineers Radar Tools to Monitor Space Weather
Rare genetic variants confer largest increase in type 2 diabetes risk seen to date
Reducing the melting of the Greenland ice cap using solar geoengineering?
Research shows you can replace sleep with exercise
Revealing the mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects of acupuncture on migraine
Rumored Mandatory Military Vaccines; Prohibiting Legislation Introduced
Schweiz – Circa 10’000 schwerwiegende Corona-Impfreaktionen
Science Journals Engaged in Massive Disinformation Campaign
Singapore – First Country to Stop Counting Daily COVID-19 Cases and Treat It Like Normal Flu
Six vaccinated countries have high Covid infection rates. Five of them rely on Chinese vaccines
Strawberries could improve cardiometabolic risk factors in at-risk adults
Studies explore links between stress, choline deficiency, preterm births, and mental health
Study reveals how our immune system reacts to COVID-19 variants
Supercharged killer cells may work against melanoma
Teen Who Had Heart Attack After COVID Vaccine Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘I Thought It Was Safe’
The Dangerous Truth About What We Aren’t Allowed to Know
The Gene that Bullet-Proofs You From Cancer
The nr 1 Reason You Should Stop Eating Sugar And The Top Ten Supplements You Should Take
The Real Reason Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Google Want You to Eat Lab-Grown ‘Meat’
The Reason why Rural American Farmers are Upset
The Role Lifestyle Plays In A Man’s Sex Drive And How To Get Rid Of Varicose Veins
The shape of your toes may signal high blood sugar damage
The transparent climate disinformation campaign being waged by journalists, academics and politicians
The uncertain future of Juul e-cigarettes
This has a profound impact on your immune system
Ultraviolet-A Light and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to Accelerate Wound Healing and Reduce Bacterial Proliferation
University of Maryland researchers record brainwaves to measure ‘cybersickness’
University of Otago spinout targeting new cancer treatments
Vaccinated Asymptomatic Israelis carry Delta variant
Vaccinated People Account for 60% of Covid-19 Deaths in the UK
Vaginismus Research Ireland
Was Vanden Bossche Wrong About Mass Vaccination and COVID Variants?
We’re now scrambling to ensure electricity – why renewables are failing and can’t succeed
We’re now scrambling to ensure electricity: why renewables are failing and can’t succeed
What is Protein And Why Do We Need It?
When the Panels Wear Out, Who Cleans Up the ‘Green’ Energy Mess?
White House To America – We’re Coming Door To Door…With Shots!
WHO advises 2 monoclonal antibodies for severe COVID
Why great sex should be part of your skincare routine
Why we should stop testing in schools
Women and girls may have higher risk of painful periods if they’re exposed to air pollutants