Nieuws 9.6.2021

1 op de 10 coronapatiënten heeft na zes maanden nog symptomen
4600 varkens stierven tijdens een brand, waarom pikken we dit?
Afbrokkeling geestelijke gezondheidszorg leidt tot een leger van clowns
Behandeling met ultrasone energie effectief bij hoge bloeddruk
Bias, noise, consensus – de teloorgang van de wetenschap
BPOC 2020 – Politieverhoor 70
Buitenlandreizigers verspreiden antibioticaresistentie
Cellen gebruiken een soort gif om gezonde cellen uit te schakelen
Corona zelftest op scholen – hoe een advies een plicht wordt
Covid-19-patiënten meerdere jaren beschermd
Dagelijks een avocado eten houdt je darmen gezond
De Belgische huisarts Kris Van Kerckhoven verzet zich tegen de uitrol van 5G
Depressie? Sta wat vroeger op
Deze Chinese wetenschapper vroeg vóór de pandemie patent aan voor coronavaccin
Een gezonde darm activeert vitamine D
Elektromagnetische velden beschadigen de cellen door oxidatieve celstress
Enorme stijging aantal (corona) klachten tegen agenten
Fake News Nederland – Massale brandstapels India
Geen direct verband tussen de Duitse lockdown en de dalende infectiecijfers in het land
Gliacellen zijn in de bloed-hersenbarrière de veroorzakers van hoge serotonine- en slaapproblemen
Goedbedoelde familiebemoeienis?
Het publieke leven is nog niet goed toegankelijk voor mensen met een lichamelijk beperking
Hoe supermarkten ons koopgedrag sturen met trucjes
Holocaust-overlevende Vera Sharav waarschuwt voor Schwabs Vierde Rijk
Jeugdbescherming bezwijkt onder de hoge werkdruk
Kopje koffie met een scheutje microplastics
LinkedIn verwijdert account Kamerlid Van Haga
Lock Step, Great Reset, Build Back Better.
Loodvergiftiging treft derde kinderen wereldwijd
Mediterraan dieet van invloed op prostaatkanker
Meedoen met uw kind aan het KibA-project voor kinderen om angst te bedwingen?
Meer kolen gestookt voor productie elektriciteit
Microplastic-gehalte in mosselen en sint-jakobsschelpen het hoogst
Onderzoekers testen algoritme dat hartaanvallen bij jongeren kan voorspellen
Op de IC na vaccinatie
Peter Kwint ‘Wat zegt u tegen de IC-verpleegkundigen?’ v Mark Rutte
Privacywaakhond kritisch over gebruik Google in onderwijs
Rotterdamse longarts gaat met petitie naar Tweede Kamer voor betere luchtkwaliteit
Traditionele kruiden-extracten zijn het beste voor tropische ziekten
Waarom de docu over familie Irene Schouten en zieke moeder zo indrukwekkend is
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Arctic micro-animal survives 24,000 years in Siberian permafrost
Are we living a mass extinction event?
Artificial Intelligence Spots Coronal Holes to Automate Space Weather Prediction
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Battlescape Brain – Military and Intelligence Use of Neurocognitive Science
Black Sea facing ecological disaster due to overfishing
Brain study may lead to new treatments for neuro-immune conditions
Britain – Fairly Grim COVID-19 Forecast May Delay Lifting of Lockdown by Two Weeks, Media Reveals
Can’t Force China To Give More Information On Covid Origins – WHO
China Is the Big Winner from Our COVID Hysteria
Could Terrorists Weaponize Geoengineering Technology?
COVID nails – these changes to your fingernails may show you’ve had coronavirus
Dandruff could indicate your liver is failing increasing your risk
Deforestation isn’t helping farmers in Brazil. So what might?
Dementia expert says evidence behind Biogen Alzheimer’s drug ‘wasn’t sufficient’ for FDA approval
Dr Andrew Kaufman – The End of Germ Theory
Dr Fauci told world leaders that Covid could be lab leak in spring 2020
Dr. Byram Bridle, viral immunologist – shocking if true…
Dr. David Martin Exposes the False Foundation of Eugenics – You Don’t Have DNA
Dr. Jill and Dr. Fauci are wearing masks but shaking hands at vaccination site
Dr. Rajendra Kapila, a Giant in Infectious Disease Medicine, Died after Receiving 2 Doses of Pfizer’s RNA Vax
Dried plum consumption improves bone mineral density in osteopenic postmenopausal woman
Drop in convalescent plasma use at US hospitals linked to higher COVID-19 mortality rate
During lockdown, South African students wrote a book about ‘a world gone mad’
Economic Devastation From Climate Crisis Like Two Covid-19 Pandemics Per Year by 2050
Electronic cigarette use (vaping) and patterns of tobacco cigarette smoking in pregnancy–evidence from a population-based maternity survey in England
Europe cannot simply rely on third countries for its green hydrogen
Fauci emails show clear collusion with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Fauci funded ‘bat-human interface’ research in China to avoid an outbreak in the US
Fauci’s NIH Funded Wuhan Military Scientist Who Died Mysteriously After Filing COVID Vaccine Patent
FDA regulation of e-cigarettes can continue after Supreme Court declines to hear a case
Fine particulate matter and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of respiratory origin
First glimpse of brains retrieving mistaken memories observed
Fixing Obesity and Chronic Disease – with Dr. David & Jen Unwin!
Forget tutoring and longer days. Our school system needs a complete overhaul.
Free ebooks Joe Plummer
German Health Minister accused of distributing faulty masks to the homeless
Habitat of Africa’s great apes could shrink 85% by 2050
Had COVID? You’ll probably make antibodies for a lifetime” Nature
HDL Improves Cholesterol and Glucose Homeostasis and Reduces Atherosclerosis in Diabetes-Associated Atherosclerosis
High blood lead levels found in indigenous peoples in Peruvian Amazonia
High pre-pregnancy BMI with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in Korean women
High-magnitude flooding across Britain since AD 1750
How broken or used plastic is being given new life
How Can a Virus Become a Bioweapon through ‘Gain of Function’ If the Virus Doesn’t Exist?
How coronavirus aerosols travel through our lungs
How COVID Science Was Distorted to Shape Behavior—Dr. Nicole Saphier
How Defamation Suits Are Used to Stifle Free Speech
How Genetics Can Affect Treatment Techniques in Psychiatry with Maurice Chiang
How Pesticides Are Impacting The Environment And What It Means To You
How the actions of the WHO violate their own regulations
How Top British Scientists Covered Up COVID-19 Bioweapons Research To Peddle Natural Origin Theory
How virus detectives trace the origins of an outbreak – and why it’s so tricky
Identification of leaky gut-related markers as indicators of metabolic health in Dutch adults
Increase in US Eating Disorders During Pandemic
Increased risk for developing gambling disorder under the treatment with pramipexole, ropinirole, and aripiprazole
India could have almost 3bn tons of solar waste by 2047
Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist with Crimes Connected to Suppressing Ivermectin
Intermittent fasting is key to a “healthy lifestyle,” experts suggest
International coalition classifies 25 subtypes of uveitis, an inflammatory eye disease
Is reverse aging in the brain possible? Scientists make a big breakthrough
Joel Kallman, Oracle Software Developer who Designed CDC Vaccine Tracking System, Is Dead 2 Months after Taking RNA Vaccine
Ketones REDUCE Heart Mitochondria
Lab Leak Theory Goes Mainstream
Lab Origin Scandal – Did the U.S. Fund COVID-19?
Lead in Seafood and Wild Game
Lessons on neonatal death in rural Cambodia from the perspective of caregivers
Lion dies of Covid and two other animals critically ill at Indian zoo
Major Chinese city battles Delta Covid variant first detected in India with lockdowns, mass testing
Mandating vaccination could reduce voluntary compliance
Mediq is medeplichtig aan SYWERT GATE
MERS-CoV just a few mutations away from becoming a pandemic threat
More Than 10,000 Vaccinated People Catch Covid-19, Leading Many to Question if Vaccines Really Work
New potential therapy for fatty liver disease
New study suggests noise can affect your choice between healthy meals and junk food
NHS staff ‘terrified’ of end to coronavirus restrictions while experts urge delay
Nobody’s Been Studying Socially Isolated Kids. That’s a Problem.
Once Banned, For-Profit Medical Schools Are On The Rise Again In The U.S.
Orwell’s 1984 could happen in 2024
Pfizer Skipped Critical Testing and Cut Corners on Quality Standards, Documents Reveal
Plasma ACE2 predicts outcome of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients
Procedure using ultrasound energy found to treat high blood pressure
Researchers look to gut microbiome to improve bone health
Researchers test an algorithm that could predict heart attacks in young people
Reset Yourself !
Restless legs syndrome is a sleep wrecking nightmare
Restoring gut microbes missing in early life dysbiosis can reduce risk of colitis in mice
Risk of prostate cancer in relatives of prostate cancer patients in Sweden
Science journals have encouraged a false Covid narrative
Scientific Manipulation – Can the “experts” make you believe?
Scientist Who Told Fauci COVID ‘Potentially Engineered’ Deletes Twitter Account
Scientists Argue COVID-19 ‘Genetic Footprint’ is Unnatural
Should children be vaccinated? Two doctors disagree over Covid vaccinations
Skin disorders on the rise during COVID?19 pandemic due to infection and PPE use
Sleep, evening light exposure and perceived stress in healthy nulliparous women in the third trimester of pregnancy
Smartwatch lights could turn on insulin genes to control diabetes
Soda is Killing Your Brain – Even Diet Soda
Space travel weakens our immune systems – Now scientists may know why
Surprising Link Between Food and Depression, Anxiety & Other Mental Health Issues
The association between diet and mental health and wellbeing in young adults within a biopsychosocial framework
The Blueprint – Ickonic Original Film
The Covid silence that drove a nurse to quit
The Drinking Water Crisis That North Carolina Ignored
The Emerging Roles of Endocrine Hormones in Different Arthritic Disorders
The Fauci Files, The WuFlu and the War to Come
The Other Wuhan Nobody Is Talking About that Has Led to Mass Death and Destruction
The right to decline a medical intervention is paramount in the Nuremberg Code
The Supply Chain Linking Beef to Amazon Deforestation
Two US Experts Just Uncovered The Covid “Smoking Gun”
USU, NIH Researchers Discover New Genetic Form of ALS
Victoria, Australia to Require QR Code Contact Tracing for All Businesses, Including Grocery Stores
Vietnam is a canary in the pandemic coal-mine
Villagers In India Report Officials Turned of Electicity after vaccin refusal
Was COVID-19 Leaked From A Lab in China?
Wearable sensor shows link between blood pressure and intracranial pressure
Why Diet Is The Game Changer In Fighting Chronic Disease
Why the world is not prepared to stop lab leaks
Woman contracted Covid-19 while fully vaccinated
You Can Cut Depression by 23% By Adjusting Your Sleep