Nieuws 9.2.2021

Als landen gaan hamsteren kunnen voedselprijzen exploderen
Andere epidemie in aantocht – psychische problemen jongeren
Ben-Gurion University – Cannabis verlaagt bloeddruk bij oudere volwassenen
Blootstelling aan nachtelijk kunstlicht verhoogt risico op schildklierkanker
Britse beauty-influencers mogen geen ‘misleidende’ filters meer gebruiken
Coronavirus – Zuid-Afrika schort vaccinatieprogramma tijdelijk op na AstraZeneca-studie
De Cyborgtoekomst van de Mensheid | Marcel Messing
De inhaalregeling voor de operaties veel te bureaucratisch.
Duits ministerie van binnenlandse Zaken heeft wetenschappers ingehuurd om coronamaatregelen te rechtvaardigen
Eenzaamheid kost 2 miljard aan extra zorgkosten per jaar
Gisteren heb ik een stap gezet om stil te staan bij de kinderen
Gratis kinderopvang klinkt zo goed, maar het is een duivels dilemma
Infectiepreventie en hygiëne in verpleeghuizen moet meer aandacht krijgen
ITG toont verband tussen slechte voeding en dodelijke COVID-19
Overheid speelt schaamteloos de angstkaart
Tegenlicht over energieopslag – welke concepten gaan het maken?
Verkl**t het OMT onze kinderen?
Vijftien ouderen overleden na coronaprik
Voedselprijzen stijgen wereldwijd sterk in januari


Anxiety in the pandemic – why you’re told it’s your fault
Benefits of a Long Walk for Anxiety and Depression
Concerns growing over rate of anti-depressant prescriptions for children
COVID-19 inquiry finds ‘important clues’ linking pandemic to Wuhan seafood market
Diabetes and Alcohol – Bad Combination
Dolphin Defender | Join Tia Blanco to Protect Dolphins
Erik Scherder (neuroloog) begrijpt demonstranten tegen coronaregels
Facebook execs admit they have “too much power”
Hoe virulent is de Britse mutant nu eigenlijk?
How To Prevent and Treat Fatty Liver
Jan Vingerhoets – Huisarts
Kees de Kort Macro econooom commentator BNR Nieuwsradio
Oxford vaccine ‘less effective’ on South Africa variant
Positive Energy Music 432Hz | Deepest Healing Sleep
The Health Impacts Of Consuming Fish And The Types Of Fat To Avoid The Most
There are going to be more resistant variants


66 times more polluting than the train, estimates Greenpeace
79% decrease in primary care visits, 56-fold increase in virtual care
A Happy Childhood Doesn’t Always Protect You From Mental Health Problems
ABO B gene is associated with introversion personality tendancies through linkage with dopamine beta hydroxylase gene
Around the globe, virus cancels spring travel for millions
Aspirin Use May Not Protect Older Adults Against Colorectal Cancer
AstraZeneca Vaccine Being Tweaked to Fight South Africa Variant
Australian health minister says AstraZeneca vaccine still up to ‘fundamental task’ after South Africa halts rollout
Balanced and healthy diet ‘can boost children’s immune system’
Balloon test flight plan under fire over solar geoengineering fears
Biden Says Coronavirus Herd Immunity Is ‘Very Difficult’ to Achieve Before End of Summer
Britons furious as Spain bans AstraZeneca vaccine for over-55s
Cannabis reduces blood pressure in older adults, according to Ben-Gurion University researchers
Childhood diet may have a long term impact on health
Children Will Eventually Return To Schools, But Schools Won’t Be The Same
China collecting Americans’ DNA poses major security risk to the U.S.
China’s Role In Coronavirus Outbreak
COVID-19 Exposure Under Investigation at McKellar Park Central Public School
COVID-19’s Potential Effects On Asymptomatic Patients
Danish study shows outdoor work reduces risk of breast cancer
Denmark set to launch digital coronavirus passport
Did Young People Need to Kill Themselves to Get the Government to Listen?
Doctor warns diabetic medication could worsen COVID-19
Doctors Overwhelmingly Harbor Negative Views Of Those With Disabilities
Does the Autism Epidemic Undermine Our Nation’s Defense?
Electromagnetic radiation as an emerging driver factor for the decline of insects
Extraordinary Patient Offers Surprising Clues To Origins Of Coronavirus Variants
Fecal Transplants Are Showing Promise as a New Treatment For a Type of Skin Cancer
Food Is Being Weaponized for Use Against 0ver 100 Million Americans
Global warming may have started before industrial revolution, study says
Got an implantable defibrillator or a pacemaker? Keep your iPhone 12 in your trouser pocket, not your shirt
Green revolution and a harvest of cancer
High levels of toxic heavy metals found in some baby food
Higher blood pressure over life span increases congestive heart failure risk in Black people
How anti-vaxx conspiracy theories are straining families and breaking up friends around the world
How to Support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Without Signing It
Hundreds of Danes Protest Against COVID Restrictions, Vaccine Passports
Ibuprofen may make asthma symptoms worse
Influenza has ‘flickered out’, reports find
Merck statement against ivermectin exposing ‘big pharma’ lobbyists
Moderna, Pfizer Test mRNA Experimental Biologics on Children
No Farmers, No Food, No Future
Novel method instructs immune cells to help repair damaged tissues in the intestine
Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine banned in South Africa
Placental weight and labyrinth thickness were reduced in mice administered with high-dose vitamin d3
Posting COVID-19 vaccine selfies on social media can cause anger, frustration
Rapid, reliable on-site drug detection using wearable sensor
Reducing biases about autism may increase social inclusion
Research from Israel shows mRNA vaccine is ~50% effective in reducing severe cases
Research Has Found That Reheated Pasta Is Healthier For You
Save out bumble bees
Schools could open for two more weeks in summer to help kids catch up
Scientists switch on tissue repair in inflammatory bowel disease
Studie in 2007 used SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-3 viruses
Study finds structural similarities between SARS-CoV-2 and pangolin coronavirus
Study links exposure to nighttime artificial lights with elevated thyroid cancer risk
Study reveals a novel role for Smurf2 protein in regulating bone formation
Study showing Oxford vaccine slows virus spread ‘superb’
Sudan warns further filling of Ethiopian Nile dam threatens national security
Sweden is flattening the curve, too
The COVID-19 Vaccine Can Mirror This Breast Cancer Symptom
The EU must not greenwash the future destruction of the Amazon
The Face Mask Imposed by France’s Police State
The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Eat
The smart contact lens that monitors for diabetes and strokes
Third vaccine may be needed ‘by autumn’ to stop South African strain
Type 2 diabetes – drugs initially increase glucose production
Vaccines Alone Are Not Enough to Beat COVID
What Charlie Kirk Is Saying About The Tyrannical Lockdown Orders
What PETA Has to Say About Animals Euthanized at their Shelter
Why didn’t Switzerland approve Oxford/AstraZeneca jab?