Nieuws 8.7.2021

Advies aan kabinet – maak veebedrijven kleiner om ziektes tegen te gaan
Als dit geen vaccinatiedrang is, wat dan wel?
Beantwoording Kamervragen over meldingen seksuele misstanden binnen WHO
Beierse vice-MP weigert inenting tegen Covid-19
Bijna 3700 nieuwe coronabesmettingen, De Jonge wil spoedadvies OMT
Britse auteur waarschuwt dat onze kleinkinderen in 2050 nog steeds maskers zullen dragen
Creatieve verbeelding van de potentie van biobased materialen
De Biomassa-leugen
De dochter van Anna-Marie Kroes werd in 2009 ‘gevaccineerd’ tegen de Mexicaanse griep
Déze voedingstips kunnen helpen bij lichamelijke klachten bij de overgang
EMF vrije werkruimte maken in container
Gezonde kinderen die gevaccineerd worden om volwassenen te beschermen worden blootgesteld aan onbekende risico’s
Het gevecht rond de aerosolen
Kan langere reproductieve periode vrouwen groter risico geven op Alzheimer?
Karel van Wolferen – Gekaapte instituties
Lozingsnorm voor PFOS in afvalwater 3M wordt verstrengd
Mannelijke hormonen versnellen DNA-veroudering
Nederland stap dichterbij medische dictatuur
Nederlandse medische groothandel kocht cardiologen om
Pensvloeistof van koe kan plastic afbreken
Rapporten in de jeugdzorg niet altijd in orde
Ruim 100 Kamerleden stemmen voor A-status corona
Tweede Kamer WEIGERT debat over verdwijning van boerenstand
Uittreding of astrale projectie. ‘Hoe werkt dat?’ – deel II
Uitvinder mRNA – Verbod op bewezen medicatie tegen Covid onbegrijpelijk
Verbied reclame voor ongezonde voeding
Waarom insecten onmisbaar zijn
Wat doet ons kabinet aan PFAS?
Wat moet ik eten om hartaandoeningen te voorkomen?
Wat wetenschappers voorspelden gebeurt nu
We kunnen terug naar normaal, hef de noodwet op


22 Days Inside a New Zealand Quarantine Facility
68 Groups Representing More Than 1 Million People File Amicus Brief in Support of CHD’s Lawsuit Against FCC
7 stories in June mainstream media buried and big tech censored
A Mother And Daughter Wrote A Cookbook To Show How Food Traditions Change
A Review of the Interaction between Diet, Exercise, and the Gut Microbiota in Athletes
A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of ‘Long COVID’
A World without Plastic Pollution Is Possible
About half of people living with HIV have coronary artery plaque despite low cardiac risk
Adults with ADHD at higher risk of many physical conditions, finds study
All You Need to Know About Stress?Induced Fevers
America’s Drug Wars – Fifty Years of Reinforcing Racism
America’s Frontline Doctors – Fighting For America’s Children
Anonymous Whistleblower Letter to Sir Simon Stevens – Covid19 Assembly
Apple Warns IPhones Can “Interfere” With Cardiac Devices
Argentina is first country to ban salmon farming over sustainability concerns
Assange movement growing, but mainstream media cowed by the ruling class
Asteroid twice as big as Big Ben will pass Earth this month – NASA tracks 18,000mph rock
Australia’s Sydney extends COVID lockdown as Delta cluster grows
Autism’s link to chromatin remodeling, explained
Autistic children can benefit from attention training – new study
Backtracking on plastic bans could see African nations become polluted wastelands
Bacteria in cow stomachs are one solution to plastic pollution
BBC Caves In To Climate Alarmists Again
Benefits of Pfizer, Moderna vaccines ‘outweigh’ risk of rare heart inflammation
Bill Gates Should Stop Telling Africans What Kind of Agriculture Africans Need
Boy, 16, had cardiac arrest after exercise following 1st Pfizer vaccine dose
Brain functional connectivity in Tourette syndrome
Brazil – How humans are destroying paradise | DW Documentary
Cardiovascular disease — Atherosclerosis and the immune system
CDC Investigating Post-Vaccine Death Of Michigan Teen
Censored COVID Vaccine Victims Demand Answers In Private Facebook Group
Censorship of Alternative Hypotheses is Not ‘Following the Science’
Chemo gut changes in the spotlight
China reports highest cases since January
Could a longer reproductive period put women at greater risk for Alzheimer disease?
Could hydrogen cars be a better green alternative than electric?
COVID variants – could dangerous new ones evolve in pets and farm animals?
COVID-19 drug trials could have more consistent results if patients are enrolled as soon as they show symptoms and start treatment immediately
COVID-19 Mental Health Long Haulers
COVID-19 vaccine lotteries did NOT increase rate of shots, study finds, despite chances of winning $1 million grand prize
Creating cognitively challenging movement benefits brain circuits in Parkinson’s disease
Dad – My Son’s School Made Him Get a COVID Vaccine, Now He Has a Heart Condition
Deadly June 10th Spill of Toxins from U.S. Military Base in Okinawa Could Sick and Kill Thousands
Do heart medications affect COVID-19 outcomes?
Do You Need a New Liver?
Doctors warn overusing hand sanitizer could lead to chemical being absorbed through the skin which could lead to blindness or death
Doctors, Farmers Indoctrinated by Big Pharma
Eat, sleep, repeat – endocrine regulation of behavioural circadian rhythms
EU Glyphosate Authorization in 2017 was Based on Flawed Science – New Expert Analysis
EU urges UK to accept Swiss-style deal to end agri-food standoff
FDA Moves Toward Monopoly Medicine
FDA Seeks Improvements in Labeling Medical Device Materials
Fecal transplant plus fibre improves insulin sensitivity in severely obese
Fish get addicted to meth in polluted rivers, go through withdrawal
Forget the ‘quarantini problem’ — research suggests we were drinking less during the pandemic
Geert Vanden Bossche stood firm, warning about the risk of mass vaccination in a pandemic
Google Installs COVID Tracking App on Android Phones in Massachusetts
Gut Microbiome – Part 1 Why Are Vegetarians Not More Protein Deficient?
Gut microbiota mediate the FGF21 adaptive stress response to chronic dietary protein-restriction in mice
Health Officials Do Not Listen So Don’t Listen To Them
Healthy grandad left ‘paralysed’ and on ventilator after AstraZeneca vaccine
Henry Ford Health Systems Mandates ALL 33,000 Employees! Get Jabbed or Get GONE
High risk of divorce after TBI? Not necessarily, study suggests
Historic Addiction Treatment Funding Burdened by Bureaucracy, Health Officials Warn
How A Medieval City Dealing With The Black Death Invented Quarantine
How an unfolding protein can induce programmed cell death
How cancer cells patch lethal damage to survive
How College COVID Vaccine Mandates Put Students In Danger
How Kale and Cruciferous Plants Help Prevent Colon Cancer
Hydroxy hell – The deadly attack on a long-proven COVID treatment
Illegal Fishing Vessels Intercepted as Peruvian Prosecutors Sail on Sea Shepherd Ship
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy Toxicities
Interferons and Multiple Sclerosis
Is Eating Fat Good For You or Not? Here’s Why It’s So Confusing
Is the Chinese government really harvesting the organs of prisoners?
Jack Miles joined Stew Peters and explained how he lost his mother to the so-called ‘vaccine’ rolled out by Pfizer
Legal complaint over lead pollution from Notre-Dame fire
Light Pollution Has Complex Effects on Animal Vision
LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Inventor
Lockdowns! Won’t someone read the riot act?
Male hormones accelerate DNA ageing
Mandatory SARS-CoV-2 Vaccinations in Schools and Businesses
Mask-wearing becomes a new battleground in England as Covid rules are eased
More and more older people suffer a traumatic brain injury due to falls
More than 1 billion marine animals may have died in B.C. heat wave
mRNA Vaccine Inventor Erased From History Books
New drug can significantly reduce flashbacks and nightmares in PTSD patients
New efficient and low-consumption cooling systems work with solar air conditioning
New Enzyme Breaks Down Waste for Less Expensive Biofuels
New European laws must protect children’s data
Norway – social media influencers can’t post modified photos without declaring what they’ve done.
Past coronavirus ‘memories’ may explain mild COVID
Pfizer vaccine less effective against COVID variant – study
Poop Transplants Have Been Linked to Improved COVID-19 in Two Patients in Poland
Portugal – Delta variant responsible for nearly 90% infections
Privacy experts concerned about Canada’s forthcoming vaccine passport
Protection Provided By The Pfizer Vaccine May Might Be Fading, Israeli Officials Say
Radical Resetters Publish Plan To Wreck America And The Free World
Rates of abortion FIVE TIMES higher in U.S. counties where women live within five miles of a clinic
Red Blood Cells of Long-Haul Covid-19 Patients Are Smaller Than Normal
Reforesting Europe would increase rainfall – new research
Review of the scientific evidence on the individual sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EHS)
Salt nanoparticles are toxic to cancer cells, say researchers
Schools in Barcelona create a map of the city’s air pollution thanks to citizen science
Secret to weathering climate change lies at our feet
Smokers of menthol cigarettes have a harder time quitting, large new study finds
Smouldering, chaotic landfill site a serious health hazard, say Eastern Cape’s Komani residents
Some people want to live in lockdown forever because they fear and loathe ordinary people
Stanford study ties milder COVID-19 symptoms to prior run-ins with other coronaviruses
Stem Cell Therapeutics and Cystic Fibrosis Affected Lung Regeneration -Barry Stripp and John Mahoney
Stop Silencing Us – An Open Letter to Facebook, Google, Twitter and Social Media Platform Employees
Study reveals source of remarkable memory of “superagers”
Survivors of severe COVID-19 are twice as likely to be hospitalized with another condition
Taxifolin, a novel food, attenuates acute alcohol-induced liver injury in mice
Texas Man in ICU After Getting J&J COVID Vaccine in Rare Breakthrough Case
The hazards of e-waste and how to reduce it
The impact of loneliness in old age on life and health expectancy
The U.S. Military Is Testing a Pill That Could Delay Aging
This fascinating off-grid lamp is powered by photosynthesis
Unhinged Covid-19 Lockdown ‘Copypasta’ Spreads Across Twitter Like a Plague
USask research finds many Canadians broke COVID rules, and tensions grew in relationships
Valuable chemical made from plastic waste for first time ever
Virus behavior may impact results in COVID-19 drug trials, study finds
Wait… China ordered the NIH to delete gene data on COVID?
Want to Protect Public Health? Get Money Out of Politics.
What connects the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 to Remdesivir, the blockbuster medicine widely used during the ongoing Covid pandemic?
WHO Eyes ‘Protecting’ Ivermectin from use for COVID-19, Refocus on NTD Programs
Why men take more risks than women
Wikipedia’s Co-Founder Agrees With Me
Woman claims she can no longer talk after getting a second dose of the Oxford vaccine, in what she thinks is a ‘severe allergic reaction’
Zombie cells hold clues to spinal cord injury repair