Nieuws 8.6.2021

Aandachtig luisteren helpt tieners zich open te stellen
Alarmbellen van de coronacrisis kunnen bijna stoppen met rinkelen
Antwoorden Kamervragen over kinderrechters die noodklok luiden over situatie jeugdzorg in Zeeland
Arts neemt ontslag en maakt videoboodschap – Ik kon de leugens niet meer verdragen
BPOC 2020 – Politieverhoor 69
BPOC 2020 – Politieverhoor 68
Brussel schaft algemene mondmaskerplicht af vanaf 9 juni
Caroline vd Plas v Hugo de Jonge – Vaccinatiepaspoort nodig voor reizen?
Dierenleed in Spanje
Een hallucinante gedachtenwisseling op Twitter tussen een “onafhankelijk” journalist en een universiteitsprofessor
Een immuunsysteem van gewapend beton
Er is sprake van Devolutie
Foutieve test waar alles op wordt gebaseerd.
Geef niet aan dierproeven
Geen reden om door te gaan met vaccineren
Hartintelligentie expert Tess Keijzer over hoe jij je leven kan leiden vanuit je hart
Het Syndroom van Moeje
Hoe bacteriën en rol spelen bij hoe baby’s angst ervaren
Hoe je je kunt beschermen tegen straling.. | Volg Je Hart
Ivermectine werkt niet volgens Jaap van Dissel
JA21 wil parlementaire enquête coronacrisis
Jan van Gils met Henk Kieft – 5G en schade aan de natuur
Kinderen van de coronarekening
Lezing in Rotteerdam op 26 Juni over Pranic Living – Leven van Licht & Liefde
Miskenning welzijn jongeren tekenend voor coronabeleid
Moeten we nog wel doorgaan met vaccineren?
Motie over de overeenkomst van de heer Van Lienden met het Landelijk Consortium Hulpmiddelen laten vernietigen
Motie over onderzoeken in welke mate administratieve verplichtingen voor cliënten in negatieve zin bijdragen aan hun rechtspositie
Motie van het lid Baudet over artsen toestaan ivermectine voor te schrijven aan coronapatiënten
Motie van het lid Wilders over het aantal ic-bedden, intensivisten en ic-verpleegkundigen fors uitbreiden
Onze hersenen kunnen we niet vervangen
Pandemische chaos – Het coronabeleid onder de loep
Rick moest gedwongen verhuizen uit de zorginstelling waar hij al 13 jaar woonde
Start Deltaplan Ventilatie 1 per 9 juni in België
The Great Reset of Wat Is Er Nu Eigenlijk Echt Aan De Hand?
Thuiswerken kost mensen steeds meer moeite
Trekt de vaste commissie VWS het kleed onder het corona-kaartenhuis vandaan?
Van Ark laat extern onderzoek doen naar mondkapjesdeal Van Lienden
Van Dissel in 2020 – kinderen verspreiden corona bijna niet
Verwildering moet de wereld redden
Wereldreizigers importeren vaak multiresistente darmbacteriën


5 Causes of Leptin Resistance & Visceral Fat
9 Things You Are Doing That are Killing Your Kidneys That You Need to Stop Doing Immediately
90% of Prehistoric Sharks Died Off 19 Million Years Ago; Scientists Don’t Know Why
A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton rushed to A&E after reacting to Covid jab
A Rash And An Upset Gut? It Could Be Coeliac Disease
A Timeline of “The Great Reset” Agenda
An Inconvenient Truth – EVs May Offer A “Negligible” CO2 Difference From ICE Vehicles
Anti-depressive effects of Xiaoyaosan, Shugan and Jianpi herbal treatments
Are men and women treated differently in the health sector?
Autism News – Molecules in Saliva & Autism
Avoid Sardines with Soybean Oil
California County COVID-19 Death Toll Lowered By 25% After Counting Method Change
Cardiac Arrhythmias And High Blood Pressure
China faces ‘national shame’ if Covid lab-leak theory proven
Chinese banks urged to divest from firms linked to deforestation
Condoleezza Rice says public health officials made a ‘mistake’ in early dismissal of Wuhan lab leak theory
Corporations backing away from covid vaccine mandates as injuries, deaths mount
COVID deaths plunge after major world city introduces ivermectin
Covid-19 vaccine maker Johnson Johnson has a LONG history of crimes, fines and violations
Covid-19 vaccines – In the rush for regulatory approval, do we need more data?
Current Status of Medications to Treat COVID
CyberKnife treatment for cancer ‘underused’, says top doctor
Devil devil – The sickness that changed Australia
Do glasses that block blue light help your eyes?
Do Your Genes Determine How Long You’ll Live? Here’s What Science Says
Dr Anthony Fauci Threatened Indian Scientists To Withdraw Study Linking COVID-19 To AIDS Virus
Dr. Nicole Saphier on the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory, Fauci Emails & the Politicization of COVID
Dr. Paul Discusses the Deception of Dr. Fauci with Sean Hannity on Fox – June 4, 2021
Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Will Change Your Life for Good
European agency highlights guidance not to use heparin for COVID-19 vaccine-linked clots
Evidence of air pollution exposure and new asthma onset
Exposure to carcinogens kills less people than a long workweek
Free VPN dienst – bescherm je privacy
French court rules anti-glyphosate protest necessary and proportional to protect public health
Gain of Function Research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology—Dr. Nicole Saphier on Lab Leak Theory
Genetic comparison among various coronavirus strains for the identification of potential vaccine targets of SARS-CoV2
Great apes predicted to lose 90% of homelands in Africa, study finds
Gregg Braden – New Scientific Discoveries Confirm That We Are All Connected
I Watched People in 2020 Roll Over and Give Up Their Freedoms
In no-lockdown Sweden, wearing a mask can earn you suspicion and abuse
Large-scale imaging of CA1 neurons from mice sheds light on how the hippocampus encodes different types of memory
Leaky Brain?!? – What it is and why it is a problem
Matt Hancock confirming the mass purchase of Midazolam
Medical Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise” from Mask Wearing
Mental health visits for new mothers were 30% higher during COVID-19 pandemic
Neurologic, psychiatric conditions common in COVID-19
Niacin NAD Your Gateway to Good Health Feb ’21 SAHAMM
NIAID was well aware of the January 2020 preprint by Indian scientists asserting that several short HIV segments were added to the SARS-CoV-2 genome
One of Denmark’s leading vaccine experts strongly warns against vaccinating children under the age of 16
Pandemic Pumps Up Frozen Food Sales
Peter Daszak. ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive.’ Sir Walter Scott was right
Pfizer and kids – 3-fold higher risk of severe adverse events in the vaccinated
Pharmaceutical company Merck investigating after noose found at North Carolina plant
Plasma TMAO increase after healthy diets
Power from the ocean – can we use bio-fouling organisms to help extract energy from waves?
Rep. McCaul calls COVID-19 pandemic “worst cover-up in human history”
Rethinking Food Systems
SARS-CoV-2 Infection after Vaccination in Health Care Workers in California
SARS-COV-2 Natural Infections Protects Against Reinfection With 95% Efficacy
Scientist Warned Fauci China Was Likely Lying About COVID Deaths. Fauci Said Email Was ‘Too Long For Me To Read’
Scientist Who Warned Fauci COVID Could Be ‘Engineered’ Deletes Twitter Account
Scientists push for full investigation into COVID-19 lab leak theory
Senator Ted Cruz argued that Facebook was utilizing their monopoly position to censor on behalf of the government
Shocking Case of Academic Censorship
Smartphone Use Associated with Unhealthy Eating and Overweight in Teens
The 2021 Worldwide Corona Crisis – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
The Beauty of Vaccines and Natural Immunity
The Clean Energy Transition Is a Big Time-Wasting Lie
The Covid Passports Will Put You In A Digital Prison
The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test – How to Mislead All Humanity.
The German government has just passed a law that allows ‘vaccinations’ to be produced that cause the ‘vaccinated’ to excrete ‘microorganisms’
The Pandemic Exposed the Severe Water Insecurity Faced by Southwestern Tribes
The Pentagon funneled $39million to a charity that funded Wuhan lab
The Real Truth About Bone Health
The Scariest Part Of Pesticides Is The Lack Of Definitive Safety Information For Children
TheTruth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Too much caffeine can lead to blindness in people at high-risk for glaucoma
Trump – We were right about the Wuhan lab
UK Dr Samuel White has resigned, sick of the lies & cover up
Virologist Who Told Fauci SARS-CoV-2 ‘Potentially Engineered’ Just Nuked His Twitter Account
What do Otto Warburg, Nazi’s, Cancer and Diet have in common?
What Happens Now? Suicide, Overdoses, Dying Alone.
What Has Sat-Nav Done to Our Brains?
While “Experts” Like To Have Us Believe Germany Is Still In Drought – Real Observations Tell Us Another Story
Who pays the medical bills from vaccine injuries caused by government-coerced vaccine injections?
Why Athletes Need More Potassium
Why Drinking Too Much Caffeine Sets Off Feelings of Anxiety, According to Experts
Why Is There Such Reluctance to Discuss Natural Immunity?
Why no animal should be prevented from showing natural behaviours
Why the lab-leak idea is being considered again
Yellow Bumpy Patches Around the Eyelids
You can change anything in your life. No excuses.