Nieuws 7.4.2021

Aardappelbezorgservice geeft boer een betere prijs
Alle wijzers in het rood? – hoe het RIVM ons misleidt
Corona-overtreders voortaan pas vanaf derde overtreding voor de rechter
De enige klimaatramp
Dit giftig E-nummer verergert de griep
Dit zijn de voordelen van een ‘echte’ lunch
Eindhoven rekent bewust met verkeerde gegevens voor natuurvergunning
EMA-bestuurder – verband tussen vaccin AstraZeneca en trombose
Eten uit eigen tuin
Frankrijk onderzoekt claims dat ministers tijdens de lockdown in geheime restaurants hebben gegeten
Genieten van de natuur, maar dan achter de computer
Humor – Ruttes geheugentrainer
Interview Vervoer voor demonstranten
Kinderopvangorganisaties weigeren massaal medewerking aan kwaliteitsonderzoek
Klaus Schwab verklaart dat niet-gevaccineerde mensen een bedreiging voor de mensheid vormen
Komende jaren wordt gasafname van Rusland meer dan verdubbeld
Laat u vaccineren en krijg een Facebook sticker
Laatste update van Israël
Maatregelen van overheden ter bescherming van de bevolking tegen EMV
Meten met geweten – een alternatief voor PCR-testen in beeld gebracht door Sven Hulleman
Mogelijk 50 tot 120 maal meer bijwerkingen dan worden gemeld
New York start met vaccineren 16-plussers
Ook in België willen ze misschien ‘vaccinprivileges’ invoeren
Ook in Nederland stijging aantal doden na vaccinatie t.o.v. griepprik
Poliklinieken nodig voor langdurige Covid-klachten
Situatie in jeugdpsychiatrie volgens inspectie ‘onhoudbaar’ door coronavirus
Vier het leven met het Artsen Collectief
Waarom werken sommige kankermedicijnen niet?
WHO tegen vaccinatiepaspoorten
Windmolens in strijd met Europees recht
Windmolens op zee kunnen tot 300 meter hoog worden
Wormen in coronateststaafjes en mondkapjes?
Ziekenhuizen en RIVM oneens over piek derde golf


1 in 3 college students face food insecurity – expanding SNAP benefits on campus will help stave off hunger
46 Million Americans Can’t Afford Healthcare, Study Finds
5 Fruits and Veggies That are Toxic to Your Dog
A diversity of wildlife is good for our health
Acupuncture for diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Anxiety among fathers is higher than recently reported
Are bees the answer to landmines?
AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, review of very rare cases of unusual blood clots continues
AstraZeneca vaccine side effects – Blood clot risk appears to be ‘age related’ – Professor
Beta blockers could increase complications for HIV patients
Black women are dying of COVID-19 at rates higher than men in other racial/ethnic groups
Blood Lead Levels in U.S. Children Ages 1–11 Years, 1976–2016
Cancer survivors need compassion to cope with ‘cancer-brain’
Cannabis legalization and link to increase in fatal collisions
Cannabis should be decriminalised, not legalised
China’s Geoengineering Program Threatens World’s Weather
China’s Secret Human Animal Hybrid Experiments
Chinese herb microneedle patch for wound healing
Climate change shrinks marine life richness near equator
Contrary to popular belief, sea ice at both poles is growing, not shrinking
Covid Mutants Multiply As Scientists Race To Track Shape-Shifting Virus
Deep dive into key COVID-19 protein is a step toward new drugs, vaccines
Doctors eye new drug that could end the monthly agony for women with endometriosis
Don’t Talk to the Police
Dozens of dolphins wash up dead on Ghana beaches
Dr Bruce Lipton… What Determines How Our Genes Work
Dr. Joseph Herrera and Dr. Saman Setareh-Shenas discuss getting back to exercise after COVID-19.
EMS workers 3 times more likely to experience mental health issues
End-of-life care remains aggressive for people with ovarian cancer
England’s Lost Children – Documentary Trailer
Exposure to Diesel Exhaust and Plasma Cortisol Response
Fauci Says Federal Government Won’t Mandate Vaccine Passports
Florida Workers Race to Prevent Massive Spill of Radioactive Waste
France investigates secret restaurants for Paris elite
Greenpeace warns European Commission on nuclear energy classification
Hamburg Germany Seeing MORE Easter Snow Than In 1960s
High cholesterol symptoms – Three serious warning signs in your feet – what to look for
How mRNA Technology Could Change the World
Indonesian environmentalist on a mission to save mangroves and tackle coastal erosion
Insomnia associated with more suicidal thoughts, worse disease symptoms in schizophrenia
Is ‘natural immunity’ better than a coronavirus vaccine?
Journals retract 567 papers by Chinese hospital authors
Lockdown loneliness is here to stay
Lockdown mental fatigue rapidly reversed by social contact, study finds
Lockdowns don’t seem critical in stopping virus spread
Microplastics in Seafood – How Much Are People Eating?
Neonatal nicotine exposure changes insulin status in fat depots
NY Times – We’re Going to Make Sure Free Speech Platform ‘Telegram’ Is BANNED Forever
Outside factors may help children develop internal control
Ozone pollution harms maize crops, study finds
Paracetamol revealed in a new study to be ‘ineffective in treating many pain conditions’
Pfizer halts delivery of Covid-19 vaccines to ‘banana republic’ Israel after bill goes unpaid amid political infighting
Prince William Wants The Great Reset | You’ll Own Nothing & Be Happy
Retrain your brain for long-term thinking | Roman Krznaric | Big Think
Risk factors for elevated serum colorectal cancer markers in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Romeo’s pakken vader en oma op, kleine kinderen blijven achter! Hellevoetsluis
Sex differences in brain in response to midlife stress linked to fetal stress exposures
Simple fetal heartbeat monitoring still best to reduce unnecessary cesarean sections
Sweden’s Stats With NO Lockdown ???? EMBARRASS Us
Tech Giants Become Largest Lobbyist Group In America As They Fight Against Antitrust Regulations
The Significance of the Nuremberg Code/ Vera Sharav
Toxicity of herbal medications suggested as treatment for COVID-19
Turning CO2 and wastewater into something useful, with support from a fan
UCF study shows masks, ventilation stop COVID spread better than social distancing
UK medicines regulator considers issuing new advice over Oxford-AstraZeneca jab
Under-30s may not get the Oxford vaccine over blood clot fears
Uptake of Chemicals through the Skin
Uranium Exposure in American Indian Communities
Vaccination does not prevent 3rd wave
We Cannot Afford to Censor Dissenting Voices During a Pandemic – Prof Martin Kulldorff
Why Are Stents Still Used If They Don’t Work?
Why do we mass medicate with fluoride in our tap water?
Why Many Find Processed Foods Utterly Irresistible?
Women had ‘alarmingly high rates’ of mental health problems during start of the pandemic