Nieuws 7.1.2022

25-jarige stervoetballer zakt plotseling in elkaar en sterft tijdens training
2G is er ALLEEN om de niet gevaccineerden te pesten
Aan deze drie narcistische verleidingskunsten herken je narcisme
Advocaat houdt de rug recht en stapt uit de orde
Bij WNLVandaag zit deze arts gewoon te liegen, booster prik is niet aangepast voor Omicron
Canadese regering komt met miljarden voor slachtoffers ‘culturele genocide’ op inheemse bevolking
De oversterfte is opgelopen naar 12.908 mensen
Demonstratie bij rechtbank voor opgepakte coronademonstranten
Deze zwembadhouder vraagt geen QR-code
Een derde jonge kinderen heeft zinktekort
Er lijkt NIETS te kloppen van de omicron modellering door het RIVM
Frank Lammers – Mensen van het OMT en de regering, dit gaat te ver
Israël – vierde vaccinatie voegt weinig toe
Journaliste met 20 jaar ervaring geeft de media koekje van eigen deeg
Kaag is een soort WEF-projectleider en de facto verantwoordelijk voor implementatie WEF-beleid
Kamerbrief over onderzoek naar mogelijke benadeling klokkenluider
Kappers roepen ministers op ‘corona-coupe’ te dragen op bordesfoto
Kinderen vaccineren tegen Covid-19 is een doodzonde
Langdurige Covid kan groter probleem worden dan golven van infecties
Latere schooltijden voorkomen slaaptekort bij ouders scholieren
Lockdown zorgt weer voor veel drukte in de natuur, Goois Natuurreservaat maakt zich grote zorgen
Mannetje van doodgereden zwaan op A29 ook overleden
Medicatie erectiestoornissen verergert bij proefdieren aorta-aneurysma’s
Miljoenen aan EU-subsidie naar reclame voor vlees en zuivel
Moet een christen altijd doen wat de overheid zegt?
Nederlandse landbouw wordt opgeofferd aan groene dromen
Ondernemers en virologen klaar met optreden OMT
Onderzoek naar uithuisplaatsing tijdens toeslagenaffaire is laat
Onderzoek oorzaken van oversterfte
Ouderenorganisaties willen snel onderzoek naar oversterfte
Piloot doet heftig boekje open – De prik heeft mijn leven volledig verwoest
Rapper Boef die betaald is om propaganda te maken ziet het licht
Registratie autoriteiten zijn speelbal geworden van de farmaceutische industrie
The Trueman Show 55 Jorn Luka
Veel mensen van 45 jaar en ouder krijgen een Moderna prik
Vijftien artsen geschorst voor uitspraken tegen het coronavaccin
Weigering gebruik QR-code is pas échte solidariteit
Winkeliers blijven mordicus tegen 2G in de winkelstraat
Zin in een zinvol 2022 | column
Zo houdt het OMT ons voortdurend in gijzeling
Zorgverzekeraars duiken. Wat hebben zij gedaan om problemen te voorkomen, en op te lossen?


25-Year-Old Woman a ‘Shell of What I Used to Be’ After Taking Gardasil Vaccine
2nd COVID Booster Deemed ‘Safe’ by Israeli PM, but Some Experts Aren’t so Sure
6 ways to maintain mental health during unpredictability
A novel compound might defeat multidrug-resistant bacteria common in hospitals
A substitution in the glutathione reductase lowers electron leakage and inflammation in modern humans
Acupuncture for cancer pain
Air pollution in cities causes 1.8 million deaths globally each year
Alcohol can cause cancer, so why don’t most Canadians know that?
American Medical Association slams new CDC isolation guidelines
An elderly woman in a family member’s aged home told me “Why did they do this?
Analysis of Batch-Specific Toxicity of COVID-19 Vaccine Products Using VAERS Data
Andy Biggs – The Fight to Keep Schools Open
Another EU state expands mandatory vaccinations & threatens fines
Anthony Fauci – Failed General?
Anti-COVID Pills Dangerous When Used With Common Meds
Antibiotic-resistant superbug evolved on hedgehogs
Anxiety can cause the sufferer to wrongly feel someone is angry with them, study shows
Are COVID vaccine mandates for kids even legal?
Are hospitals a hotbed for COVID transmission?
As Australia enters the RAT phase some experts say we need to ‘move on
As Omicron Sweeps World, Countries Opt For Fewer RT-PCR Tests
Austria now a giant PRISON CAMP for the unvaccinated as “lockdown” extended another 10 days
Better use of office daylighting can improve people’s well-being
Biden and China Are Partners in a New Wuhan Lab, EcoHealth Hunt for ‘Recombinant’ Rodent Coronaviruses.
Blood test may one day predict severe pregnancy complication
BREVNER – “More of Us”
Britain Temporarily Suspends PCR Test For Asymptomatic COVID Cases
Can Synthetic Palm Oil Help Save the Worlds Tropical Forests?
Cardiovascular Risks May Be Worse for Women’s Cognition in Middle Age
CDC Changes Vaccine Definition
CDC Sued For Keeping COVID Vaccine Data Secret
Century-Old Assumption Regarding Neurons and Brain Activity Disproved
Century-old assumption regarding neurons and brain activity disproved
Chemical Giant BASF Puts 1.5 Million Americans at Risk of Cancer
China humiliated as ‘Zero Covid’ policy spectacularly backfires and cripples economy
China reports major drop in virus cases in locked-down Xi’an
China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Just Broke a Major World Record For Plasma Fusion
Climate change could lead to blackouts, higher power costs on west coast
Clotting events among hospitalized patients infected with COVID-19 in a large multisite cohort in the United States
Collapse Of The Polar Melting Scam
Coughing downward can reduce spread of droplets, study finds
COVID boosters hinder SARS-CoV-2 Omicron
COVID-19 has been an ‘amplifier’ of intimate partner violence
Danish Professor Wants to ‘Let Omicron Loose’ Among Vaccinated, Politicians Wary
Deadly MRSA superbug was first spread by hedgehogs to humans claims new study
Death Claims Increase 40% According To Major Insurance Company After Vaccines
Deep-Sea Mining – China Could Lead Dangerous ‘Gold Rush’
Deforestation Strengthens Storms in West Africa
Doctors Under Pressure for Ivermectin Prescriptions (More Letters)
Dr. Robert Malone – What if the Largest Experiment on Human Beings in History is a Failure?
Drug that targets brain chemical may help sensory ‘sensitivity’ in autism, study finds
Dry Heat Disinfecting of N95 Mask Works, Preserves Fit
Eating Choline-Heavy Diet During Pregnancy Can Boost Child’s Attention Span
EU ‘sleepwalking’ into energy crisis as Putin turns screw further on gas supplies
EU – Number of Infections and COVID Deaths Hugely Manipulated
Evidence of Possible Connection Between COVID and 5G
Experimental drug may help with ‘noisy brain’ in some with autism
Federal Judge Blocks DOD From Disciplining Navy SEALS Who Sued Over Vaccine Mandate
First-responder cells after heart attack prompt inflammation overdrive
France Allows Some COVID-19-Infected Medics to Keep Working
Genetically Modified Organisms – Is the European Commission Putting Big Business Before Environment?
GMO Labeling is Finally Here (Sort Of)
Gum disease – Scientists identify ‘more effective methods for prevention and treatment’
He lies all the time – Dr. Robert Malone on Fauci
Healing pain by treating the mind, with Tor Wager, PhD
High levels of PFAS found in anti-fogging sprays and cloths
How LPS prevents or promotes development of asthma and allergic disease by airborne allergens
If you are vaccinated.. you can still get C.. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated
In a First, Scientists Discover Brain Signals Linked to OCD
Increased risk of liver-related outcomes in chronic hepatitis B patients with metabolic syndrome
Is The CDC Still Led By Science? White House Pressed Over ‘Confusing’ Guidance
Italy introduces mandatory vaccination for over-50s
Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64
Louisville researchers reveal how oral bacteria suppress protection against viral growth
Mental Health Conservatorships Can Result in a ‘Bottleneck’ Effect in Psychiatric Hospitals
Modern humans developed a more effective protection against oxidative stress
More bad news on Covid vaccines and myocarditis in men under 40
More Sea Ice Than 100 Years Ago
Natural medicinal ingredients induce tumor ferroptosis and related mechanisms
Neonatal brain injury influences structural connectivity and childhood functional outcomes
Netherlands gripped by wave of anti-lockdown protests
New Coronavirus Variant detected in France, Cameroon Origin
New Zealand, you thought you could suffer your people and you found the ‘holy grail’ at COVID control
Now People Are Dying from the Vaccine
NY Times admits covid “booster” shots damage immunity, leave body defenseless against virus
Omicron impacts on supply chains to last for months
Omicron Spares U.S. ICUs so Far, Mirroring South Africa
Paid PCR tests cause political turmoil in Greece
Pandemic babies higher risk for developmental delays, but don’t blame the virus, researchers say
Pandemic profiteering plain and simple – Walmart and Kroger hike prices for COVID tests
Pfizer 6 Month Data Shows COVID Shots May Cause More Illness than They Prevent
Pfizer to Study 3rd Dose of COVID Vaccine for Toddlers . . . But Why?
Prescribe aspirin based on benefit-to-risk not ag
Reasons for helpline calls changed since start of COVID-19 pandemic
Remember when implantable tracking microchips were just a conspiracy theory?
Reporter Presses Psaki If Omicron Spread Changes Biden COVID Strategy
SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Takes the Gloves Off and Causes Chronic Inflammation
School closures led to more sleep and better quality of life for adolescents
Scientists have discovered a new treatment that can repair muscle fibres in patients with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
Single blood sample can detect women at risk of pre-eclampsia
South African scientist thinks she may have solved the mystery of long COVID-19, which afflicts over 100 million people
Spanish minister faces calls to resign over comments targeting megafarms
Spanish scientists discover a cell behavior pattern that predicts cardiovascular disease
Stigmatizing the Unvaxxed and Unboosted
Study in mice finds erectile dysfunction medication worsened abdominal aortic aneurysms
Study reveals brain networks enabling human conversation
The Association of Thyroid Hormones with Coronary Atherosclerotic Severity in Euthyroid Patients
The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along | Dr. Robert Malone 2022
The Defenestration Of Dr. Robert Malone
The Great Inversion Happening Before Our Eyes
The Only Solution to the Great Reset – United Push Back
The Truth about Japan and Ivermectin
This simple exercise can improve your brain power
Traffic pollution may be responsible for 1.8 million new cases of asthma in kids every year, study finds
Trudeau blames unvaccinated for lockdowns
Unvaccinated Pilots Fighting for Medical Freedom
Vaccine DAMAGE now ubiquitous in Denmark as Omicron hospitalizations occur primarily in fully vaccinated
Vaccine Efficacy
Vaccine Expert Explains FDA “Approval” of Comirnaty and Why Vaccine Makers Are Targeting Children
Vaccine Passport discriminates against people & create 2 Tier society, Governor Ron DeSantis
Vaccine-Injured Pilot Suffers Mid-Flight Blackout
Why face masks could be doing our children more harm than good
With so many Omicron cases this MassFormationPsychosis cannot be allowed to continue