Nieuws 6.7.2021

86% van de jongeren ervaart relatie als norm
Alle partijen blij met nieuwe aanpak nazorg bij medische missers
Alles lost zich ooit een keer vanzelf op
Boer weg uit Brabant en Gelderland bij strenge stikstofregels
BPOC2020-bijeenkomst van donderdag 1 juli 2021 – Deel 1
Canada’s grote geheim en een predikant die de genocide op inheemse mensen documenteerde
De biologische effecten van 5G
De coronacrisis laat zien wat onzekerheid met de samenleving doet
Een groep artsen maakt zich zorgen over ziekmakende windturbines
Een video uit 1930 die ons al waarschuwde
Farmaceutische industrie houdt vast aan patenten coronavaccins
Franse regering belooft COVID Vax verplicht te maken voor alle jongvolwassenen
Gelukkig Autistisch | DOCU AUTISME | een zoektocht door één autistisch leven
Hooggevoelig en met hart en ziel liefhebben
Is er in een cancelcultuur nog ruimte voor vergiffenis?
Israël – Pfizer-vaccin niet 94%, maar slechts 64% effectief
Kinder-vaccinatie Awareness Day
Komt corona toch uit lab Wuhan?
Leren uit de PFOS-vervuiling
Mattias Desmet, We moeten volharden in de deugd van het vrijmoedige spreken
Meerdere kinderen in het ziekenhuis na vaccinatie
Moeten we ons klaarmaken voor een nieuwe lockdown?
Onaangekondigde protesten op meerdere plekken in Den Haag
Onbedoeld minder uitkering Wajongers wordt hersteld
Ondanks verbod op sigarettenverkoop roken Zwitserse jongeren niet minder
Onrust bij boeren na nieuw stikstofrapport
Pak het normale leven weer op
Rechter verbiedt uitrol van de 3,5 GHz frequentieband vanwege het al in gebruik zijn door Imarsat
Techno-stress bij medewerkers in de kinderopvang
Vaccin-hoogleraar – voordelen Pfizer bij kinderen niet groter dan risico’s
Vaccinpaspoort mag niet te lang blijven
Veritas Vos Liberabit – Gideon van Meijeren, A-lijst, falen Tweede Kamer & Ambtsmisdrijf Min VWS
Voor allen die wel hun mond in deze tijd open doen. Leugens hebben altijd een vervaldatum, de waarheid niet.
Waarom ik Bill Gates nooit meer vertrouw
Zonder schoenen overleef je niet


1,100 Children Graves in Canada found, Queen Elizabeth II and Victoria statues toppled, 7 Churches lighted
300 Italian Health Workers File Legal Challenge to Mandatory COVID-19 Shots as Condition for Employment
5 European nations warn the European Commission that nuclear energy must be excluded from the EU’s green finance taxonomy
6-Year-Old Son Tells Dad “Please Don’t Get the Shot” – But He Did and Now He’s DEAD
75 Percent COVID-19 Vaccination Rate Among U.S. Hospital Workers
80% vaccination won’t get us herd immunity, but it could mean safely opening international borders
A new study reveals unintended CRISPR/Cas9 editing events
Aggressive Cat Meets A Tiny Kitten And The Cutest Thing Happens
An amyotrophic lateral sclerosis hot spot in the French Alps associated with genotoxic fungi
An Artificial Network Kept on The ‘Edge of Chaos’ Acts Much Like a Human Brain
Around One in Seven Older British Teenagers Hesitant Over Getting Covid Vaccine
As Adverse Reactions to Covid ‘Vaccines’ Reach 400,000, the Truth Must Be Spread Widely
Australia Agrees Plan to Abandon Zero Covid Strategy
Australia’s Family Court system failing to protect children
Bill Gates Plan to Push Big Tech as Way to Save the World Is ‘Rubbish’
Can Olive Oil be the Next Ibuprofen?
CDC Experts Disagree With Pfizer on COVID Boosters, Threatening Pharma Giant’s Billion Dollar Revenue Stream
Changes in Japanese Medical Students’ Attitudes Toward Traditional Japanese Medicine over the Course of Medical School
Chicago Restaurants Blame COVID For $100 Minimum Per Person Just To Get A Table
China revives theory US army lab created COVID-19
Conservationists Threaten Lawsuit Over Maui Lights That Harm Seabirds
Couple who refused to go to quarantine hotel after service trip FINED $12,000
COVID-19 ‘Exactly What You’d Expect If You’d Gone Through Gain-Of-Function’
Covid-19 Related Loss of Smell
Danish Politicians Split Over Wild Football Celebrations – All Ingredients for Superspreader Event
Democrat Mandated COVID-19 Lockdowns Caused More Deaths Instead Of Reducing Them, RAND study finds
Devastated Australian daughter is forced to say goodbye to her beloved dad on FACETIME – despite being fully vaccinated and testing negative to Covid twice
Dietary Sugar Exposure and Oral Health Status in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Doctor’s Damning Legal Letter On NHS COVID Misconduct
Don’t Let The “Delta” Fearmongers Win
EU biofuels goals seen behind deforested area as big as the Netherlands
EU to propose aviation fuel tax in green policy push
Exercise your bones – resistance is key!
Expert advice for kids who are struggling as they come out of pandemic isolation
Expert exposes disastrous Covid errors which poses dire risk to union
Family doctor BLOWS THE WHISTLE on “extreme side effects” of Moderna vaccine
Fast-spreading Lambda variant puzzles Covid scientists due to ‘unusual set of mutations’
Father And Daughter Die Four Days Apart Despite Taking Different Brands Of COVID-19 Shots
FDA Reverses Its Testing Policy and Rejects COVID Antibody Test Results
Fillers and false advertising – The ugly side of the beauty industry
GOP Lawmaker Claims Discovery Of Evidence COVID-19 Came From Wuhan Lab
Greece tightens rules against unvaccinated
Highly Vaccinated Israel Has a Nagging Coronavirus Problem
How China Became The Big Winner Of The COVID Era
How the cocoa industry could end deforestation in West Africa
Humor – What Health Authorities Are Like in 2021
Inadequate exposure to UVB light may be linked with increased risk of colorectal cancer
Increase in Positive Covid Test Results Once Again Not Matched by Increase in Covid Deaths
Indonesia says no vaccine, no entry
Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy (Malnutrition?)(Weight Loss) | Jason Fung
Is Your Low Fiber Diet Making Your Gut Worse?
It’s the VACCINATED who are speeding up the evolution of variants and spreading them to others, including the Delta Variant
Joe Rogan’s ‘Emergency Podcast’ Questions YouTube’s Censorship of Content Showing Ivermectin as an Effective COVID Treatment
Learn To Live With The Virus, Boris Johnson Tells Britons
Long-term risk of anaemia after bariatric surgery
Low doses of glyphosate can affect the nutrient composition of common beans depending on the sowing season
Man Dies Of Rare Blood Clot, Received Moderna COVID Vaccine
Myocarditis Following Immunization With mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Members of the US Military
New Study Links “Acute Chest Pain” In Male Soldiers To mRNA Vaccines
Nigeria’s electronic waste is a public health problem and needs urgent attention
Oil Companies Scrap Pipeline Plans Amid Grassroots Pressure
Ontario nursing-home whistleblower exposes 15 deaths just weeks after CovidVaccine rollout.
Panic Porn Dressed Up As Science
People should wear masks ‘indefinitely’ even when rules ease, scientist says
Perverse Incentives in the Vaccine Rollout & Censorship of Science
Plastic Shores – How Plastic is Harming Marine Life | DocuBay
Researchers develop random priming amplification method for whole-genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 and H1N1
Researchers seek to find a cure for the deadliest solid tumor in children
Scientists identify natural SARS-CoV-2 super immunity against 23 variants
Slovenian health experts were ignored in pandemic
Solar device generates electricity and desalinates water with no waste brine
Spike Proteins In Immune Cells – Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul
Stolen Children | Residential School survivors speak out
Study Finds Sense of Smell Returns to Nearly All COVID-19 Patients
The Caffeine/Anxiety Connection No One Is Talking About
The Elephant in the Sun and Shattering Infrastructure
The Evolution of Human Physical Activity – The Anatomical Basis of Aggression in Hominins
The Horrifying Rise of Total Mass Media Blackouts on Inconvenient News Stories
The Most Unhealthy Diet in the World
The Pentagon Continues To Stiff US Troops On Medical Malpractice Payments
The Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing for Stroke
The signs in your feet you’ve had high blood sugar levels for ‘too long’
They’ve Been Planning This
Three meal staples could lead to heart disease
U of R researcher receives federal funding to take on violence and bullying in Indigenous communities
Vaccine advice must ‘always’ rest between doctor and patient
Vaping on film looks less glamorous than the Hollywood smoking of yesteryear
Waking up from wokeness
What’s the Secret To Avoiding Toddler Bedtime Tantrums?
Who’s right on lockdowns – business, politicians or doctors?
Why Everything You’re Being Told About the “Delta Variant” is Complete Nonsense
Why Is Everyone Getting Shingles?
Why Scientists Fear To Speak Out About GMO Food Safety And How Climate Change Science Differs
Why We Probably Will Never Know Whether COVID Came From Wuhan Lab
Working from Home during Lockdown Caused Loneliness and Mental Distress
World Bank to inject more money into Big Pharma’s accounts
World Economic Forum announces creation of Orwellian ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety’