Nieuws 5.8.2022

Als watermeloen er zó uitziet, kun je het beter niet meer eten
Alweer een complottheorie uitgekomen, Baudet krijgt weer gelijk
Amelisweerd, een miezerig stukje bos dat altijd moet blijven
Apenpokken – hebben we te maken met een bewuste moedwillige virus verspreiding?
Bananen – topsporter legt uit waarom ze zo gezond zijn
Barbara Baarsma zet kwaad bloed
Binnenkort weinig of geen olijfolie meer in de winkel? Extreme droogte bedreigt productie in Spanje en Italië
Boeren hebben met zoveel verschillende problemen te maken. Het moet anders.
Corona en de spirituele schaarste in de samenleving
Doorspoelen met regen en zeewater zoet maken, want ‘watertekort wordt nijpend’
Emotionele verwaarlozing in je kindertijd
Experimenteervergunningen 5G per 14 juli 2022
Flossen tegen tandplak werkt niet
Geloof, hoop en liefde, daar drijft de hele geneeskunde op
Hebben bestrijdingsmiddelen iets te maken met de achteruitgang van de bijenpopulaties?
Hoe eng is het dat de bank zich gaat bemoeien met wat jij koopt? (Heel eng, zegt de SP)
Intermittent fasting & Ayurveda
Jonathan Krispijn en Steff – Theaters hebben de corona-ongevaccineerden verraden
Mensen met suikerziekte lijken baat te hebben bij maximaal 10 uur per dag eten
Ministeries betaalden bijna 4 ton aan Woo-dwangsommen
Opnamestop Emergis komt door intern wanbeleid
Stikstof meten op stalniveau kan boer helpen minder uit te stoten
Vaarwel Nederland
Wat is er nu werkelijk gaande in de wereld? Ben jij hier echt bewust van?

Natuurlijke multi
Natuurlijke vitamine C
Omega 3 olie uit algen
Chlorella pillen of poeder
Spirulina pillen of poeder
Groene smoothie recept

130 Coast Guard Members Sue Federal Government Over Vaccine Mandates
4 ways we can recover from the loneliness of the COVID pandemic
76-year-old man arrested because his mask slid down as he slept on WestJet flight
A Fisabio project allows hospital gowns to be converted into new plastic and textile products
A nutrition solution can help heat-stressed cows as US warms
A Totally Sober Analysis of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Call For Action on Monkeypox
A worsening situation of cracks in Britain’s ageing nuclear reactors
Act Now! Challenge the Proposed SA National Health Act Regulations Amendments
Activating proteins that regulate growth in cells could help prevent harmless moles from mutating into deadly melanomas
Active social life may create cognitive buffer against Alzheimer’s
After breakups, people feel less in-control — but only at first
Airline “Vaccine” Mandates Cause Job Loss, Vaccine Injuries, Airport Chaos and Flight Delays
Alaska’s Willow Project promises huge amounts of oil — and huge environmental impacts
An hour after pigs’ deaths, an artificial system restored cellular life
Ancient humans drank milk even when lactose intolerant
Anti-Natalism – The Argument To Stop Giving Birth
Anticholinergic Drugs Increase Your Risk for Dementia
Are New Monkeypox Infections A Result Of ‘Gain Of Function’ Research?
Are Reduced-Nicotine Cigarettes Coming?
Artificial Blood Breathes New Life Into Dead Pigs’ Cells
Aussie Pilots Sue Over Safety Concerns
Australian Government has admitted there have been at least 79.000 Side effects from the COVID-19 Vaccine
Banned Camp – Social media continues to try to control the message
Biosecurity Is National Security
Bloomberg Cites Non-Peer-Reviewed Data; Gets Burned by CDC Misinformation on Pediatric Deaths Due to COVID-19
Brisbane doctor BLASTS sick system
Broccoli Compound May Solve Antibiotic Resistance Problem
Brown-fat-mediated tumour suppression by cold-altered global metabolism
Can cars run on water?
Can probiotics treat depression?
Cancer researchers unable to access clinical trial data for top-selling drugs, study finds
Cannabidiol effective for young people with treatment-resistant anxiety
Changes of perceived control in the years around separation, divorce, and the death of a partner
Chemical in medical-device cleanser poses cancer risk
Chemical in medical-device cleanser poses cancer risk
Children are still paying the price for lockdowns
Children’s noses better at inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infections than adults
China’s Acupuncture Gains Popularity in BRICS Countries
Clearing Away Brain Fog
Climate doomers want to find a nuclear-winter-level scare to motivate people
Coastal Flooding Rising With Sea Levels, NOAA Reports
Cold exposure stops tumour growth in mice by hijacking glucose stores
Common Fungicide Kills Bee’s Sex Appeal
Coronaviruses exploit a host cysteine-aspartic protease for replication
Corruption within the World Health Organization (WHO)
COVID shots for babies? BC family doctors weigh in
Covid vaccine – Study reveals 40.2% of women experienced menstruation changes as a side effect
COVID Vaccine Deaths of Children Reported to VAERS
COVID-Period Mass Vaccination Campaign and Public Health Disaster in the USA
Cumulative loneliness associated with accelerated memory aging in older adults
Dandelions and Virology
Data from more than half of cancer trials underpinning drug approvals remains inaccessible
Do ancient wheats contain less gluten than modern bread wheat, in favour of better health?
Do gluten peptides stimulate weight gain in humans?
Do Not Underestimate Mind-Controlling Parasites
Do women really live longer than men? Scientists aren’t so sure
Doctors Criticize Fauci for Saying COVID Vaccines Induce ‘Temporary’ Menstrual Irregularities
Does Dopamine Detoxing Actually Work? – Andrew Huberman
Does Testosterone Make you Taller?
Don’t fall for the snake oil claims of ‘structured water’
Dr Mike Yeadon – Warning for the new Covid genetic mRna injections
Dutch declare shortage in ‘land of water’
Earbuds may soon detect ear infections, other ailments
EDF cuts output at nuclear power plants as French rivers get too warm
Electric Vehicles Dramatically Outperform Gas on ‘Life Cycle Global Warming Emissions,’ Study Finds
Explaining Sudden Athlete Deaths, High Altitude Incidents, Senescence and Autoimmune Demyelination
False Advertising? The Marketing Cell Phones and 5G Lecture Henley University
Fatty liver disease – Condition can ‘interfere’ with your brain – signs include ‘agitation’
Feeding the Future
Finally Revealed – How SARS-COV-2 Escapes Our Immune System
First map of immune system connections reveals new therapeutic opportunities
First Steps in Unraveling Energy and Food Sanctions on Russia
Foods That Reverse Heart Disease | Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A
Former Greenpeace President Patrick Moore – Elites like WEF wants to reduce and control the world’s population
FSU researchers use 3D culture techniques to develop improved therapy for neurological diseases
Fusion, Not Green Confusion, Can Fuel World of Tomorrow
Game-Changing Sauna Human Study – Epic Benefits
Genetic variants that edit risk of autoimmune diseases
Google does not want anyone to find out how deadly the vaccines are
Got nagging back pain? ‘Retraining’ your BRAIN through therapy works better than powerful opioids, study claims
Grotesque greed of oil companies destroying our only home
Gut B cells awry in ulcerative colitis
How Anesthesia May Impact Chronic Pain
How common is Paxlovid rebound as Biden tests positive again for Covid?
How Environmentalism Is Destroying The Environment
How Exercise Cause Muscles to Make Fat Burning Hormones Called Exerkines
How food can improve your mood
How Kale Affects Cardiovascular System – The 3 Molecular Systems
How stressed are you? Scientists may soon be able to find out by looking at your HAIR
How Teachers Unions Held Education Hostage During COVID—Corey DeAngelis
How To Clean Up The World’s Most Polluted Rivers
How to Follow The Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting
Inflammatory bowel disease increases risks for pregnant women
Is POTS a “Functional Psychogenic Disorder”? Yes, According to NYU Research Team
Jordan P. Peterson & Michael Yon – Cometh the Horsemen Pandemic
Long-sought mediator of vitamin K recycling discovered
Lorraine Day, MD, The Truth About Germs
Marijuana policies are clearly headed in a direction that does not align with what we now know
Mark Cuban explains his new prescription drug company
Medical Heroes Forced Out Of Medicine
Moderna Revenue Shows Pandemic Has Been ‘Lucrative Smash-and-Grab’ for Big Pharma
Monsanto Roundup trial gets underway as jury hears competing arguments
More American ‘Open Minds’ Say COVID-19 Manipulated in Lab, Intentionally Unleashed on World
More people means we have the ability to consider solving harder problems
My email to Dr. Nath at NIH asking him how long he thinks they can keep hiding the injuries
NASA is warning that huge solar eruptions will likely impact Earth
New agents to combat a dangerous pathogen
New findings link food insecurity and avoiding tap water
New hydrogel treatment that breaks apart cavity-forming biofilms and whitens teeth without damaging them.
New systematic review claims masks work. No way.
Only 1% of Americans view global warming as their top priority
Over a third of Canadians want to ‘delete themselves’ from the internet, survey says
Pesticides aren’t the absolute evil – the project where nature and agriculture coexist
Pfizer Projected to Make Tens of Billions on Paxlovid Because Their Shot Doesn’t Work
Pfizer Used Dangerous Assumptions, Rather Than Research, to Guess at Outcomes
Proposed German Legislation Envisions Mask Mandates for Those Who Refuse A Fourth Dose in the Fall
Prostate cancer cases risk being detected too late due to misleading focus on urinary problems
Rare jellyfish filmed off Papua New Guinea could be new species | ABC News
Reassess the WHO’s candidacy as an authoritative global public health organisation
Regular consumption of quinoa can help to prevent type 2 diabetes
RNA fishing reveals new driver of melanoma malignancy and metastasis
Rude pet owners may be causing vets to rethink their careers
Scientists call for studies on ‘catastrophic’ scenarios — including human extinction
Scientists concerned as Earth ‘spins faster than usual’
Scientists make jet fuel from sun, water and CO2
Seriously Flawed Study On Masks Being Promoted
Set Yourself Free
Should we be vegan by Dr Zoe Harcombe PhD
South Africa – Sick Until Proven Healthy
Spain threatens huge energy ‘abuse’ fines – media
Stickers and a smartphone for easy nitrite detection on foods
Substack posts from July 2022
Sudden “unexplained” deaths – another very significant piece of the puzzle
Sun blast ‘likely’ to strike in HOURS in power grid threat
Terrifying prehistoric sea beast weighing over 60 tonnes and killed other whales
The Brain Already Benefits from Moderate Physical Activity
The eyes have it – New insight gained into how the visual system develops in mice
The Fentanyl Crisis – Brought To You By Drug Prohibition
The leading cause of death in 2021 was unknown case…It has jumped from 522 in 2019 to 3622 in 2021, a staggering 593.87% increase
The Maasai Are Under Attack in the Name of Conservation
The medical mystery linking TikTok to an explosion of severe tics in teens
The Most Important Lesson of President Biden’s Paxlovid Treatment
The Parable of the Cancer Pill That No Longer Cured Cancer
The secret is there are no secrets
The Serotonin Fixation – Much Ado About Nothing New
The Steve Kirsch debate about the existence of the virus
Top epidemiologist foresees legal action by insurers against COVID vax makers over death risks
Trio of studies warn of potential brain-depriving effects of pre-eclampsia
Twitter Censors Pfizer-Injured Israeli COVID Vaccine Director
Unwanted or harmful content is whatever puts LinkedIn managers in a bad mood
Uruguay STOPS Vaccinating Children Under 13
Uruguay’s Tale of COVID-19, Medicine, and Vaccination
Vaccine adverse events, German data
Warm Waters Are Rushing Towards The World’s Largest Ice Sheet, Scientists Warn
We have less than 50 days to STOP the amendments to the South African National Health Act Regulations
We Need Stronger Government Oversight Over Risky Lab Experiments
Why did Biden and Fauci take Paxlovid?
Why is it so difficult to get the pro-narrative camp, like “Debunk the Funk Dr Wilson”, to engage in civilised debate?