Nieuws 5.4.2021

Alleen Duitsland in met negatieve coronatest
Als het aan jeugdzorg ligt, komt het nooit meer goed met Gaby
Amerikaanse overheid grijpt in bij vaccinfabrikant die 15 miljoen doses van J&J-vaccin verprutste
Arts legt uit waarom vaccinatiepaspoorten gevaarlijk zijn
Bedreigen zonneweides onze leefkwaliteit nu echt?
Ben je snel overprikkeld? Zo verlaag je je energetische zwaartepunt
China bevecht kritiek op gedwongen sterilisatie en werkkampen
Dan toch geen Great Reset?
De kracht van 5G tot wel 1000x groter dan 4G
De olifant in de porseleinkast
Een vaccinatie paspoort. Klinkt voor sommigen onschuldig.
Ei-segment van Kassa maakt heel wat los onder kijkers
Elk jaar een klimaatlockdown? CLINTEL te gast bij BLCKBX
Fleur Agema wast Marion Koopmans de oren, vaccins zijn niet per definitie veilig!
Gevangen in de klimaatfuik | Karel Beckman met Marcel Crok
GGD’s stoppen even helemaal met AstraZeneca om verspilling tegen te gaan
Hersenactiviteit bepaalt je gevoel van welbevinden
Madrid bewijst het – RIVM model faalt
Mind Control bij Jeugdzorg en het onderwijssysteem
Speurwerk – in de ADHD-diagnosestraat
Van vrijheid en democratie is allang geen sprake meer
Verzet tegen medische tirannie
Waarom veel sensitieve mensen geboren worden in niet-sensitieve gezinnen
Wat de data zeggen over het nut van mondkapjes en lockdowns


1 in 4 hospitalized patients with most severe form of COVID-19 will die, study finds
71-yo German minister rejects Vaxzevria jab, says wont be patronized by younger health minister
A London doctors experience and heartfelt response to mandating experimental Covid vaccines/ BMJ
A single injection reverses blindness in patient with rare genetic disorder
Americans who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 can travel, CDC says
Australia to continue AstraZeneca vaccination despite blood clotting case
Avoiding a Bitter End for Coffee From Climate Change
Best Food for Hay Fever (Seasonal Allergies) | Dr. Michael Greger |
Big Oil Beats NYC Appeal On Climate Change Lawsuit
Bill Gates Geoengineering Plot To Block The Sun Is Scrapped
Bill Gates Wants To Read Your Brainwaves To Mine Cryptocurrency
Blood clot cases could dent faith of young women in AstraZeneca
Brain Waves – Video Gaming For Mental Health
Cannabis use disorder linked to increased complications after spinal surgery
Chemical compound in certain essential oils promotes wound healing
Childhood Brain Tumors Linked to Mothers Exposure to Pesticides
CNN Accidentally Leaks The Vaccine Agenda
CNN Medical Expert CDC Suggest Americans Freedoms Be Restricted Until They Are Vaccinated
Couples may slow down when walking together
COVID-19 protection from the flu shot? Experts wary about new study
Danish vaccine passport app will cause domino effect across Europe
Differential role of melatonin in healthy brain aging
Doxepin Exacerbates Renal Damage, Glucose Intolerance, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, and Urinary Chromium Loss in Obese Mice
Dozens of MPs criticise ‘divisive’ Covid passports
Dr. Peter McCullough, MD testifies How Successful Home Treatments for COVID Make Experimental Vaccines Unnecessary
Ending the silence on alcohol and Indigenous people
Ethical and psychosocial considerations for hospital personnel in the Covid-19 crisis
Experimental Therapy for Parasitic Heart Disease May Also Help Stop COVID-19
Eye model may solve the mystery of macular degenerations cause
Florida County Evacuates Residents Near Imminent Radioactive Wastewater Spill
Fulvic Acid Shown As Beneficial in Chronic Inflammatory illnesses
Fungi could manipulate bacteria to enrich soil with nutrients
Genomics of aging – Glycosylation
GM Waxy Maize – The Gene-Edited Trojan Horse Is Moving Through the Gates
How brain cells repair their DNA reveals hot spots of aging and disease
How GMOs Have Changed Your Health And The World – By Author Mitchel Cohen
How the Pandemic Triggered an Extreme Episode of Alopecia Areata
Is hormonal birth control a factor in developing AstraZeneca-linked blood clots?
Is your body being robbed of essential nutrients?
Keele University Cancels All Aluminum Research after Scientist Links Aluminum in Vaccines to Human Health Problems
Less sugar, please! New studies show low glucose levels might assist muscle repair
Lockdown brings alarming rise in modern slavery
Long-COVID-19 is a significant risk in recovered patients post-hospitalization
Looking Back on the year of COVID fearmongering
Low-calorie diet and mild exercise improve survival for young people with leukemia
Majority of e-cigarette users want to quit, study finds
Masks containing harmful chemical distributed to schoolchildren
Maternal exposure to pesticides may lead to central nervous system tumors during childhood
Medicinal Plants, Phytochemicals, and Herbs to Combat Viral Pathogens Including SARS-CoV-2
More People Died from Vaccines in the Last Three Months than in the Last Decade, Official Data Shows
Natural Plant Extracts and Compounds for Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy
Organ issues linked with long COVID-19
Over 1.4 Mln People at Risk of Hunger in Kenya
Over 100 whales to be killed in Japan as country starts controversial commercial whaling season
Parental Burnout in The US Is Among The Highest in The World, And We May Know Why
Pesticide toxicity to invertebrates and pollinators increasing in GM crops
Possible trigger for Crohns disease identified
Prioritization of COVID-19 vaccines saves lives, reduces spread of infection
Protocol for personal RF-EMF exposure measurement studies in 5th generation telecommunication networks
Role of Oxidative Stress in the Pathogenesis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Saving Endangered Bonobos Teaches A Lesson In Empathy
Short, Dysfunctional Telomeres and Kidney Fibrosis
Smoking may be more harmful to vasospastic angina patients who take antiplatelet agents due to the interaction
Solar superflare could hit Earth within the next 100 years, researchers suggest
Stem cell transplants prevent relapses of most common childhood cancer
Study says UK’s multi-billion COVID-19 tracing system has failed
Sunlight Destroys COVID 8x Faster Than Scientists Believed, Study Shows, by Tyler Durden
Ten Years of FDA Tobacco Regulation
Terrified Stray Dog Finds The Perfect Family | The Dodo
The 25(OH)D3, but Not 1,25(OH)2D3 Levels Are Elevated in IBD Patients Regardless of Vitamin D Supplementation and Do Not Associate with Pain Severity or Frequency
The association between ozone and fine particles and mental health-related emergency department visits in California, 2005–2013
The emotional intelligence of music – Jacob Collier
The EU must stop EU-Mercosur trade deal negotiations
The Impact of Early Pregnancy and Exposure to Tobacco Smoke on Blood Antioxidant Status and Copper, Zinc, Cadmium Concentration-A Pilot Study
The Mask and Empathy – Masks have long been associated with slavery and submission
The Media Keeps Trying to “Debunk” Wuhan Lab Theory
The Non-Vaxxed Should Be Excluded From Re-Opened Businesses Says Former Head Of Planned Parenthood
The One Thing All Women Should Do After Sex
The PCR False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic. Dr. Mike Yeadon
The relationship between vitamin D status, intake and exercise performance in UK University-level athletes and healthy inactive controls
The Role of Oat Nutrients in the Immune System
Toxic Nanoparticle Masks Sent to Quebec Schools- Moving Fibers Found
Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease with Researcher Nikolaos K. Robakis
Unravelling the secret of a critical immune cell for cancer immunity
Unwanted weight gain or weight loss during the pandemic? Blame your stress hormones
Vaccine Passports Are Backdoor Fascism
Vaccine Passports Are The End Of Human Liberty In The West
Vaccine scandals could lead to greater ignoring of Covid-19 restrictions, expert warns
What has happened to free speech in the UK?
Wie Jens Spahn mit Politik Millionen machte