Nieuws 4.8.2022

99 procent van alle nieuwe zeeschildpadden in Florida zijn vrouwtjes omdat stranden opwarmen
CO2 is geen probleem
Dansen op een ziedende vulkaan
De aarde draait opeens sneller dan ooit en wetenschappers weten niet waarom
De VVD volgt het klimaatbeleid van D66 op de voet
Duitse artsengroep – Hou op, de pandemie is écht voorbij!
Duitse minister van gezondheid laat tijdens persconferentie ineens zijn hoofd hangen, doet mij denken aan narcolepsie
Duizenden geprikte tienermeisjes ontwikkelen tics, artsen verbijsterd
Econoom Barbara Baarsma zwaar onder vuur om plan persoonlijk CO2-budget
Gezond milieu is universeel mensenrenrecht
Hoe de groene lobby de Franse kerncentrales ondermijnde
Illegale bomenkap? Gemeente denkt van niet, Schiedammers vinden het ‘gelul’
Laat mensen extra betalen voor overmatig watergebruik
Rabobank blijft achter Baarsma staan na ophef CO2-uitstootrechten
Spanje heeft wel de garantie van contante betaling per wet geregeld
Toxicoloog kritisch over nieuwe vergunning – Chemours blijft met gifgas werken
Waterstofauto’s nu al geen voordeel meer
Wetenschap bevestigt 75% kans op killshot zonnevlam in komende 30 jaar
Youtube verwijdert video met mRNA-ontwikkelaar Malone
Zelfregulering lost niets op
Zelfs ons regenwater zit vol PFAS

1 in 30 American Children Have Autism, Diagnoses up Nearly 52% Since 2017, New Study Says
100 Bottlenose Dolphins Killed in the Faroe Islands
12 Benefits from Eating SATURATED Animal Fat
A Critique of the BBC Documentary – Unvaccinated
Africans Rising Up Against Big Pharma & World Government
Agri-environment measures boost wildlife populations in long-term farm study
American west faces water and power shortages due to climate crisis
An effective new treatment for chronic back pain targets the nervous system
Animal Experiments Lead To SHOCKING Discovery About Breathing
Are Children Being Prescribed Antidepressants Too Quickly?
Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory?
As vaccine toll rises, Twitter doubles down… but the edifice is starting to crumble
Athlete Deaths Are 1,700% Higher Since 2021 and Nobody’s Allowed To Ask Why
Baby formula crisis deepens as nationwide out-of-stock rate hits 30%
Biden has been colluding with Big Tech to censor free speech and propagandize the masses
British Airways – Chemical Aerosol Dump For Climate Engineering aka Make Climate Change Programs
Burn Pit Bill passes Senate after Jon Stewart assails GOP
CDC Says It Performed Vaccine Safety Data Mining After Saying It Didn’t
Climate Fact Check
Climate Scientist Andrew Dessler Proves Renewable Energy is Useless
Coolants in Puff electronic cigarettes present health hazard
Could acupuncture help ward off diabetes?
COVID – antiviral drugs are a vital weapon – but misusing them could backfire
COVID Vaccine Injuries Quietly Being Compensated Around The World
Dance with me? Study uses music to soothe dementia patients and caregivers
DEFRA pressured officials to clear ports giant over Whitby crab deaths
Del Bigtree – What if the anti-vaxxers are the chosen ones all along?
Democrats shouldn’t be sacrificing communities just to please a senator in the pocket of Big Oil
Depression Anxiety Course – Part 3
Destroying tumor cells – Targeted immunotherapy using injectable materials
Did sharing details of toxic break-ups lead to death?
Eating Jarlsberg increased levels of Vitamin K2, which increases bone strength
Energy crisis has made 30 House of Lords members wealthier
Environmental Noise and Effects on Sleep
Environmental Toxins, Endocrine Disruptors, And Fertility With Dr. Lora Shahine
EPA Whistleblowers Provide New Evidence of Failure to Assess Dangerous Chemicals
Eva Vlaardingerbroek rejects carbon credits to curb climate change
Fauci wants to lock us up again
Fearless Minds | Dr Alyce Martin
Fenugreek Benefits for Sexual Function, Painful Periods, and Milk Production
Fighting the Great Reset One Inch at a Time
Flare-ups of gout are linked to heart attack and stroke
Focused ultrasound controls prostate cancer with fewer side effects
For over 150 years, the “germ theory” of disease has dominated mainstream thought regarding many illnesses
Gene therapy approach shows promise in treating ALS
Genomic analysis suggests that plague could have played a part in social change on the Greek island around 2000 BC
German Crematoriums Warn Of Energy Crisis
Ginger Powder as a Pain-Killer
Greenwashing is driving our descent into climate catastrophe
Greenwashing is rampant and when it becomes fraud, companies must pay the price
Heatwave-proofing homes could save lives – and cut carbon
High Carbon Dioxide Levels Raise Concern About Air Ventilation In Hawaii Schools
Hormonal breast cancer treatment reduces long-term risk of recurrence
How private corporations stole the sea from the commons
Identifying Childhood Lead Exposure Hotspots for Action
IPCC Claims Of Worsening Extreme Weather Not Based On Evidence
It’s raining PFAS – even in Antarctica and on the Tibetan plateau rainwater is unsafe to drink
Ivermectin Flows to Americans via Physician-Pharmacist Collaboratives
Karl Lauterbach Cites New Mask “Mega Study,” Punks Himself Brutally
Lowest June Iceland Temperatures In 30 Years
Making a memory positive or negative
Microscopic blood vessel disease in the brain’s white matter associated with worse cognition in Alzheimer’s
Mindfulness isn’t the only powerful mental state | Clay Routledge
Morbidity Risk Increased for Children Exposed to Maternal PCOS
Most Rainwater on Earth Contains PFAS Exceeding Safe Levels
Neurologist explains alarming link between COVID-19 stress and Tics in teens
Neurons Sync Their Beats Like Clocks on the Wall
New Bill to Remove FDA Control Over Supplements
New Research Could Lead to Simple Blood Test for Brain Tumours
New York Times Goes to War Against Parents
No one can say how long or how much an individual person is protected “on average” from a new COVID infection
Our Children are VERY Unhealthy
Pacific Stinging Trees Pave The Way For New Pain Treatments
Pandemic has put long-haul pilots in a stressful tailspin
Popular painkiller could cause cause ‘dramatic’ damage to gut – ‘significant disruption’
Promising new pancreatic cancer treatment trial
Psychologist Explains Why “The Male Sex Drive Is A Tragedy”
Researchers found that vaginal microbiota is a new factor associated with gestational age and the onset of labour
Retired US Generals Issue Warning About New Pandemic Declaration
Risk of Cancer in Children of Parents Occupationally Exposed to Hydrocarbon Solvents and Engine Exhaust Fumes
Scientists Link Specific Eating Disorders to Different Kinds of Childhood Trauma
Senate Votes on Bill to Treat Veterans Exposed to Toxic Burn Pits I LIVE
Several pathogenic microbes were identified and quantified on masks worn during the pandemic
Sharing a toothbrush with your partner can do ‘serious harm’ – doctor exposes hidden risk
Shark attacks rise in the U.S.
Shingles may raise your risk of Alzheimer’s
Spain sets limits on air conditioning and heating in new energy-saving measures
The CDC can’t hide this anymore, leaked emails reveal stunning truth | Redacted with Clayton Morris
The effect of the pandemic on high schoolers who graduated during it
The End of Schizophrenia
The evidence for a natural vs lab origin of Covid-19
The Fight for Pharma Accountability and Psychiatric Rights
The Flimsy Evidence Behind the CDC’s Push to Vaccinate Children
The Globalist Warming Agenda Gets Frozen
The GREAT AWAKEN Is Happening RIGHT NOW | David Icke
The Growing Evidence Between Infections and Cancer, Part 1
The Human Tongue Can Help Blind People ‘See’ The World. Here’s How
The Impact of Exposure Measurement Error on the Estimated Concentration–Response Relationship between Long-Term Exposure to PM2.5 and Mortality
The Psychology of Fraud, Episode 1
The truth about corporations taking over Ukrainian agricultural lands
UH Task Force Detects Fuel In Navy Water After It Was Deemed Safe
Uncovering the Oil Industry’s Radioactive Secret (Part 4)
Understanding Your Axis Chakra – And Your Connection To The Earth
Using light to restore cell function
Veterans toxic exposure bill clears Senate after tortuous path
Wave power generator ‘proves ocean energy can work’ and is already powering homes | ABC News
What IS A Revolution? The Elites Are FULLY Prepared for One. Are YOU?
Why do we like to play violent video games?
Why Movement Is Essential to Optimal Health, with Katy Bowman
Without Free Speech There Is No True Thought
Women may not live longer than men after all
Your friendships… Making you taller? Or smaller.