Nieuws 4.2.2021

Verplichte calorie-etikettering van alcoholische dranken zinvol?
5G-satellieten zijn een gevaar!
Alle coronamaatregelen geschrapt op Brits eiland, Isle of Man, Britten beetje jaloers
Als het in China en Frankrijk regent…
Amerikaanse volwassenen waren tussen februari en oktober 2020 verantwoordelijk voor bijna helft van nieuwe besmettingen in de VS
AstraZeneca-vaccin beschermt tot drie maanden na eerste prik
China blokkeert fake news NOS en Nieuwsuur
D66 wil de avondklok verlengen
De Groningse proef met vijfentwintig ‘basisbanen’, die al bijna een jaar loopt, boekt veelbelovende resultaten
Door de coronapandemie ontstaan er mogelijk meer rouwstoornissen
Duizenden Nederlanders lopen door coronacrisis rond met nog niet ontdekte kanker
Een utopie die werkelijkheid kan worden
Helft personeel Waalse en Brusselse woonzorgcentra weigert vaccin
Hong Kong tries radical Covid testing strategy
Hunkeren naar junkfood , hoe verslavend is ongezond eten?
Informed consent voor een medisch experiment
Jouw bezorgmaaltijd voortaan bereid op een industrieterrein?
Katten in Alphen aan den Rijn verplicht gechipt voor proef
Luchtvervuiling vormt een risico voor het denkvermogen op latere leeftijd
Mark wacht door corona al een jaar op een nieuwe schedel
Na hoogwater wordt ernstige vervuiling rivieren duidelijk
Nuttige lessen vormgeving waterstofbeleid na transities in landbouw en andere sectoren
Serieuze kwetsbaarheden in GGD-systemen waren half december al bekend
Skipistes strak en emissievrij geprepareerd met waterstof en accu’s
Slaaptekort kan effecten kwetsbaarheid op geestelijke gezondheid verergeren
Sputnik-vaccin lijkt effectief – waarom vaccineert Nederland er niet mee?
Statiegeld op blikjes een feit
UMC Groningen wordt aangewezen als ziekenhuis waar gedwongen isolatie covid-19 patiënten plaats vindt
Wat is de meest juiste levenshouding in deze tijd
Welk mondkapje moet je dragen in de buurlanden?
Zijn kinderen met narcistische trekken de leiders van morgen?


Baking Soda Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner
Citizens for Free Speech
De vaccinatie avond van de NPO een ‘Tell sell show’
De waanzin van het gaan testen op scholen van kinderen
Dr. Ajita Prabhu on Robotic Hernia Surgery
Dr. Gabe on Sleep
Frikandel 3.0 – de covid vaccins
Grave errors in daily publications of Israel Ministry of Health
Histamine Triggering Foods
Mercury Toxicity in Humans with Dr. Bill McGraw
Petland – behind the scenes
Straling maakt ziek. Ook ambassade personeel krijgt daar steeds vaker mee te maken.
THE PROOF about aborted fetal cells
Treat Varicose Veins Naturally With Olive Oil and Garlic
We hebben geen oversterfte gehad in 2020
WHO team doesn’t rule out theory that COVID-19 escaped from Wuhan lab


40% of countries show no progress in reducing cigarette smoking in adolescents over last 20 years
Air pollution poses risk to thinking skills in later life
Alcohol deaths hit record high during Covid pandemic
Alcohol, calories, and obesity – Could labelling make a difference?
Antibody protection lasts at least six months, study finds
Bayer sued by shareholders over Monsanto acquisition
Bees blocked by Brexit as millions could be seized and burned
Beijing hopes Washington will follow China’s lead and invite WHO to the US in search for origin of Covid-19
Belgium does not recommend AstraZeneca’s vaccine for over 55
Breast cancer overtakes lung as most common cancer
Breast cancer-on-a-chip for testing immunotherapy drugs
California farmworkers severely impacted by COVID-19 pandemic
Can Blood Thinners Keep Moderately Ill COVID-19 Patients Out of the ICU?
Can Vaccines from Russia and China Be a Game Changer?
Child Psychiatrists Warn That The Pandemic May Be Driving Up Kids’ Suicide Risk
China Bans Smartphones in All Primary and Secondary Schools
Common variants link autism, ADHD, Tourette syndrome
Cutting Unneeded CT Scans, Radiation For Kids With Head Injuries
Defending the Science on PFAS
Determination of Brain Death
Diabetes Is Potent Predictor of Heart Disease in Women Under 65
Does Anemia Cause Anxiety?
Endometriosis – I was left to suffer in silence
Flu Cases Remain Almost Non-Existent in the U.S. This Year
Genetic changes linked to neurodevelopmental disabilities, cerebral palsy
Gestational Diabetes Tied to Artery Damage Years After Pregnancy
Gum disease linked to COVID-19 complications
High anxiety levels make patients take more painkillers following a tooth extraction
Hormones in the brain may explain how exercise improves metabolism
How the vaccine export control blunder exposed von der Leyen’s ‘flawed’ centralism
I Dream of Animals During the Pandemic
Impact of a Fermented High-Fiber Rye Diet on Helicobacter pylori and Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors
Is Mandatory US Covid Vaxxing Coming?
Kids Deserve a World Without Diesel Emissions
Landmark study on 5G technology highlights health threats
Macron declared that the Oxford / AstraZeneca jab doesn’t work.
Many Bulgarians do not want the COVID-19 vaccine
Men May Be Less Fertile in The Aftermath of COVID-19 Infection, Scientists Warn
Microplastic Pollution on Farm Fields
Millions of People Poisoned by Pesticides Each Year, Underscoring Need for Organic Transition
Model predicts likelihood of persistent high-dose opioid use after knee surgery
Mushroom study finds superfood benefits without weight gain risk
New protein neutralizes COVID in tiny human kidney
New stem cell therapy in dogs — a breakthrough in veterinary medicine
New variant COVID findings fuel more worries about vaccine resistance
No Alternative Proteins In French ‘Food Sovereignty’ Plan Despite E.U. Sustainable Food System Strategy
No, you are not addicted to your digital device, but you may have a habit you want to break
Only one in four students feel supported by their school or university through Covid
Opioid prescriptions remained elevated two years after critical care
Patients with schizophrenia have increased risk of death from COVID-19
Physician Tells Senate Ivermectin Is a COVID ‘Wonder Drug’
Pregnant women had higher symptoms of depression, anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic
Reducing household air pollution
Remove lead from soil to save children from toxicity
Revolutionary eye drop trial starts for common eye diseases
Savage cuts to UK aid put children’s lives at risk
Scientists develop wearable sensor that monitors your health via your TEARS
Sea ice kept oxygen from reaching deep ocean during last ice age
Short-Term Consumption of Pomegranate Juice Alleviates Some Metabolic Disturbances in Overweight Patients with Dyslipidemia
Significant cancer rates in California sea lions has major human health implications
Singapore seeks to restrict police use of coronavirus contact-tracing data
Sleep deprivation may exacerbate frailty’s effects on mental health in older adults
Some food contamination starts in the soil
Sputnik V Is 92% Effective Even in People Over 60
The 37th annual report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers shows zero deaths from any vitamin
The 5G Morass – tales and tattles or reasons for concern?
The COVID Anal Swab – Another Instrument of State Terror
The EU is in denial about its vaccine failures
The Impact of Vitamin D in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
U of M study shows enhanced accuracy of CMV detection method in newborn screening
UK Covid-19 variant has mutated again with some worrying new genetic changes
UK journal confirms effectiveness of Russian vaccine
Viral-caused cancer in California sea lions has major health implications for humans
Why Are We Still Deep-Cleaning Surfaces for COVID?
Why gut bacteria are becoming key suspects in autoimmune diseases
Why Tofu Consumption Is Not Responsible for Soy-Related Deforestation