Nieuws 30.1.2021

30% van de oceanen beschermen tegen 2030
3D-printharsen in tandheelkundige apparaten kunnen giftig zijn
Corona- en medicijnrestenpilot met afvalwater bij zorgcentrum Nieuwe Hoeven Schaijk
De gevolgen van het Pfizer vaccin bij een ouder iemand
Doe gerust een middagdutje – het is goed voor je geheugen
Door beleid Rutte zijn er duizenden mensen overleden
Duits vaccinatiecomité – geef AstraZeneca niet aan 65-plussers
Een visie op de draagkracht van het kind
Er zit een geurtje aan onze kippenstallen, provincie verstrengt normen
Facebook verwijderde onterecht, oordeelt toezichtsraad in eerste zaken
Hele provincie kreeg fel gecontesteerde avondklok, maar buiten stad Antwerpen was effect amper merkbaar
Het bespelen van een muziekinstrument verandert je brein aanzienlijk
Kinderen opvoeden met gezonde overtuigingen
Kruidnagel extract helpt de bloedsuikerspiegel te verlagen
Mensen slapen duidelijk minder rond volle maan – ook in de stad
Nieuwe studie vindt glyfosaatgerelateerde veranderingen in het darmmicrobioom
Omgevingsdienst schiet tekort in toezicht Tata Steel
Organisaties roepen op tot dringende maatregelen om luchtvervuiling te verminderen
Pas ontdekt geologisch fenomeen duwt Amerika’s en Afrika en Europa uit elkaar
Persconferentie – Viruswaarheid Den Haag
Regenwater niet direct geschikt voor drinkwater
Schriftelijke Kamervragen van SGP over uitrol 5G
Shell aansprakelijk voor olievervuiling in Nigeria, moet boeren betalen
Varkens in Nood wil optreden om fijnstof
Waakhond stelt GGD onder ‘verscherpt toezicht’
Wat is The Great Reset?
We spelen allemaal een rol in de verspreiding van resistente bacteriën
Wetenschappelijke doorbraak magnetische diepe hersenstimulatie
Zorgmedewerker Tim sterft na tweede dosis coronavaccin, onderzoek gaande


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Are Cell Phones Making Humans Infertile And Is There Safety Testing For This?
Are We Living in the Next Great Extinction Event?
Bent u slachtoffer van politiegeweld? Meld u dan bij de BPOC2020
Big Tech Censorship
China warns U.S. against politicizing WHO’s virus research visit
Dangers of Big Pharma’s ‘Genetic Intervention’
De relatie tussen zendmasten van onder andere defensie en de coronagevallen
Destruction of the Amazon
Diet vs. pharmaceuticals effect on LDL levels | Ronald Krauss
Doctor Reveals How Water Fasting Unlocks Secret Healing Powers
Dr Jeff Hoeyberghs – Corona Vaccin Aanbevelen is Deontologische Plicht
Dr Pierre Kory FLCCC about Ivermectin
EMFs – How They Heal You and How They Kill You with Jan Kielmann
EU requests inspection of AstraZeneca vaccine production in Belgium
EU vaccine row is ‘self-inflicted’
FCC Oral Argument on Wireless 5G Harms EHT et al,. v FCC
French curfew not sufficient to curb spread of coronavirus, variant
Future of social media
Hoe gevaarlijk is de gif die Nijmegenaren inademen?
Huge energies waves happening very quickly
Ingrid (54) zit elke dag in een ijsbad tegen de pijn
Is it possible to breed a species of bee with total viral immunity?
John Gray, PhD, Breaking Out Of Victim Mentality
Marine pollution and the Plastic Whale
More Muscle, Less Fat, Better Mood & Energy
New Deadly COVID Strain, Really?
Parent Goes VIRAL When He EXPLODES on School Board for Not Opening Schools
Photographer captures incredible encounter with a herd of elephants
Radium Girls Trailer
Rescued The Broken Leg Elephant – ElephantNews
Rijker begrip van gezondheid hard nodig
Schade door lockdown moet 100% vergoed worden
Sleutelen aan foetussen en de toestand van Nederland
The Energy Mafia
The Gary Null Show – 01.28.21
The Great Take Over How we fight the Davos capture of global governance
Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko inspires us and gives us insights such as I have rarely experienced in my life
Walter Veith & Martin Smith – The Great Reset, A Long Time Coming? – Part 2
What Happens To Your Body When You Replace All Your Meat And Fish With Plant-Based Substitutes?


11 Pesticides EPA Should Ban or Restrict to Protect Infants and Children
3 Billion People Worldwide Exposed to Indoor Air Pollution
3D printing resins in dental devices may be toxic to reproductive health
5 Tips For Your Mental Survival
A little LSD makes mice more social. People too?
A Shocking Number of COVID-19 Survivors Have Been Diagnosed With Neurological Issues
Active cannabis dispensaries linked to reduced opioid-related mortality rates
Aeroacoustic Prediction for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Aerosol particles cool the climate less than we thought
Air pollution can lead to irreversible blindness, dire new study reveals
Alpha-Lipoic Acid Is an Effective Nutritive Antioxidant for Healthy Adult Dogs
As EU warns of delays to Covid-19 vaccine doses, makers of Russia’s Sputnik V say they are ‘ready to help’ bloc access supplies
AstraZeneca dispute comes at a difficult moment for the European Union
AstraZeneca publishes EU contract; Moderna to cut Italy deliveries by 20%
Astrazeneca supply battle erupts in Europe, Germany deters use of the Covid jab for over-65s
AstraZeneca’s Covid jab shouldn’t be given to people over 65
At-home swabs diagnose infections as accurately as healthcare worker-collected swabs
Bats living in Cambodia in 2010 carried ‘nearly identical’ pathogen to COVID-19 virus, scientists discover
Bed bug sightings plummet as COVID-19 makes it harder for them to spread
Behind AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine Stumble
Being overweight may exacerbate the effects of Alzheimer’s disease
Belgian port lays out plans for ‘massive’ imports of green hydrogen
Big oil’s industry lobby is starting to lose its grip on big oil itself
Big Tech Is Getting Bigger, and That’s a Problem Politically
Blood discoveries advance efforts to grow organs, battle cancer
British COVID-19 variant may be dominant in Belgium by early March
Brits don’t take their health seriously until they are 40
Butter may not be bad for your heart
California lifts its statewide Covid stay-at-home orders
Canadian couple who got vaccine meant for Indigenous people may face jail time
Cardiothoracic Surgeon Warns FDA, Pfizer on Immunological Danger of COVID Vaccines
China Exported More Than 220 Billion Masks In 2020
Chinese spice helps unravel the mysteries of human touch
Clove extract may help improve blood sugar control and prevent diabetes
Coronavirus Makes Autoantibodies That Attack The Body’s Own Tissues
Coronavirus was brought into Russia at least 67 times
Counties with more cannabis dispensaries show reduced opioid deaths
COVID-19 May Damage Sperm Quality, Reduce Fertility In Men
Criminal COVID Negligence
Danish PM Potentially Facing Impeachment Trial Over ‘Minkgate’
Diabetes and stress hyperglycaemia review published
Did CDC Deliberately Mislead Public on Allergic Reactions to Moderna Vaccine?
Did COVID Cause ‘Excess Deaths?’
Do we really need to walk 10,000 steps a day?
EPA Must Evaluate Impacts of Harmful Pesticide on Imperiled Species
EPA pledges to regulate PFAS in drinking water
EU agency recommends 3 weeks between Pfizer/BioNTech jabs
EU Commission to be informed of large-scale corruption
EU orders raid of AstraZeneca vaccine plant in Belgium as row over Covid jabs escalates
EU’s COVID-19 vaccine export ban risks global retaliation, warns pharma industry
Experiments show the record of early life could be full of ‘false positives’
Facebook spent more on lobbying than any other Big Tech company in 2020
Ferutinin – A phytoestrogen from ferula and its anticancer, antioxidant, and toxicity properties
Fetal and neonatal therapies improve prognosis of congenital cytomegalovirus infection
Fight Against This Deadly Virus Far From Over
Fine particulates – we have approached alert thresholds despite lockdowns
Five doses per vial or six? Pfizer’s expectations don’t match Canada’s reality, experts say
Flexitarian Diet More Likely After Leaving Home
For People With Type 2 Diabetes, Intermittent Fasting May Have Major Benefits
France’s Covid-19 vaccine woes continue as more regions SUSPEND first doses of Pfizer jab
Frequent cannabis use by young people linked to decline in IQ
Frexit NOW! EU a ‘burden at all levels’ as free UK surges ahead with Covid vaccine rollout
From Russia With Love – Putin Lifts Covid19 Restrictions!
Garlic tea to manage blood sugar levels
Genetic analysis of symptoms yields new insights into PTSD
Genetic screening before prescribing could benefit millions
Germany set to limit AstraZeneca jab to under-65s
Germany to push on with Covid travel ban plan as EU tries to coordinate rules
Going nuts – Health Experts Now Saying Wearing Two or Three Masks is More Effective
Heroic farmers praised for keeping food supplies going during pandemic
Higher Dietary Fiber Tied to Lower Depression Risk in Young Women
How a cancer drug carrier’s structure can help selectively target cancer cells
How CIA Created Signal Messenger App
How heatwaves and drought combine to produce the perfect firestorm
How marine protected areas help safeguard the ocean
How Monsanto/Bayer Is Contributing to the COVID Shutdowns and Global Economic Crisis
How Planting Crops Used to Feed Livestock is Contributing to Habitat Destruction
How To Accelerate a New Conscious Paradigm
How to Legally Decline a Vaccine
How To Survive “Cancel Culture” When You Have Unpopular Opinions
Hybrid-electric cars should lose ‘green’ status
Immune system sets ‘tripwire’ to protect against viruses
In virus-struck Europe, jabs trigger intense political fight
Influencer’s paradise Dubai added to UK’s hotel quarantine ‘red-list’
Israel-led team creates a ‘Google Map’ of brain RNA; may help Alzheimer’s fight
John Kerry Should Lecture His Own Family About CO2 Emissions
Light pollution linked to preterm births, reduced birth weights
Link between dual sensory loss and depression
Medicinal plants from the sedge family are rich in antioxidant and antimicrobial agents
Met app ‘Lokkal’ koop je lokale voeding uit het hele land
Microbes on your toothbrush match microbes inside your mouth
New Study Finds That Prolonged Social Isolation May Lead To Dementia
No-swab saliva test finds symptomless cases
Only If We Misunderstand the Battlefield, Are Face Masks “No Big Deal”
People Carrying Two Different COVID-19 Strains Simultaneously Detected in Brazil, Reports Say
Pfizer Admits Vaccine Does Not Prevent COVID
Polyphenol Rich Sugar Cane Extract Inhibits Bacterial Growth
Pushing Back The Great Reset
Questions Remain about Big Food’s Influence on the New Dietary Guidelines
Radio Frequency Radiation and 5G Impacts on Health. Massive Scientific Evidence Ignored by FCC
Scientists ‘farm’ natural killer cells in novel cancer fighting approach
Severe COVID-19 in pregnancy associated with preterm birth, other complications
Statins side effects – Two signs when you go to the toilet – bowel changes to look for
Study links neighborhood conditions to adolescent sleep loss
Study shows healthy diet is associated with diverse and health-promoting microbiome
Sweden’s public health chief rode the bus without a face mask
Taking Tylenol or Advil before getting a coronavirus vaccine cold block production of antibodies
The microwave delusion
The Problem with the COVID Convergence
The Toxicity of Aluminum is staggering for Autism, Alzheimer’s and More with Dr Christoper Exley
There Is an Alarming Amount of Microplastics in Farm Soil
Trial By Error – Professor Paul Garner’s BMJ Blog Post on His Powerful Cognitions
US ‘actively looking’ at requiring COVID testing before domestic flights
Verpleger sterft kort na tweede Pfizer vaccin
What Australia is not doing to save its citizen and media freedom
Why using fear to promote COVID-19 vaccination and mask wearing could backfire
Women over 75 could be at more risk of dementia than men of the same generation because they are less likely to have finished school
Zimbabwe OKs use of Ivermectin after officials’ deaths