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5G en de link met corona
Darmflora speelt mogelijk rol bij ontstaan autisme: kan dieet autistische kinderen helpen?
De Jensen show – hoe betrouwbaar zijn ze
Drie types langdurige Covid-19 vastgesteld
Econome Barbara Baarsma (Rabobank) bepleit CO2-budget – dit was toch ook een complottheorie?
Het aantal sterfgevallen onder atleten is sinds 2021 met 1.700% gestegen
Het Europese digitale paspoort…. Doodeng.
Het ijlhoofdige fact-check fanatisme van Rudy Bouma
Hoogsensitieve personen op vakantie- beproefde tips voor een fijne reis
Kritische arts geblokkeerd op LinkedIn – dit artikel was de aanleiding
Meer aandacht voor geluidsoverlast
Nederland – Hogere vaccinatiegraad, meer sterfgevallen
Op naar de volgende booster?
Op Texel, in Zeeland en op andere plaatsen in Europa vindt een slachting plaats onder zeevogels
Op Youtube verwijderd, nog te zien op Rumble
Oversterfte, ‘veilige vaccins’ en de doofpot van overheden
Personeelstekort dreigt werknemers langdurig uit te schakelen
Spoedeisende hulp in Zoetermeer twee maanden deels dicht om personeelstekort
YouTube verwijdert onthullend gesprek met Theo Schetters en Robert Malone
Ziekte van Pfeiffer is een waarschijnlijke oorzaak van MS

2022 National Defense Authorization Act – HR4350
9-Year-Old With No Pre-existing Conditions Died 2 Weeks After Pfizer Shot, Latest VAERS Data Show
A Judge Says Shaken-Baby Cases Rely on ‘Junk Science’
A Social Media Platform That Allows Free and Open Discussion – Even on Trump
A stable gut helps elite athletes perform better
A unified pushback against the globalist agenda
After Receiving Millions in Drug Company Payments, Pain Doctor Settles Federal Kickback Allegations
Alzheimer’s researchers are looking beyond plaques and tangles for new treatments
Antivaxxers – They were the smart ones
Are the Covid mRNA Vaccines Demonstrably Safe?
Armed militias in Brazil hold enormous sway over fate of Amazon – and the global climate
Association of air pollution and 1-year clinical outcomes of patients with acute myocardial infarction
Australian senator condemns ‘evil’ Great Reset agenda driven by the World Economic Forum
Biden Gets Covid AGAIN, Poking Even More Holes In Democrats, WH Vaccine Narrative
Biden tests positive for Covid for third day in a row, president’s doctor says
Bill Gates and His Foundation Continue to Be at the Center of Everything
Blood pressure medication, among others, can complicate heat-related illness
California’s Birth Rate Declined 6.4% in June
Call For Govt Action On ‘Dangers’ Of 5G
Carbs or calories — Should you care?
Chile’s lithium provides profit to the billionaires but exhausts the land and the people
China’s Economy Is Shrinking. Will Its Harvests Do Likewise?
Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis
Covid in Austria – Masks are Useless, Leukaemia Patient Must Draw Her Own Blood, and Masks Don’t Work
COVID Vaccination May Impair Innate Immune Function
COVID-19 and the Unraveling of Experimental Medicine – Part III
COVID-19 vaccines more dangerous to children than the disease itself
Crippling “vaccine” injuries strike pilots on the job
Current dicussion on 5G / Wireless communication technologies: Risks and Perspectives
Current Discussion on 5G / Wireless Communication Technologies – Risks and Perspectives
Daily insulin dose linked to cancer risk in multivariable model, with increasing cancer incidence in low-, medium-, high-dose insulin groups
Data doesn’t lie – mRNA-vaccines and correlation to all-cause mortality
Developing tech to eliminate ‘forever chemicals’ from water
Diets higher in calcium and potassium may help prevent recurrent symptomatic kidney stones
Does science matter? White House COVID Czar pushes flawed study
Dr. Robert Malone – ‘Gaslighted, Ridiculed, Defamed’ — But Not Discredited
Early Treatment Suppression and Nasal Hygiene with Nathan Jones & Dr. Peter McCullough
Effects of Air Pollution on Cellular Senescence and Skin Aging
EPA Banned These Pesticides — But They May Still Be Causing Hearing Loss
Estimation of biological heart age using cardiovascular magnetic resonance radiomics.
Evidence of collusion between the CDC and social media companies to censor free speech
Fast-acting immune cells provide powerful protection against stroke
Fauci’s wife Christine pushes for children to be enrolled in covid “vaccine” trials
Fight Against Medical Tyranny-Dr Meryl Nass On Novavax
Five physicians – four 50 or younger – have died in the Toronto area in the last two weeks
Flooded With Disinformation
Follow the money – conflicts of interest with Fahrie Hassan
Food and Drinks Are Sweeter, More Harmful Now Than 10 Years Ago
Former US Health Official ‘Unaware’ Of Key Studies
German MP says Colombian open-pit mine hurts local environment amid Berlin’s plans to buy coal
Gut microbe response to digestion may help explain cardiovascular disease risk related with red meat intake
Harvard School of public with now German health minister in June 2020 about mRNA vax (in english)
Have COVID-19 vaccines blunted the immune response to Omicron?
Helping cells become better protein factories could improve gene therapies and other treatments – a new technique shows how
How BRICS Can Boost Cooperation in Renewable Energy
How Maasai Women Are Resisting Land Grabs
How Polio Returned to the United States
How to End Food Crisis by Reshaping the Food System
How to heal gut problems caused by Covid
I bet $1M that the virus originated in a lab
ICU nurse says staffing shortages at hospitals are getting worse
Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 – Round Table w/ Drs. Steven Pelech and James Lyons-Weiler
Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens
In 2021, investigative journalist Paul Thacker became a target of what he calls “the Great Vaccine Scare — hysteria about any and all vaccine criticism”
Infections, high but declining
Inside Britain’s psychiatric nightmare
Inside the Brains of Aging Dogs
Into the Metaverse – The corbett report
IPAK vs. Fauci
Iron buildup in brain linked to higher risk for movement disorders
Israel begins its war on cash
Israelis wholly reject Pfizer’s baby and toddler mRNA shots campaign
It’s beyond crunch time, a silent war has been waged and your health and personal well being is currently under attack
Joe Biden’s Paxlovid Rebound Caused by “Immune Tolerance”
Junk food advertising ban on Transport for London has stopped 100,000 people from becoming fat, study claims
Kim Iversen Resigns The Hill’s Morning Show Because She Was Blocked from Questioning Fauci
Los Angeles Drops Planned Mask Mandate. LA Health Director Caught in Conflict of Interest
Make this go viral please
Maternal Mental Health Symptom Profiles and Infant Sleep
Medicalising children shouldn’t be allowed. It’s disgraceful
Might be more coal burned in 2022 than any other time in human existence
Mobile radiation, cancer risk and industry lobbying
mRna vaccins and the rise of the all-cause mortality rate
N.Y. victory on secret ‘quarantine camp’
National Institutes of Health Is Again Hiding Records About the Pandemic’s Origin
Neuronal hyperexcitability and inhibitory interneuron dysfunction are frequently observed in preclinical animal models of Alzheimer’s disease
New dog food? Study shows your dog’s gut bacteria could turn over within week
New molecule may prevent age-related diseases and increase life expectancy and wellness, study suggests
New Zealand is touting a green hydrogen economy, but it will face big environmental and cultural hurdles
Newborn Baby’s Arm AMPUTATED After Mom Took COVID “Vaccines” and Baby Suffered Blood Clots in the Womb
NOT only five, a Sixth Canadian Doctor Dies Suddenly in July
Over 1300+ COVID Vaccine Publications & Case Reports showing adverse effects, harms and deaths after COVID mRNA (Moderna & Pfizer) and adenoviral vector injections
Overcoming Stress And Anxiety – Dr Julie Smith | Modern Wisdom Podcast 507
Pfizer Shatters Profit Records, Continues Raising Prices on Taxpayer-Funded, Liability-Free Products
Pfizer shatters profit records, continues raising prices on taxpayer-funded, liability-free products
Pfizer, illegal exploitation
Please listen to Sabelo’s message about forced medication and concentration camps proposed in South Africa
Prenatal opioid exposure may trigger long-term neurological or behavioral effects later in a child’s life
Reduced severity of COVID-19 in pregnant women during the Omicron wave
Rescued turtle in Australia pooped only plastic for 6 days
Sadiq Khan is backing obesity claims based on shameless junk science
Scientific proof that the mRNA causes cancer
Scientists Develop New Material to Clean Up Forever Chemicals
Should you do cardio before or after weights?
Smart glasses allow deaf people to ‘see’ conversations with subtitles
Smartphones, other digital devices may help improve memory skills
Solar storm from hole in the sun will hit Earth on Wednesday
Study suggests possible benefit from melatonin in COVID-19
Susceptibility and Severity of COVID-19 Are Both Associated With Lower Overall Viral–Peptide Binding Repertoire of HLA Class I Molecules, Especially in Younger People
Taking a Bite Out of Climate Change, One Farm at a Time
The Actual “Imprinting” Study
The Aftermath of the COVID Shots – Testimonies From COVID Jab Injured
The Current Debate about the Existence of the “COVID virus”
The FDA Has Lost Its Soul
The Great Reset Phase 2, ‘The Hunger Games’
The Irukandji jellyfish – Hunting one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth | 60 Minutes Australia
The lining of children’s noses may provide protection from SARS-CoV-2 infection
The nr 1 Absolute Best Way to Balance Your Hormones – Dr. Berg
The Repeal shows how the Amish, in one county, fought to save ALL New Yorkers from what’s happening now
The social connections that shape economic prospects
The Sun-Climate Effect – The Winter Gatekeeper Hypothesis (I). The search for a solar signal
The WHO Is the Long Arm of the CCP
Trauma of diagnosis stays with eye disease patients
Turkey – Two medical students’ vaccine-induced myocarditis cases after the first doses of BNT162b2 (Pfizer)
Twitter Reports Record High Government Demands for Account Info
UK government to hold back data on state of biodiversity in England
Ukrainian who fled Putin’s bombs says dogs are ‘sweethearts’ that help depression
Ultrasound exposure improves depressive behavior in rodents
Unexpected detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the prepandemic period in Italy
Uninformed Consent – A Matador Films Picture
Uric Acid Elevation Creates Metabolic Mayhem | The Acid Drop
US Amish Communities Resist Vaccination
Veterans robbed of life-saving burn pits bill have a message for Republicans
Viral role in Alzheimer’s Disease discovered
We locked children down too long & hard & denied their IMMUNE system training
When Exxon’s CEO Is Celebrating, You Know There’s A Problem. But there’s also a solution.
Which kind of fiber supplement is right for you? It doesn’t really matter, researchers say.
Why are people afraid of Geert Vanden Bossche speaking up?
Why does wireless radiation affect us and are we being protected? Part 2
Why is COVID virus now so infectious?
Why is the “vaccine” year so much higher than the virus year and where is the declaration of a public health emergency?
Why Nobody Wants To Talk About February 2020 Anymore
Why the CDC data (and the CDC itself) cannot be trusted
Woman Develops Rare Acute Kidney Failure After First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine, Case Study Shows
Woman Feels ‘Like the Walking Dead’ After COVID Vaccine Injuries
Young Woman Injured by Gardasil HPV Vaccine Sues Merck