Nieuws 29.1.2021

Aantal haaien en roggen in oceanen enorm gedaald7
Alle kinderen in Hoboken moeten getest worden op lood in hun bloed
Artsen geven tips voor gezonde leefstijl
Auto met beslagen ruiten in bosjes blijkt mobiele thuiswerkplek
Bedondert AstraZeneca de boel, of het het Europees vaccinatiebeleid een fiasco?
Bijna tweeduizend mensen tekenen petitie tegen afschieten damherten bij Numansdorp
Coronatong is een aanwijzing dat je ziek wordt
De griepprik, toen de nederlandse TV nog kritisch was
Documentaireserie Het zaad van Karbaat
Ebolavirus houdt zich schuil in het lichaam
Effect antidepressiva door hersenactiviteit voorspelt
Effect coronacrisis op geestelijke gezondheid duurt jaren
Geef vaccin AstraZeneca alleen aan mensen onder de 65
Homeopathie kan genezende prikkel geven
Intelligente camera moet slachtvarkens beter beschermen tegen pijn en stress
Lek in GGD-systeem al driekwart jaar aanwezig
Mag een doctor Ivermectine voorschrijven in Nederland
Meer stress en depressie door corona bij 1 op de 3 Nederlanders
Met vloeistof gevulde ruimtes in hersenen voorteken van dementie?
Moet de jeugd opdraaien voor een virus dat (vooral) bejaarden treft?
Nieuwe milieustichting wil vuist maken tegen Tata
Omarm demonstranten, maar straf relschoppers
Ondanks lockdown en vaccinaties meer besmettingen en doden in Israël
Rabobank medeverantwoordelijk voor problemen in de landbouw
Sommige landen hebben zo veel ingekocht dat ze iedereen vier keer kunnen vaccineren
Toename in illegale handel diergeneesmiddelen
Universiteit van Tel Aviv onthult de ‘achilleshiel’ van kankercellen
Volwassenen met cognitieve beperkingen gebruiken vaker e-sigaretten


Alcohol als verdoving en verslaving
Battle Rages Over Trash And Ash In Bulgaria
Child Spies ?? | Carl Vernon
China’s war on plastic waste
Coach Greg Adams vs. The Public School Indoctrination Camp
EU sidelined by AstraZeneca’s first come, first served approach
Fauci ‘Wear Two Masks!’ Is Our Covid Policy Schizophrenic?
How does alcohol affect your immune system?
How statins affect LDL and overall health | Ronald Krauss
Is The Key Ingredient In The Top US Pesticide A Human Carcinogen?
Judges Question the FCC in Wireless Radiation Lawsuit EHT et al., v. FCC
Lucas Richert – Psychiatry and the Counterculture
Mijn 13-jarige dochter werd ruw meegenomen door de politie omdat zij geen ID bij zich had
Orca’s Extraordinary Hunting Technique
Plandemic II – inDOCTORnation
Scientists finally write article laying out how Fast Food weakens your immune system
Testing Resistant Starch pt 4 – Rice Revisited
The Gap Between the 1% and the 99% is Massive
The real pandemic – who benefits from our breakdown?
The Shocking Truth About Health Passports
Two new Whale Heritage Sites awarded in major step for wildlife protection


14 news headlines show hospitals regularly overrun during cold and flu season
49% more likely to die – racial inequalities of COVID-19 laid bare in study of East London hospitals
5 Ways To Eat Bananas for a Flat Belly, According to Science
5G Wireless Technology Is the “Stupidest Idea in the History of the World”
A mild way to upcycle plastics used in bottles into fuel and other high-value products
Adults with cognitive disabilities more than twice as likely to use e-cigarettes
Adverse Reactions Induced by Minocycline
After COVID, Davos Moves to The “Great Reset”
Air Pollution Raises Anemia Risk in Kids Under 5
Alcohol and your heart
Another Cholesterol Measure to Watch – VLDL
Antibiotic may improve depressive symptoms in people with low-level inflammation
Association Between Mobile Phone Radiation Exposure and the Secretion of Melatonin and Cortisol, Two Markers of the Circadian System
Biden Administration Officials Working on Requiring Coronavirus Tests for Domestic Air Travelers
Big Tech Pushes Digital ID Cards to Track Vaccinations, Shopping, Banking Activity and More
Bilateral Vaccine Deals Putting COVAX at Risk, WHO Warns
Birds Suffering From PTSD-Like Symptoms Shows How Noise Pollution Is Affecting Animals
Brush that loosens cells in pancreatic cysts could become weapon against cancer
Can a healthy diet help your body fight COVID-19?
Can Icebergs Be Towed To Water-Starved Cities?
Can Ivermectin Help Prevent COVID-19 Deaths?
Can Large Fluid-Filled Spaces in the Brain Help Identify Those at Risk of Dementia?
CDC’s Vaccine Injury Reporting System ‘Temporarily Down’
Chemicals in spot-on flea controls pollute water
China Deletes Key SARS-CoV-2 Related Science
Cholesterol starvation kills lymphoma cells
Control of earth’s population through several methods
Could bed bug outbreaks be solved with DDT?
Covid infection shown to provide as much immunity as vaccines
COVID-19 – 1 in 3 adults anxious, depressed
Deforestation Soars In Amazon Forest In 2020
Dogs can make stressful workplaces better for people
Dr. Robin Mesnage on Groundbreaking Glyphosate-Microbiome Study
Dramatic shark decline leaves ‘gaping hole’ in ocean
Entrepreneurs benefit more from emotional intelligence than other competencies, such as IQ
Estonian Real Podcast – What is 5G? with Stop 5G International
Facebook has struck a deal that will see the mainstream media in Britain rake in millions
Feeling lonely during the pandemic? You’re up to ten times more likely to have worse mental health
Fukushima nuclear clean-up delayed as new radioactive contamination found
Gates Foundation Doubles Down on Misinformation Campaign at Cornell as African Leaders Call for Agroecology
Global analysis suggests COVID-19 is seasonal
Glyphosate and Roundup disturb gut microbiome and blood biochemistry at doses that regulators claim to be safe
Glyphosate-Free Clothing
Healthcare Worker Dies 4 Days After Second Pfizer Shot, Death Under Investigation
How Evolution Helps Us Understand Cancer and Control It
How N-Acetylcysteine Supplementation Affects Redox Regulation, Especially at Mitohormesis and Sarcohormesis Level
How psychotherapy for people with PTSD changes the brain
Illegal Chinese vaccines blamed for new strains of African swine fever
In Brazil, many smaller dams disrupt fish more than large hydropower projects
Insulin Resistance, Diabetes Strongly Linked With Premature CHD Among Women
Is Coronary Plaque Regression Possible?
Is there a link between cashless payments and unhealthy consumption?
Is UK Government Deliberately Creating Covid Hysteria?
Israel and Pfizer just discovered facial nerve (Bell’s) paralysis is a side of effect of Pfizer’s shot/ We knew it December 17
Israel’s vaccine rollout has been fast, so why is it controversial and what can other countries learn?
IU researchers discover how breast cancer cells hide from immune attack
Lawmakers push for EU due diligence law on environmental, human rights
Lockdown has ravaged the working class
Melatonin produced in the lungs prevents infection by novel coronavirus
MeWe goes Big Tech authoritarian, opts for political censorship
Miracle in Switzerland??
Model reveals how she cleared up her horrific acne by changing her diet and MEDITATING
Monsanto’s Roundup and Honeybees a Bad Combination, New Study Confirms
Neonic Pesticides Could Spell Disaster for Our Food Supply
New CDC Research Now Says Coronavirus Is Not Spreading In Schools
New Tel Aviv University study reveals ‘Achilles’ heel’ of cancer cells
New Therapeutic Prospect for ALS
No, Sweden’s Coronavirus Model Hasn’t Failed. Here’s Why
Norway to SHUT BORDERS to all except essential travelers to halt spread of Covid-19 variants
Only You Can Beat Big Tech Censorship
People with severe atopic eczema may have increased risk of death from several causes
Persistent Organic Pollutants like Organochlorine Pesticides Pose Health Risk to Rare Giant Panda Subspecies
Pushing Back The Great Reset
Schizophrenia is 2nd highest risk factor for dying of COVID-19
Serious Health Impacts of Wireless and Power Frequency EMFs
Shocking new evidence proves covid-19 began with Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID
Social Distancing or Social Engineering?
Statins Side Effects – Eye Disorders
Study links antibiotic use in newborns with reduced growth in boys
Sweden is withholding vaccine payments to Pfizer as it suspects it is being overcharged
T cells can mount attacks against many SARS-CoV-2 targets–even on new virus variant
Technology bolsters use of chia seeds to help improve health, slow signs of aging
The American Journal of Medicine is now (Jan 2021) recommending Hydroxychloroquine for Covid-9 outpatient treatment
The Mind Machine And Its Addiction To Information
The Silent Pandemic of Antibiotic Resistance
Three warning signs on your feet of high blood sugar levels
Unseen scars of childhood trauma
Vaccine nationalism disputes threaten European nations’ COVID-19 vaccine supplies
Why so many people overuse antibiotics