Nieuws 28.1.2021

Al zestig bezwaren tegen komst geitenhouderij
Amsterdamse ouders blij met loodonderzoek bij kinderen
Antibiotica remt groei van jongetjes. Dat laten proeven met muizen zien
Antwerps ziekenhuis monitort Joodse covidpatiënten bij hen thuis
Avondklok – een on-Nederlandse vorm van repressie
Brussels vaccin-debacle – heeft de Commissie zichzelf in de vingers gesneden?
China gebruikt nu ook anale wissers om coronavirus op te sporen
Controversieel verklaren planvorming en uitrol windturbines op land
Coronamaatregelen, wat mag ik thuis nou eigenlijk ?
De avondklokrellen zijn niet uit de lucht komen vallen
De Eerste Kamer heeft voor het correctief referendum gestemd
Deze vrouw heeft het hart op de tong
Duitsland overweegt het vliegverkeer ‘nagenoeg tot nul te reduceren’
Duwt Covid-19 Amazonestad Manaus over de rand?
Ede wil wetswijzing om te kunnen ingrijpen in de voedselomgeving
Eerste Kamer steunt wet die Tweede Kamerverkiezing in coronatijd regelt
EU wil dat contract met vaccinmaker AstraZeneca openbaar wordt
Fietsen is gezond. Maar te lang op de fiets zitten heeft een prijs.
Groei MAA koppelen aan minder geluidshinder
Groene speelplaatsen in de opvang verbeteren het immuunsysteem
Grote invloed antibiotica, laxantia, maagzuurremmers en metformine op darmflora
Het brein centraal in nieuw boek van Rineke Dijkinga
Het Circus van het Individueel Functioneren Medisch Specialist (IFMS)
Hoe zit het met de verspreiding van de ouderwetse griep?
Huisarts kritisch over nieuwe combitest van corona en griep in Twente
Hypertensiesymptomen bij vrouwen worden vaak aangezien voor de menopauze
In 2050 zit de wereld met 60.000 verouderde stuwdammen
Izegems slachthuis riskeert boete voor inbreuken op dierenwelzijn
Justitie staakt vervolging DuPont om doodgeboren kinderen maar oud-medewerker Romy gaat door
Maastricht Aachen Airport mag alleen groeien als geluidshinder afneemt
Mestoverschot ongezond
Ongeruste telefoontjes bij privacywaakhond na gegevensdiefstal GGD
Overleg AstraZeneca met Europese Commissie lijkt door te gaan
Stralingsrisico’s, een blik op de gevolgen voor het eco-systeem
Studie colchicine als Covid-medicijn voorzichtig van dichterbij bekijken
Tet dilemma van de zevende dosis van het coronavaccin van Pfizer
Tweede lockdown zorgt voor meer stress dan eerste
Veranderingen aan de tong, handen of voetzolen wijzen wellicht op coronabesmetting
Verschuivende perspectieven en benadering van ADHD


26.01.2021 – Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten
Censorship of against the grain
Drug firms ‘must deliver’ on Covid-19 vaccine obligations, EU chief says
EU threatens to impose controls on Pfizer vaccine exports
Hidden Beneath The Ice of Antarctica
How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Quickly By Using Tapping
Ice Age Trigger Accelerates, Crazy Planets, Crazy Star, Tornado
Join us and bring in your individual experiences and solutions to fix problems of people in real world
Lisanne geniet van de sociale beperkingen door corona
Releasing Trauma & Emerging Field of Psychedelic & Plant Medicina Therapy
Slimme meter schadelijk voor de gezondheid stelt Belgisch Grondwettelijk Hof
The Cancer Code with Dr. Jason Fung – Diet Doctor Podcast
The Gary Null Show – 01.26.21
The Pandemic’s Impact on Farming and Food
The Potential Risk Of Infertility By Keeping Wireless Devices Next To Your Body
The Science of Fasting & Nutritional Ketosis with Dr. Dominic D’agostino
What Diabetics Don’t Know – That Keeps Them Diabetic
What Happened To SARS-1?
What Should You Know About Cholesterol?
World Health Organization Guidance on PCR Tests
Zo kwaad is de Tweede Kamer op Hugo de Jonge


A ban on public lands fracking is true test of administration’s climate commitment
A compound that slows bone loss, and a resource for developing treatments to slow aging
A new study shows occupations with the highest Covid death rates
A research team from Denmark discovers new control mechanism in the innate immune system
Ancient indigenous New Mexican community knew how to sustainably coexist with wildfire
Anonymous cell phone data can quantify behavioral changes for flu-like illnesses
Anti-poverty policies can reduce reports of child neglect
Ape at San Diego park improving after virus antibody therapy
As Biden Axes KXL Pipeline, Water Protectors Urge Him to Reject DAPL and Line 3
AstraZeneca CEO – EU vaccine contract is ‘not a commitment’
At three days old, newborn mice remember their moms
Autistic children may be more likely to misinterpret healthy arguments between their parents
Autistic kids may have a harder time recognizing healthy vs. toxic arguments
BBC Hype Climate Poll, That Goebbels Would Have Been Proud Of!
Brain training may be an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
Cafestol Inhibits High-Glucose-Induced Cardiac Fibrosis in Cardiac Fibroblasts and Type 1-Like Diabetic Rats
Care home resident must have vaccine despite son’s concerns, says judge
CDC researchers see little evidence in-person school drives COVID-19 infection
CHD Appeals to U.S. Supreme Court to Stop New York From Excluding Kids With Medical Exemptions for Vaccines From Online Education
Children can bypass age verification procedures in popular social media apps
CIA warns of ‘detrimental trend’ of foreign governments hiring ex-officers
Did Larry King Receive an Experimental COVID Shot Just Before His Death?
Drug Guardians Exposes the Growing Number of Lawsuits against Giant Pharma
DuckDuckGo search engine increased its traffic by 62% in 2020 as users seek privacy
Effects of a tart cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) phenolic extract on Porphyromonas gingivalis and its ability to impair the oral epithelial barrier
EPA approves use of toxic pesticide previously banned for use on citrus
EU contract did not leave time to fix vaccine hiccups – AstraZeneca CEO
Fatty liver disease symptoms – Spider veins on your body are a warning sign
FCC Faces Skeptical Appeals Judges in Radiation Emissions Case
Gepersonaliseerde hersenstimulatie verlicht ernstige depressiesymptomen
Germany admits it was wrong to say Oxford vaccine is only 8% effective
Gut microbiota reveals whether drug therapies work in inflammatory bowel diseases
How can soybean benefit diabetic patients?
How Many People Are The Vaccines Killing?
How the American Diet Turbocharges COVID-19
How the Covid Crisis Exposed the Absurdity of “Certificates of Need”
Individual Rights and Freedoms Under Siege in Era of COVID
Inflammation of the brain gray matter decreases nerve-cell activity in mouse model
Keystone XL legal risks highlight dangers of putting investors before climate change
Let WHO experts meet Wuhan families, says coronavirus victim’s son
Lockdown may have played part in rise of domestic child killings, says Met
LSD may offer viable treatment for certain mental disorders
Magic? Politics? Science? Did President Biden Cure Covid?
Mangroves threatened by plastic pollution from rivers, new study finds
Marine viruses – the tiny microbes that orchestrate life in the ocean
Merck Scraps Vaccine, Says Better To Catch COVID Virus & Recover
Merck’s Gardasil vaccine crippled a young man – an ongoing medical tragedy that must be stopped
Metagenomics Analysis Finds 90% of U.S. Infants Studied Lack Key Gut Bacterium for Breast Milk Utilization and Immune System Development
Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines share the same problem
Monitoring online posts by consumers could help improve food safety
More Evidence Proves Lockdowns Are a Dangerous Lie
Mouse study identifies novel compound that may help develop diabetes drugs
Multiple sclerosis – Immune cells silence neurons by removing synapses
Myeloid immune cells in the blood tied to severe COVID-19
New discovery shows how living longer can be achieved without eating less
New studies clarify which genes may raise breast cancer risk
Nursing Home Fires Workers for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination
Ocean Toxin a Heartbreaking Threat for Sea Otters
Outdated agrichemical legislation means your avocado-topped pizza could be hazardous to your health
Over 28 million people in China under lockdown as locally transmitted coronavirus cases appear to rise once more
People who have received first Covid-19 jab must stay at home for THREE WEEKS
Pesticide-Coated Seeds – Huge Risks to Food System, Little Benefit to Farmers
Postmenopausal sun exposure may be harmful
Pregnancy complications can increase long-term mortality risks
Pregnant or Under 18? Don’t Get Moderna’s COVID Vaccine, WHO Says
Psychedelic drugs can help treat PTSD caused by racism, discrimination
Race plays a role in children’s food allergies
Report reveals a scheme to get vaccines meant for an Indigenous community
San Antonio researchers examining COVID-19’s long-term effects on the brain
Satellite data reveals bonds between emissions, pollution and economy
Secrets of traumatic stress hidden in the brain are exposed
Soil health is as environmentally important as air and water quality, say microbiologists
Speedy Detection of 13 Cancer Types using a Tiny Amount of Blood
Spike in use of online communication apps could be driven by isolation during COVID-19
Statins side effects – why you should avoid grapefruit in your diet while taking statins
Stop hoarding COVID-19 vaccines, South Africa’s Ramaphosa tells rich countries
Studies link THESE 3 mineral imbalances to ADHD in children
Sweden Suspends Payments to Pfizer Over Vaccine Dosage Uncertainty
The American Journal Of Medicine Now Recommends HCQ For COVID19
The EU is playing dirty in the vaccine wars
The Great Covid Class War
The Great Reset, The Rise Of the Techno-Fascist System Is Now ‘In Your Face’
The Murky Ethics of Paying People to Get the COVID Vaccine
The Pandemic That Changed Nothing
The people suffering long-term loss of taste after Covid
The Virus of Mass Destruction
The “Forever Compound” PFAS Found in Arctic Waters
The “Smoking Gun” is the PCR Cycle Threshold (Ct)
Will we EVER be rid of coronavirus? Experts give devastating update
Wuhan Lab Tampering With Virus BEFORE Pandemic