Nieuws 27.1.2021

Apothekers slaan alarm bij Kamer na contractopzegging Zilveren Kruis
Bijwerkingen coronavaccins voortaan wekelijks vermeld
Britse variant van het coronavirus is waarschijnlijk maar zes procent besmettelijker
Corona verandert voedsel- en landbouwsystemen
Coronavaccins exporteren uit EU aan banden gelegd
De avondklok als lont in het Corona-kruitvat
De kloof met de burger is terug, groter dan ooit tevoren
Diepe slaap zet de vuilnis buiten
Eigenaar supplementenwinkel zag live op Facebook hoe zaak werd geplunderd
Er moet meer aandacht komen voor het welzijn van kweekvissen
Grote privacyboete dreigt voor datingapp Grindr
Het fundamentele wantrouwen is het grootste risico
Informatiepunt wajong
Is de lockdown nu het gevolg van corona of straling? Ad.2.
Is deze Covad- pandemie gepland?
Je ziet de opbouw van de onvrede al heel lang
Lage dosis aspirine kan zwangerschapskansen vrouwen met 1 of 2 eerdere miskramen verbeteren
Maak geen selfies meer met apen
Stop met inzetten van paarden en honden bij rellen, politie!
Studie over middel tegen jicht als coronamedicijn voorzichtig van dichterbij bekijken
Tegendraadse apotheker uit Bavel strijdt tegen chronisch medicijngebruik
Toch achteruitgang Wajongers na wetswijziging
Ultrafijnstof door vliegtuigen
Universiteit Utrecht zoekt varkenshouders voor MRSA-onderzoek
Vaccinatie oudste Nederlanders kán net het laatste zetje zijn
Verklaring van eer
Zeker 100-duizend noodzakelijke operaties zijn vorig jaar uitgesteld


Autoimmunity, Intestinal Permeability Interview with Dr. Zsófia Clemens
Chemical firms challenged in French court for selling Agent Orange to US during Vietnam War
Five Years Since The End Of The Earth
Het geheim achter de Covid crisis, speel ze niet in de kaart
Het huichelen is begonnen
Pfizer knew vaccine vials held six doses but filed as five to speed release
Reforestation to replenish water supplies
Suffering from a “broken” metabolism – fact or fiction?
The Gary Null Show – 01.25.21
The Making of Totally Under Control
The only test to identify bone on bone at the hip
This could be making you sick
Tirannie wat de klok slaat
Understanding Diabetic Hypoglycemia
Up to one in six children in England has mental health problem in pandemic
Use Ginger for Everything Stomach
What happens if a healthcare worker refuses the COVID vaccine?
Wireless linkage of brains may soon go to human testing


181 Americans Died From COVID-19 Vaccines In Just 2 Weeks
191 San Diego Fire-Rescue Officers Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine
5 Major Side Effects of Keto Diet
5G Rollout in France Would Cause Big Increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
A new mechanism protects against cancer cell migration and neuron hyperexcitability
A technique known as psychological first aid could help reduce COVID stress and anxiety
A world first in circadian clock manipulation
A “No More Waves” strategy for COVID-19 in Canada
Agenda 21 and the Great Reset
Air pollution linked to higher risk of irreversible sight loss
Amyloid blood testing could cause 50% drop in PET scans required for Alzheimer’s trials
An Analysis of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Data Pamela A. Popper
An early keto advocate says the diet has gone ‘too far’ and we need to stop demonizing carbs
Animal Rights organizations want to restrict use of dogs and horses in police dispatches
Apple warns iPhone 12 users to keep their phones 15cm away from implanted devices like pacemakers
Apple Watch Series 7 krijgt optische sensor voor bloedglucosemeting
Areas of seven Chinese provinces enter ‘wartime’ mode following COVID-19 outbreaks
AstraZeneca says reports its COVID-19 vaccine has low efficacy in elderly people are ‘completely incorrect’
Bacterial Pneumonias Rising From Mask Wearing
Belgium will need to justify non-essential travel ban
Bill Gates & Monsanto – Controlling America’s Food Supply
Biologists unravel full sequence of DNA repair mechanism
Boeing planning to debut 100% biofuel planes by 2030
Can a happy lamp help cure your winter blues?
Can Animal Welfare Labels Be Trusted?
Can common antibiotics harm your heart?
Cash Payments Being Offered Medical Personnel to Take the Vax
Children battling symptoms of Covid months after being infected
China authorities stopped me sounding alarm on Covid
China pushes conspiracy theories on COVID origin, vaccines
Court Rules That Enforced Wearing Of Masks Is ‘Unconstitutional’
Cutting environmental regulation ‘could increase carcinogens in products on UK shelves’
Czech coal companies to receive large part of EU Modernisation Fund
Debunking Lockdown Sceptics
Discrepancies in Moderna’s FDA Report Demand Answers
Drugmakers will have to register Covid-19 vaccine exports over supply concerns
During COVID Lockdown, Vaccine Rates Dropped — So Did the Number of SIDS Deaths
Earth is losing ice faster today than in the mid-1990s
Environment Minister flusters when Luke presses her on bee-killing pesticides
Epilepsy research focused on astrocytes
Ethical concerns raised over luxury COVID-19 vaccine vacations
Experts reflect on one year of COVID-19
Fauci Says Wearing 2 Masks Is ‘Common Sense’. Here’s How to Do It Properly
Finding a way to stop chemotherapy from damaging the heart
First observation of the early link between proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease
Five ways statins can affect your muscles – ‘burning’
Fried food can pose a serious threat to your heart
Full Moon In Leo – What About The Heart?
Future COVID-19 Relief Should Focus More on Children
Genome editing to treat human retinal degeneration
German Court Rules that COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Unconstitutional
Gorilla treated with antibodies recovering from COVID
Gut microbiota reveals whether drug therapies work in inflammatory bowel diseases
Heavy smokers face nearly DOUBLE risk of being hospitalized for COVID-19
High Cholesterol – Claudication Causes Cramping, Achiness And Pain In Legs
How E-Cigarettes and Vaping Damage the Environment and Your Health
How To Help Us Circumvent Censorship
Illegale handel in privégegevens miljoenen Nederlanders uit coronasystemen GGD
Immune cells found in the brain are behind the depression experienced in inflammation
Immunity passports are riddled with privacy risks, loaded with ethical problems – research finds
In the Asian Flu of 1957-58, They Rejected Lockdowns
Israel Secures COVID-19 Vaccine Doses By Agreeing To Share Medical Data On Israelis
Japan not expected to reach herd immunity against Covid-19 until OCTOBER
Kiwifruit (Actinidia spp.) – A review of chemical diversity and biological activities
Light pollution linked to preterm birth increase
Lockdown loneliness linked to surge in depression symptoms among older people
Longevity gene reduces risk of death for men with some chronic diseases
Low dose exposure to EMR may cause severe health effects
Maharashtra farmers’ brave battle against Swiss pesticide gigant
Many Disinfectants Increase Risk of Fatal Lung Disease
Mental Health Issues Affect 3 In 4 Kids With Autism
Missing protein helps small cell lung cancer evade immune defenses
mRNA-1273 vaccine induces neutralizing antibodies against spike mutants from global SARS-CoV-2 variants
Napping in the afternoon could keep you mentally agile
New study examines Roundup herbicide impact on honeybees
Newly discovered subset of brain cells fight inflammation with instructions from the gut
People follow a crowd, no matter its politics
Pesticides study wake up call for food safety regulators
Pets and the pandemic – the impact our animals had on our mental health and wellbeing
Poor Lives Matter, but Less
Poor mental health may up chance for early death
Project Fear has completely collapsed
Protein anchors as a newly discovered key molecule in cancer spread and epilepsy
Quarantine hotels would be ‘catastrophic’ for travel sector, industry warns
Recent animal study shows that the citrus flavonoid eriocitrin may support metabolic health
Remdesivir disrupts COVID-19 virus better than other similar drugs
Risk of severe COVID established early in infection
Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 may be equipped with a blood glucose monitor
Secret COVID-19 report on B.C. care homes dated 2 days before election
Side Effects and Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine
Siouxsie Wiles on New Zealand’s fight against Covid complacency
Stimulating brain pathways shows origins of human language and memory
Study Confirms ‘Slow Blinks’ Really Do Work to Communicate With Your Cat
Study shows link between early brainstem tau accumulation and cortical hyperexcitability
Survivors suffer bizarre neurological effects – from speech impediments to psychosis
Sweden to cull 1.3 million chickens after bird flu hits farm
The EU’s vaccine ‘non-diplomacy’
The FDA Botched Covid Testing in 2020. Nothing Has Changed Since Then.
The Full Scary Story Of Agenda 21 And Your Future
The Great Flu of 1918
The Guardian view on calls to reopen schools – a dangerous distraction
The Last 6 Months Saw Sharpest Rise In US Poverty In Half-Century
The liver processes coconut oil differently than rapeseed oil
The Magically Disappearing Flu
Toxic Chemicals Threaten Ability to Reproduce
Trump Pardons Healthcare Execs Behind Massive Frauds
Two common antibiotics not effective in early-stage COVID-19
United Airlines CEO Calls on Companies to Mandate COVID Vaccination
Using wearable tech to keep babies, pregnant women healthy
Vaccination of Politicians Sparks Outrage in Spain
Vaccine diplomacy has turned into vaccine hijacking
Vasopressin relieves social deficits in an autism mouse model
Vegan ‘dairy’ products face EU ban from using milk cartons and yoghurt pots – and UK could be next
What’s Wrong with PCR Covid Testing
Why are bees disappearing so fast? Look in the mirror
Why seaweed is the future of meatless burgers and renewable energy
Women’s health is better when women have more control in their society
You Do NOT Need To Wear A Mask