Nieuws 26.1.2021

25.000 euro boete voor anti-veehouderij reclame in populaire Vlaamse soap
Bijna 80 procent van de mensen zocht online naar gezondheidsinfo
Brussel kwaad op AstraZeneca
Chinese bedrijven in Madagaskar omdat er een hoop te halen is
Comité Schone Lucht start landelijke campagne tegen energiegigant Vattenfall
COVID isolatie verergert eetgewoonten, inactiviteit en alcoholgebruik van studenten
Dordts chemiebedrijf niet vervolgd voor miskramen van vrouwelijke werknemers
EU haalt voor het eerst meer elektriciteit uit hernieuwbare bronnen dan uit fossiele brandstof
Grotere kans op rouwstoornis door corona
Is de lockdown het gevolg van corona of straling?
Kun je medicijnen en supplementen tegelijk gebruiken?
Meer inzicht in effecten tegelijk gebruiken medicijnen en supplementen
Megarijken recupereren covidverliezen in recordtijd, miljarden anderen verarmen
Onderzoek naar veelgebruikte pil Ivermectine tegen corona
Onderzoekers UMCG vinden wetenschappelijk bewijs voor belang van training voorafgaand aan operatie
Studenten zitten nu al op hun tandvlees, zegt Gentse studentenpsycholoog
Varkens gebruikt als oefenobject voor gezichtstransplantaties
Verband depressie bij nieuwe vaders met onzekerheden in relatie
Vliegveld Lelystad voorlopig niet open
Voedselsystemen moeten hervormd worden om te herstellen van COVID-19
Wat staat er op het spel?! De beste update in 50 min
Weerstand RIVM tegen de ‘avondklok’
Wegvallen sociale contacten extra zwaar voor mensen met verstandelijke beperking
Zo gevaarlijk kunnen vliegtuigreizen zijn voor verspreiding coronavirus


A review on Covid-19, part 2 of a series of 5 presentations
Avondklok & Aansprakelijkheidstelling
Bijstand werkt slecht en onrechtvaardig
Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie – Jurist Jeroen Pols
Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie – Michael Verstraeten – Advocaat te België
Coronavirus Lab Origin No Longer Just “Conspiracy Theory”?
Fasting Strengthens Mitochondria
Let Them Eat Green Energy
Osteoporosis Cause And Solutions
Press These 2 Points near Your Hips to Eliminate Lower Back Pain
Russisch Roulette met Naalden – Désirée Röver
Second Wave or Winter Resurgence?
Settled Science From Dr. Fauci
Stop de angst, bescherm onze kinderen
The Full Scary Story of Agenda 21 and Your Future
The Great Reset – Conspiracy or Fact?
The Great Reset, or the New Great Depression?
The Truth About Nonstick Cookware – Teflon
Vaccineren alleen voor ouderen en kwetsbaren
What Causes Bloodshot Eyes?
Woman accidentally given Pfizer vaccine after receiving Moderna dose


181 Dead So Far From US COVID Vaccine
200,000 first-time hospital appointments cancelled due to pandemic
53 Dead in Gibraltar in 10 Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injections Started
A China-based firm scored a $1B N95 mask contract with California. A document trove shows how.
A large number of gray whales are starving and dying in the eastern North Pacific
A “No More Waves” strategy for COVID-19 in Canada
Alcohol consumption and risk of cardiovascular outcomes and bleeding in patients with established atrial fibrillation
Aluminum and Breast Cancer
ARS-CoV-2 infection in children, their parents in southwest Germany
Belgian-led team discovers a possible key to Alzheimer’s
Biden To Ban South Africa Travel To Combat New Covid-19 Variant
Biden’s federal mask mandate will not be “national,” says constitutional law experts
Birx says someone was giving Trump ‘parallel data’ about Covid pandemic
California Keeps Key Virus Data Out Of Public Sight. Why?
California Refuses to Disclose COVID-19 Data Used to Drive Lockdowns
Can Ivermectin Help Prevent COVID-19 Deaths?
Can money buy happiness? 7-year study answers famous question
Canadian anti-inflammatory drug Colchicine reduces COVID-19 related complications, death
Chinese Public Health Officials Use Anal Swabs to Test for COVID-19 in Children
Depression in new fathers connected to relationship insecurities
Did Vaxxing for Covid Kill Sports Hero Hank Aaron?
Documentary shines light on Wuhan lockdown
Dramatic increase in microplastics in seagrass soil since the 1970s
ECMO/CRRT in the treatment of critically ill SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia patients
Entering menopause before age 40 often results in more severe symptoms
French court hears Agent Orange case against chemical firms
Germany buys Trump-touted antibody cocktail against Covid-19 at $2,400 per dose
Get The Vaccine Shot But Do Not Throw Away The Mask To Fight COVID-19
High doses of statins may raise risk of rhabdomyolysis – what is it?
Hoge doses statines kunnen het risico op rabdomyolyse verhogen – wat is het?
How Many Are The Vaccines Killing?
If “Facebook Is Private”, Why Are They Feeding Users’ Private Messages Directly To The FBI?
Internet Censorship on the Rise
Irish folk medicine could play huge role in future medicine
Israel bans international flights to curb COVID-19 spread
Justice. Agent Orange and Bayer-Monsanto at the dock
Korean scientists may have discovered ‘elixir of youth’ that ‘erases wrinkles’ and could even reverse brain and muscle decline
Lack of sleep, stress can lead to symptoms resembling concussion
New Evidence Of ‘Suspicious Activity’ At Wuhan Institute Of Virology
Newly Formulated Herbal Drug May Lower Blood Sugar In Early Diabetes
Not All Masks Are Created Equal
One Surprising Side Effect of Eating Avocado
Pandemic could have far reaching effects on bone health
Patients with inactive cancer at high risk of severe Covid-19 illness
Placental function can illuminate future disease in adults and children
Press Conference Landmark Case on 5G, Wireless and Cell Phone Tower Radiation
Russian Health Watchdog Makes World’s 1st Micrograph of UK Strain of COVID-19
Scientists have long argued over how different male and female brains really are
Second generation antibody protects from SARS-CoV-2, its variant and prevents it from mutating to resist therapy
Smallpox as next Bioterrorism Attacks? What Does Bill Gates Know?
Smoking killing many Indigenous
Solar winds expected to hit Earth tomorrow
South Korea Culled Nearly 22Mln Farm Birds in 2 Months Due to Bird Flu
Spain’s virus surge hits mental health of front-line workers
Special needs school closures – Our children cannot cope
Study Finds Exercising Could Combat Chronic Inflammation
Study Links Insufficient Sleep, Stress To Symptoms Resembling Concussion
Surge Of Student Suicides Forces Las Vegas Schools To Reopen
Sweden to build reindeer bridges so the animals can safely cross highways
Toxic Secrets Behind “Clean” Energy
Try the garlic tea as a remedy to manage blood sugar
Unsuitable syringes waste sixth dose from COVID-19 vaccine
USask study finds COVID isolation worsens student diets, inactivity, and alcohol intake
Victory in Fight Against Deregulation of GMOs in Italy
Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms – Muscle twitches could signal lack of the vital vitamin
Whistleblowers Kevin McKernan, Bobby Malhotra Explain Why COVID Tests are “Garbage”
Why is Bill Gates buying up farmland across America?