Nieuws 25.11.2021

90.000 corporatiewoningen in drie grote steden slecht geisoleerd
Aantal besmettingen bij leerlingen stijgt met 58 procent
Amsterdam UMC vertelt niet dat ruggenprik of scan mogelijk overbodig is
Antistoffen aantonen mag niet
Basisscholen dicht om besmettingen tegen te gaan?
Belastingdienst laten vervolgen, dat is wat ouders toeslagenaffaire eisen
Belastingdienst voerde klopjacht op minderheden en lage inkomens
Carine knapen (advocate) laat de waarheid horen
ChristenUnie onbetrouwbaar in 2G-debat
Dagvaarding Gezondheidsraad – Show me the ‘Pandemie’! – Jeroen Pols – Maria-Louise Genet
De oorsprong en impact van Ivermectine
De verwachtingen rond 2G zijn te hoog gespannen, de komende tijd zal pijnlijk en verdrietig zijn
Deel jeugdzorgaanbieders maakte buitensporige winst
Druktemaker Marcel van Roosmalen roept om hulp – Wij kunnen niets
Eindelijk een verklaring voor onverklaarbare oversterfte
Extra vergadering zorg en gezondheid 23.11.2021
Gaat Zwitserland de wereld redden?
Goed groeien is veel meer dan lengte en gewicht
Goedkeuringswet derde verlenging geldingsduur Covid-19 – Eerste Kamer
Helma, Corrie en Corine – het belang van koffiegroepen als verzetshaarden
Invloed van geneesmiddelen op de schildklierfunctie
Mogelijk wondermiddel in strijd met Japanse duizendknoop komt uit lab in Berkel en Rodenrijs
Neerkijken op ouderen verhoogt kans hartaanval
NLP in de Tweede Kamer | Manipuleren en beïnvloeden met interrupties | Gideon van Meijeren, Deel 2
NLP in de Tweede Kamer | Gideon van Meijeren, DEEL 1
Over mijn lijf; wachten en weigeren in coronatijd
Pierre Capel – Definitie van waanzin is steeds hetzelfde doen en een ander resultaat verwachten
ProRail blijft milieuwetten overtreden in Rotterdamse haven
Reactie berichtgeving over mogelijk vervuilde grond bij aanleg Marker Wadden
Renske Leijten over De (on)betrouwbare overheid
Rice lab onderzoekt het ontsmetten van wegwerpmaskers
Rutte persoonlijk verantwoordelijk voor het snel erdoorheen drukken van de QR-code in Europa
Vinder geeft ‘verloren notities’ in onderzoek mondkapjesdeal Van Lienden terug
Weten we eigenlijk wel genoeg over de bijwerkingen van het coronavaccin?
Zelfs met zware lockdown staan we tot aan de kerst onder superhoge druk
Zorgverzekeraars werken aan extra salarisverhoging zorgpersoneel
NL -Veel gevallen van kanker in Nijmegen-West, is deze fabriek de boosdoener?


3 of America’s biggest pharmacy chains have been found liable for the opioid crisis
860 billion needed to finance German climate goals
A Majority of Americans Are “Anti-Vaxxers”?
A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated?
Amazon agrees to pay $2.5M to settle pesticide sales lawsuit
Another dolphin found dead in Port River amid ongoing ‘mystery deaths’ investigation
Antibiotic Use in Term and Near-Term Newborns
Antidepressant prevents most serious COVID-19 complications
Arctic sea ice volume is right at the the 2004-2013 average
Are Covid vaccine mandates ethical? Here’s what medical experts think
Are Pandemic Policies Turning the West Into China?
Around 600 Google Employees Sign Manifesto Against Forced COVID-19 Vaccination
Ascension St. Vincent’s allows unvaccinated workers to return
Assessing causal relationships between COVID-19 and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Association of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination With Hospitalizations and Disease Severity
Athletes need thorough tests after long COVID
Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps
Authorities Didn’t Heed Researchers’ Calls to Study Health Effects of Burning Sugar Cane
Autism changes brain’s white matter over time
Bans on flavored e-cigarettes could see some vapers return to smoking cigarettes
Biden admin makes move on paused vax mandate
Brazil foreign minister ‘surprised’ by Amazon deforestation spike
By putting cancer cells to sleep, new drug could prevent tumor metastasis
California Man Pressured to Take Covid Vax Dies, Blows the Whistle from the Grave on the Killer Vax
Can this berry truly protect YOU from heart disease and type 2 diabetes?
Chinese Doctors Urge Beijing To Abandon Zero-COVID Strategy As Infections Rise, Government Doubles Down
Clean vs dirty labels – Transparency and authenticity of the labels of Ceylon cinnamon
Cold Exposure Burns Fat
Cold Therapy For Weight Loss, Immunity, Metabolism & Mindset | Wellness Force
Combination Therapy Reduces Toxic Aggregates in Parkinson’s Disease
Common, not rare – breakthrough cases have become jailbreak cases
Compounds from soybeans may improve animal health
Covid warning as cheap drug tipped to help treat virus has ‘severe side effects’
COVID-19 Increases Your Stroke Risk Exponentially, Says Stroke Foundation
Current sea ice extent in northern Alaska waters is the highest it’s been in November since 2001
Death Sentence of WEFs Great Reset – Uniting Local Farmers with Local Buyers. The Imperative of Our Time
Democratic Governors Can Oppose Vaccine Mandates Too
Doctors and scientists should consider sleep problems an integral part of autism
Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect Fertility?
Dr Mosley shares simple activity that should reduce blood sugar – it costs nothing
Dr. Joe Dispenza on how to Control Your Brain
Dr. Martin Kulldorf – The COVID-19 Studies That Aren’t Being Done
Effect of 7 vs 14 Days of Antibiotics Among Afebrile Men With Urinary Tract Infection
End-stage kidney disease patients show increased risk of infection, mortality from COVID-19
Epidemiology of suicide and suicidal behavior in American youth | Ohio State Medical Center
EU dependence on Russia will increase with Nord Stream 2
EU eyes update to Covid-19 certificate as infections surge
Examining association between social media use, self-reported symptoms of depression
Experimental chewing gum that ‘traps’ Covid particles could help protect people
Folate intake and ovarian reserve among women attending a fertility center
Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma
Gottlieb – Breakthrough infections more common than people realize
Hair, serum and urine chromium level in children with cognitive defect
Having children is associated with a higher prevalence of COVID-19 among young adults in Kuwait
Healthy kids (all but) never die from Covid, volume one trillion
Higher antibody level correlates with greater vaccine protection against COVID-19
Hormone pills to be offered to pregnant women at risk of miscarrying their baby
How Confusing COVID Messaging & Chronic Underinvestment in Healthcare Caused Soaring Wait Lists
How Diet Culture is Hurting Your Gut and Hormone Function with Sarah Kay Hoffman
If forced vaccination doesn’t work, then what?
If Vaccines Work, Then How is it Possible That We See This Pattern?
If you like heart problems, you’ll love the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines
If You Read One Thing on SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Pathogenesis, Read This (Part 1)
In Angry Rant, State Media Anchor Demands Austrian-Style Vaccine Mandates for Germany
Intermittent fasting helps reduce inflammation, scientists find
Inverse Association of Serum Adipsin with the Remission of Nonalcoholic Fatty-Liver Disease
Is the relationship between diet, intestinal bacteria and cells key to preventing systemic inflammation?
Israeli company’s COVID-19 drug shows promise in late-stage coronavirus treatment
Janet Woodcock’s decision to unilaterally push through “boosters for all American adults” last week violated standard FDA protocols
Juul to pay $14.5 million to settle Arizona vaping lawsuit
Limited immune responses three months after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination among elderly
Merck asks EU regulator to authorize its COVID-19 pill
Muziek – Phil Wickham – Falling In Love (Official Lyric Video)
New details behind how the Shigella pathogen delivers bacterial proteins into our cells
New hologram technology used in Sydney hospital surgeries | 9 News Australia
New infections linked to country music gig for fully vaccinated patrons
New model links cultural trauma with health inequalities
Officials are trying to understand why some of LA’s highest coronavirus case rates are currently in communities with high vaccination rates
Optoelectrode Changes Reduce Injuries to Brain Tissue, Improve Nerve Research
Over-and-Over – South Korea, 80% Vaxxed, Record High Covid Cases
People with mitochondrial diseases are unusually likely to have autism or autism traits —and vice versa
People with schizophrenia are four times as likely to die of COVID-19 as those without the condition
Pfizer booster shot – The unexpected side effect after third dose – Pfizer finding
Pfizer Whistleblower SLAMS Vaccine Trials
Population, vaccination rate, and COVID vaccine injury reports for all 50 states
Portugal – Modern slavery for an EU passport | DW Documentary
Prof Philip Nolan of Nphet tweets a slide saying Covid immunity after infection is “permanent”.
Progesterone recommended to prevent early miscarriage
Queensland scientists make breakthrough to manage sensitive teeth
Research sheds new light on effects of dietary restriction
Russia Is Forcing Covid ‘Sputnik V’ Vaccines and Vax Passports amid Cover Up of Vaccine Deaths
Ryan Cole, MD – COVID-19 Vaccines & Autopsy
SARS-CoV-2 gene content and COVID-19 mutation impact
Scientists are mystified that the real world doesn’t match the propaganda they are pushing
Scientists Find SARS CoV-2-Related Coronaviruses in Cambodian Bats from 2010
Scottish Government’s Vax Passport Sending People’s Private Data To Amazon, Microsoft
Screening Echocardiogram in High-Risk Women with Class III Obesity to Predict the Risk of Preeclampsia
Severe COVID-19 patients suffer alterations on their tissue microcirculation
Should doctors be less reliant on anti-depressants?
Social stress key to population’s rate of COVID-19 infection, study finds
Spain’s regions seek tighter restrictions as COVID-19 cases tick up
Spike Protein Factories Are Creating Pathogenic Spike Proteins
Sport supplements and the athlete’s gut
Stevia Kills Lyme Pathogen
Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada In Fully Vaccinated Mothers
Study explains why moles can change into melanoma
Study finds psychedelic microdosing improves mental health
Study reveals drinking coffee could lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Successful identification of the cause and cellular physiology of apoptosis caused by microplastics introduced into the brain
Synaptic overgrowth, hyperconnectivity may define autism subtype
The censorship from email providers looks to be worsening
The Covid tyranny is here. The unvaccinated are now treated as second class citizens.
The Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is rapidly taking over in West Africa
The Gibraltar Experiment – Fully Vaccinate Your Population, and You Get Evidence That Boosters Do Not Work
The Hammer and the Dance – A Retrospective
The Latest Cutting-Edge Treatments for Lyme, Mold & Auto-Immune W/ Dr. Matt Cook of BioReset Medical
The next time someone tells you I’m discredited or a conspiracy theorist or whatever…
The Precipitous Fall of Vaccine Effectiveness
The Role of Lipoprotein(a) in Cardiovascular Diseases
The statin effect on CoQ10 | Statin Nation
The Terrible Toll of Tar Sands Mining on Canada’s Native People
The vaccinators are vaccinating the wrong people
The Virus Was Made in a Lab
They Want to EVICT All Unvaccinated People From Their Homes
This Ancient Human Relative ‘Walked Like a Human, But Climbed Like an Ape’
This perverse ban on ivermectin, cheap and proven to work – Kathy Gyngell
Three billion people cannot afford a healthy diet, says UN agriculture agency
Three Years Later After IPAK Alerted 100 Deans of School of Medicine on Acetaminophen, This Happened…
Three-dose requirement for Covid pass being examined
Top OM floot officier van justitie terug in fraudeonderzoek landsadvocaatkantoor Pels Rijcken
Toxic effect of antidepressants on male reproductive system cells
Unassailable proof that the COVID vaccines are the most deadly vaccines in human history
Understanding Breakthrough Infections Following mRNA SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination
Unvaxxed Concentration Camps & Forced Jabs For Austrians – Good Or Bad?
Vaccine-induced immune responses for SARS-CoV-2 in patients receiving anti-CD20 B-cell depleting therapies
Vaccines from Valneva and Novavax might win over some skeptics
VAERS Data Reveals 50 X More Ectopic Pregnancies Following COVID Shots than Following All Vaccines for Past 30 Years
Vaping damages DNA and raises risk of cancer the same way as cigarettes, study claims
Vaping linked to biological changes that can cause inflammation, disease, even without smoking
Vaping – not prior smoking – is associated with changes in gene regulation linked to disease
Violence against nurses – a common problem in inpatient psychiatry
Walking at least 45 minutes a day can help prevent cancer
We Demand Justice, Victims of Fujimori’s Mass Sterilizations
We Suffer Paramilitary Violence – Colombian Indigenous Peoples
Weak UVB Irradiation Promotes Macrophage M2 Polarization and Stabilizes Atherosclerosis
What Exactly Did Fauci Know, and When Did He Know It?
What We Suspect To Be Global Warming
Why Some Get Neuropathy Before Becoming Diabetic
Will the Unvaccinated Become an Enemy of the State? Close to the Breaking Point of Total Tyranny
World-renowned ICU Doctor Sues Hospital for the Right to Use Safe and Effective COVID Treatments
Yoga improves quality of life in men with new diagnosis of prostate cancer
YouTube wants to be sure no information on early treatment contradicts global or local propaganda