Nieuws 25.1.2023

Adema heeft het niet onder controle
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over het bericht ‘Buiten het ziekenhuis dreigt een nijpend tekort aan artsen’
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over het bericht ‘EU Covid-19 Vaccination Adverse reactions report’
Artsen zien een sterke stijging van het aantal infecties veroorzaakt door vleesetende bacterie
Bij verzamelwoede zit er vaak een gevoel van gemis of verlies onder
Bill Gates vliegt met privéjet van $70 miljoen door Australië om les te geven over klimaatverandering
Binnenkern aarde zou gestopt zijn met draaien en nu de andere kant op gaan
CBS overschat aantal coronadoden door WHO richtlijn – onderzoekvaccins
De afgang van het WEF – E finita la commedia
De Europese Commissie werkt aan zeer zorgelijk initiatief waar je waarschijnlijk nog nooit van gehoord hebt
De zogenaamde strijd tegen desinformatie
Eerste provincie die ultrafijnstof in lucht gaat meten is Limburg
Geheime Covid-cijfers Schiphol lagen ver boven het gemiddelde
Gemeenten evenmin blij met Europese natuurherstelwet
Gespecialiseerde immuuncellen bieden mogelijkheid tot nieuwe therapieën tegen kanker
Gezinnen die uit huis worden gezet worden aan hun lot overgelaten
Het beleid voor zonnepanelen is STUPIDE, waar is het gezond verstand gebleven?
Het kwaad presenteert zich altijd als een gerechtvaardigde leugen
Jensen show nr 539
Jeugdzorg moet doorgaan voor kinderen, die 18 jaar worden vindt Stichting Het Vergeten Kind
Kippenboer Karel verkocht zijn stikstofrechten aan Schiphol
Klimaathysterie en een ijzeren vuist
Landelijke Inspectiedienst Dierenbescherming ziet verruwing in omgang met huisdieren door economische crisis
Martin Bosma – we worden geregeerd door een sekte die wil dat we insecten eten
Milieubewegingen en omwonenden Zwijndrecht stappen mee in strafzaak tegen 3M
Nieuwe test voor autisme erkent rol toxische stoffen
Overheid schendt burgerrechten
Overheid voert informatie-oorlog tegen bevolking
Overmatige herrie en vervuiling door goedkope omvliegers KLM
PFAS afbreken kan toch ontdekken wetenschappers
Prof. dr. Cees Hamelink – Wees niet bang voor vrijheid
Stamcellen helpen onrijpe longen op weg
Toeslagenouders zijn verwoest & worden nu door MACHTSMISBRUIK mishandeld door overheid
Vaccin-critici krijgen weer een stukje gelijk
Vragenuur 24.1.2023 – Eric van der Burg is klaar met de kritiek op de aanpak van geweld bij jonge asielzoeker
Vragenuur 24.1.2023 – Fleur Agema vs Conny Helder – problemen in de ouderenzorg
Waarom te veel elektrische auto’s voor nieuwe milieurampen gaan zorgen
Wanneer komt de kweekvleesboerderij?
World Economic Forum – Er is sprake van een polycrisis
Zonnesysteem uit Hardenberg gaat klinieken in Zambia van stroom voorzien
Zorgt een gezonde landbouwgrond ook voor gezonde darmen?

Op zoek naar een natuurlijke multivitamine ?

10 WARNING Signs of Pancreatic CANCER you should NEVER Ignore
20 million tonnes of radioactive waste stored in the open by a French company
3 Foods to Heal Your Heart | Dr. Steve Lome
A better understanding of PCOS offers fresh hope for new treatments
A low-cost sensor that detects heavy metals in sweat
A seismic climate connection?
A soybean protein blocks LDL cholesterol production, reducing risks of metabolic diseases
A wall of silence about vaccine harm has cracked in the media this month
Adding Walnuts to the Usual Diet Can Improve Diet Quality in the United States
ADHD more strongly linked to anxiety and depression compared to autism – new research
After Forcing The CDC To Release V-SAFE Data, Excessive COVID Vaccine Injuries Are Made Public
Alarmists Freaked Out Musk Allows Dissenting Climate Change Views On Twitter
Alcohol-related liver disease – mechanism could form basis for development of new therapies
Altered vitamin B12 metabolism in the central nervous system is associated with the modification of ribosomal gene expression
An Iceberg The Size of London Has Broken Free From Antarctica Ice Shelf
An ‘unprecedented pandemic of avian flu’ is wreaking havoc on the U.S. poultry industry. Humans may be at risk too, experts warn
Anti-aging gene shown to rewind heart age by 10 years
Are bacterial coinfections really rare in COVID-19 intensive care units?
Are carbon offsets a useful tool on the road to net zero or simply another form of greenwashing?
Are They Really Changing The DNA In Our Food ?
As Whales Wash Up Dead, Enviros Quietly Sounded The Alarm On Offshore Wind
Association of Smokeless Tobacco Use With Incident Peripheral Artery Disease
Asthma in One Of 71 Kids Receiving Bivalent Vaccine Ruled UNRELATED. FDA Does not Care.
Brain Implants For EVERYONE? America is ‘Biggest Obstacle’ to WEF Agenda
California City Gives Up On 100% Renewable Plan
Can Elephants Save the Planet?
Certain cooking oils can cause inflammation and raise risk of blood clots, expert warns
CHD Lawsuit Challenging Rutgers COVID Vaccine Mandate Likely Headed to U.S. Supreme Court
Childhood trauma linked to civic environmental engagement, green behavior
China Says Over 80% Of Population Infected With COVID, No Risk Of Virus Rebound
CNN Dr. Sees the Light About COVID Deaths, CNN Hosts Are Not Pleased
Cochlear implants can bring the experience of sound to those with hearing loss, but results may vary
Corporate Greed Is Best Foiled By Consumer Action Rather Than New Laws
COVID is running rampant in China – but herd immunity remains elusive
Covid-19 in pregnant women can damage the placenta and the fetus
Covidians Begin Backpedaling On COVID Propaganda THEY PUSHED
Cup of certain red drink daily could lower blood pressure, expert says – backed by study
Destroying PFAS by grinding it up with a new additive
Dietary nitrate – Increasing muscle force during exercise
Discovering an Exciting Approach to Treating Bronchial Asthma – Modify the Fats!
Do you ever wonder why some people get sick and others seem almost immune?
Does COVID Reinfection Bring More Health Risks — or Make You ‘Super Immune’?
Does panic disorder increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases in diabetics?
Does Tongue Scraping Cause Cancer?
Doxycycline for the prevention of progression of COVID-19 to severe disease requiring intensive care unit (ICU) admission
Dozens in 7,000 Year Old Mass Grave Were Carefully Decapitated After Death
Dr.Vernon Coleman – Murdered For Her Bed
Drug giant Sun Pharma warned over manufacturing violations. What does this mean for Australia?
Dry eyes? Wear sunglasses even when it’s overcast and chilly!
Elon Musk Says the Second Dose of mRNA Booster Jab Crushed Him
End of Rockefeller rule and the beginning of the golden age of hydrogen
End the Persecution of Unvaccinated New Yorkers, Like Me
Epidemiological evidence that Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s could be caused by viral infections
EU Official at WEF Tells Brian Stelter That Free Speech is on its Way Out in the U.S.
EU sugar sector up in arms over decision to restrict bee-toxic pesticides
Evaluation of a Plant-Based Infant Formula Containing Almonds and Buckwheat
Evidence says offshore wind development is killing lots of whales
Experts hope toxin found in SUGAR cane will turn tide on drug-resistant superbugs
Exposing The American Heart Association – Very Bad Advice
FDA Laughed as People Died. The Infamous Ivermectin Horse Tweet FOIAs
Fewer surgically treated ankle fractures with a clear-cut treatment routine
Foods harvested throughout the seasons make up a wintertime meal
Former Colonel Ann Wright talks about the U.S.’ massive environmental disaster in Hawaii
Frequencies – Part One | Unearthing the mysteries of life
German ministries clash over role of conventional biofuels
Glyphosate Found in Wildflower Nectar and Pollen, Sparking Calls to Investigate Pre-Harvest Spraying of the Widely Used Weedkiller
Great Things Happen With VICKS VapoRub! Dr. Mandell
Hands OFF Antarctica! Activists condemn SA arrival of Russia’s noisy oil and gas ship
Healing The Emotional System with Ilan Koch
High inflammatory diet found to increase likelihood of depression
How economic dislocation and the plague of social isolation ruptured our communities
How long does it take for skin to repair after sun exposure?
How spatial thinking could help children learn maths – and go on to use it in their careers
How your brain stays on task when sizing someone up
Hunger and Appetite Management (Episode 113)
Iceland’s Coldest December for 50 years
Impact of Chewing Bags, E-Cigarettes, and Combustible Cigarettes on Arterial Stiffness and Small Airway Function in Healthy Students
In Search Of A (Near) Perfect CO2 Global Warming Analogy
Is Mortality Unusually High in England?
Junk Food | Full Measure
Junk Science Alert – More Biased, Misleading Nonsense from Naomi Oreskes & Geoffrey Supran
Kids Who Exercise More Are Less Likely To Get Respiratory Infections
Laboratory experiment shows that bacteria really eat and digest plastic
Latest Online Trolling Tactic – Claiming Public Images Are Copyright Protected
Levels of Toxic and Essential Elements and Associated Factors in the Hair of Japanese Young Children
Long-term oral antibiotic use in people with acne vulgaris in UK primary care
Long-Term Use of Silybum marianum fruit extract Contributes to Homeostasis in Acne-Prone Skin
Lymphoma mutation yields super-competitive immune cells
Magnets Key To Removing Dangerous PFAS Chemicals
MHRA confirms COVID is Man-Made & the Vaccines are not based on the “Virus” but instead on Computer Generated DNA
Moderna Millions – How the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Company Profited from the COVID Vaccine through Corruption & Fraud
Mortality by vaccination status ONS critique
mRNA technology may deliver genetic fix to hereditary blindness
Neuroberries and neuroscience – How Arepa feeds the brain
New App Shows Air Pollution Levels at London Tube Stations
New Insight into Brain Inflammation Inspires New Hope for Epilepsy Treatment
New Study Indicates That Potatoes Are Healthier Than You Think
New tool uses ultrasound ‘tornado’ to break down blood clots
New York’s COVID Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers Struck Down
Normal vs post injection aorta and spike – not nucleocapsid found in tissue…
Now We Learn That the U.K. Medicines Regulator, the MHRA, Did Not Authorise C19 Vaccines
Older patients on medley of drugs ‘at higher risk of adverse reactions’
Once Upon a COVID in America
One Acute Exposure to E-Cigarette Smoke Using Various Heating Elements and Power Levels Induces Pulmonary Inflammation
Orphaned Gorillas Raising Orphaned Gorillas
Orthrus now makes up one in THREE Covid cases amid warnings that strain could take off in Britain
Ozempic helps people lose weight. But who should be able to use it?
Panel on 5G, Smart Meters and Local Control 2018
Pesticide licensing in the EU and protecting pollinators
Pfizer CEO Asked in Davos When He Knew Vax Wouldn’t ‘Stop the Spread’
Pfizer should compensate the vaccine injured says Cardiologist
Poor Gut Health May Drive Multiple Sclerosis — But a Better Diet May Ease It
Poor Healthcare Experiences Lead Caregivers to Self-Medicate
Prevalence of and factors associated with unmanageable pain levels in people with knee or hip osteoarthritis
Prof Olga Demler from the Harvard Medical School – Glycan biomarkers for cardiovascular events
Prof. Peter Brukner – Low Carb and Chronic Disease
Relationships between parental mental illness and/or offending and offspring contact with the police in childhood
Researchers Hacked a Lab’s Pathogen Containment System
Researchers have found that the drug rilmenidine can extend lifespan and slow aging
Researchers unravel the complex reaction pathways in zero carbon fuel synthesis
Resistant H pylori infections linked to use of antibiotics for COVID-19
Sardinia 4K – Scenic Relaxation Film With Calming Music
Solar Polar Fields Reversing, Big Quakes Ahead
Solo Exercise Is Good for Older Brains, but Exercise with Others Is Even Better
State of control
State of control, the control society is increasingly becoming a reality
Statins Vs. Sulfur for Heart Disease
Stress hormone affects male, female mouse hearts differently
Study Comparing Early Interventions for Sepsis Shows Patients Have Identical Outcomes
Study Finds 25 Percent of Hospitalizations Result in Health Care Related Injuries
Study points to link between schizophrenia and vascular alterations in the brain
Study reveals mechanism involved in neuropathic pain and could help develop specific treatment
Subclinical myocarditis may impact longevity (Aseem Malhotra & Bret Weinstein)
Sugar consumption impairs food associations independently of obesity
Sulforaphane ameliorates bisphenol A-induced hepatic lipid accumulation by inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress
Survey reveals physical and mental problems among health workers during pandemic
Sweets and Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Patients Favor Artificial Sweeteners and Diet Foods/Drinks Over Table Sugar and Consume Less Fruits/Vegetables
T-cell exhaustion after multiple vaccinations should be considered
Teens are risk-takers and think like young primates, study finds
Textbook model of lagging-strand synthesis may be too simplistic for human DNA.
The corporate media has nothing to say as a silent health crisis rips across the globe
The Effects of Prenatal and Postnatal Exposure to 50-Hz and 3 mT Electromagnetic Field on Rat Testicular Development
The Game Is Over and They Have Lost
The International conference on the COVID pandemic, Stockholm, Sweden
The Key to Weathering Rapid Sea-Level Rise May Lie in a Massachusetts Salt Marsh
The Link Between the Massive Drop in Birth Rates and mRNA Vaccines is Undeniable
The phoney ethics of ESG – Davos Man has a new fixation
The Real Truth About Gene Editing – 7 Things That Can Go Wrong
The Severe Suffering of Animals
The Truth About HPV Vaccination, Part 3 – Can It Prevent Cervical Cancer?
These Elephants Cry Out When They Hear The Sound Of Other Elephant Chained Up
These suits used in Avatar are also being used for research on diseases impairing movement
This Science Could Spell Trouble for Bayer
Traffic pollution impairs brain function
True side effects of coming off anti-depressants to be investigated
Turning Down the (CO2) Gas May Leave You Running Hot and Cold
U Researcher to Lead Study of Clouds in Cleanest Air on Earth
Using a seaweed sugar to trigger immune responses that suppress melanomas
Vandana Shiva Exposes the Billionaire Agenda in Latest Book – ‘Oneness vs. the 1%’
Virus plus microplastics equal double whammy for fish health
Warning from German Health Minister!! – Immunodeficiency after COVID infection
Whale Makes Friends With Humans
What We Know About How COVID Vaccines May Affect Menstrual Cycles
What’s the truth about Covid vaccines and tremors?
WHO calls for ‘immediate’ action to protect children from toxic cough syrups
WHO says health of 5 billion people at risk from trans fat
WHO Sneak Attack With James Corbett
Whole-brain tracking of cocaine and sugar rewards processing
Women in Ireland have 67% chance of surviving lung cancer diagnosis
WSJ Shreds Vaccine Makers, Biden Admin Over ‘Deceptive’ Booster Campaign
WSJ Slams Vaccine Makers, Federal Agencies for Pushing Boosters, as FDA Concedes Data Are ‘Complicated’