Nieuws 24.6.2022

Aanvullende informatie na technische briefing over stikstof
Afvallen met intermittent fasting? ‘Het moet bij je passen’
Als er een nieuwe lockdown komt, zal dat voor ongekende weerstand zorgen
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over de kosten van deelname aan WEF-bijeenkomsten
BBB en JA21 lanceren reparatiewet stikstof
Belang van bacteriën voor gezondheid van planten
Bermuda stopt met uitrol 5G vanwege mogelijke gezondheidsrisico‘s
Bijbelverhaal bij boerenprotest toont de ware aard van stikstofpolitiek
Caroline van der Plas over haar plan – ‘Stikstofcrisis’ – Boerenprotest in Stroe 22 juni 2022
Commissiedebat tweede kamer mbt PGB
Conflict over een van ‘s werelds grootste kobaltmijnen in Congo escaleert
Coronakritische huisarts hangt 6 maanden cel boven hoofd
De Hormonen Symfonie
De machtsgreep van turncoaches
De Pollenkalender
De zoektocht van de virusdeeltjes
Desteny (12) uit Meppel heeft FAS-syndroom
Europarlement stemt alsnog in met duurzaamheidsplannen van de klimaatpaus
Forse kritiek op CBS-onderzoek naar oversterfte
Foutjes in camera’s helpen bij opsporen kindermisbruik
Gaia – Het spirituele video streaming platform
Het kabinet voert rücksichtslos de WEF-agenda uit
Het spel van wolken en regen – zo geniet je urenlang van seks op de Taoïstische manier
Kamer wil versnelde omscha­keling naar proef­diervrij onderzoek
Menselijke cellen nemen minder eiwitten op uit plantaardig vlees dan uit kip
Oostenrijk schrapt verplichte coronavaccinatie
PFAS ontdekt op twee plaatsen in Aarschot
Pgb-debat gaat voor groot deel over knelpunten bij gemeenten
Piloten kunnen niet meer vliegen vanwege vaccinatieschade
Slaapproblemen door schommelende bloedsuikerspiegel
Voordracht Karel van Wolferen nummer 44 – “De wurggreep”
Wisselwerking tussen darm en darmbacteriën
Zijn we veranderd?
Zweden heeft zijn kinderen van de lockdown gered
’s Nachts wakker liggen, waarom het natuurlijk én revolutionair is


4 ways to understand why Australia is so cold right now despite global warming
5th Largest US Life Insurance Company Total Claims Payouts Increased by $6 Billion!
A big study says natural immunity protects against Omicron for over a year; mRNA shots fail in months
A community poisoned by oil
A healthy plant-based diet is favorably associated with cardiometabolic risk factors among participants of South Asian ancestry
A pilot study on the effect of D-allulose on postprandial glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus during Ramadan fasting
A Public Health Emergency in Canada – All-Cause Excess Mortality Accelerates Beginning in Summer 2021
Acupuncture may ease common tension headaches
Acute exposure to simulated high-altitude hypoxia alters gut microbiota in mice
Aerobic Exercise Attenuates Kidney Injur
Africa, GMOs and Bill Gates I Documentary
African Sovereignty Coalition Launch – Africa Unites Against the WHO Power Grab
Against The Wind With Dr. Paul Thomas
Airlines Group Argues 5G Filters Not Enough
Alcohol-related liver disease – Are you at risk?
Amid Surgical Mesh Concerns, Surgeons Are Asked – What Treatment Would You Choose for Yourself?
An Ancient Killer Is Rapidly Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics
Are Medical Mistakes The Leading Cause Of Death In The US?
Are Mental Disorders Diseases, or Strategies?
Are plant-based proteins the future of food? | 7.30
Are we over medicalising menopause?
Association Between HbA1c Levels and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Association between noise exposure and atrial fibrillation
Associations between intake of starchy and non-starchy vegetables and risk of hepatic steatosis and fibrosis
AstraZeneca – Vaccine death pay-out of £120k ‘inadequate’ – fiancée
Australian farmers warn PM not to rush into Biden’s global methane pledge
Autism’s sex bias disappears after tracking trajectories
BBC/Met Office Heatwave Predictions Backfire
Biden administration to call for nicotine reductions in cigarettes
Big Pharma Set to Control Entire Food Supply. Monsanto-Bayer and Bill Gates Join Hands.
Biomarkers found that could be drug targets against a deadly form of brain cancer
Black bean husk and black rice anthocyanin extracts modulated gut microbiota and serum metabolites for improvement in type 2 diabetic rats
Blood test developed to predict liver cancer risk
Breast cancer spreads at night
Brit journalist’s Amazon death was ‘collateral damage’, vice-president claims
Caleb Swanigan – How can a 25-year-old die from natural causes?
Canadians who are “vaccinated” have far higher rates of covid infection
CDC Stuns with New Vaccine Recommendation. Will You Do It?
Censorship? Website Pulls ‘Potentially Harmful’ Study That Goes Against COVID Narrative
China’s Surveillance State Is Growing. Here’s How.
Climate Change – The New Abnormal
Commission unveils plan to halve pesticide use and risk
Congressman’s Vaxxed 17-Year Old Daughter Died at Home in the Early Morning
Cortisol Levels During Acute Illnesses in Children and Adolescents
Could monkeypox be the next West Nile Virus?
COVID Jabs ‘Increase Risk of Infection’
Deletion of ‘Wt1’ gene produces alterations in the reproductive organs of mice
Diabetes – Dopamine regulates insulin secretion through a complex of receptors
Did SARS-CoV-2 Originate in Wuhan in 2019 or Earlier Elsewhere?
Did the mRNA Vaccine Rollout Correlate to Internet Searches for Adverse Reactions?
Diet and Sudden Death – How to Reduce the Risk
Dissociation may indicate a high risk of worse mental health outcomes after trauma
Do not lie to your children
Does cigarette or E-cigarette use increase the risk for SARS-CoV-2 seroconversion among Midwestern college students?
Effect of Dust and Smoke on Western Drought ‘Likely Similar’ to African Study, Author Says
Electric cars – It’s not just about the battery, it’s an energy issue, too
European map of aerosol pollution can help improve human health
Examining the Relationships Between Sleep Physiology and the Gut Microbiome in Preclinical and Translational Research
Exposure to any light during sleep linked to obesity, serious health issues
Exposure to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances and Mortality in U.S. Adults
Fauci REFUSES to stop funding Chinese research with US tax dollars
FDA probing death of another child said to have consumed Abbott baby Formula
FDA to order Juul to take e-cigarettes off the market in the US – report
Female scientists less likely to be given authorship credits, analysis finds
Financial Expert Reports Massive Uptick in Disability Claims Since COVID Vaccine Rollout
Five planets align perfectly, visible until end of June
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis talks vaccine for young children
France ahead of targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Free Litigation for Alberta Losses Due to Covid Mandates
Gaining reconciliation when living with insulin treated diabetes
Global Elites Starve Africa To ‘Punish’ Russia
Glyphosate 2.0 – Scientists Test Graphene Compounds, Find Toxicity, Say It’s Harmless
Grains and Seeds – How to Make Them Healthy – Dr. SHIVA
Green cult now going after green energy to abolish it
Hair cortisol in polycystic ovary syndrome
High serum uric acid trajectories are associated with risk of myocardial infarction and all-cause mortality in general Chinese population
Hormones are linked with sleep apnea, snoring in postmenopausal women
How are recycled garments made? And why is recycling them further so hard?
How Dutch houses can become almost energy- and CO2-neutral
How to Reach People across The Divide
Human cells take in less protein from a plant-based ‘meat’ than from chicken
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Hawai‘i Nursing Workforce
Is green hydrogen a ‘game changer’ in clean energy transition?
Is the vaccine preventing Covid in kids?
Is There A Way To Cut Back On Statins? – Joel Kahn, MD
Learning Suffers When Classrooms Heat Up
Life rather than climate influences diversity at scales greater than 40?million years
Long Coronavirus Infection is Associated with Significant Sleep Disturbances as Detected by Wearable Health Devices
Loss of a grandmother may have repercussions for the loved ones she leaves behind
Mathew Crawford – Fraud in the Military’s Health Database?
Michel Vos over hoe ayahuasca hem de alcoholzucht van zijn moeder liet ervaren – Eindbazen
Moaning is not part of the female orgasm, new study says
Moderna’s upcoming Omicron shot is formulated for a variant that no longer exists
Navy officer used COVID vaccine facts to beat discharge for resisting Biden mandate
Neuropathic Pain Associated with COVID-19
New photoimmunotherapy lights up and wipes out cancer cells
NHS hospital failed to disclose babies’ deadly bacteria infections
NSAID Improves Vascular Health in Adults with Severe Depression
NYC Making Push to Get Fired Workers Vaccinated, Rehired
Pancreatic beta cells regeneration
Pfizer and Moderna Analysis Re-do
Pfizer classified almost all severe adverse events during covid vaccine trials ‘not related to shots’
Plant Based Diet & Sticky Arteries
Plant sterol hyperabsorption caused by uncontrolled diabetes in a patient with a heterozygous ABCG5 variant
Polio found in London sewage leading officials to declare ‘national incident’
Prof Gordan Lauc – Glycans are modifiable biomarkers and functional effectors of aging
Psychotropic Drug Prescription in Nursing Homes During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Reducing air pollution can support healthy brain development
Reversal and Remission of T2DM – An Update for Practitioners
Russia says West is spreading lies about causes of world’s food crisis
SADS (Sudden adult death syndrome) and SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) WILL become the new watch words
SARS-CoV-2 evades natural killer cell cytotoxic responses
Scientists find insect’s brains respond differently to three types of mouth cancer
Spain bets on green hydrogen in clean energy push
Speaking releases much more SARS-CoV-2 virus than breathing does
Sweetened beverage consumption and risk of liver cancer by diabetes status
Terms tobacco users employ to describe e-cigarette aerosol
Thank you Africa, for showing us the Better Way
The assault on children’s psyches
The clinical and mechanistic roles of bile acids in depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke
The Coming Climate Lockdown & The GREAT RESET Highway Restrictions
The effect of increase in blood glucose level on hearing loss
The FDA knows nicotine is addictive. It wants to regulate it for the first time.
The gut metabolite indole-3 propionate promotes nerve regeneration and repair
The immune system may play a fundamental role along with the central nervous system in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
The use of social robots with children and young people on the autism spectrum
The war on journalists and environmental defenders in the Amazon continues
The WEF Wants to Track Our Children with RFID Tags
The younger we feel, the better we rehabilitate, research shows
The “Lab-Leak Theory” returns…as yet another fake binary
Top epidemiologist for Public Health Agency of Canada NEVER recommended vaccination for air travel
Tribal waters trailer
Unemployment associated with worse mental and physical health later in life
Unpicking the link between smell and memories
Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme – The battle for compensation
Veteran James Topp and Dr. Paul Alexander and Tom Marazzo talking with MPs Canada parliament meeting in Ottawa June 22nd 2022 on dropping mandates
Were the Correct Approaches Chosen to Handle the Pandemic?
What happened to the lab-leak hypothesis?
What is Farm to Fork and why is it under attack by the agribusiness lobby?
What is trauma doing to young people in Gaza?
Wheat crops In Kansas are failing on a massive scale
Why has defending Brazil’s Amazon become so dangerous?
Why you should put apple cider vinegar in your belly button
Woman forced to wear gas mask every night over ‘angry’ dispute with neighbour
Women are at greater risk of stroke, the more miscarriages or stillbirths they’ve had
You decide. Please watch this 7.5 hour film to find out why virology is pseudoscience.
Young people dying in their sleep is now happening on a regular basis
Youth vaping beliefs and behaviors – evidence from New York