Nieuws 24.11.2021

Alle ecosysteemdiensten van een voedselbos hebben waarde
Alle mooie dingen die gebeuren als je groene groenten eet
Als leerling hoef je (nog) niet te vertellen of je gevaccineerd bent of niet maar aanpassing van de wet is onderweg
Aspirine verhoogt je risico op hartfalen
Azarkan haalt hard uit naar Attje Kuiken – Ze waant zich een kruising tussen Jomanda en Gommers
Boek – De dag der dagen
Caroline tijdens debat over 2G en niet essentiële winkels. Niet doorgaan met iets dat niet werkt.
De meeste coronamaatregelen zijn puur voor de bühne
Desinteresse in technologie kan zomaar leiden tot staatssurveillance
Diana tegen GGD-DIRECTEUR – Zijn jullie niet te ENTHOUSIAST geweest over VACCINS?
Door coronatsunami minder zorg voor ouderen
Dr. Jona Walk – Ook de Coronacijfers wijzen op onzinnigheid 2G maatregel
Draagbare apparaat controleert hoeveelheid opioïden in het lichaam
Europa moet online volgen mensen verbieden
Europese bomensterfte neemt hand over hand toe
Evangelist Franklin Graham krijgt pericarditis en hartoperatie na Covid injecties
Geen 2G maar 3G in hoger onderwijs
Gezond dieet verlaagt uitstoot van broeikasgassen
Goedemorgen, hier spreekt Huig Plug (uit de gevangenis in Almelo, cel D36)
Grote scepsis bij OMT over effectiviteit van de coronatoegangsbewijzen
Hugo de Jonge gaat eindelijk serieus kijken naar unaniem aangenomen motie van Pouw-Verwey bloedtest
Interview met Jessica Vereecke
Kankerpatiënten willen een empathische arts en geen vage beloften
Meester Jeroen Pols is de luis in de pels van de overheid
Moeten we leren leven met corona?
Nederland moet toegankelijker zijn voor mensen met beperking
Nederlandse kinderarts kritisch over besluit Wenen om kinderen tussen de 5 en 11 jaar te vaccineren
Nieuwe ontstekingsremmers vergroten kans op schimmelinfectie
Orde der Artsen over zwart geld bij dokters – Beschamend, men schendt het vertrouwen voor een habbekrats
Overheid dreigt toeslagouders – Blijf uit media, of zie je kinderen niet terug
Pfizer terechtgewezen om uitspraken op tv
QR-code op werkvloer kan capaciteitsproblemen bij politie veroorzaken
Ruim 2500 scholen hebben ventilatie niet op orde, dus raam open in de winter
Slimme ramen moeten geluidsoverlast Schiphol verminderen
Streep door coronapas in Baskenland
Sven over de financiële sector en het geldsysteem
Te lang heeft het kabinet de polarisatie en de gevoelens van frustratie genegeerd
Toegangsbewijzen worden verplicht in het hoger onderwijs
Tweede Kamer moet stemmen over 2G op basis van aannames en schattingen OMT
Tweede Kamer onjuist en onvolledig geïnformeerd over varend ontgassen
Vanwege de quarantaineregel komen er meer klassen thuis te zitten
Vermoedens waarop maatregelen zijn gebaseerd zijn achterhaald
Vezelrijke voeding verlengt het leven
Vrouwen worstelen vaker met onverklaarbare klachten
Waalse arts verdacht van vervalsen tweeduizend vaccinatiebewijzen
Wetsvoorstellen bredere inzet coronatoegangsbewijs en 2G naar Tweede Kamer
Wie kwam er betogen tegen de coronamaatregelen in Brussel?
Washington criminaliseert Russische websites die wereldwijde wandaden van de VS onthullen
Zorgexpert Chris Oomen – Richt leegstaande ziekenhuizen in als covid-ziekenhuis


100,000 Americans Die in Overdose Epidemic – Psychostimulants Third in Abuse List
A Crisis of Undiagnosed Cancers Is Emerging in the Pandemic’s Second Year
A Narrative Review of Neuroimaging Studies in Acupuncture for Migraine
A New Kind of Cell Discovered in The Heart Seems to Be Critical For Your Heartbeat
A potential role for ibuprofen in older adults’ immunity to RSV
Africa is only 6% vaccinated, and covid has practically disappeared… scientists baffled
Allergic inflammation and experimental skin cancer risk
Antarctic Ice-Sheet Destabilized Within a Decade
Anti-inflammatory drug used to treat gout does NOT prevent hospitalization or death from COVID-19
Anti-vaxxers in child immunization disputes with co-parents likely to lose in court
Association Between Diet and Acne Severity
At Least Half of Panel Advising Congress on Drug Policy Had Undisclosed Ties to Drugmakers
Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps
Autistic people have more mutations than others do in both mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA that affects mitochondrial function
Bees may take generations to recover from one exposure to insecticides
Big Ag Hits Back After EPA Says Top Herbicides Driving Vulnerable Species Toward Extinction
Bill Gates ‘Just Plain Wrong’ About Chemical Fertilizers, Scientists Say
Calif. Supreme Court Upholds Couple’s $86 Million Award in Roundup Weedkiller Case
Can seaweed help solve Ireland’s cow methane problem?
Can taking HRT help prevent dementia? Dr MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions
CDC Forced to Admit It Doesn’t Collect Data on Natural Immunity to COVID
CDC officials say there WILL be a flu season this year after virus ‘disappeared’ during 2020 season
Childhood trauma experts critical of mother and baby home redress scheme
China Slaughtering Pets Of COVID Patients Under New Law
Companies are telling unvaccinated workers to pay more for health insurance
Consumption of dietary fat causes loss of olfactory sensory neurons and associated circuitry that is not mitigated by voluntary exercise in mice
Corona – Wirklich eine Pandemie der Ungeimpften? – MONITOR
Covid news live – India records smallest daily rise in cases in 18 months despite festivals
Covidpaspoorten hebben geen invloed gehad op transmissies in Noord-Ierland
Deleting dysfunctional cells alleviates diabetes
Diana tegen GGD-DIRECTEUR – Zijn jullie niet te ENTHOUSIAST geweest over VACCINS?
Disrupted circadian regulation of cognition in Alzheimer’s disease
Do Babies Cry in The Womb? Ultrasounds Show Something Strange Going On
Dr Ros Jones reacts to mandatory vaccines in Austria – The whole world is going mad
Dr Tony Hinton – The aim is not vaccinations, the aim is vaccine passports
Dr. Martin Kulldorf – The COVID-19 Studies That Aren’t Being Done
Dr. Pierre Kory speaks about the medical agencies being captured by Big Pharma and the ignoring of natural immunity
Dr. Steven Greer – When the Science & Consciousness Merge… Coming Out of the Shadow of Secrecy
Drugs with reported efficacy for COVID–Meryl Nass, MD.
E-cigarette use may be detrimental to bone health in adults
EU strategy seeks to remove carbon from atmosphere
Even fully vaccinated, you’re anti-vax if you oppose mandates, Australian minister declares
Excess mortality in Italy during the vaccination campaign.
Exposure to harmless coronaviruses boosts SARS-CoV-2 immunity
Fatty liver disease – Four signs in your mood it has advanced – this can occur suddenly
Giving social support to others may boost your health
Healthier UK diets linked to lower greenhouse gas emissions
Housework may promote health in old age, study suggests
How Much Have Vaccine Mandates Contributed to the Great Resignation?
How Sirtuins Increase Fat Loss and Reverse Aging (Applicable Tips)
How sugar-loving microbes could help power future cars
How the chemicals industry’s pollution slipped under the radar
If forced vaccination doesn’t work, then what?
In Britain alone £141m worth of clothing is sent to landfills every year
Inhaled steroid keeps COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate disease out of the hospital
Insecticides can reduce bee fertility, causing lasting harm across generations
Interferon beta versus the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant
Irish researchers make significant motor neurone disease breakthrough
Italian Data Shows 97% of “COVID” Deaths Involved People With Underlying Health Conditions
Michael Marmot (UCL) – The impact of COVID-19 on “healthy ageing” over the next decade
Miss France contestants are told to STOP overdoing filters or risk disappointing viewers
More People Died in Pfizer Vax Trial Than They Publicly Reported
Multiple concussions can disrupt brain connectivity in teens
New COVID Antivirals Do Not Replace the Need to Vaccinate
On the correlation between solar activity and large earthquakes worldwide
Our Brains May Be Wired To Block Some Information Despite Paying Attention
Pancreatic Cancer – Designing new treatments for a deadly cancer
People Died at Rates 20% Higher Than Normal After Second COVID Shot, Swedish Study Shows
People Have No Idea How Serious This Is – Elon Musk WARNING
People with mild depression should be prescribed exercise before antidepressants
Pomegranate extract ameliorates renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats via suppressing NF-?B pathway
Poor sleep linked to feeling older and worse outlook on ageing, which can impact health
Portugal becomes fourth EU country to stop using coal plants
Prof Nikolai Petrovsky Cancelled – a conversation with Prof Russell Strong
Rheumatoid arthritis finding may lead to new inflammation blockers
Secret Emails Reveal How NIH, EcoHealth Alliance Colluded to Skirt Restrictions on Risky Experiments
Statin Nation – The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up Trailer | Ickonic
Stop the mining rush in protected nature
Study digs up roles bacteria play in global carbon cycle
Study shows SARS-CoV-2 can infect and replicate in human iPSC-derived neurons
The Benefit Of SARS-CoV-2 Natural Immunity In The Armed Forces
The Dangerous Experiment on Teen Girls
The evidence is clear that the viral load of the vaccinated and unvaccinated is very similar, it doesn’t reduce transmission
The FDA’s Lax Oversight of Research in Developing Countries Can Do Harm to Vulnerable Participants
The Higher the Vaccination Rate, the Higher the Excess Mortality
The Hypocritical Oath
The Petrovsky Affair – There’s no immunity to bureaucratic madness
The U.S. Was Not Prepared for a Pandemic – Free Market Capitalism and Government Deregulation May Be to Blame
The Unvaxxed, Demonized For No Reason
Top EU ministers in quarantine over positive Covid test
Twin study finds type 2 diabetes clues in epigenetic changes
Tyranny in Austria
Tyranny in Austria
UK redefines fully vaccinated to require booster shots… and your compliance is not optional
US raises Covid-19 travel warning for Germany, Denmark
Use of medications that may raise blood pressure among adults with high blood pressure
Vaccine mandates – Kenya restricts access for unvaccinated to boost inoculations
Vitamin B12 deficiency – Sensation in the chest indicating long-term damage what to spot?
We May Have Underestimated The First Known Outbreak of Bubonic Plague
Wearable device can detect and reverse opioid overdose
We’ll Never Give Up – Europe Protests ‘Draconian’ vaccine mandate
Why have we doctors been silent about the Covid virus?
Why people with mental illness are at higher risk of COVID
Yes, Biden’s vaccine mandate applies to CDC employees, but not members of Congress
Your ‘inflammation age’ could matter when it comes to gauging your health, scientists say