Nieuws 24.1.2023

1 jaar na Conners die zei laat ongevaccineerden nergens meer binnen
5 geneeskrachtige kruidentheeën om je lichaam gezond te houden
8 belangrijke gezondheidsvoordelen van appels
Aanzienlijke gevolgen van EU-wet over ruimtebeslag
Activistische clubs blijken opgezet door Big Business en Big Government
Bekijk dit bizarre filmpje van de WHO over vaccinveiligheid
Brandbrief van dierenartsen over wolven in Drenthe en omliggende provincies
Burgemeesters zoeken grenzen op met online uitingsverbod
College Haarlemmermeer blijft actief wegkijken van PFAS-gif op Schiphol
Davos in gesprek over transitie van de geneeskunde – Wendy Mittemeijer-Ootenman
De coronaleugens zijn een Catch-22 die pers én politiek zeer zuur zullen opbreken
De dubieuze invloed op klimaatverandering, geo-engineering en weermodificatie
De kracht en macht van frequenties
De nieuwe premier van Nieuw-Zeeland die op ongevaxxten wilde jagen
De wereldwijde uitroeiing van authenticiteit, volgens dr. Gabor Maté
Deze slimme emmer helpt jonge bomen, planten en groente de droge zomers te overleven
Dit zet de verhouding tussen kabinet en boeren weer op scherp
Door de mens veroorzaakte of natuurlijke opwarming van de aarde?
Een normale arts-patiënt-relatie is niet meer mogelijk
Gas versus inductie | Volg Je Hart
Gevaccineerd Japan op de knieën gedwongen door Covid
Het tijdperk van sociale media is voorbij
Het ‘spike'(spijker)eiwit als STER-ACTEUR
Hoogbejaarde vrouw (94) in de kou wegens zeer hoge energierekening
Jan Geurtz over liefde, verlangen en verlies
Let op, krekelmeel in deze produkten
LID ziet verruwing in omgang met huisdieren door economische crisis
Nederland gaat EU’s grootste gasveld sluiten
Nederland start met pilot voor digitaal reisdocument
Nieuws van de Week | Oversterfte, Oekraïne en de verlokkingen van Jordan Peterson?
Omgevingsdienst grijpt in bij Tata Steel
Oppositie tegen dictatoriale pandemiewet boekt succes
Pfizer-baas krijgt op tv vraag over veiligheidskwesties rond booster en zijn antwoord is verbijsterend
Pieter Omtzigt verzoek debat oversterfte
Ruitenvloeistof bevat te veel van het zeer giftige methanol
Stikstofoverschot in de landbouw afgenomen in 2021
Verbod op wegblazen van gifstoffen in binnenvaart kan juridisch wél
Voltooid leven opmaat tot opgedrongen euthanasie
Waarschuwing voor toename ‘onbeheersbare natuurbranden’
Wereldprimeur vanaf Texel – bacteriën eten echt plastic
Wist Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla dat zijn vaccins schadelijk waren?

[ Op zoek naar een natuurlijke multivitamine ?]

18-year old dies suddenly, took the COVID fraud gene injection & did not tell her parents she took it

3 Years After First Covid Lockdown, China’s Wuhan “Not Afraid Of Virus”
30 Times Hunters Messed With The Wrong Animals (Part 2)
4-day work week can cure ‘burnout society’, but it’s complicated
5 ways pressuring young athletes to perform well does them harm
57% of Voters Want CDC Investigated
5G and the China epidemic
5G Debate Ignites as IARC Plans to Re Evaluate RF Radiation Cancer Risks
86% Of Clinical Trials Of Drugs Are Industry Funded
Abbott Laboratories Baby Formula Under Criminal Investigation Due to Illness Reports Leading to 4 Infant Deaths
After Four Shots, COVID Jabs Produced Collapse of Immune System in Mice
Alcohol misuse treatment up 10%
AP falsely ‘fact checks’ Milloy’s 13 million-view tweet about 8 years of no warming
Apple cider vinegar – is drinking this popular home remedy bad for your teeth?
Arctic – Our Frozen Planet Trailer | BBC Earth
Beans IN toast could revolutionise British diet
Because for VIP I cannot drive electricity car – VIP Driver talks
Biden’s Push for COVID Boosters in Nursing Homes Had Modest Impact. What Happened?
Big Egg Producers Behind ‘Collusive Scheme’ to Gouge Consumers, Farm Group Says
Big Pharma’s Influence in Shaping the U.S. Medical Model
Boek – Butchered By Healthcare
Boek – Sickening, How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care and How We Can Repair It
Boek – Surgery, The Ultimate Placebo
Book – Surgery, The Ultimate Placebo – A Surgeon Cuts through the Evidence
Boost screening to end anguish of cervical cancer, experts say
Brazil begins first operations to protect Amazon
Calorie counting better for weight loss than intermittent fasting
Celebrities Paid to Endorse Pfizer Booster
Chinese herb shown to ‘increase memory retention’ and cerebral blood flow
Climate Activism Has a Cult Problem
Coca-Cola sued over claims its ‘all-natural’ Simply Orange Juice has high levels of toxic forever chemicals
Common Antidepressants Cause Emotional “Blunting” – Scientists Finally Figured Out Why
COVID Jab and Prion Disease
COVID Vaccines Are Gene Therapy — But Big Pharma and Big Media Don’t Want You to Know That
COVID-19 Infection May Induce Fetal Brain Hemorrhages
Deaths in England Care Homes are at High Levels Again this Season
Died Suddely – American Idol CJ Harris Died Of Heart Attack
Died Suddely – FOX News Executive Dies Suddenly Of Heart Attack
Doctor Explains Why US Medicine Is Dangerous | Dr. John Abramson Ep. 709
Doctors saying NO MORE mRNA SHOTS
E.U. Rules Will Force Dutch To Ban Livestock Farming
Electrosmog – pure stress for our body
Elon Musk felt like he ‘was dying’ after 2nd COVID booster shot
Excess Deaths in Finland and Norway in 2022 Were Higher Than in Sweden in 2020
Expert Doctor confirms 50 Million Americans may have serious Heart Damage due to COVID-19 Vaccination
FAA Won’t Divulge Data Behind Pilot Heart Arrhythmia Decision
Firefighters Concerned About EV Fires
First, Do No Harm – The Perils of Too Much Medicine and How We Can Tackle It
Former Head of Israels Defense Ministry’s Biological Institute & Vaccine Developer Speaks Out Against COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines
Former Pharmaceutical Rep Details How Oxycontin Took Over
Fukushima to release contaminated water – an expert explains why this could be the best option
Geert states that more virulent strains of Omicron are inevitable – Is he correct?
German Government data confirms the COVID Vaccinated did develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in Jan. 2022
Glial Brain Cells Help Memory Along – Previously Unknown Mechanism for Spatial Learning Discovered
Glyphosate yet again is linked to cancer in people exposed to its use
GMOs and CRISPR technology – where are we headed? with Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Great Green Wall | Trailer
Gregg Braden – Mysteries of Human DNA
Groundbreaking New Revelations on Alzheimer’s Disease
Hepa air filters were popular in Davos but what are they and do they work?
HHS Policy for Monitoring Gain-of-Function Virus Research Unclear, GAO Says
High Blood Pressure Is Worth Billions Of Dollars To The Pharmaceutical Industry
Hippocrasy – How doctors are betraying their oath
How a failed eczema treatment triggered an interest in traditional medicine
How Aluminum Damages Your Brain
How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care | Dr. John Abramson
How brown noise could help people with ADHD
How EU countries use firewood to bloat their renewable energy stats
Hydrogen Will Not Save Us. Here’s Why.
Ian Harris – Too much medicine and placebos in surgery
Immunotherapy with two novel drugs shows activity in colorectal cancer
Implantable Devices to Diagnose and Treat Cardiac Rhythm Disorders
Improved cancer therapies could spring from mesothelioma discovery
In 2022, 7.8% more young adults died than in 2019, this is outrageous and demands an official (credible) explanation
In 7 days the pain in the neck, joints and bones will stop – a natural remedy for osteoporosis
Inpatient blood draws are often performed during sleep hours, Yale study finds
Is ADHD being OVER-diagnosed… or has it just been neglected for years?
Is green hydrogen really eco-friendly?
Is Ignorance an Excuse in Vaccine Regulation?
Is it time for a reality check on rapid COVID tests?
Is onwetendheid of excuus in de vaccinatieregelgeving?
Japan To Set Up New Agency To Tackle Falling Birth Rate
Japanese activists protest Fukushima nuclear contaminated water discharge plan
Joe Rogan and Bret Weinstein – COVID-19 Blunder
John Abramson – Big Pharma | Lex Fridman Podcast
LA Times Flawed Year 2022 Climate Alarmist Propaganda Editorial
Light pollution is getting noticeably worse, study confirms
Light pollution is robbing us of the night sky
Loneliness associated with unhealthful diets and physical inactivity among US college students
Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields exposure alleviate the abnormal subchondral bone remodeling at the early stage of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis
LPG versus dirty fuel use in Ghana
Magnetic Method to Clean PFAS Contaminated Water
Mainstream media trickles out vaccine injury stories after generating stigma toward skeptics
Male menopause – The silent epidemic that leaves millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, depression and rapid fat gain
Medicaid Madness
Meta gave the CDC de facto power to police Covid “misinfo”
Mexico to ban solar geoengineering in wake of unauthorised experiment
Milk may have fuelled a growth spurt in ancient Europeans
Myocarditis And Bolus Theory
NASA Has Invented A New Solar Phenomena That Could Cause A CME?
Neuroscientists identify a small molecule that restores visual function after optic nerve injury
New ‘whipping jet’ sprayer controls how aerosols move
New Research Links Glyphosate to DNA Damage, Cancer and Oxidative Stress
New study is first to tie patterns of age-independent human mortality to food production
New weight loss drugs trending with billionaires and celebrities are about to enter more American homes
Nine years ago, the Obama/Biden White House Science Advisor said a warm melting Arctic makes the US cold.
Norwegian Shipping Company Bans Electrified Vehicles Over Fire Fears
One Pfizer jab, 20 months of battling to keep hope alive
Opposition to 5G Increases in the Big Apple
Pesticides worsen climate change, causing a need for more pesticides
PFAS found in organic eggs in Denmark
Pfizer tried to ‘bully’ India – minister
Pfizer, FDA, CDC Hid Proven Harms to Male Sperm Quality, Testes Function, from mRNA Vaccine Ingredients
Pfizer, Moderna and the pharmaceutical lobby was funding attacks on critics, dissent, science
Pharma Only Treats The Symptoms Of Disease, Not The Disease Itself
Pneumonia is killing more elderly people than Covid, as NHS bosses slammed for not buying new vaccine after efficacy concerns
President Donald Trump & the WEF Jabs
Private patients receive treatment more often than those with basic health insurance
Regulating immunological memory may help immune system fight disease
Report finds “vicious cycle” between pesticide dependence and climate change
Restrictions didn’t stop SARS-CoV-2 from flying to UK
Returning to school within 2 days of a concussion linked to faster recovery in kids
RF-EMF exposure assessments in Greek schools to support ubiquitous IoT-based monitoring in smart cities
Schwab has an issue with US – Dissidents.
Schwab’s rol als WEF-baas lijkt uitgespeeld
Scientists in Galway find glyphosate traces in one quarter of people tested
Scott Adams admits that he was WRONG about the jab
Soil organisms are essential for the maintenance of city parks and gardens, study shows
Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhosis
Study analyzes how immunological memory gets generated and maintained
Studying the feasibility of drones for collecting environmental data
Suicide Increases Linked To Lack Of Religion?
Susceptibility to COVID-19 Nutrition Misinformation and Eating Behavior Change during Lockdowns
Tea could help you fall asleep in ‘minutes’ during January – the ‘worst’ month for sleep
Temperatures Are Not Becoming More Extreme
Tempering tales of a new autism measure
The Deceptive Campaign for Bivalent Covid Boosters
The Irony of Blaming Billionaires for CO2 Emissions
The Killing Fields of Australian Care Homes
The same genes that affect diseases in our mouths may be linked to other diseases
The Second Green Revolution Will Be Digitized
The Seedy Side of Davos
The Troubling Story of Vioxx
The World Economic Forum (WEF) Calls for Destruction of America’s Middle Class
The ‘Anti-Vaxxers Clearly Are the Winners’
Two ‘soup-based’ dishes associated with a ‘significantly’ higher incidence of cancer
Ukrainians exploited in illegal tobacco operation
Updated approach to regulating chemicals is “urgently needed,” say scientists
Vaccine Injury Syndrome – The New Evolving Field of Science With Dr. Pierre Kory
WEF wants you to eat ‘zero-emissions’ food
What doctors wish patients knew about COVID-19 reinfection
Who is Behind the Great Food Reset?
Why renewables can’t save the planet | Michael Shellenberger
Why Surgery Is The Ultimate Placebo – Ian Harris, MD
WSJ Shreds Vaccine Makers, Biden Admin Over “Deceptive” Booster Campaign