Nieuws 23.6.2022

3 manieren om emoties van anderen los te laten
Aangifte en officiële klacht tegen hoogleraar Wim Voermans
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over langetermijnvisie coronasteun
Artsen spoedeisende hulp – 1000 patiënten overlijden jaarlijks door lange wachttijd
Brussel verlengt coronapas die niemand wil – nieuwe stemming 23 juni
Compleetdenkers – Het spreekuur – deel 1
Corona-eenzaamheid en onontdekte depressie
Dat AERIUS-model deugt van geen kant! – Melkveehouder Nynke Koopmans
De relatie tussen zwangerschapscomplicaties en hart- en vaatziekten
Edwin Veldhuijzen – Er wordt met boeren vals spel gespeeld
Hoe zonnevlammen ons lichaam beïnvloeden
Intensive care verdwijnt definitief uit LangeLand Ziekenhuis Zoetermeer
Interview Willem Engel en samenvatting van de regiezitting opruiing rechtszaak van Norbert Dikkeboom
Je moet boeren op een andere manier laten werken, bijvoorbeeld biologisch
Kamercommissie Energie legt kosten voor ontmanteling kerncentrales volledig bij uitbater
Mensen met arbeidsbeperking buitengesloten, ‘door wetgeving achter geraniums’
Mensen met een prik lopen groter risico om Covid-19 op te lopen
Nieuwe domper voor boeren – duurzame mestverwerker failliet
Open Legal Advocaten wil namens vaccinatieslachtoffers de overheid aansprakelijk stellen
Overprikkeling kan leiden tot koorts, maar zorgt het vaakst voor onbegrip
Patholoog haalt uit naar Gates
Samen Voor Vrijheid met Dr. Hilde De Smet
Stikstofcrisis kan een vorm van een burgeroorlog worden
Studie vindt laag aantal zaadcellen bij gevaccineerde mannen
Tekort dreigt aan medicatie bij hersen- en hartinfarcten
Tussen Hemel en Aarde – Peter den Haring en Sam Pitzalis
Van Haga – Timmermans is gewetenloze man met slechte plannen voor Nederland
Vliegen op waterstof voorlopig schadelijker dan op kerosine
Witte woede – waarom? (Interview met verpleegkundigen Sofie en Charlotte)


2021 heat wave created ‘perfect storm’ for shellfish die-off
3 COVID Stats — What They Tell Us and How They Divided Our World
3 Keys to Reduce Estrogen Dominance – Ann Louise Gittleman
5G’s environmental paradox
A blue pigment loved by artists could suck up precious metals from your discarded cell phone
After $6 Trillion in COVID Spending, Team Biden Is Still Complaining About a Lack of Pandemic Funds
All Planets Have Aligned In The June 2022 Sky And You Should Not Miss This Show
Almost 3,000% Increase in Eye Disorders Following COVID-19 Vaccines
Alzheimer’s disease causes brain cells to overheat and ‘fry like eggs’
Baricitinib Is First Approved COVID-19 Immunomodulatory Treatment
Biden administration proposes rule to cut nicotine in cigarettes
Bilirubin levels and kidney function decline
Bulgaria, Greece to build hydrogen pipeline
Calcium Channel Blockers May Improve Chemotherapy Response
Caller Drops Massive Truth Bomb on FDA
Cancer Deaths May Double by 2030 in Sub-Saharan Africa
Cancer warning – The type of vegetable ‘significantly associated’ with stomach cancer
CDC Admits It Never Monitored VAERS for COVID Vaccine Safety Signals
Censors Remove Covid Control Group Report From Preprint Server
CNN Analyst Suggests Inflation Is Needed To Achieve Green Agenda
Copper nanomesh “second skin” could be the future protection against all pathogens
Countries in the Asia Pacific region set to lift their failed vaping bans
Court Rules EPA Failed to Fully Consider Glyphosate’s Risk to Humans and Wildlife
Covid infections have begun to spike in Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, and Denmark
Dessler Wants To Erase The 1930s
Do optimists really live longer? Here’s what the research says
Doctors & Psychotherapists – Butchers & Liars
Don’t read this if you’re vaccinated
Drinking caffeine before shopping increases impulse buying
Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) reapproval of the toxic pesticide glyphosate, main ingredient in Roundup, unlawfull
EU agrees deal on company disclosures to combat greenwashing
EU ethanol companies produced more animal feed than fuel last year
Eye movements could be the missing link in our understanding of memory
Facebook Employees Demand Censorship of Climate Scepticism
Fasting – Is it Good for YOU? Why I Stopped
Fauci finally admits there are NO studies that support COVID boosters being effective for kids
FDA official Dr. Marks says vaccinated kids have a 500% increase of myocarditis -safe and effective? –
Federal govt. data indicates COVID-19 vaccines increase cases of shingles by more than 4000%
Females far likelier to suffer with Long COVID, a new review of studies shows
Fishing for Toxic Contaminants using Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles
Governments, firms make new bet on green hydrogen as climate fix
Great Minds Think Alike but are censored by government-dependent mainstream media
Greens want to ‘destroy’ Australian society
Heart attack breakthrough as scientists find ‘game-changer’ cancer drug can prevent irreversible damage to organ
Here’s more evidence that the COVID pandemic was a massive vacation for hundreds of thousands of federal workers
How Russia ‘Faked its Covid Vaccine Trial and Made Billions’
How to Reduce the Cancer-Causing Properties of Meat
How tumors make immune cells ‘go bad’
Invisible Threat – Where Solar Storms Get Their Power
Is the NHS now putting the planet before patients?
Is Your Bra Wrecking Your Breasts?
Kids’ neighborhoods can affect their developing brains
Less than 6% of “Approved” Medical Drugs Are Backed by “High-Quality Evidence” to Support Their Benefits – “Harms” are Significantly Underreported Across the Board
Light-activated “photoimmunotherapy” kills brain cancer, reduces relapse
Lockdowns Have Caused a “Global Mental Health Crisis” in Children, Says WHO
Long COVID and the Digestive System
Massachusetts COVID Death Data Shows Vaccinating Kids Is INSANE
MEPs want EU Commission to reveal vaccine prices
Micro-device could pick up early signs of heart attack or stroke
Miguel Coma on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of 5G
Mirror measures for animal welfare are a possibility, confirm EU Member States
Molecular biologist – Human genome poisoned by mRNA vaccines can be passed on to future generations
mTOR, Polyphenols and Using Olive Oil to Fight Cancer with Dr. Limor Goren
New Drugs with High Abuse Potential More Likely to Be Approved, Go to Market to Treat Pain
New FOIA Release Shows CDC Lied About Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Efforts
New study suggests supportive school environment is linked to higher physical activity levels
Novel Brain Scan Diagnoses Alzheimer’s and Progression with Impressive Accuracy
Optometrist warns of the long-term effects smoking can have on our eyesight
Oregon State University research finds evidence to suggest Pacific whiting skin has anti-aging properties that prevent wrinkles
Pfizer Classified Almost All Severe Adverse Events During COVID Vaccine Trials ‘Not Related to Shots’
Pfizer trial data for children under 5 shows covid “vaccines” to be just THREE PERCENT effective at best
Phonegate – What the cell phone industry doesn’t want you to know
Planning Is Key to Effective Management of Nutrients on Dairy Farms
Plant virus plus immune cell-activating antibody clear colon cancer in mice, prevent recurrence
Professor Tom Butler on international regulation of radio frequency radiation (RFR), which ignores scientific studies about biological impacts
Raising the Bar for Biomarkers and Early Diagnostics in Neurodegenerative Disease
Rand Paul Explodes on Fauci & Confronts Him on Misleading Data
Reinvigorating the Immune System to Attack Cancer Cells Using Highly Specific Antibodies
Researchers make virus-fighting face masks
Salmon firm’s plan to fly fish in its own Boeing 757 alarms campaigners
Sam Madeira, ND, BSc -Environmental Effects on Men’s Hormones
School bans hugging as part of zero-tolerance policy to physical contact
Scientists Detect Intriguing Differences in The Eyes of Children With Autism And ADHD
SCIENTISTS in China have constructed a device which can reportedly read the minds of men watching porn.
Scientists unravel genetic mystery of rare neurodevelopmental disorder, provide definitive diagnoses to 21 families worldwide
SeqScreen can reveal ‘concerning’ DNA
Spain bets on green hydrogen in clean energy push
Study in Chinese City Finds Children Spread COVID-19 Easier and Lockdowns Worked
Study Links Stress to a Faster-Aging Immune System
Study Suggests People Hurt Other People to Signal their own Goodness
Teenagers with unhealthy lifestyles age faster than healthier peers
The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa Is Hurting Farmers, Not Helping
The Benefits Of Plant Based Diets For Cancer Patients – Milton Mills, MD
The Best RESISTANT STARCHES to Increase Insulin Sensitivity (keto friendly)
The Digital Covid Certificate MUST not be extended with one more year!
The Health Of Our Cells Is Shaped By Soil And Biodiversity – Vandana Shiva, PhD
The hurdle that still faces unvaccinated Canadians hoping to go abroad
The Impact of RFR Exposure on Insects
The Lies Behind Lab-Cultured Fake Meat
The near death experience of Scott Drummond
The Non-Tinfoil Guide To EMFs, Cell Phone Usage, And Dirty Electricity With Nicolas Pineault
The One Thing That Determines Whether You Beat Diabetes…
The secret lives of mites in the skin of our faces
The signs in your breathing of diabetic ketoacidosis – when to get help
The TRUE Cost of Your Sushi – Emptying the Seas | Food Investigation Documentary
The World Economic Forum’s Global Governance ‘E.S.G.’ Agenda
This was the PLAN from the BEGINNING | Max Igan 2022
To Prevent a Stroke, Household Chores and Leisurely Strolls May Help
Tobacco Consumption Slows in the West, Grows in Africa, say Researchers
Top Swedish meteorologist attacked By Rahmstorf & Co for optimism over future climate
Triple-vaxxed and sick wonder what’s happening
Truck Full of Pups Rescued from Chinese SLAUGHTERHOUSE
Typhoid-causing bacteria have become increasingly resistant to essential antibiotics
Understanding Poor Vaccine Responses in Individuals With Weakened Immune Systems
US Supreme Court rejects Bayer’s bid to end Roundup lawsuits
US ‘forced labour’ law bans goods from China’s Xinjiang region
Vaping may boost teens’ risk of heart, lung disease over lifetime, group warns
Western Kansas wheat crops are failing just when the world needs them most
What are PFAS, and why is the EPA warning about them in drinking water?
WHO Admits Mental Health Issues Rose During Pandemic; Shamelessly Shills for Support to Solve Problems They Caused
WHO calls for accelerated action as obesity and diabetes rates soar in South Africa and globally
WHO Chief ‘Believes COVID Did Leak From Wuhan Lab’ After a ‘Catastrophic Accident’ in 2019
Why Holding In Farts is a Rotten Idea
Why It Matters That Fauci Got COVID-19
Wistar scientists discover a new way to boost a person’s immune response to tumors
You May Never Snack Again after Watching This