Nieuws 23.1.2023

Al 80 procent van alle Chinezen zou covidinfectie hebben opgelopen
Al Gore tijdens tirade in Davos – Uitstoot equivalent van 600.000 Hiroshima-bommen per dag
Ayurveda & je spijsvertering – 6 tips om het vuurtje op te stoken
Ben jij een empaat? Zo benut én bescherm je jouw heldervoelende kwaliteiten
CO2-bestrijder Barbara Baarsma struikelt over eigen leercurve, weg bij Rabobank
Eenzaamheid, zo beïnvloedt het jouw fysieke en mentale gezondheid
Eén hersennetwerk betrokken bij wel zes mentale aandoeningen
Flashtherapie, de nieuwe heilige graal in de kankerbestrijding?
Greta Thunberg is zoals we weten, de levende propaganda geworden van de ‘klimaatagenda’
Hoe de overheid zijn macht misbruikt – Renske Leijten
Hoogsensitief – waarom het zo belangrijk is om op je voeding te letten
Is 5G de oorzaak van het coronavirus?
Kamerbrief over aangeboden petitie ‘Meer onderzoek naar (onverklaarde) gezondheidsklachten van vrouwen’
Met het Haagse Shell-vonnis in de hand wil milieubeweging overal baas worden in de directiekamers
Minister Adema heeft Kamer en boeren verkeerd geïnformeerd over uitrijden mest
Minister Kuipers wil schaalvergroting bij ziekenhuizen, maar dat is geen wondermiddel
Naar een verbod voor dieren die lijden onder hun uiterlijk
Nederlandse christendemocraten zijn plots covidkritisch
Niet overprikkeld, maar ónderprikkeld – dit zijn de symptomen
Opkoop agrarische bedrijven door Schiphol klap voor boeren én natuur
Politie registreert 500 strafbare feiten bij bruinkoolprotesten in Duitsland
Prinses lockdown exit – Wereldleiders beginnen heel nerveus te worden
Puls ultrageluid kan verouderde cellen verjongen
Ronald Plasterk ziet D66 als bedreiging voor de democratie in Nederland
Schwab’s rol als WEF-baas lijkt uitgespeeld
Staat van de rechtsstaat – Joost Sneller (D66) vs Martin Bosma (PVV)
Toch geen fraudeur, onterecht gemangeld worden door een gewetenloze overheid
Tony Blair pleit op het WEF voor ‘digitale infrastructuur’ om bij te houden wie gevaccineerd is
Vlaamse horecaondernemer in coronatijd pikte de waanzin niet
Wat Tata ook te verwijten mag zijn, niet dat het bedrijf aantoonbaar kanker veroorzaakt
WEF lid geeft openlijk toe een nieuwe wereldorde te willen
WEF-plannen uitgerold in Schotland
Willem Engel grotendeels vrijgesproken – maand voorwaardelijk vanwege opruiing
Zonnepark-schapen grazen meer
Zwammenzombies, kunnen schimmels écht gevaarlijk zijn?


[ Op zoek naar een natuurlijke multivitamine ?]


2012 – Pfizer paid out $1.2B after its drug caused thousands of BREAST CANCER cases
49% Of Children Ages 5 to 11 Experienced Systemic Reactions After Getting New COVID Booster
A new study links social media use to changes in teen brains. Is that a bad thing?
A New Way of Lockdowns as Brits Ordered to stay in their Communities
A prospective case-cohort analysis of plasma metabolites and breast cancer risk
About That CDC Stroke “Safety” Signal We All Detected Last Year
Acids help against airborne viruses
Activist ‘Fact-Checkers’ Misleading The Public About Polar Bears
Adaptive immune system in severe COVID-19 patients in the first week of illness
Adverse cardiovascular and metabolic perturbations among older women – ‘fat-craving’ hearts
Altered dietary salt intake for preventing diabetic kidney disease and its progression
An unprecedented look at colorectal cancer
Aspirin in diabetic patients at primary prevention
At Six Months Follow-Up, the Pfizer-Vaccinated Had a 46% Increase in Mortality Compared to the Placebo Group
Australian researchers identify genes that cause sarcomas – as it happened
BBC Buildings Across UK Covered With Photos Of People Who Died From COVID Vaccine
Blood-Borne Microparticles Are an Inflammatory Stimulus in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Chinese turn to traditional remedies to fight covid
Cigarette smoking is associated with Herpesviruses in persons with and without serious mental illness
Company Genetically Engineers Fruit Flies To Be “Biofactories” For Fake Meat Production
Deforestation could mean less bats and more viruses
Diabetics at risk of ‘heart attacks and strokes’ in cold weather – 5 ways to lower threat
Dietary exposure to nitrites and nitrates in association with type 2 diabetes risk: Results from the NutriNet-Santé population-based cohort study
Earth’s oldest environmental clean-up…400 million years ago
Egg consumption reduces the risk of depressive symptoms in the elderly
Electric Vehicles Promote Tyranny and Human Rights Abuses
Emails Reveal the CDC’s Role in Silencing COVID-19 Dissent
EU citizens who do not want to unknowingly eat insects should be particularly careful
EU to slap penalties on companies making false green claims
Europe currently demands around 20 million tonnes of plastic for packaging
Europeans Lowered Heating Temperatures Amid The Energy Crisis
Everyone seems to be sorry for something these days. A case for apologizing well.
Evidence of vaccine deaths is ever stronger yet officials look the other way
Extremely painful digital ulcers can signal disease triggered by cold – affects millions
Fears dumped toxic waste is leaking through forest where children play
Female migraine patients had lower COVID-19 phobia and PCL-5 scores during the lockdown period
Four Studies Add to Evidence of Wireless Technology-Related Electromagnetic Radiation in Humans
Fukushima’s Toxic Dumping Flashpoint
German electricity to be rationed as EVs and heat pumps threaten collapse of local power grids
Health impact of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Here comes the research militia
Herpes Zoster Following COVID-19 Vaccine Booster
How the CDC Became the Speech Police
If We Treated Vaccines Like Car Seats
Jaw-Dropping Evidence Syngenta Knew Its Paraquat Weedkiller Could Cause Parkinson’s
Mutations in autism-linked gene cause membrane mischief
Mutations may underlie how the most aggressive lymphomas arise and resist therapies
Mutiny erupts among WEF staff over role of ‘Mr Davos’
New Emails Reveal Dr. Fauci was Part of NIH and WHO Conspiracy to Silence Wuhan Lab Leak Theory
New nanoparticles deliver therapy throughout the brain and edit Alzheimer’s gene in mice
New Solar Panels Help Farmers Harness Full Light Spectrum to Improve Crop Yields
New treatment strategy cuts risk of bowel cancer returning by 28%
Omicron infections might be of little help with the IgG4 problem
Organ donations in Canada are way up thanks to assisted suicide
Oxford Fights Climate Lockdowns
Physicians Tell Biden HHS to End Medicare Privatization Pilot
Possible vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia in a patient with diabetes and chronic kidney disease or random association?
Research and evidence on SARS-CoV-2 transmission
Researchers cover thousands of years in a quest to understand the elusive origins of the Black Death
Roundup caused her cancer, but she was denied a settlement because of her citizenship status, lawsuit says
Safety and air pollution concerns over UK hydrogen village
Shadowy Vaccine Engagement Team for City of Toronto made vaccine propaganda ads at taxpayer expense
The climate scaremongers – Gas boiler ban is one step closer
The effect of bitter almond (Amygdalus communis L. var. Amara) gum as a functional food on metabolic profile, inflammatory markers, and mental health in type 2 diabetes women
The FACEBOOK files – documents and emails about Facebook pushing the CDC agenda
The FDA and the Courts Fail to Truly Discipline the Pharmaceutical Industry for Exploiting the Mentally Ill
The race to make diesel engines run on hydrogen
The simple rule that makes dieting easy – Only eat foods with fewer than FIVE ingredients
The sleep behaviour that could be a warning sign of dementia – it affects 90% of patients
The two ‘worst’ pro-inflammatory foods you could have for blood clots, according to expert
This science could spell trouble for Bayer
US strengthens organic food protocols to counter fraud
Very high risk of myocarditis in Nordic young males after second COVID mRNA vaccine dose
We need a Noah’s Ark for the microbiome
Why are they FINALLY “admitting” the Covid Vax could be harmful?