Nieuws 23.1.2021

13% van de donors hebben antistoffen tegen corona
16-jarige Esther weigert om een mondkapje te dragen op school
5G in België een stapje dichterbij
Aardpeer moet transitie naar sociale en natuurvriendelijke landbouw versnellen
Brussel zette medicijnagentschap onder druk bij beoordeling Pfizer-vaccin
Brusselse rechter spreekt man zonder mondmasker vrij
Cabinepersoneel KLM wil van sneltest af
Coronamaatregelen onthullen totalitaire trekken
Formulier ‘Eigen verklaring avondklok’
Gezonde mensen maken elkaar niet ziek
Gmail-instellingen veranderen vanaf 25 januari
Grondrecht met voeten getreden – in gesprek met Arie Paap
Het recht op onbereikbaar zijn
Hoe genees je een depressie, praten of pillen?
Klok toont vanaf nu hoe vervuild de Gentse stadslucht is
Leuvense studie brengt immuunreactie in longen van ernstig zieke COVID-19-patiënten in beeld
Meer klachten over geluidsoverlast sinds we meer thuis zijn door de pandemie
Nogmaals – de “bijzondere” grafiek van Ernst Kuipers
SP de enige partij die osteopaten/chiropractors saboteert
Steeds minder Nederlanders zien zichzelf als vleeseter
Te weinig aandacht voor psychische gezondheid in het OMT
Wat betekent ‘The Great Reset’ voor de burger? Rein de Vries en Fiona Zwart
Zorgcriminelen moeten keihard worden aangepakt


A Brain Boost for Your Health and Life
Almost Half the US Population Has Diabetes
Boswachter woedend over megastal
British Mutation is a fake Mutation
COVID-19 data stirs uncertainty on lockdown effectiveness
De avondklok – 1984 is werkelijkheid geworden
Debat over de ontwikkelingen rondom het coronavirus
Die Gewalt des Staates, die Verkehrswende und Organisierung von unten – Jörg Bergstedt
Documentaire over het verzet van Leiden tegen plastic wegwerpbekers
Heading For An Ice Age
Het sprookje van de zonnepanelen
How Covid increased the use of antipsychotics among people with dementia
In 774 na Christus bestookte de zon de aarde met de grootste zonnestorm in 10.000 jaar
Inbreng Geert Wilders Coronadebat tweede termijn
Is de Britse mutatie echt wel zo besmettelijk?
Japan issues warning to New Zealand over weed-killer residue found in honey
JDTV Afl.303 – Einde Rutte 3
Macular Degeneration Research
Mantelzorgers maken zich grote zorgen over avondklok
Reporter Leaves Biden’s Press Sec. STUNNED When He Points Out Their Hypocrisy On Masks
Waarom recyclen we sommige plastics – zoals polystyreen – nog helemaal niet?
Walter Veith & Martin Smith – The Great Reset, A Long Time Coming?
What Is the Polar Vortex?
Wuhan medics secretly filmed admit they were told to lie about COVID-19


11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC
12,400+ Israelis test POSITIVE for Covid-19 despite receiving Pfizer/BioNTech jab
66% of all ICU patients being treated for Covid-19, says HSE chief
A closer look at T cells reveals big differences in mild vs. severe COVID-19 cases
A new study shows the relationship between surgery and Alzheimer’s disease
A trial in London is using tech to monitor the wellbeing of vulnerable people in their homes
A Warning for the Vaccine-Hesitant
Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village Reclaimed by Nature
Abnormal hyperactivation in the brain may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s
Africa’s Covid-19 fatality rate now higher than global average
After earth, is human body a dumping ground to microplastics?
Age-based COVID-19 vaccine strategy that saves most lives prioritizes elderly, modeling shows
Aging well greatly affected by hopes and fears for later life, OSU study finds
Alcohol consumption associated with nearly 5% of US cancer cases
Allergic reactions including anaphylaxis after receipt of 1st dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
Allulose, a Plant-Based Sweetener Touted To Be the Healthiest
An overview of Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects and Allergic Reactions worldwide
Another New Study Says Warming And CO2-Induced Greening Leads To COOLING Of Land Surface Temperatures
Answering a medical police state
Antarctica – The ocean cools at the surface but warms up at depth
Artificial cornea allows a blind man to regain his eyesight
As oceans warm, large fish struggle
At least 80% of people with diabetes also have fatty liver, warns endocrinologist
Avoid hydrogen for heating homes, urges energy efficiency coalition
Bees aren’t getting enough sleep — and some common pesticides are to blame
Biden orders masks, quarantine for passengers flying to US in ‘wartime’ offensive on COVID-19
Biden Praised for Pause on Drilling Leases
Bosnia to order Russian, Chinese vaccines ahead of COVAX, EU deliveries
Brain ‘assembloids’ capture circuit flaws in syndrome tied to autism
British Covid-19 Variant Less Contagious Than Previously Reported, Denmark Claims
Call for Temporary Moratorium on 5G Deployment
Can abdominal pain affect brain function?
Can COVID-19 cause diabetes?
Children ‘not scared’ by PPE, says study
China’s Disputed Virus Theory Has Shoppers Shunning Foreign Food
Click to Support SB364 Which Protects Individuals from Discrimination Based on Their Vaccine Status
Coffins stacked high in crematorium of German town ravaged by COVID
Cognitive decline due to ageing can be reversed in mice
Colombian Court Suspends Re-Start of Glyphosate Aerial Fumigation Program
Combined river flows could send up to 3 billion microplastics a day into the Bay of Bengal
Consuming caffeinated coffee can temporarily mitigate repercussions of reduced sleep
Controversial study says US labs use 111 million mice, rats
Coronavirus 30-minute tests are causing a stir in the UK
Coronavirus variant found in Denmark is increasingly common in Northern California
Coumarin Derivatives in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Covid – How busy are hospitals in England?
COVID could have been contained – Taiwan’s ex-health minister
Covid Forced About 1 in 5 British Adults to Go Deeper Into Debt
Covid lockdown loneliness linked to more depressive symptoms in older adults
Covid rule-breakers caught at house parties will now be fined £800
COVID-19 has led to spike in children’s eye exposures to hand sanitizer
COVID-19 virus helps block host immunity
Cuba Will Produce 100 Million Doses of Its COVID-19 Vaccine
Developmental origins of eczema and psoriasis discovered
Device may predict inflammatory bowel flares using human sweat
Diabetes Boosts Odds for Heart Trouble 10-fold in Younger Women
Doctor says Canada underfunding long-term care amid call to end for-profit homes
Dog spent days outside Turkish hospital waiting for owner
Dr. Fauci says new data shows Covid vaccines appear to be less effective against some new strains
Early humans used chopping tools to break animal bones and consume the bone marrow
Electromagnetic fields, 5G and health, what about the precautionary principle?
England’s third lockdown shows ‘no evidence of decline’ in Covid rates
Epigenetic dysregulation in relation to psychiatric traits in adolescence and adulthood
Estrogen receptors in mom’s placenta critical during viral infection
Evaluation of the effect of silver and silver nanoparticles on the function of selenoproteins using an in-vitro model of the fish intestine
Fatty liver disease – The two warning signs of the condition found in your abdomen
FBI Arrests CDC COVID Critic Dr. Simone Gold
Finnish Vaccine Professor Says Booster Doses Could Be Halved Amid Shortages
Germany wants to talk Nord Stream 2 with Biden administration
Germany – COVID Rule Breakers to be Held in “Refugee Camps”
Halfway Through This Winter of Covid, Overall Mortality is Normal – Something Doesn’t Add Up
Hand sanitizer is causing an epidemic of chemical burns to children’s eyes
Helsinki Committee to declare Pfizer performing unauthorized human experiment in Israel
Hospital admits wrongly putting ‘Covid’ on fall-victim’s death certificate
Hospitals should not restrict parent visitation at child’s bedside, say U-M researchers
Industrial Wind Turbines Pose Permanent Wildfire Threat
Japanese Study Describes Ivermectin As ‘Wonder Drug’
Johnson raises fears of lockdown in England continuing into summertime
Linda Diaz Became the 12th Activist Killed This Year
Lockdowns cripple the poor and pamper the rich
Magnetic fields, Animal Navigation and Childhood Leukaemia
Mapuche Indigenous People Gathered To Condemn Violence
Massive Scientific Evidence Ignored by FCC
Medical Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise” from Mask Wearing
Medicated drops may help close macular holes, helping some patients avoid surgery
Microsoft, Big Tech Coalition Developing Rockefeller Funded COVID Passports
Mitochondrial mutation increases the risk of diabetes in Japanese men
Moderna coronavirus vaccine causes dermal filler reactions, warns FDA
More and more people are reporting side effects on Facebook
New antibody therapies found to potentially fight COVID-19
New China Swine Fever Strains Point To Unlicensed Vaccines
New combination of immunotherapies shows great promise for treating lung cancer
New study explains how SARS-CoV-2 may seize human cells
New study on the role of monocytes in sarcoidosis
Nine out of ten US infants experience gut microbiome deficiency
Obesity and Prediabetes are Jointly Associated with Lipid Abnormalities Among Adolescents
Occupational exposure of rural workers to pesticides in a vegetable-producing region in Brazil
Peer Reviewed Published Scientific Research on 5G and 4G Small Cell Radiation
People’s compliance to Covid-19 guidelines is driven by what their friends and family do
Pesticides – a blessing or a curse?
PFAS in our pesticides?
Plant-Based’ Doesn’t Mean Anything Anymore
Producing green hydrogen through the exposure of nanomaterials to sunlight
Protein May Reverse Age-Related Memory Loss
Right On Cue For Biden, WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce COVID False Positives
Russia-linked viruses found on school laptops handed out by Government
SARS-CoV-2 Needs Cholesterol to Invade Cells and Form Mega Cells
Solar System formation in two steps
South Africa to pay 2.5 times EU price for vaccine
Spain Health System on the Brink of Collapse, Workers Warn
Strange colon discovery explains racial disparities in colorectal cancer
Study examines association between gut mycobiome and Parkinson’s disease
Study reveals new insights into the link between sunlight exposure and kidney damage
Super-Covid may mean vaccinating EVERYONE would not stop spread
Sweden Sounds the Alarm Over Clinics Performing ‘Virginity Repair’ Surgery
The bizarre link to hydroxychloroquine at the Capitol riot
US Scientist With Close Ties To Wuhan Lab Discussed Manipulating Bat-Based Coronaviruses Just Weeks Before Outbreak
Utah Whistleblower — A Tale of Big Data, Big Research and University Politics
Vaccinated Brits told not to hug kids amid fears millions will ignore Covid rules once they have jab
Vegan diet significantly remodels metabolism in young children
Washington State Rejects Massive Fracked Gas-to-Methanol Refinery
We need to throw out a mindblowing amount of science and start again
What Molecular Genetics Can Tell Us about How We Wake Up and Why We Sleep
WHO Finally Admits COVID-19 PCR Test Has a ‘Problem’
Why keeping a dog (or cat) is your brain’s best friend in reducing dementia risk
Why we need a tribunal on governments’ crimes against humanity during COVID
Working with EU on food sustainability requires redefining US agricultural governance