Nieuws 22.7.2021

139 Veritas Vos Liberabit – Weather engineering, cloud seeding, HAARP, overstromingen & Macron
Aanhoudende problemen in de jeugdzorg, kinderen zijn de dupe
Agentschap Telecom kan omvormers zonnepanelen van markt weren
Als de angst regeert handelt de overheid verkeerd
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over naleven Europese privacyregels door (overheids)instanties
Besmette gevaccineerden lopen gewoon door
Bewijs sterk dominante rol aerosolen compleet rond
Bijna 200.000 Britten tekenen petitie voor verbod op discriminatie van ongevaccineerden
De echt slechte kant van Big Pharma
Dit kleine Friese dorpje voert bittere strijd tegen ‘zoemende radar’ van Defensie
Duitse media beginnen te “kantelen”
Extra druk op kinder-ic’s door uitbraak RS-virus
Fauci schiet uit zijn slof tegen Rand Paul en liegt wederom over Gain-of-Function research
Gezondere bloeddruk met deze 5-minuten oefening
Grote zorgen over haalbaarheid festivals door deltavariant
Hartgezondheid van vrouwen hangt sterk samen met de zwangerschapsuitkomsten
Helft wetenschappers schuldig aan dubieuze onderzoekspraktijken
Hersenruis houdt zenuwverbindingen jong
Hoe schimmels in je darmen je gezondheid beïnvloeden
Informatietheorie om resistentie tegen kankerbehandeling te bestrijden
Janssen-vaccin blijkt minder effectief tegen deltavariant
Jongeren die gingen dansen na Janssen kunnen coronaschade verhalen op staat
Nul-uitstoot in 2050 is wereldvreemd. Een maximale opwarming van 1,5?C is een illusie.
Onderzoek moet vroege herkenning van een stil hartinfarct verbeteren
Patiënten in de echte wereld hebben tot 400% meer kans op bijwerkingen dan uit medicijnonderzoeken
Synthetische chemicaliën kunnen het risico op borstkanker verhogen
Tekort aan immunoglobuline A leidt tot darmontsteking bij muizen
Vijfde Coronapatiënten krijgt orgaanschade
Waarom handelt overheid tegengesteld aan de belangen van haar burgers?
Waarschijnlijk meer dan 2 vaccinaties nodig voor festival


13-year-old Conservative on being censored | Wake Up America
15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice
3 Things About YOUR Back Pain The Doctor Has Never Told You
5 Rules for Eating CARBS on Keto (Carb Cycling Instructions)
500+ Doctors, Parents Testify Against Massachusetts Bills Targeting Parental Rights and Religious Freedoms
6 Months After Moderna Vaccine, Wife’s Injury ‘Progressively Worse’
63% Of Those Who Died Of Delta Variant WERE VAXXED
75% of sexual assault survivors have PTSD one month later
85% of all new COVID-19 cases in Israel from July 4 to July 10 were fully vaccinated people
A Century Of Junk Climate Science In The Schools
A closer look at why Japan’s population is shrinking and getting older
A Forest Fire in Oregon Is So Huge That It’s Generating Freak Lightning Storms
A gluten free diet is not a cure all for disease!
A Harvard Paleoanthropologist Busts Common Exercise Myths
A Nation of Sheep – How Fear Keeps Us from Embracing a Glorious Future
Achieving and sustaining herd immunity to SARS-CoV-2
After 32 years, Rio Tinto to fund study of environmental damage caused by Panguna mine
After Setback In Cruise Lawsuit Against CDC, DeSantis Is ‘Confident’ He’ll Win Case In Supreme Court
Amazon using videos from Ring doorbell devices to create the largest civilian surveillance network in the US
American Academy of Pediatrics recommends masks in schools for anyone over 2, vaccinated or not
Anti-vaxxers clash with police during UK ‘Freedom Day’
Antibiotic Use in UK’s COVID-19 Patients Often Unnecessary
Antiepileptic Stiripentol May Influence Bones
Apple cider vinegar warning
Are We Prepared for Pandora’s Box of Climate Catastrophes?
Are you a big pharma insider who has first hand information about false claims ?
At least 60 COVID cases tied games, including athletes, media, and other personnel
At least 9 states attempt to block mask mandates in schools
Author of a book written in 2013 ‘predicted’ the 2020 pandemic
Beta coronavirus variant – What is the risk?
Blowing The Whistle On Those Who Sell Out And Threaten Your Health In The Process
Brain ‘noise’ keeps nerve connections young
California Sends Nestlé A Warning Over Stealing Water
Can Gluten Cause IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?
Cardiac Hypertrophy Caused by Hyperthyroidism in Rats
CCHR Wants Ban On Electroshock “Conversion Therapy” Extended To All ECT
CDC pressured to track breakthrough Covid cases among the vaccinated
Central China hit with a ‘year’s rainfall’ in 24 hours
Childhood exposure to gun violence increases risk of violent behavior as adults
Chronic food restriction enhances dopamine-mediated intracranial self-stimulation
Coffee and veggies go a long way in keeping COVID away — and more
Covid-19 antibodies detected in 67% of India’s population
COVID-19 Shutdowns Reveal Racial Disparities in Exposure to Air Pollution
COVID-19 vaccines don’t cause shingles, but may lead to flare-ups, experts say
Crime scene tape set to revolutionize microplastics research
Cultivating seaweed could restore oceanic dead zones, scientists conclude
Dam Near China’s Flooded Zhenghou City Collapses, Third In Last 48 Hours
Die of cold or die of stress? Social housing is frequently colder than global health guidelines
Digital health technologies hold key to new Parkinson’s treatments
Does being cold mean you catch a cold?
Dr. Anthony Fauci to Sen. Rand Paul at hearing – You do not know what you’re talking about
Dr. Audiey Kao on mandating vaccines for health care workers
Drugmakers Testing New mRNA Vaccines, Despite Evidence of ‘Serious Danger’
Dutch regulator fines Italian pharma firm nearly 20 million euros for hiking drug price by more than 30,000%
Eagle syndrome causing severe stenosis of the internal carotid artery
Earth to have “close encounter” with asteroid this week
Eastern Arkansas faces potential 650,000 to 800,000 acres of dicamba damage
Eating processed meat raises risk of heart disease by a fifth
Effect of insulin treatment on pulsatility ratio and resistance index of the retinal artery in patients with type 2 diabetes
Effects of antiepileptic drugs on ovaries of female Wistar rats
Enzyme-based plastics recycling is more energy efficient, better for environment
EU countries back cage-free farming initiative with some caveats
EU farmers warn harvest will fail after floods, plea for aid
EU sets clock ticking on fossil and diesel engines
EU starts real-time review of Sanofi-GSK coronavirus jab
EU’s green hydrogen plans hailed as ‘true game-changer’ by industry
Exercise causes aging molecules to shift | Dr. Michael Snyder
Facebook’s New Dangerous Individuals and Organizations Policy Brings More Questions Than Answers
Fatty liver disease symptoms
Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines
Fish becoming addicted to drugs in wastewater
Food waste – how graphene can solve a growing global crisis
Free school meals for all children can improve kids’ health
Freedom of Information request on use of ethylene oxide to sterilise swabs used in testing for Covid-19
Grafeenoxide en de elektromagnetische absorptie van 5G
Grafeenoxide on hersenstimulatie door elektromagnetische EM-golven die in de menselijke geest kunnen worden afgeleid
Hashimoto’s and the Microbiome
Have our brains reached capacity?
Healthy dietary intake moderates the effects of age on brain iron concentration and working memory performance
Higher concentrations of controversial herbicide glyphosate may soon be on your plate
How Facebook Is Taking Over Journalism With $1.6 Billion Secret Deals
How the moon’s ‘wobble’ worsens coastal flooding
How the pandemic shaped the sex lives of Canadians
Human coronaviruses need organic materials to transfer efficiently between surfaces
Hundreds of chemicals, many in consumer products, could increase breast cancer risk
Immunologist Demands WSJ Editorial Board Retract ‘Dangerous Lie’ About COVID Immunity
Improved glycaemia during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown is sustained post-lockdown
Indonesian volunteers deliver free food to self-isolating Covid-19 patients as cases spike
Inventor of Free Energy Generator – THEY TRIED TO KILL ME – Adam Trombly
Lancet Paper Over-Estimates Number of Complications Associated with COVID-19 Hospital Patients
Latest EU statistics on animals used in science reveal ‘severe’ suffering occurring despite availability of alternative methods
Lawmakers Sound Alarm Over China Purchases Of US Farmland
Less than half of the consumers find allergy information on food labels to be clear
Lifetime exposure to lead linked to greater dementia risk
Mandatory mask rules leads to rise in skin condition known as ‘maskne’, experts say
Mass confusion over COVID restrictions in western Sydney
More exercise and fewer hours watching TV cuts sleep apnoea risk
More Genetic Clues to COVID-19 Susceptibility and Severity
More than 1.5 MILLION children around the world lost a parent, grandparent or caregiver due to COVID-19, study finds
Music combats mental fatigue when running
Mussels could help us remove harmful microplastics from the ocean
Nanoparticles could help detect tumours with urinary tests, new research suggests
NASA discreetly lowered the 2016 global average temp
New method predicts ‘stealth’ solar storms before they wreak geomagnetic havoc on Earth
New Zealand falls for stranded baby orca, but dilemma looms over ‘life support’
No excuse to continue reliance on fossil fuels, says leading nano-technologist
No IgA leads to intestinal inflammation in mice
Norovirus outbreak in UK amid Wuhan virus resurgence
Novel Lipid-Lowering Therapies to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk
One-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant
Pandemic increased risk of corruption in Italy
Patients billed up to $219 million in total for preventive services that should be free
Poll finds people reporting stress, worry, sadness and anger reached record-high levels
Portuguese PM predicts herd immunity by summer’s end
Potentially toxic elements leachates from cigarette butts into different types of water
Prime minister risks major rebellion over Covid jab passports
Prison for anti-vaxxers?
Profiteering Healthcare System Blamed as US Medical Debt Surges to $140 Billion
Rand Paul Just Fit Fauci For An Orange Jumpsuit
Reducing the use of antibiotics to improve animal health
Research suggests how tumors become aggressive prostate cancer
SARS-CoV-2 – Achilles’ heel of viral RNA
Scientists identify protein markers related to the most common form of leukemia
Small farms vanish every day in America’s dairyland
Smoky skies, poor air quality across Canada as nearly 900 wildfires burn
Strong immune response underlies acute kidney injury related to COVID-19
Study reveals immune cells that drive gastrointestinal disease in babies
The Countries Where Vaccination Is Mandatory
The Dark Side of Horse Racing – Chilling footage from inside the slaughterhouse
The French are taking to the streets to protest the Covid-19 restrictions, while “brave Americans” sit on their hands
The more plants you eat as a proportion of your diet, the better
The Propaganda War (And How To Fight It)
The Unified Field and Energy
The ‘Silent Majority’ Is Rapidly Becoming the ‘Angry Majority’
Torus Dynamo – Adam Trombly
US Physician Responses to COVID Vaccine Survey – 58% fully vaccinated
Vaccine Mandates More Likely Once FDA Grants Full Approvals
Vaccine resistance has decreased among parents, but young mothers show greatest resistance
Vicious stick of lockdown being used by Steven Marshall to ensure re-election
We’ve Got To Fight Disinformation, Says Empire Made Entirely Of Disinformation
Wireless radiation exposure for children is set too high