Nieuws 22.1.2021

Alleen Madrid scoort slechter dan Antwerpen in Europa qua impact stikstofdioxide
Belgische drankrijders krijgen sleutelhanger met naam verongelukt kind
Boodschappenboete bijstand Wijdemeren blijft staan
China bouwt quarantainekamp voor 4.000 mensen
Eenzaamheid treft jongeren harder tijdens lockdown
Er wordt geen rekening gehouden met mentale gevolgen maatregelen op jongeren
Follow the Money voor het klimaat
Gefrituurd voedsel verhoogt het risico op hartaandoeningen
Het coronabeleid schopt de manier van denken in de war
Immuunsysteem steeds beter bestand tegen mutaties van coronavirus
Is een complete e-reset van de zorg nodig?
Kanker bestrijden door aanval eigen immuunsysteem
Klimaatverandering trekt tropische regengordel scheef
Met deze twee grafieken zijn we een avondklok in gemanipuleerd
Nieuwe kankerverwekkende stoffen aangetroffen in rubbergranulaat
Petitie tegen EU-censuur plantaardige alternatieven zuivel
Pfizer vervolgen geen oplossing
Regering wist al in de vorige eeuw over de gezondheidseffecten van de draadloze technologie
Waarom wil iedereen graag dat jij normaal bent?
Wat doen microplastics in ons lichaam?
Zeven overlijdens na coronavaccin, voorlopig geen oorzakelijk verband aangetoond
Zo’n avondklok doet iets met mensen


5G and Great Reset
Ad Nuis – Alles is fake news
Behind the curtain of climate alarmism
COVID-19 – de leugenregels
Del Bigtree – Je moet NU opstaan en NU voor je vrijheid vechten
Dit bos moet blijven
Fasting, Weight Loss on Hunger Hormones [Leptin, MSH, AgRP]
How we fed the world
How Working Too Much Affects Your Heart
Ivermectin meta-analysis by Dr. Andrew Hill EXTENDED
Je bent niet normaal als je geen mondkapje draagt
Lawsuit Says Drug Company Knew Valsartan Could Cause Cancer
Massavorming houdt ons in de coronacrisis
PCR test VS MRI- the same baseless outcome. Here’s why.
Social Media Blackouts Are Coming To Believers
The Death of Free Speech
The things no one says about LOCKDOWN
You Got This! Remember, THIS IS ASCENSION


6 billion planets like Earth? Scientists make stunning estimate
A large-scale transcriptional study reveals inhibition of COVID-19 related cytokine storm by traditional chinese medicines
Air Pollution and Asthma
Air pollution linked to increased mental health outpatient visits
Alarmist Site Claims World Hunger Is Rising – As Global Food Output Soars
Aluminium in a Nutshell—or a Vaccine
Antarctica suffering Coldest January Since 1978
Antibiotic resistance may spread even more easily than expected
Are Humans Giving COVID to Wild Animals?
Arthritis drug is no better than standard care in improving severe COVID-19 outcomes
Australia still falling behind in marine area protection
Autism-related conditions converge on same loss of DNA tags
Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases associated with primary immune deficiencies
Automated imaging reveals where TAU protein originates in the brain in Alzheimer’s disease
Barrage of New Countries and Airlines to Adopt Vaccine Passports
Beijing back in partial lockdown after new coronavirus cases emerge in airport district
Berberine mitigates oxidative damage associated with testicular impairment following mercury chloride intoxication
Biden Reverses WHO Withdrawal Plan
Brain Androgyny Is Surprisingly Common And May Boost Mental Health
Brain pressure disorder that causes headache, vision problems on rise
Can brain zaps curb obsessive-compulsive behavior?
Can fatty acid in foods fight multiple sclerosis?
Child and parent fitness levels may be linked
China’s COVID Cover-Up Includes Imprisoning Journalist
Compounds of Citrus medica and Zingiber officinale for COVID-19 inhibition
Control may explain money’s grip on happiness
Could a wholefood, plant-based diet be the key to better health?
Deep sleep takes out the trash
Designer DNA therapeutic wipes out cancer stem cells, treats multiple myeloma in mice
Diabetes powerfully associated with premature coronary heart disease in women
Diet and acne, review of the evidence from 2009 to 2020
Effect of ginger (Zingiber officinale) supplementation on oxidative stress parameters
Ethanol Plant Using Treated GMO Corn Poisons Town
EU could approve Russian-made Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine for use as early as February
EU-wide debt relief for COVID’s hardest-hit?
Experts say pandemic fuelling apparent spike in eating disorders among adolescents
Failing Computer Models
Farm workers still don’t get paid for overtime in most places
Fauci Now Says Covid-19 Vaccine May Become Mandatory
Finland’s Left says ‘no’ to Israel’s surplus COVID-vaccines
Foodborne diseases kill thousands of Americans each year
France – Social Distancing ‘Dog Collars’ Deployed for Factory Workers
France has not backed deregulation of gene-edited crops
French Lawyers Push Government for Ivermectin Action on COVID19
How Implantable Devices Can Connect Your Body to the Internet
Hydrogen gas-fuelled airships could spur development in remote communities
Important cause of preeclampsia discovered
Insects are disappearing at a rapid rate, study says
Is Telegram the next WhatsApp?
Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk?
Is your brain sleep deprived? Low mood, depression and even Alzheimer’s can be linked to tiredness
ISRAEL’s leading doctor has claimed first instalment of the Pfizer vaccine did not decrease infection rates as much as he had hoped
Israeli Researchers Find Genetic Mutation That May Pave Way For Autism Drugs
Joint Pain Associated With Diabetes
Longwave Radiation & The Arctic
Low Risk of COVID-19 Transmission in Schools
Male vs female brains, having a mix of both is common and offers big advantages
Methamphetamine overdose deaths rise sharply nationwide
Mexico Mulls Use of GMO Corn in Feed
Millions of People Drinking Pesticide-Contaminated Water
Moderna Says Possible Allergic Reactions to COVID Vaccine Under Investigation
My Rapid Response to the BMJ about the concept “Fitness to Vaccinate”
Neonic Pesticides Could Spell Disaster for Our Food Supply
New Parkinson’s disease therapeutics discovered by Ben-Gurion U researchers
New Sexual Consent App Under Fire in Denmark
Nuclear waste – corruption in a small Australian town
Nucleic acid testing (NAT) technologies that use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for detection of SARS-CoV-2
Occupational exposure of rural workers to pesticides in a vegetable-producing region in Brazil
One dose of Pfizer’s Covid shot half as effective as promised, doctor claims
Pandemic Sparks Call for End to Big Ag’s Control of Seeds and Food System
PCR Testing And False Positive Agenda Legal Challenges
Pesticide residues may have caused mystery illness at Pulla
Plastic fibers from clothes are polluting the Arctic ocean
Preemies may have greater risk of premature death as adults
Putin Uses Russia’s COVID-19 Vaccine To Increase Its Global Influence
Researchers say taurine trains your gut microbiota to resist subsequent infections with the same pathogen
Rijstwater als haargroeimiddel
Scientists Identify Brain Cells Most Vulnerable to Alzheimer’s Degeneration
Screening tool may help diagnose mental disorders in early pregnancy
Serbian lawyers to file first lawsuits against NATO over use of depleted uranium munitions in 1999
Size of Connections between Nerve Cells Determines Signal Strength
Smokers, Vegetarians Have Lower Risk of Contracting COVID-19
Solar winds travelling 2.1 million KM an hour heading to Earth and could affect satellites
South African Study Into Virus Strain Raises Vaccine Fears
Stanford study reveals immune driver of brain aging
Sunbathing after menopause may be harmful
Teenagers can ‘catch’ moods from friends, study finds
The Interplay of Pathology, Neuroinflammation, and Environmental Factors in Parkinson’s Disease
The serious side effects of statins in your genitals to be aware of
The Sun controls space weather – NASA finds incredible structures behind solar winds
Time running out for Northwest salmon species
Toxic Pesticide Faces New Scrutiny From Biden Administration
Vaccines are not going to do the heavy lifting in tackling Covid-19 infection rates
We ignore Big Tech censorship at our peril
Whale sharks at risk of injury as they linger at coastal ‘hotspots’
What sunspots are whispering about covid-19?
Why Hardly Anyone Trusts The Virus Experts, by John Rubino