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5G, een revolutie, maar waar leidt die naartoe?
Amazing Polly levert overtuigend bewijs voor “gain-of-funtion” pokkenvirus
Artsen melden drastische toename van Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
Australië creëert register voor plotselinge dood van volwassenen
Bevolkingsonderzoeken naar kanker moeten gerichter
Compleetdenkers Aflevering 17 Sam Brokken
De effectiviteit van vaccins tegen Omicron daalt binnen zes maanden tot nul
Een beetje zelfliefde vermindert het risico op hart- en vaatziekten
Gezondheidsrisico’s rond Schiphol mogelijk groter dan elders door ultrafijnstof
Het PHONEGATE schandaal. Wat de mobiele telefoonindustrie niet wil dat je weet.
Hoe leren kinderen op een school zonder docenten?
Hoe verplaatsen wij ons over tien, vijftien, twintig jaar?
Houtstookverbod ´quick win´ voor verbeteren luchtkwaliteit
Kunnen mannen een andere man knap noemen? | Plakshot
Langere termijn Coronabeleid – Commissiedebat VWS Tweede Kamer 16 juni 2022
Lili Genee – Vullen of voeden? Over (op)voeding en meer
Mannen die vader worden van een dochter, worden feminist
Nieuwe commissie onderzoekt – kan ‘technofix’ klimaatveranderingen terugdraaien?
Publicatie Verzoek tot heropening rechtszaak bij Raad van State
Rapport over strafbaarstelling psychisch geweld naar Tweede Kamer
Robin was pas 8 maanden oud toen hij overleed na door een herdershond te zijn gebeten
Sarah bouwt haar eigen volledige groene, zelfvoorzienende woning
Steeds meer groenten en fruit besmet met meest giftige bestrijdingsmiddelen
Stikstof – feiten versus propaganda van agro-trollen
Stikstofuitstoot grote bedrijven nam toe, meerdere vergunningen niet op orde
Strafrecht adolescenten bedreigd door problemen jeugdzorg
Temperatuur wil maar niet stijgen … wat doen we daaraan?
Utrechtse onderzoekers gaan op zoek naar giftige algen in Florida
Vakantiegangers kennen coronaregels vakantieland niet
Verbod op smaakjes e-sigaret uitgesteld
Verpleegkundige op een spoedeisende hulpafdelin spreekt zich wel uit
Vorig jaar betaalde instituut van Fauci $9,8 miljoen voor testen behandeling tegen apenpokken
Waarom zijn we bang?
Willem Engel krijgt geen eerlijk strafproces
Wybren van Haga vernietigend over het gevoerde Coronabeleid van 2020 en 2021
Zeeland gooit vlekkenkaart stikstofreductie in de prullenbak
Zelfs Thom van Campen (VVD) krijgt te horen dat het een regerings keuze was om landbouw te bashen


1 Tsp of BEE POLLEN Reduces FAT STORAGE (by reducing estrogen)
2-year-old Showed Signs of Puberty After Exposure to Dad’s Testosterone Gel
4 Times FDA Was Dead Wrong About an ‘Approved’ Drug
9th Circuit smacks EPA down on glyphosate
A Few Hot Days in June is Not Evidence of Catastrophic Global Warming
A letter to my two adult kids – Vaccines and the free spike protein
A medication used to prevent bone loss may help lower the risk of ovarian cancer
A Mouse Study Just Revealed a New Molecular Link Between Hunger And Exercise
After 77 Years Of US Occupation, Half Of Japanese Girls Deformed
Air Pollution Knocks 2.2 Years Off Life Expectancy
America is Now the Only Country in the World that Authorizes COVID Shots for Infants
An Enormous International Study Just Confirmed The Ugly Truth About Sitting Too Much
An incredible paper was just published
Babies Younger than 6 Months Should Not Drink Water in this Heatwave, Pediatricians Warn
Beware Of False Prophets
Biden administration sued for colluding with Big Tech to censor political speech
Biden races against time to unlock Ukraine’s trapped grain
Bill Gates And The Frame Game
California Carbon Laundering
California Lawmaker Scraps Plan for Preteen Vaccine Consent
Canadian girl with autism in world-first test on how brain stimulation could stop severe self-harm
Canadian woman told to ‘F**k off’ by Liberal MP tells her side of the story
China using bogus covid tests as excuse to freeze billions in deposits, lock residents out of bank accounts
China using covid pasports to stop protests
Clues to Bee Health Found in Their Gut Microbiome
Contgious Vaccines, A Warning
Corrupt Healthcare Industry Rakes In BILLIONS From Suffering Americans
Could implants that deliver drugs by app replace daily pills?
Court Orders EPA Review of Glyphosate’s Cancer and Endangered Species Risks
COVID cases are upending cycling, and the Tour de France starts in 2 weeks
Covid Exposed The Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex
Covid jabs linked to surge in “demonic possessions,” religious leaders say
Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors
Crushing Humanity with a Simple Wallet Card
Dangerous electric shock therapy given to thousands of women as mental health treatment
Dark Chocolate For A Leaner, Longer Life
Decades of research document the detrimental health effects of BPA
Disability claims – U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics vs. VAERS
Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children
Dr. Eric Westman – Evidence-based vs. Internet-based Keto
Dr. Paul Thomas Destroys The Conventional Vaccine Narrative
E-waste warning as record number of electrical items recycled
Effort to Stop the Vaccine and Prosecute the Perpetrators.
European map of aerosol pollution can help improve human health
EU’s 3 billion trees by 2030 goal – where we stand
Everything crazy internet people told you about why lockdowns were a bad idea is coming true
Expanded Role for Calcium Channels in T-Cells
Explosive demand growth could lead to supply shortages in raw materials
Facebook Is Receiving “Sensitive Medical Information” from Hospital Websites
Fauci Refuses To ‘Stop Funding Chinese’ Research With US Tax Dollars
Fight Over Land And Genetically Engineered Agriculture
Floating in the salt pools of Siwa Oasis in Egypt
For Kids With ADHD, Medication Alone Doesn’t Improve Classroom Learning
Fukushima residents angered as court rules government is not liable for damages in nuclear crisis
German Health Minister Pushes Fourth COVID Shot Ahead of Autumn Wave
Germany considers making mask-wearing COMPULSORY from October to March in restaurants, bars and shops to battle Covid this winter
Germany turns to coal to replace Russian gas
Groundbreaking treatment for HIV/AIDS developed by Israeli research team
Gut microbiome acts on the brain to control appetite
Hacking evolution to grow super coral
Has Justin Trudeau Been Duly Vaccinated?
Have the Signs of Rebellion Against Corporate Capture of Public Health begun?
Here’s Why Americans See Prescription Drug Ads All Day Long
Higher CO2 makes food crops and herbs more nutritious and medicinal
Honoring Fathers Who Lost Their Children to Vaccine Injury
How effective are covid vaccines, really?
How Gabon saved its forest elephants
How high-powered ultrasound waves that ZAP a patient’s brain can ease debilitating tremors that affect more than a million Britons
How Our Consumption is Killing Poor Kids in Los Angeles
How Saying “Food Production Battered By Climate Change” Illustrates The Corruption Of The American Regime
Ireland – masks could be made mandatory on public transport again as Covid cases surge
Is Nuclear Fusion The Answer To Clean Energy?
Israel sees 70% spike in number of seriously ill COVID patients within a week
Lab Leak – NOW It Makes Sense
Light-activated ‘photoimmunotherapy’ could enhance brain cancer treatment
Lockdowns Have Scarred Young People In Ireland
Maajid Nawaz & Mike Yeadon – Great Summary of the last 3 Years
Microplastics found in lung tissue from live human beings for the first time
More airline pilots tell of vaccine injuries and say many are still flying
Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified
mRNA Covid vaccination reduces sperm count for up to five months
Music listening and stress recovery in healthy individuals
NASA warns of deadly magnetosphere “rifts” that allow intense solar radiation to wipe out large numbers of animals on Earth
Natural immunity is robust, durable, long-lasting, superior to vaccinal immunity
New Perspective Shows Higher Breast Cancer Mortality for Black Women Emerged 40 years ago
Our Blood Could Be Coming From a Previously Unknown Source, Mouse Study Suggests
Overwhelming evidence suggests giving children COVID-19 vaccines will only harm them
Pfizer Vaccine Causes COVID Reinfections, Disables Natural Immunity!
Please ask your doctor TODAY whether they will speak out or remain silent
Polar Bear Numbers Growing
PreDiabetes Causes Damage? (What to know about PreDiabetes) 2022
Psychosocial stress and anxiety reduce after virtual training, study shows
Radiotherapy unnecessary for some breast cancer patients, study finds
Rash of blood clots caused by…the heat?
Remember When Ring Vaccination Was a Thing?
Report reveals hundreds of abuse cases against over 65s
Revealed, the sun creams that WON’T protect you
Rise in COVID cases from new omicron subvariants is something to watch out for
Scientists Develop Wind Turbines Resistant to Hurricanes
Scotland And UK Governments Split Over Gene-Edited Food
Secretly DESTROYING Your Health
Shift Work and Its Consequences
Sitting for more than six hours a day can increase a person’s risk of early death by 10%, study finds
Social Isolation Actually Changes The Structure of Our Brains, Neuroimaging Reveals
Solution to Air Pollution – Biophilia
Strengthening Our Heart – Barbara O’Neill
Study authors don’t consider waning SARS-CoV-2 immunity after vaccination in their model
Study Finds 2,500 Pet Deaths Linked to EPA-Approved Flea Collars
Tackling air quality and COVID-19 in the classroom
Tech Turns Food Waste Into Raw Materials
The Amazon rainforest is disappearing quickly — and threatening Indigenous people who live there
The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for Humans
The Conspiracy Label as a Tool of Propaganda
The Covid Lockdown Is An Act Of Economic Warfare Against Humanity
The forgotten children removed from their parents and subjected to abuse in state care | ABC News
The Seduction of COVID-19 Models
The severity of mysterious hepatitis among children “very unusual”
The state of the Polar bear
The Sun Is Being Weird. It Could Be Because We’re Looking at It All Wrong
The total lack of any safety data provides no reassurance whatsoever about use of mRNA vaccines during pregnancy
Thousands of men with prostate cancer could be spared chemotherapy
Thyroid Function in Drug-Naïve Bipolar Disorder
Traumatic brain injury changes the connections between nerve cells across the entire brain
Treating The Patient, Not The Lab Results – Michael Klaper, M.D
Twitter blocked post from vaccine injury solicitor
Two childhood factors that can lead to cognitive decline in midlife – new study
Two Ingredient Low Carb Crackers – 6g net carbs per 15 crackers
Vaccine Booster Effectiveness Drops to Zero Within Six Months But Natural Immunity Endures More Than a Year, Study Finds
Water Has Memory and Can Be Charged and Programmed with Intentions
What Happens After 2 Weeks of Poor Sleep
Why are boosted Americans testing positive for COVID more than those without extra shot?
Why Is Nobody Talking About This! | Max Igan (2022)
Wood Burning Unsustainable, Huge Footprint…”Will Accelerate Warming For Decades”
Yale professor scoffs at the idea that mask mandates are based on science

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