Nieuws 21.1.2021

Baudet – Ook avondklok is ongekend onrecht
Fouten in data hinderen handhaving milieuregels
Groene waterstof wordt snel goedkoper
Het 5G Appeal pleit voor geen invoering van 5G. Draadloos bereik genoeg.
Hoe bruin vet je kan beschermen tegen vele chronische ziektes
Klachten van ggz-professionals vergelijkbaar met IC-personeel
Koffie doet er een schepje bovenop!
Mediteraan dieet halveert kans op niet-alcoholische leververvetting
Met elektrisch geladen nanodeeltjes ten strijde tegen Parkinson
Met Tesla techniek maak je eigen healing device
Meta-analyse en rapid review, Ivermectine reduceert stervensrisico COVID-19 sterk
Minder mensen op wachtlijst verpleeghuis
Mogelijke gezondheidseffecten van beroepsmatige blootstellingen in de algemene bevolking
Morele druk groeit om schulden kwijt te schelden
Nog veel onduidelijk rond Duitse ‘mega-lockdown’
Steun Stichting Stop5G.NL in het proces tegen de Staat
Vaccincontract openbaar – EU-lidstaten betalen mogelijk schadevergoedingen
Virologen slaan alarm – Braziliaanse en Zuid-Afrikaanse mutanten zorgen voor herbesmettingen
Zo weet je of je kat astma of bronchitis heeft


A1c drops amazingly
Big Tech Censorship – Can Freedom of Speech Be Saved?
Fasting to Stimulate Stem Cell Regeneration
Guy’s Best Friends With 14 Wild Chipmunks
How Childhood Trauma Leads to Addiction –
Irritable Bowel, Irritable Brain
Kees de Kort – De anderhalvemeter-economie is desastreus
Klaas Dijkhoff en Geert Wilders vliegen elkaar in de haren over rol Mark Rutte in toeslagenaffaire
More Than Just Lyme Disease Threatens You From Ticks
New Findings on Wuhan’s Controversial Lab
Plastic korrels in de IJssel gevonden
Social media influencer warns of the dangers of breast implants
The future of humanity is literally in (y)our hands
The rapid decay of journalism and the rise of media censorship
The Tools We Can Use to Regulate Our Anti-Aging Mechanisms
Welke eigenschappen heeft de nieuwe Covid mutant?
Why is BILL GATES Buying ALL the Farmland?
Will Covid-19 lead to a cashless society?
Willem Engel met Viruswaarheid opgejaagd Amsterdam uitgevlucht


3 Countries Say No to GMOs, But Big Ag’s Assault Far From Over
4,400 Moderna Vaccine Doses Not Kept Cold Enough May Be Unusable
5 Big Causes of Deforestation and How You Can Stop It
5G Phone Users May Be Exposed to Radiation Levels That Exceed Recommended Safety Limits
890,000 Americans May Die Due To COVID Lockdowns
A ‘cautious downturn’ but still significant spread as Sweden passes 146,000 Covid-19 vaccinations
Acidification Impedes Shell Development of Plankton Off the U.S. West Coast
Age is a key factor in sex-related outcomes after heart attack, indicates study
Altering mealtimes could prevent development of Type 2 diabetes
Aluminum Content of Pediatric Vaccines Absurdly High
An 11-Year-Old Environmental Activist in Colombia is Getting Death Threats
An OrWELLSian Purge? Why H.G. Wells’ ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ Has Arrived Today
Another new mutated Covid strain identified in Germany
Are Some Animal Welfare Labels ‘Humanewashing’?
Asia Was a Model for How to Deal With COVID-19. Why Is It Lagging in Vaccine Rollouts?
Australians struggling with ‘worst ever’ medication shortage
Avoid Masks With Metal During Magnetic Resonance Imaging
B.C. health officials haven’t found a single case of seasonal flu spreading in the community this winter
Big data can help doctors predict which COVID patients will become seriously ill
Boosting indoor humidity in winter can hinder transmission of the virus
Brazil battles Chinese red tape to get key vaccine ingredients, sources say
Breakthrough in understanding ‘tummy bug’ bacteria
British Medical Journal, Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% Effective” Vaccines—Let’s be Cautious and First See the Full Data
Brussels gives tentative backing to EU coronavirus ‘passports’ to boost travel
Building materials watchdog launched after ‘deeply disturbing’ Grenfell evidence
Can statins trigger nightmares? Should you take them in the morning?
Cannabidiol kills bacteria responsible for gonorrhea, meningitis, and legionnaires disease
Censored by Facebook and Twitter? New Bill Allows Users to Sue Big Tech for Being Silenced
Children With Autism at Higher Risk of Developing Mental Health Conditions
Chile to Face a 50% Drop in Water Availability Within 10 Years
China’s Covid outbreak worst since March 2020
Could “Power Walking” fuel the energy revolution? India is ready to step up
COVID-19 patients treated in busy ICUs at higher risk for death
COVID-19 virus triggers antibodies from previous coronavirus infections
Did lockdowns lead to cleaner air in cities? Not really, study shows
Different types of neurons interact to make reaching-and-grasping tasks possible
Dr. Scott Gottlieb estimates only about 120 million people in U.S. really want Covid vaccine
Earth has stayed habitable for billions of years – exactly how lucky did we get?
Electrical Brain Stimulation May Alleviate Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors
Emotional healing after Covid-19 trauma — the next step for healthcare workers in the Western Cape
EWG Comments to Oregon Health Authority to Revise Its Report “Wireless Technology Health Risks”
Eye tests predict Parkinson’s-linked cognitive decline 18 months ahead
Fatty acid may help combat multiple sclerosis
Federal agencies clash over who regulates genetically engineered meat
Five times as many children in school compared to first lockdown
Fracking, Federal Lands, And Follow-Through
Free online tool calculates risk of COVID-19 transmission in poorly-ventilated spaces
Genome Editing to Treat Human Retinal Degeneration
Germany’s Covid police state
Governments Crack Down on Journalists in Attempt to Control Pandemic Narrative
Greenpeace Blame Cold Weather On Global Warming
Halt the 5G Rollout Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health Article on Children and 5G
Hawaii’s Military Bases Dumped 630,000 Pounds Of Toxic Nitrate Into The Ocean
How Healthy Are These Meatless Burgers?
How Much Fried Food Do You Eat? Even A Bit Can Be Bad For Your Heart, Says Study
In Major Breakthrough, Scientists Identify Brain Cells Most Vulnerable to Alzheimer’s Degeneration
It’s not ‘censorship’ to question the statues in our public spaces
Lack of physical exercise during COVID-19 confinement may lead to a rise in mortality
Lead poisoning of children
Loneliness hits young people harder during lockdown
Loss of smell is the best sign of COVID-19
Magnetic healing met behulp van een Tesla coil
Mapuche Indigenous People Gathered To Condemn Violence
Martin Luther King’s Vision Of An Interconnected World
Mental health conditions alarmingly high among children with autism
Model Analyzes How Viruses Escape The Immune System
Moderna vaccines from lot 41L20A has been associated with unusually high number of allergic reactions
Molecular Research Builds New Understanding of Skin Regeneration
More Than 400,000 U.S. Clean Energy Jobs Have Been Lost So Far During the Pandemic
New ‘iron lung’ ventilator could revolutionise Covid treatment
New Clues Help Explain Why PFAS Chemicals Resist Remediation
New method heals skeletal injuries with synthetic bone
New research finds connection – Inflammation, metabolism and scleroderma scarring
New study shows correlation between teen obesity and mental health issues
New variants of novel coronavirus detected worldwide, worrying public health experts
North Korea rocked by ‘first’ Covid superspreader event after NYE celebrations
Norway reviewing deaths of frail and elderly patients vaccinated against COVID-19
Over 100 million in India may have been infected by SARS-CoV-2
Over 350 million in Asia going hungry due to coronavirus pandemic, UN says
Pet ownership in Japan on the rise amid COVID-19 pandemic
Real-world analysis of COVID vaccine raises questions about UK strategy
Reducing air pollution could save 50,000 deaths a year, says new Lancet report
Report shows alcohol consumption linked to portion of cancer incidence and mortality
Report Shows Corporate Landlords Received Public Funding Yet Still Kicked Out Tenants
Risk of ADHD may increase if expectant mother has autoimmune disorder
Rolling Out The Dystopian Nightmare – World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos Agenda
Sahara could be roaming with elephants as scientists tip desert to turn green in future
Scientists closer to finding motor neurone disease cure after discovering how to repair damaged nerve cells
Scientists create ‘age reversing therapy’ extending lifespan of mice
Scientists investigate for the first time the long-term damage to women’s brains caused by gender violence
Severe menopause symptoms often accompany premature ovarian insufficiency
Shutting down social media platforms somewhat effective in curbing hate speech, but not a long-term solution
Single-cell test can reveal precisely how drugs kill cancer cells
Solar Wind Is Strangely Drawn to Earth’s North Pole
Spain Health System on the Brink of Collapse
Spanish flu to Covid-19 – If we cannot learn from history, we are condemned to repeat its mistakes
Specific genes increase the risk of bedwetting
Study finds COVID-19 attack on brain, not lungs, triggers severe disease in mice
Study shows how network of marine protected areas could help safeguard Antarctic penguins
Study shows that single water molecule may cause antibiotic resistance
Subway can proceed with $210M defamation suit against CBC over chicken report
Surveillance Through Vaccine Certificates, Digital IDs, and Biometric Data
Suspected COVID in Vaccine Trials Was Not Counted
The Conversation Dr. Devra Davis & Michael Brune
The Empirical Case For A Mask Mandate Lacks Scientific Grounding
The Ethics of Continuing Placebo in SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Trials
The FBI Says Your “Smart TV” is Watching and Listening to You
The Hidden Story of Disabled Britain review – have attitudes changed?
The Morrison Government is throwing young Australians under the bus
The Real Problem May Often Be Different From Its Outward Manifestation
The Wuhan Lab-Leak Hypothesis Goes Mainstream
Thousands of Israelis Tested Positive for Coronavirus After First Vaccine Shot
Trying to Make Sense of Long COVID Syndrome
Two new embryos created to save the northern white rhino from extinction
Type 2 diabetes, Mangoes contain powerful compounds to help lower blood sugar levels
UK and Europe expect Biden to make world ‘safer, greener and more prosperous’
UK hospitals are using blockchain to track the temperature of coronavirus vaccines
UN agencies warn that COVID-19 and worsening inequalities will fuel malnutrition for billions in Asia and the Pacific
Vaccine Injury Reporting Systems ‘Utterly Inadequate,’ Independent Researchers Say
Van Morrison to start legal action over Northern Ireland Covid ban on live music
Wake Up! Cell Phones Are Not Toys For Young Children
Warped Egg Yolks Are Helping Scientists Understand How to Prevent Brain Injuries
We need hard science, not software, to power our post-pandemic recovery
We’re Being Locked-down for an Infection Fatality Rate of Less than 0.2%?
What’s Next? Great Awakening or Great Reset?
Where do our minds wander? Brain waves can point the way
Where Never Reliable Wind & Solar Perpetually Fail, Ever Reliable Nuclear Power Just Works
Why Do Breastfed Babies Have Healthier Immune Systems?
Why Our Stereotypes of African Agriculture Are All Wrong
Why you shouldn’t work from bed (and a guide to doing it anyway)
Wife begs for care home rule change so she can spend final moments with husband
Wind Power Problems Rise to Prominence
Woman Who Suffered Convulsions Screened For Permanent Brain Damage From Metals In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
Worries of Coronavirus Vaccine Deaths and Injuries in America and Abroad