Nieuws 2.8.2022

5G is niet veilig voor onze gezondheid
Canada is nu een openluchtgevangenis
De inzet van meer jongerenwerkers kan leiden tot een minder groot beroep op de jeugdzorg
De vonk in het kruidvat – Shohreh Feshtali, Alexander Walraven en Niek Rogger
Dierenrechtenactivisten springen in bassin tussen de dolfijnen van Boudewijn Seapark
Europa wacht spoedig de afgrond als leiders vasthouden aan hun sprookjes over de toekomst
Herpes-stam die nu koortslip veroorzaakt terug te voeren op migraties in Bronstijd en nieuwe gewoonte
Het land van boer Kok
Hoe het vaccineren van jonge kinderen kon beginnen
Hoog tijd dat mensen het juk van de staat afwerpen!
Israëlische onderzoekers – dragen van contactlenzen kan leiden tot verlies gezichtsvermogen
Jai Tjin-a-Ton over het verticale bos in Utrecht
Jongeren worden meer perfectionistisch en ervaren meer druk van de ouders (onderzoek)
Medisch tijdschrift vindt dat niet-gevaccineerde COVID-patiënten MINDER tijd besmettelijk zijn dan patiënten die gevaccineerd of geboosterd zijn
Meester Frank Visser ziet Nederland in een situatie terechtkomen die vergelijkbaar is met het moment vlak vóór de Franse Revolutie
Mensen met een slecht slaapgedrag lopen mogelijk risico op leververvetting
Minister De Jonge wilde keiharde aanpak van huisartsen die hydroxychloroquine voorschreven
Onnodig veel leerlingen naar het speciaal onderwijs
Op handen zijnde recessie en de Noodwet financieel verkeer
Opnieuw aanval geopend op eigen woning
Prof. Haditsch op zoek naar de Waarheid
Speech MR Let’s Unite Amsterdam 23-7-2022
Steden kunnen gezonder en leefbaarder
Taylor Swift uitgeroepen tot ‘grootste bekende vervuiler’
Uitvaartverzorgers kampen met nieuw fenomeen – Het gaat maar door
Vaccinatie zorgpersoneel België is nu verplicht, anders volgt ontslag
Verloren seizoensinvloeden en overconsumptie van planten – risico op oxalaattoxiciteit
Vliegen = ongezond
Voedingsbedrijven vervangen zonnebloemolie massaal door koolzaadolie door oorlog Oekraïne
Wie is écht verantwoordelijk voor het Borealis-schandaal?
Wilsbeschikking psychiatrie
Zorgmedewerker tegen ongeprikten – Jullie verdienen alle lof, ik heb diep respect voor jullie

10% of Americans REGRET taking the vaccine
A Greenland shark, one of the longest-living animals on Earth, was caught near Belize
A Medical Student’s Thoughts During COVID-19: Crazy Policies
According to the University of Michigan, a balloon can travel thousands of miles and ends up polluting the ecosystem where it lands
Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real-life conditions
Buffalo Worm/Soy Burgers, Anyone?
California Child Suffers Breathing and Bleeding Issues After Allegedly Being Bribed into COVID Shot
California is Breaking its Own ‘Green’ Laws
California not counting methane leaks from idle wells
Can Fasting Help Reverse Kidney Disease (2022) | Jason Fung
Carbon Credits, Digital Stalking, and Social Credit Scores
Censoring How We Teach the Past Threatens our Present and Future
Changing When and How Much We Eat May Extend Health Span
Climate Madness – Destroying The Enemy’s Food Supply Is An Age-Old Military Tactic
Combining certain opioids and commonly prescribed antidepressants may increase the risk of overdose
Complete insanity – Justin Trudeau’s climate change ‘crack down’ on Canadian farmers
Corporate Media Fails to Connect Gas Price Surge and Climate Crisis
Covid leaked from an AMERICAN lab and not the notorious Chinese facility at centre of pandemic cover-up, claims top US professor described as ‘Xi propagandist’
Dead fish near SC nuclear fuel site were an early warning. Then came the spills and accidents
Decoy ACE2 receptors broadly neutralize SARS-CoV-2 variants
Did Brown University bury COVID vaccine injuries to continue their injection mandate
Difficult Times Ahead, How To Break Free From The System
Discussing Climate Friendly Cooling in India
DNA testing kits are really designed for biological weapon development, House Intelligence Committee warns
Do high protein diets shorten lifespan?
Does prior infection protect you against new subvariants? (from Livestream #135)
Dr Richard Fleming testifies about SARS-CoV-2 (COVID)
Dr. Reacts to Mr. Beast Fasting
During the pandemic we saw the biggest wealth transfer in history!
Dutch Farmer Wakes Up to Reality After Being Pushed to the Edge By the Government
Early on, I saw that ?-hydroxybutyrate could be a strong therapeutic against COVID
Earths Rotation is Speeding Up, Shortest Day on Record Just Recorded
Effect of soy isoflavones supplementation on migraine characteristics
Egypt has cancelled an order for 240,000 tons of Ukrainian wheat that was earlier booked
Evaluation of the Genotoxicity of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Male and Female Rats and Mice Following Subchronic Exposure
Farmers Running Out Of Fertilizer
Food Wars — Starvation Creates Cheaper Labor
Fried foods are linked to serious health problems
Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute Sees No Extreme Situation With Arctic Sea Ice
Gregg Braden and John L. Petersen – Latest Technology… Classified & Public
HCQ Works
Health Care Workers Settle COVID Shot Mandate for $10.3 Million
How Covid Lockdowns Will Become Climate Lockdowns
How does stress affect the eyes?
How The CDC Coordinated With Big Tech To Censor Americans
How the Lockdowns Made Britain Sicker
How to sleep – Tip for the weekends if you experience anxiety and have trouble sleeping
How worried should we be about solar flares and space weather?
How Your Food Will Be Controlled From This Date Forward (It’s Happening!)
Human Hair Mats Clean Oil Spills. Why Don’t Big Companies Use Them?
Humans on planet earth have inalienable human rights
If cell phones are so safe., then why are there patents to reduce wireless radiation exposure?
In 1941 the US government explained why increasing levels of CO2 would not have a significant impact on the climate
Increasing number of NZ women say breast implants making them ill
Interview of Steve Kirsch by Greg Hunter on July 23, 2022
Is cannabidiol effective against COVID-19?
Is mRNA Vaccination Affecting Our Psychology?
Journalism Runs Dry (Part 2)
Judge Grants Service Members Preliminary Injunction Prohibiting C19 Vax Mandate
Lack of sleep in children could lead to long-term problems with memory, intelligence
Long COVID should make us rethink disability – and the way we offer support to those with ‘invisible conditions’
Long-term disability claims are soaring among pilots
Looking further into B Cell pathology and the Spike Protein
Many Parents Experience Overwhelming Exhaustion
Mark Crispin Miller on propaganda 05.14.22. Part 1
Mark Crispin Miller on propaganda 05.14.22. Part 2
Mark Crispin Miller on propaganda 05.14.22. Part 3
Massive methane leaks speed up climate change
Mississauga Doctors Die After Fourth Jab
More disappearing Covid vaccine data
More Than 20 Percent of Children in America Suffer from Obesity
Nanoparticles’ toxic effects on macrophages
National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Radiation Study
Neurological Long Covid as SARS-2 Bio-Weapon
New evidence shows that Fauci forced Moderna to delay their clinical trial by 3 weeks which postponed the results until after the election
New instrument can be clipped on to a smartphone to rapidly test for Zika virus in blood
No Warming in U.S. for at Least 17 Years According to Rarely Referenced Urban Heat-Free Database
Not Even the FDA Trusts the FDA To Regulate Food Safety
Nutrition and Cancer – Do’s and Don’ts
One Billion Dead By 2025? We May Be Heading into the Worst Famine In Human History
One Injection and They Own You for Life – Digital Passports Are A Curse!
Pandemic, Famine, War | Michael Yon and Dr Jordan B Peterson
People don’t believe this woman is 42 – and she says it’s down to one anti-ageing secret
People wake up about four times per night, on average
Pfizer Documents Illustrate Evil Behind COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Shots’
Protein-Recycling Process Protective Against Arterial Plaques
Russia’s war on Ukraine has pushed the climate crisis off the agenda
Science leaders demand crackdown on medical research fraudsters after allegations that pivotal Alzheimer’s study contained manipulated data
Scientists Make Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough
Smog and particulate pollution will rise in the Netherlands this winter, public health authorities have warned
Spleen, Liver & Kidneys, The Source Of Health
Step Up For Breastfeeding, Say Key Health Organisations
Study Reveals Differences in Sleep and Circadian Timing That May Inform Alcohol Treatment Strategies
Summer Heatwaves Are NOT Unprecedented – Slaying The Scaremongers
Swedish MD/pathologist Ute Krueger describes her findings on rapidly growing and aggressive cancers
The antimicrobial properties of tea tree and hemp seed oils
The apparent connection with cancers post vaccine is highly concerning
The case for ending systematic suppression and getting adverse events data out in the open
The CDC Has Thrown Bioethics Right in the Rubbish Bin
The drink linked to cataracts risk – ‘Significantly increases as you drink more’
The Earth got hit by a mysterious solar tsunami 9200 years ago!
The HHS FY 2023 Budget Includes A New MANDATORY “Vaccines for Adults” Program
The Medical Assault on the American Brain
The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human
The Only Way These Globalists See to Achieve Net Zero Is to Destroy the Food Supply
The Problem With Gene Therapy
The real reason Bill Gates is buying up all US Farmland
The relationship between animal flesh foods consumption and rheumatoid arthritis
The Relationship Between Grey Matter Volume and Clinical and Functional Outcomes in People at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis
The Sun-Climate Effect – The Winter Gatekeeper Hypothesis
The true legacy of Anthony Fauci
The TRUE story of Nikola Tesla – told by Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden
The US Govt Is Developing A Solar Geoengineering Research Plan
This Is the Gov’t Colluding With Big Tech
Time spent playing video games unlikely to affect well-being
Top ‘ADHD Experts’ all take drug company money
U.K. inquiry urges immediate payouts to tainted-blood victims
Ukrainian student uses AI, robots to help those with mental health struggles
Understanding the Great Reset as a Cybernetics Religion
University scientist accused of doctoring Alzheimer’s research results to promote new drug
University student ‘dies of joy’ after hearing he’d passed his exams with flying colours
Was monkeypox seeded in Nigeria 5 years ago in anticipation of a potential outbreak in the West?
We’re engaged in an Energy War with globalist technocrats
What a new study on depression does – and does not – tell us about antidepressants and serotonin
What Ken Burns’ Holocaust documentary can teach Americans in 2022
What You Need to Know About Melatonin
What’s Going On With Mass Hospital, Health System Executive Resignations?
Where’s the Food Going to Come From? Climate Stupidity Is Going to Kill Us All
Why Glucose Restrictions Are Essential in Treating Cancer