Nieuws 2.4.2021

Ab Osterhaus is een gevaar voor de Nederlandse volksgezondheid
Alarmerende cijfers Grapperhaus over geweld tegen hulpverleners zijn volgens deze politiewetenschapper ‘boterzacht’
Beantwoording Kamervragen over lange wachttijden geestelijke gezondheidszorg in Groningen
BPOC2020 aan tafel over hun 53 getuigenverhoren van politieagenten
British virus variant not more deadly
Britse regering – mensen moeten buren aangeven die hun dierbaren ‘illegaal’ omhelzen
COVID-19 adversely affects children with autism
De documentaire die niet gezien mag worden
Drie weken na totale opening in Texas, dalende aantallen gevallen
Duitsers steeds corona-ongehoorzamer en dat baart politie grote zorgen
Gezond ouder worden met bietensap
Goedkoper medicijn? Soms beter van niet
Het onveilige eigen land
Ivermectine kan wel degelijk helpen bij covid infectie
Joris bouwde een huis van hout in een groene oase in de stad
Koning zegt dat coronapandemie niet mag worden gebruikt om vrijheden en rechten te beknotten
Lockdown raakt jongeren keihard
Minister Verlinden gaat in beroep tegen vonnis over coronamaatregelen
Na dik anderhalf jaar weer gevaarlijke stoffen gerangeerd op Waalhaven-Zuid
Ontbossing en palmolieplantages gelinkt aan ziekteuitbraken
Ook mensen met autisme hebben behoefte aan sociaal contact
Ruttes coronabeleid is een claim op absolute macht
Tata Steel loost kwik in riool zonder vergunning
Tijdgeest Megazien
Tilburgse wethouder leeft maand op bijstandsniveau
Vaccineren en uw verzekeringspolis
Veel bestanden in zorg zijn toegankelijk voor alle werknemers
Verbreding A27 Amelisweerd – Hoe waardevol is natuurcompensatie?
Virologen dwingen ons in gevangenschap
Vitale levensenergie verder onder vuur
Volwassenen krijgen veel te snel ADHD-etiket
Waarom gebruiken we zoveel medicijnen die niet werken?’ Een gesprek met Dick Bijl
Ziekenhuisopnames toename door gebruik van andere database
Zweden zet na kritiek streep door experiment om zonlicht te dimmen


10 years of decontamination – How the Japanese are handling Fukushima
A hydrogen future for planes, trains and factories
A Tau Biomarker Is Detected in Blood Before the Clinical Onset of Alzheimer’s Symptoms
A THIRD of Americans killed by coronavirus lived in nursing homes
Are Children More Conscious Than We Are?
Are Wireless Baby Monitors Safe For Babies? EMF/RF Radiation Detector Test
Austrian court overturns judgement – PCR tests not meant for diagnosis
Berlin to require negative Covid-19 tests for entry to non-essential businesses amid rise in new cases
Bill Gates and His Empires. Ushering In the Great Reset
Biodiversity is positively related to mental health
Brisk walking 5 times a week may combat brain aging, study suggests
California’s trailblazing diesel rules save lives
Can drinking cocoa protect your heart when youre stressed?
Can You Prevent Diseases with Breathing Exercises?
Canada rejects outright ban on bee-killing pesticides
Care Workers Are Essential But Severely Undervalued
China wants W.H.O. to probe a U.S. lab
Colorectal Cancer and The Great Sperm Decline, Could It Be Related To Cell Phone Radiation? By Devra Davis
Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Hospital
Covid mistakes, higher ed budgets, social justice for toddlers
COVID vaccine mandate violates federal law
COVID-19 plasma therapy comes handy either way, EU Commission says
COVID-vaccinated urged to eat tomatoes
Diet and gut microbiome interactions of relevance for symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome
Digitalisation Is Destroying Humanity, by Paul Craig Roberts
Discarded face masks, PPE are killing wildlife around the world
Dr Stephen Hussey – Understanding the Heart
Dr. Ryan Cole shatters Covid myths and slams the experimental vaccines
Drug Companies Do Animal Experiments Because They’re Useless
EMA May Issue Updated Recommendation If AstraZeneca Jab-Clot Link Is Established
EU blasted by Pfizer for administrative burden in Covid vaccine row
EU data watchdog has critical concerns with Parliaments biometric register
European Commissioners earning combined 6million a year despite AstraZeneca chaos
Explosive Emails From Wuhans Batwoman shows How Chinese Scientists Fought To Shift Blame for COVID Pandemic
Fossil gas and nuclear must not be defined as clean, ministers tell IEA summit
France enters yet another lockdown as cases rise and EU vaccines blunder goes on
GM waxy maize – The gene edited Trojan Horse is moving through the gates
Gut microbiota in cesarean-born babies catches up
High body fat level hinders exercise capacity in adults with Type 2 diabetes
High thrombotic risk in cancer patients receiving immunotherapy
High-Fiber Diet May Play a Role in Controlling the Inflammation Associated With COVID-19
How chronic stress leads to hair loss
How Companies Control & Manipulate The Health Information You Receive
How Legal Weed in New Jersey Helps Improve Social Justice
How Palm Oil Impacts the Sumatran Tiger
How to Make Up the Damage from Eating Refined Carbs
Humans, Not Animals, Likely Took the COVID Virus to Wuhan, Contrary to China’s Claims
Impacts of sunscreen on coral reefs needs urgent attention, say scientists
Industry Capture of 5G EMF Health Reports by ICNIRP & WHO EMF Project by Dr. Lennart Hardell
Injecting MEN with the female hormone progesterone could reduce the severity of their COVID-19, study claims
Is There a Climate Crisis? Science vs. Politics | Anthony R. Lupo Interview by Graham H. Walker
Large study by Estonian researchers identified new genetic link to male infertility
Lockdowns – The Biggest Public Health Mistake Ever Made?
Low-cost solar-powered water filter removes lead, other contaminants
Major Environmental Group of Spain Issues Statement on 5G
Man, 74, gets ‘rare’ severe rash all over body and says his ‘skin peeled off’ after Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Many countries are reporting historically low birth rates
Medical studies without adequate pre-publication review could damage public trust in science
Mercury poisoning symptoms – The five warning signs that indicate chemical poisoning
Musical therapy during the pandemic
Naomi Wolf sounds the alarm on the push for vaccine passports
Netherlands-sized rainforest land destroyed in 2020 despite Covid-19 lockdowns report
New hydrogel that cuts in half recovery time from muscle injuries
New York Approves Recreational-Use of Cannabis
Newly discovered node in brain could expand understanding of dysfunctional social behavior
NTU Singapore scientists design smart device to harvest daylight
Nursing students who refuse Covid-19 vaccine banned from taking up clinical placements with HSE
On the WIFI Burden & Sun-Gazing
Professor WU Xus experience in treatment of tic disorders in children with acupuncture from meridian tendons
Psychological interventions can reduce engine idling and improve air quality!
Scientists find a way to collect human DNA from thin air
Steroid hormone could reduce risk of preterm birth for high-risk single baby pregnancies
Sugar not so nice for your childs brain development
Sugar-sweetened drinks increase liver fat
The activists freeing animals from French factory farms
The Environmental Impact of Vegetable Oils
The Nuremberg Code 70 Years Later
They are Really Pushing the Passports
US Investigations Into Drug Cartels Halted Over Mexican Standoff
Vaccine Passports – what it’s really about
Whistleblower claims hospital staff told to get jab on their own time
Why SARS-CoV-2 replicates better in the upper respiratory tract