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2018 – Slamdam, het nieuwe wapen tegen wateroverlast
Aantal volledig gevaccineerde Schotten dat opgenomen wordt in ziekenhuizen schiet omhoog
Beantwoording Kamervragen over karakter van en relatie kabinetsleden met WEF
Beantwoording Kamervragen van het lid de Hoop (PvdA) Gerecyclede grond veroorzaakt milieuvervuiling
Bewustzijn – zo werkt het (in coronatijd)
Brits parlement stemt om zorgwerkers te dwingen de COVID-prik te nemen, Macron wil de verplichting voor heel Frankrijk
Covid-19 zal binnenkort veranderen in een gewone verkoudheid
De COVID-paspoorten en vaccin-verplichtingen komen akelig dichtbij
De menselijke kudde heeft een blinde vlek voor slechtheid
Demonstratie tegen inperking grondrechten in centrum Rotterdam
Deze mensen zorgen voor hun broer of zus
Duizenden ouders stellen De Jonge persoonlijk aansprakelijk voor schade als gevolg van coronavaccinatie
Een ode aan de mantelzorger
Fibromyalgie mogelijk een auto-immuunziekte
Geen vertrouwen meer in Hugo de Jonge
Gezonder eten gunstig voor brein, zelfs op oudere leeftijd
Groene Covid Pas wordt verplicht voor deelnemen aan sociaal leven In Italië
Hersenen van ‘superagers’ verouderen minder snel
Het CDA stuurt ten onrechte op positieve PCR-testen
Hondentherapie vermindert stress bij volwassenen met autisme
Interpretatieverschil over biologisch kippenvoer
J&J aangeklaagd na terugroepen van zonnebrandmiddelen vanwege kankerverwekkende chemische stof
Kom 24 juli naar Amsterdam
Macron belooft GEVANGENISTIJD voor inwoners die gaan winkelen zonder een COVID-pas
Onderzoek naar Havana-syndroom diplomaten in Wenen
Op antistoffen testen verboden
Opnieuw massaal protest tegen coronapas in Frankrijk
Premier De Croo wil geen verplichte vacci
Proeven op honden bij Janssen meer dan 60% gestegen op 10 jaar tijd
Psychische problemen bij helft jongeren in coronatijd
Psycholoog Martin Appelo over de coronacrisis en de menselijke geest
Relatie schermtijd en gedragsproblemen te vroeg geboren kinderen
Snikhete slaapkamers zijn blinde vlek in klimaataanpak
Tijdgeest Megazien 15 juli 2021
Verenigd Koninkrijk schrapt coronamaatregelen op 19 juli – we moeten nu eenmaal leren leven met dit virus’
Vertraging verwacht bij de bouw van tientallen windmolenparken
Waarom je als HSP heftiger reageert op warmte
Waarom sturen we weer op positieve PCR-tests?
Website Klaus Schwab, plaats sensoren IN het menselijk lichaam om ‘corona te bestrijden’
Werknemers stellen baas aansprakelijk voor coronabesmetting
Zorgen om vervuild water van olieboren


1,200+ Scientists Denounce Boris Johnson’s Plan to End UK Covid Restrictions
11th Harmonic – Root Chakra Stimulation – 396Hz Solfeggio [10 Minute Meditation]
16-page UK govt vaccine passport report has four empty pages
1st Chinese man to be infected by deadly monkey B virus died in Beijing in May
3D “assembloid” shows how SARS-CoV-2 infects brain cells
5G Is Child’s Play. Take A Look At What 6G Will Do!
A direct genetic link to autism spectrum disorders
A Paralyzed Man’s Brain Waves Converted to Speech in a World-First Breakthrough
A psychotherapist says parents who raise confident, mentally strong kids always do these 3 things when praising their children
A Spotlight on Toxic Sources – Copper, Iron, and Parasites – CHTV 386
Alcohol consumption and cancer with Harriet Rumgay
Alle interrupties Gideon van Meijeren v Rutte, de Vries & Paternotte & motie – Debat Tweede Kamer
Amazon Wins FCC Approval For Radar Device To Monitor Sleep
An “Open Mind” Is of No Use When It’s Open to Lies
Are we an advanced civilization? The evidence says no!
As the Greenland Ice Sheet Retreats, Mercury is Being Released From the Bedrock Below
Association of exposure to ethylene oxide with risk of diabetes mellitus
Autism can be detected during toddlerhood using a brief questionnaire
Autism-linked mutation may blur brain’s boundary between self, others
Autopsy Shows Man Who Died After Pfizer Shot Had Enlarged Heart, Coroner Says Vaccine Not to Blame
Barrister battles over 5G — many a David and one Goliath
Benzodiazepines, ‘z-drugs’ increase death risk when taken with opioids
Beta variant in France may beat immune response to coronavirus, expert warns
Biden nominee linked to eco-terrorist plot
Biden’s Vaccine “Strike Force” Plan Stinks Of Desperation
Big tech ‘rotten’ for censorship of Wuhan lab leak theory
Body mass index as a risk factor for diabetes varies throughout the world
Brain Waves – The Food-Brain Connection
Broad-spectrum antibiotic no more effective than placebo in preventing COVID-19 symptoms
Can ‘viral shedding’ after the COVID vaccine infect others? That’s a big ‘no’
Can Indigenous Knowing Help Solve Climate Change?
Can the Left be Anti-Science?
Cannabis originated in China, genetic analysis reveals
Cells create own detergent to clean up infections
CHD Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn D.C. Law Allowing Kids to Be Vaccinated Without Parents’ Knowledge or Consent
Chemical in foam possibly linked to cancer diagnosis in Georgia firefighters
Children Hit Hardest as World Hunger Surged During Pandemic
China Dumping SEWAGE Near Philippines
Clashes at COVID vaccine pass and restrictions protest in Paris
Cleaning up the plastic choking B.C.’s coastline
Climate Refugees
CNN Promotes Mandatory Testing For Unvaccinated
Coastal landfills risk leaking long-banned toxic chemicals into the ocean
Cold-Weather Virus Surprises Doctors, Worries Parents
Common medication used to reduce cholesterol levels may reduce COVID-19 severity
Cost Of Replacing Gas Boilers “Greatly Underestimated”
Could Juicing Up Trafficking Abolish ApoE4’s Alzheimer’s Risk?
Covid patient’s own blood cells could treat lung scarring
COVID-19 Pandemic disruptions push millions of Nigerians into hunger
COVID-19 Vaccines – Why Are They Politicized?
Covid-19 vaccines for children – hypothetical benefits to adults do not outweigh risks to children
Danish Medical Association Calls to Halt J and J vaccine
Deaths From COVID Incredibly Rare Among Children
Deaths Related To Alcohol And Drug Overdoses Are Skyrocketing In State Prisons
Dietary intake of fatty acids and risk of pancreatic cancer
Do Blood Clotting and Immune System Contribute to Psychosis?
Do religious beliefs influence concerns for animal welfare?
Doctors for COVID Ethics – Halt Use of Pfizer COVID Vaccines in Adolescents ‘Immediately’
Does Oil Pulling Help Dental Plaque or Gingivitis?
Does personality influence body weight or vice versa?
Does Purdue Pharma’s punishment fit the crime? ‘Empire of Pain’ author discusses
Dogs Innately Understand Humans in Ways That Wolves Can’t, Experiment Shows
Down the Rabbit Hole With COVID Truth
Eating less meat won’t ‘save the planet’
Emotion and locomotion crucial from an early age
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Risk of Testicular Cancer
England plans biggest winter flu vaccine rollout
EU executive accused of sacrificing forests
Excess caffeine intake may be linked to increased risk of osteoporosis
Expert shares six indications that dry eye could lead to ‘concerning eye problems’
Experts Warn of ‘Huge Risk’ as Moderna Launches COVID Vaccine Trials for Pregnant Women
Exposing the REAL Origins & Cover-up of the COVID-19 Pandemic | Glenn TV | Ep 121
Factors associated with increased suicidality risk following referral for isotretinoin commencement
Fauci Shocks MSNBC Host with Crazy Demands on Kids That Could Last Years
Fix Your Biological Clock and Sleep Better With Dr. Oliver Rawashdeh
Food insufficiency linked to lack of mental health services during pandemic
Forest Defender Joanna Stuchburry Shot to Death in Kenya
France is sliding into medical authoritarianism
Fresh Food Programs Combat New York ‘Food Desert’
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption is Inversely Associated with Plasma Saturated Fatty Acids
Genes from tiny viruses can turn bacteria into superbugs
Get Vaccinated – or Else
Glyphosate Still Used Everywhere, Despite Evidence It Causes Cancer, Other Illnesses
GMOs Are On The Market Only Because The FDA Has Covered Up The Warnings Of Its Own Scientists
Gregg Braden – Two Powerful Methods to Awaken Heart & Brain Connection
Havana syndrome-like mystery illness affects Vienna US diplomats
Heart problems in children with COVID-19 resolve within months, study finds
Heavy artificial rains are caused in the United Arab Emirates
High daily screen time linked to cognitive, behavioral problems in children born extremely preterm
Hottest June Ever (Part 2)
How Micro-Circuits in the Brain Regulate Fear
How Vaccine Apathy – Not Hesitancy – May Be Driving Flattened Vaccination Rates
Hundreds Against Vaccine Mandates Tell Hospitals ‘Shame on You’
In Europe we are seeing surges at many places where most of the population has already been vaccinated
In the UK, children will not be vaccinated for Covid unless at extremely high risk
Indonesia is sending medicines, vitamins to Covid-19 victims who can’t access overcrowded hospitals
Indoor Greek restaurants accept only inoculated customers
Intermittent Fasting Could Replace Insulin for Diabetes
Is autism considered autoimmune?
Is the Delta variant spreading only in vaccinated countries? No.
Is Vaccine Immunity Wearing Off In Places Like Israel and The UK?
Is Your Sunscreen Safe?
Israeli government says Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine provides ‘significantly LESS’ protection against the Indian ‘Delta’ variant than health officials had hoped
It’s Raining “Forever Chemicals” In and Around the Great Lakes
It’s Time to Unplug the Hype Over Electric Vehicles
Killing Cancer Cells With Nikola Tesla’s Magic Frequency Theory
Lake Erie Advocates Launch Billboard Against ‘Factory Farms’
Lockdowns ‘devastating’ on long-term mental health of small business owners
Lockdowns cause ‘a second pandemic’ that is ‘real and just as deadly’
Madrid building a huge urban forest in bid to combat climate change
Marion Nestle – Something’s Rotten in the Science of Food
Mask Mandate for Children Is Not Backed by Science
Mass Protests in Greece in Response to Unvaccinated Being Banned From Social Life
Massachusetts school can continue using electric shock on students with disabilities
Mindfulness improves children’s sleep
Most UK fashion brands ‘moving too slow on transparency’ over ethical practices
Mother Trees and the Social Forest | Suzanne Simard
NASA finds mysterious system beneath Antarctica ‘connected to whole Earth’
Nearly 11,000 Deaths After COVID Vaccines Reported to CDC, as FDA Adds New Warning to J&J Vaccine
Nettle health benefits – Pharmacist’s plant drink lowers blood sugar and blood pressure
New UK Study Reveals Extent of Brain Complications in Children Hospitalised With COVID-19
NGOs call to stop the imports of cruelly produced horsemeat
No to pesticides in our playgrounds, schools and public areas
Occupational Insecticide Exposure and Risk of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Official Fired For Explaining the Law on Vaccinating Teens
Pfizer Fails to Convince FDA COVID Booster Shots Are Needed
Photojournalist Exposes Reality of Factory Farms
Prenatal air pollution exposure to diesel exhaust induces cardiometabolic disorders in adulthood
Psaki says that if you provide “misinformation” you should be banned from others
Red blood cell ‘traffic’ contributes to changes in brain oxygenation
Reiner Fuellmich – They Are Making So Many Mistakes, We Are Close To The Tipping Point
Remedies for Insomnia
Researchers surprised to find bacterial parasites behind rise of ‘super bugs’
Retired Guy Rescues Over 700 Cats From Trees | The Dodo Heroes
Rubio Grills Fauci On Past Statements Of COVID-19 Origin
SARS outbreak ‘gave China the template’ on secretive handling of COVID-19
Secret Recordings of Exxon Lobbyists
Severe covid – A postviral autoimmune attack
Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies
Shocking medical fraud explodes Ivermectin | The Mallen Baker Show
Should the Great Barrier Reef be declared ‘in danger’ by UNESCO?
Smoking accelerates renal cystic disease and worsens cardiac phenotype in Pkd1-deficient mice
Spain’s extreme 2020 lockdown ruled unconstitutional by Spanish court
Study shows that electronic air cleaning technology can generate unintended pollutants
Surge in double-jabbed Scots being admitted to hospitals, figures show
Technocrats leading the world into new Dark Age
The 10th Reason Why You Are Vitamin D Deficient
The Biological Fireworks Sparked by Fertilization Are at Least 300 Million Years Old
The dark side behind the afterlife of solar panels
The Demonization of the Unvaxxed
The Evidence that Almost Everyone is Exposed During a Surge and Most Are Immune
The history of Chinese sexual practices, the Zang Fu organs and Qi cultivation, with Felice Dunas
The Horrific Toll of Government Lockdowns on The Young
The Project is an independent Russian media specialising in in-depth journalism
The sorry story of cell phone radiation exposure — how did we get here?
The sulfur microbial diet is associated with increased risk of early-onset colorectal cancer precursors
The sun Fires off its Third ‘Halo CME’ in as many days
The Truth May Scare You
The US Government Threatens Tech Companies To Push Censorship Agendas
This Tiny Crystal in Your Pineal Gland has the Frequency Range of Mobile Telecommunications
Three fruits to avoid or risk triggering painful joint symptoms
Top health expert says vaccinated people are spreading delta variant
Twitter slams White House for helping Facebook censor posts
U-turn as Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak to self-isolate after criticism
U.S. Surgeon General, Rockefeller Foundation Announce Big Initiatives to Address ‘Urgent Threat’ of Vaccine Misinformation
UCSF researchers discover how the immune system may play a role in miscarriage
Understanding the Blood-Brain Barrier and Its Link to Aging and Disease
Up to 1.6 Million People in England Told to Self-Isolate in a Single Week
Vaccinated U.K. Health Secretary Tests Positive For COVID-19
What does the sleeping brain think about?
What Happened to My Sense of Smell?
What it costs to lock down 12 million people
What Really Controls The Climate?
What’s in wildfire smoke? A toxicologist explains the health risks
White House ‘Flagging’ Posts for Facebook to Censor Over COVID ‘Misinformation’
WHO chief proposes second China probe into COVID’s origins – including audit of Wuhan labs
Why did so many Americans receive strange packages they didn’t think they’d ordered?
Why electric buses are key to Biden’s green agenda
Why the 11th Harmonic is Very Strong – Consecutive Harmonic Interweaving
Wildfire smoke exposure linked to increased risk of contracting COVID-19
Will anyone Stand up to Salmon Farming?
Winter vomiting virus warning for England
Women in Healthcare Are Paid Far Less Than Men, Study Shows
World Economic Forum Pushing for Great Reset Through a “Cyber-Attack with Covid-like Characteristics”