Nieuws 19.2.2021

80% van de mensen voor de avondklok? Niet volgens hun eigen poll.
Apparaat dat hartritmestoornissen herkent inzetten om overbelasting op de IC voorkomen?
Basisschoolleerlingen krijgen voedselonderwijs
Bewering wethouder mbt windmolens klopt niet
Bewoners schimmelwoningen trekken aan de bel
Boerin Ilse brengt kalfjes groot op haar eigen manier
Brief naar Jeugdjournaal mbt covid propaganda
Damherten afschieten voorlopig verboden in Hoeksche Waard
Eenzaamheid en somberheid bij jongeren in coronatijd
Factoren die de emmer vullen totdat die overloopt met EHS tot gevolg
Factoren die verband houden met een verhoogd risico op botbreuken
Grote gevolgen voor de zorg door verloskundigen
Herstel-NL lanceert campagne voor opener Nederland
Kabinet neemt avondklok alsnog op in coronawet
MarktplaatsBedankt? – House of Animals
Misstanden Jeugdzorg
Mogelijk gevaar van bamboevezels is al langer bekend
Ondanks paniekverhalen blijft covid sterfte in Zweden dalen
Onderwerping bij wet voorzien
Ongezond eten bij bron aanpakken
Oostenrijks RIVM – corona-immuniteit houdt stand
RIVM ontmaskerd
Rotterdammers kunnen boer én natuur redden met meer streekproducten
Scepsis tegenover vaccin AstraZeneca
Stel Mark Rutte persoonlijk en ambtelijk aansprakelijk
Stern is, vanwege corona, gestopt met zijn studie
Vergeten vlinderplant blijkt een prima vleesvervanger
Vuurwerkverbod werkt volgens oogartsen
Waarom is afvallen zo complex? Een gesprek met Liesbeth van Rossum
Weer een niet waarheidsgetrouwe factcheck
Wijziging van de Wet publieke gezondheid – Amendements
Wordt haver de nieuwe soja?


Bitter taste of child labor | Chocolate giants face lawsuit
Can Our Government Really Take Our Freedoms?
Cuomo’s Cover-Up – Thousands of Unreported COVID Deaths
Dog Chained Up For Years Comes To Life When He Meets His Favorite Cat
Facebook blocks Australians from posting, sharing and viewing news content
How Regulators Meant To Protect You Get Influenced By The Pesticide Industry
Mental health impact of lockdown is being overlooked, says Conservative MP
Ovaries Removed? Do This…
Report Finds FDA Failure Led To Toxic Baby Food Contamination
The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Desperate Lies
The Way Your Body Is Physically Structured Determines What You’re Supposed To Eat
Veritas Vos Liberabit | 17-02-2021 | Het Gerechtshof
What’s The Deal With Nuts and Healing From Disease?
Why don’t kids get as sick with COVID-19? | ABC News


1 in 20 babies in Ontario exposed to opioids in utero, study indicates
1 in 8 health-care workers with coronavirus show no symptoms, Canadian study finds
20% of People Have a Genetic Mutation That Provides Superior Resilience to Cold
46 Residents in Spanish Nursing Home Die After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
99% of the world has no idea – inside the shocking legal guardianship industry
A birth defect mistaken as child abuse split their family, now they fight for other families at the Capitol
A Huge, Mysterious Object Is Hovering on the Edge of the Solar System
A New Strategy to Reduce Suicide by Pesticide Poisoning
A strong coffee 30 minutes before exercise can boost the burning of fat
A study analyses the risk genetic factors shared between ADHD and disruptive behaviour disorders
Addressing the biological causes of racial disparities in prostate cancer
After Olympic sexism row, Japan’s ruling party tells women they can attend meetings…if they keep quiet
After Pork Giant Was Exposed for Cruel Killings, the FBI Pursued Its Critics
American Life Expectancy Dropped By A Full Year In The First Half Of 2020
Antibody Drug Improves Survival for Aggressive Breast Cancer
Antibody may hold key to treatment of Alzheimer’s, strokes
As Germans Freeze, Leading Newspaper Calls Green Energy Strategy ‘a Dangerous Miscalculation’
Athens accused of ‘downplaying’ risks of lead contamination at Lesbos camp
Australia Wakes Up To Empty News Feed On Facebook
Baarmoederhalskanker bestrijden met kunstmatige intelligentie
Banning news links just days before Australia’s COVID vaccine rollout?
Big Oil’s Texas Deep Freeze Misinformation Two Step
Bill Gates, Climate Warrior – and Super Emitter
Bleeding Gums May Be a Sign of Vitamin C Deficiency
Bosses may be able to demand new staff have jabs, suggests minister
Breathing polluted air ‘raises risk of infertility by 20%’
British study will infect volunteers with COVID-19 to test vaccines, treatments
Brushing ‘gold standard’ for pet dental health
Can Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?
Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Skyrocket in Texas as People Seek Warmth
Certain factors are linked with an elevated risk of bone fractures
Changes to mitochondrial DNA spur autism-like traits in mice
China Most Active In Spreading Disinformation On COVID-19 Origin
Climate change drives migration from Central America
CNN launches smear attack on The Truth About Cancer founders Ty and Charlene Bollinger
Columbia researchers uncover altered brain connectivity after prolonged anesthesia
Comet from edge of solar system killed the dinosaurs
Coronavirus – is the Kent variant responsible for the rise in cases among young people in Israel and Italy?
Coronavirus cases plummet to pre-Thanksgiving levels. Are more reopenings next?
Cosmetic laser may boost effectiveness of certain anti-cancer therapies
Counterfeit anti-COVID masks leave thousands of US hospital workers exposed
Covid and suicide – Japan’s rise a warning to the world?
Covid can cause gangrene as it makes the body attack itself
Covid causes heart damage in many patients, research suggests
Covid infections in England fall by two-thirds but spreading fastest among young
COVID-19 associated with leukoencephalopathy on brain MRI
Covid19 Vaccines Are Now Being Tested on Child Volunteers. But Can Kids Really Volunteer?
Credit card-sized soft pumps power wearable artificial muscles
Croatia and Slovakia launch ‘Operation Sputnik’
Dear US Media, We Don’t Need Russia To Attack Our Power Grid
Deep learning may help doctors choose better lung cancer treatments
Despite Gov’t Fear Mongering, Arizona Sees DUIs Drop After Cannabis Legalization
Did you survive COVID-19? Maybe you can thank your Neanderthal ancestors
Discovery Illuminates How Thyroid Hormone ‘Dims’ Metabolism
Discovery of biomarker could help predict Alzheimer’s years before symptoms emerge
Dogs trained to sniff out prostate cancer lend helping paw to crucial research
Edible holograms could someday decorate foods
Effective anxiety therapy changes personality
England’s poorest areas hit by Covid ‘perfect storm’ – leaked report
Erdogan says Turkey to start gradual COVID-19 normalisation in March
Experts identify ‘super-plant’ that absorbs roadside air pollution
Exposing the COVID-19 SARS-Cov-2 ‘Isolate’ Fraud
FBI, US Attorney’s Office reportedly open investigation into Cuomo nursing home scandal
Fishes contribute roughly 1.65 billion tons of carbon in feces and other matter annually
Frozen wind turbines aren’t the main culprit for Texas’ power outages — no matter what conservatives say
Genotoxic E. coli ‘caught in the act’
Germany’s Merkel Changes The COVID Rules Once Again
Government Won’t Save Us from Big Media
Greenwashing Turns “Ugly” Into Environmentally Friendly
Gut microbiota regulate astrocytic functions in the brain
High-fat diets don’t increase risk of type 2 diabetes
How Changing Your Thoughts Changes Your Life
How inflammatory signalling molecules contribute to carcinogenesis
How the ‘noise’ in our brain influences our behavior
Human impact on solar radiation levels for decades
Imagine Texas Without Fossil Fuels
In lab experiment, Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine less potent against coronavirus variant
India’s Farm Laws Are a Global Problem
Indonesia ramps up pressure on vaccine-dodgers by allowing FINES & SANCTIONS
Italy fines Facebook 7 mn euros over data protection
Katie Price begs fans to sign petition to help parents find care for their autistic children after they die
Leaked Video Shows Facebook CEO Questioning “Long-Term Side Effects Of Modifying DNA” In COVID Vaccine
Lockdown surrender? Sweden warns of more restrictions, gears up to close restaurants & gyms
Long-Lost Neanderthal Tooth Reveals a Surprising Unknown Link to Modern Humans
Many Environmental Scientists Left Under Trump. Can Biden Bring Them Back?
Masked drivers BANNED from wearing sunglasses & hats
More Young Women in the US Are Dying From This Diet-Related Disease, Say Experts
Mutation in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein renders virus up to eight times more infectious
New Highly Radioactive Particles Found In Fukushima
Not one but two apples a day improve markers of cardiovascular disease
NSAID use linked to loss of radiographic joint space width in knee OA
Oil spill has long-term immunological effects in dolphins
One Surprising Side Effect of Eating Bananas, According to Science
One-third of US military refusing COVID-19 vaccine
People With Severe COVID Conditions Can Develop Growths In The Back Of Their Eye
Pfizer says variant first found in South Africa could significantly reduce vaccine protection
Pfizer Shot Elicits Fewer Antibodies Vs. South Africa Strain
Physical conditions linked to psychological distress in patients with cancer
Polish scientists show existence of “smog allergy” in first study of its kind
Protein linked to Alzheimer’s, strokes cleared from brain blood vessels
Recycling carbon emissions to useful chemicals and reducing global warming
Researchers have proved that that ozone is effective in disinfecting Coronavirus
Smart Asthma Inhaler Sensors Improve Pediatric Asthma Control
Smoking and Increased Risk for Diabetes
Solomon Islands – ship crew accused of dumping 1,000 tonnes of oil in sea
Spanish nurses find way to extract 7 doses from Pfizer vaccine vials
Study finds COVID-19 hospitalizations linked to memory loss, difficulty focusing
SuperAger brains resist protein tangles that lead to Alzheimer’s
The Agonizing Nightmare of Drug-Induced Akathisia
The Predatory Testing Labs Are Complicit in the Crime
The public has until March 12 to ask the EPA to ban or restrict glyphosate
The US Will Pay $200 Million + To the World Health Organization
The WEF Agenda Behind Modi Farm Reform
Too much consumption of coffee can cause cardiovascular issues
Top Rice Scientist Dr. Richharia Who Sacrificed Much to Protect Interests of Farmers
Type-2 diabetes can damage these body parts permanently, manage them before it’s too late
UK study sheds light on rise in hospital admissions for food-induced anaphylaxis
Ukrainian minister says corruption accusations hit vaccine procurement
University of Vermont found that those who wore masks had more infections, more contacts
Vaccine passports would be a kick in the teeth for young people
Vaccine rollout will trigger new Covid variants, Oxford scientist warns, adding ‘new layer of complexity’ to pandemic fight
Volunteers will be paid £4,500 to be deliberately exposed to coronavirus
Why does Trudeau not want us to see vaccine deals?