Nieuws 18.2.2021

17% Europeanen wil nooit coronavaccin
92 procent woningen op aardgas begin 2019
Actiegroep Meten=Weten wil actie tegen compostbulten bollentelers
Avondklokzaak Viruswaarheid is rechtsstaat in optima forma
Big Tobacco in de achterkamers van de Europese Commissie
Bij toeval mysterieuze diertjes ontdekt op bijna een kilometer onder Antarctisch ijs vraagt minister van Economie om onderzoek naar reclameacties Albert Heijn
Chevron en BP investeren miljoenen in geothermie-startup Eavor
Coronavirus profiteert van ons immuunsysteem
Dieet patiënten chronische darmziektes vaak te eiwitarm
Geachte heer Brenninkmeijer, u laat zich misbruiken
Gordon wil einde aan anonimiteit op sociale media
Hoge doses straling op Basisschool en Kinderdagverblijf Woudenberg
Hoogopgeleide vrouwen met gezinnen hebben het het zwaarste in deze coronacrisis
Huisarts zag patiënt overlijden na vaccinatie
Interview met Pieter Kuit bij Paleis van Justitie i.v.m. spoedappel avondklok
Kan ik alles weer doen na vaccinatie?
Levensstijlveranderingen zwangere vrouwen van invloed op baby’s genen
Luchtvervuiling vergroot kans op onvruchtbaarheid aanzienlijk
Marcel van Roosmalen over de avondklok
Medisch groepsdenken – Michiel de Jong met Giliam Kuijpers
Misbruik opioïden tijdens zwangerschap hebben blijvende invloed op kind
Niet ‘meldcultuur’, maar knelpunten in jeugdbescherming moeten meer aandacht krijgen
Nieuw waarschuwingssysteem na tweede vervuiling Schelde
Ondanks Brexit volgt Engeland het globale plan, no vax, no food
Oud nieuws – waarschuwing tegen capsules met Chinees kaneel
Rambam gebruikt ‘kunsthuid’ van Nanomedic om brandwonden te behandelen
Rechter die avondklok in stand hield en Jaap van Dissel zijn oude bekenden van elkaar
Recordaantal mensen deed een beroep op Voedselbanken
Thierry Baudet – Alle coronamaatregelen moeten verdwijnen
Uitspraak Viruswaarheid kort geding avondklok rechtspraak – livestream
Verband tussen pestgedrag en drugsgebruik, drinken en roken later in het leven
Verklaringen van moedige mensen
Zeehonden na vijftig jaar weer massaal op Franse stranden
Zo gaat vanmiddag het RIVM met de cijfers aan de haal
Zo klem zit het RIVM
Zo reageert Willem Engel op opheffen avondklok
Zorgen bij Wajongers – ondanks belofte er toch op achteruit


2 Years Prison for Selling Food – No Vax, No Food (part 2)
Alan Watts – Materialism
Alyssa Farah slams Harris for ‘false’ claims about Trump’s vaccine plan
Big Tech is totally state-controlled
Blueprint For Jab Passport
Can Wireless Devices Harm Our Health?
Climbing the Almas Tower in Dubai
Covid 19 epidemic in Germany will end in 22 Days
Did tobacco companies hide about the addictive quality of nicotine?
Diets, calories, and longevity – With Dr. Peter Attia
Everyone is Ignoring This
Kamala Harris Gets Contradicted By Fauci
Michael Verstraete Advocaat
Plant Based Eaters Do Not Have Iron Deficiency – By Author Brenda Davis
Planting the Seed for a Stronger Microbiome, with Raja Dhir
Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks With Avocado and Sunflower Oil
The Pharmacist Who Gave Up Drugs – and Fixed Blood Glucose Instead
What Herb has the Most Antioxidants?


46 Nursing Home Residents in Spain Die Within 1 Month of Getting Pfizer COVID Vaccine
500+ Experts Call on World’s Nations to Not Burn Forests to Make Energy
5G phones may interfere with aircraft
A Deep Green Freeze – An Existential Threat To America’s Future
A Doctor’s View About the New mRNA Vaccines
A genetic variant inherited from Neanderthals reduces the risk of severe COVID-19
A healthy gut for a healthy heart? A 10-year study looks at the gut-heart connection
Accumulation of fatty tissue in the neck increases heart problems in sedentary young adults
Acupuncture for Psychological Disorders Caused by Chronic Pain
Antibody-based COVID-19 treatments work best in concert with immune cells
Asthma may heighten flu risk and cause dangerous mutations
Australia shows that Zero Covid doesn’t work
Australian children are learning in classrooms with very poor air quality
Balloon Releases Are Killing Wildlife and Marine Animals – Here’s What You Can Do Instead
Belgian Rights Group Launches Legal Action Over Sharing of Health Data
Bill Gates wants ‘rich nations’ to switch to 100% SYNTHETIC beef to save the planet
Breeding better seeds – Healthy food for more people
Brussels ties with fossil fuel industry revealed
Bundestag verabschiedet ID2020-Gesetz für Deutschland
Burnout, alcohol, PTSD – Health workers are suffering
Can Covid Vaccinations Drive Covid Deaths?
China steps up online controls with new rule for bloggers
Cloudy eyes caused by protein imbalance
Common weed killers favor antibiotic resistant bacteria
Commuters Are Inhaling Unacceptably High Levels of Carcinogens
Contact tracing alone has little impact on curbing Covid spread
Coronavirus lockdowns saw rise in alcohol use
Could a Too-Clean Society Trigger a Rise in Food Allergies?
Could your headphones be causing you health problems?
COVID-19 Antibodies Stay For at Least Nine Months, Risk of Re-Infection Low – Swedish Study
COVID-19 infection rates high in pregnant women
Diabetes advocacy group wants cost coverage for glucose monitoring devices
Did The Virus Trigger the 2020 Worldwide Economic Crisis?
DPP-4 inhibitors tied to low hypoglycemia risk in Inpatient diabetes patients
Effect of High-Intensity Strength Training on Pain From Knee Osteoarthritis
FCC and Big Telecom use outdated & faulty testing method
FDA Responds to Subcommittee Report on Toxic Metals in Baby Food
Follow the Money – Hydroxychloroquine vs. the “Vaccine”
Geographic Differences in Uncontrolled Chronic Medical Conditions
German election fever has EU sweating on vaccines
GMWatch mythbuster exposes UK government misinformation on gene editing
Government may turn blind eye to venues asking for ‘vaccine passports’
Graphene could one day be used to make quick, reliable tests for viruses
Heavy drinking, lots of red meat boost colon cancer risk
How the media may be making the COVID-19 mental health epidemic worse
In the fight against Covid-19, patents are deadly
INOCULATED – The Book That Will Break the Internet…
Is Candida Syndrome Real?
Michio Kaku fears ‘we’re sitting ducks’ for crippling solar activity
Mimicking a chronic immune response changes the brain
Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban
Mother’s Heart Health in Pregnancy Impacts Child’s Heart Health in Adolescence
New Study Finds Sea Level Rise Projections ‘Are On the Money’
North Korea ‘tried to hack’ Pfizer for vaccine info
Norwegian Health Authorities Think Twice About Double Masking
Novel Injectable Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Crohn’s Disease
One Major Effect of Drinking Diet Soda Every Day, Says Science
Opponents of mandatory vaccinations for public school dominate hearing
Plant-Based Diet Offers Strong Medicine for a Healthy Heart
Plastic recycling results in rare metals being found in children’s toys and food packaging
Printing a Brain Aneurysm in a Dish
Protecting Your Dog from Pesticides
Psychotherapy for panic disorder shows positive long-term effects
Role of ivermectin in the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers in India
Russian lab to research prehistoric viruses in animals dug from melted permafrost
Saliva test may predict severity of COVID-19
Scientists on WHO Mission to Wuhan Accuse Media of Biased Reportage
Severe Covid could cause dangerous ‘nodules’ on eyeballs, new study warns
Slovakia Becomes the First EU Nation to Formally Approve Ivermectin for Both Prophylaxis and Treatment for COVID-19 Patients
Sweden Bans Masks
Tel Aviv pushes COVID-19 vaccine with free food
The Biden Administration Should Eliminate EPA’s Strange New Unscientific Approach To Pesticide
The Dark Side of CRISPR
The Dubious COVID Models, The Tests and Now the Consequences
There’s a new kind of pollution to be worried about – nanomaterials
They’re just fed up – families and teenagers on life in second UK lockdown
This little known weed is a powerful source of plant-based omega-3s
This Nation Wanted To Study Herd Immunity. Here’s The Problem
Walmart selling beef from firm linked to Amazon deforestation
What are Concerned Citizens Saying about 5G Small Cell Towers?
Why half of Americans say they are never going on another diet again
Why people get dementia
Wood burning at home now biggest cause of UK particle pollution
Wuhan Lab Granted Bat Cages Patent For Secret Virus Experiments Months Before COVID-19 Outbreak