Nieuws 18.1.2021

5 manieren om microplastics uit je leven te bannen
Als jij het normaal vindt dat we voor iedere snottebel getest moeten worden….
Avondklok vanaf maandag 20:00 tot 6:00uur
Avondklok verplaatst probleem
Belgische rusthuizen prikken familieleden van bewoners met restjes vaccin
Biometrische ID app als vervanging voor je paspoort en het (nu nog Chinese) Social Credit Points System
Bloedend tandvlees hoort er niet bij
Chinese Communistische Partij heeft onderzoek naar oorsprong covid-19 voorkomen
De paradox van de mondmaskers
Druiven zijn een natuurlijke bron van zowel vitamine K als flavonoïden tegen Coronavirus
Duizenden restaurants in Italië blijven open uit protest
EU onderzoekt dood 13 Noorse ouderen na bijwerkingen vaccin
Google’s “experimentele” blokkering van mediasites
Grote opkomst demonstratie Amsterdam
Heldhaftige huisarts 80 jaar die wel zijn mond open doet
Hoe palmolie het oerwoud, vrouwen en je gezondheid schaadt
Hondentrimsalons mogen toch open
Is 5G nou schadelijk of niet? Roosendaalse raad blijkt verdeeld
Is de menopauze verantwoordelijk voor dalende cognitie?
Is dit de boosdoener in de Covid vaccins?
Kwetsbare cliënten door zorgorganisaties ingezet voor criminele activiteiten
Lid van tuchtraad psychologen op non-actief na klacht over grensoverschrijdend gedrag
Live bij Caspar Zwart op het Malieveld te Den Haag
Minstens 22 zorgaanbieders in Twente betrokken bij criminaliteit
Noodbevel van kracht in Amsterdam, honderden demonstranten op Museumplein
Presenteerde Baudet “vijf onwaarheden” tijdens uitzending OP1?
PVDA hekelt ‘klassenvirus’ dat kloof tussen arm en rijk vergroot
RIVM meldt fors minder positieve coronatests
Sociale media en de vrijheid van meningsuiting
Vaccins niet bewezen veilig is volgens de standaardprocedures
Verdeeldheid op de werkvloer over vaccinatieplicht
Verslag vanuit Amsterdam
Voedsel- en warenautoriteit gaat varkensstal van ‘baron’ in Lierop controleren
Voor duizenden mensen zal uitgestelde operatie te laat komen
Voorbeeldbrief voor Ouders van Schoolgaande Kinderen
We zijn nog lang niet klaar met dit toeslagenschandaal
Wifi-signalen zichtbaar gemaakt door kirlianfotografie
Ziekenhuizen moeten beter voor hun eigen personeel zorgen
Zittingen op 1 februari a.s. over vergunningen van grootste Nederlandse houtstookcentrale van Vattenfall in Diemen


Doctor When Will The Virus End?
DOWN to EARTH (Dutch Subtitles) – Complete film
Drug Companies Faces Lawsuit For Exposing Patients To Cancer Causing Medication Valsartan
Ik zou mijn 8-jarige niet aanbieden voor onderzoek vaccins
In Overijssel, Drenthe en Friesland wordt gas en zout uit de grond gehaald
Inside the opioid industry’s marketing machine
Oil and Gas in the Arctic | Ice Race | Free Documentary
Refuse to Live in a Surveillance State
Reisbeperking is slechts uitstel van executie
SEC probes Exxon after whistleblower complaint
Shut Your Brain Off When Sleeping Using Calcium
Study shows e-cigs increase in likelihood of tobacco habit
The New Normal Documentary by
The role of retroviruses in chronic illness is greatly disputed in academic circles
Thousands march against coronavirus restrictions in Vienna
Voor de zogenaamde pro-v@xxers …
Warning against Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine pause in planned Australian rollout
Woningen Schiedam vol schimmel – bewoners zijn het zat


13 Israelis suffer FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid jab, amid influx of reports detailing adverse effects
2 infants inhaled cancer cells from mothers during birth
80 year old woman improves on ivermectin in ICU, taken off ventilator, then new doctor refuses to continue
A brutal Covid legacy awaits our children
A message to anyone who feels like ‘Winston’ in Orwell’s 1984
A Natural Treatment for Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Side Effects
Admiral Ramdas Appeals The Government To Repeal The Farm Laws
Agriculture reformists slam ‘industrialized’ farming under Angela Merkel
Air pollution will lead to mass migration, say experts after landmark ruling
Altering mealtimes could prevent development of Type 2 diabetes
Amazon Banned Parler and Is Selling a Shirt on Amazon that says “Kill All Republicans”
America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates
American lawyer who took on US oil giant held under house arrest in New York for 500+ days
Americans supposedly just voted for only electric vehicles
An Algorithm Is Helping a Community Detect Lead Pipes
An OrWELLSian Purge? Why H.G. Wells’ ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ Has Arrived Today
Another Monsanto Roundup Case Likely to Settle as Bayer Works Through Tens of Thousands of Cancer Claims
Antioxidant Defenses in the Human Eye
Apple cider vinegar restores the PH balance to increase hair growth
As pandemic keeps us at home more, risk of lung cancer from radon gas increases
Australia recorded fewer ‘excess’ deaths than usual last year
Biden Administration Will Rename ‘Operation Warp Speed,’ Citing Trump ‘Failures’
Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount of Farmland While ‘Great Reset’ Tells Americans Future is No Private Property
Biodiversity protection must be included in all EU policy, says Greens
Black women in the UK four times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth
Boris Johnson vows to ‘take a stand’ against Japanese whale killing
Can you drink alcohol after having the Covid vaccine?
Cancel Us at Your Own Risk
China builds 1,500-room isolation ward in just 5 DAYS over new coronavirus spike in Hebei province
China reports ice cream contaminated with coronavirus
Chinese Lockdowns Trigger “Chaos And Panic” At Grocery Stores As Prices Soar 50%
Coronavirus Mutation Panic
COVID Vaccine Secret, a Stunner
COVID-19 Vaccines Increases Risk Of More Severe Diseases That People Should Be Made Aware Of
Cyberattack on EMA – update 5
Dengue—an Epidemic Within a Pandemic in Peru
Depression, stress may reduce efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines
Designer cytokine makes paralyzed mice walk again
Did we see a Christmas coronavirus spike?
Digital hoarders – we’ve identified four types – which are you?
Discussing the Future With Friends
Early life experiences and alcohol use in youth
EC president von der Leyen dares European nations to call her bluff with announcement of (mandatory?) vaccine certificates
Effects of fermented red bean extract on nephropathy in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats
Facebook banning free speech will lead people to find alternative platforms, Ron Paul tells Boom Bust
Fast-spreading UK COVID-19 variant could be dominant in US by March
Fermented Food Craze Has Buyers Hunting Down the Right Bacteria
For the sake of your heart, cut down on the news
Found 1,386 cases where Vaccine targets COVID-19 (COVID19) and Emergency Room/Doctor Visit
French Herder Believes Family Health Ailments, 400 Dead Cows “Clearly Linked” To Nearby Wind Park
Frequent colds, infections, and fatigue are signs you may have a low immune system
Fresh protests in France against controversial security bill
German doctor Mark Schmidt cops almost five years in prison for blood doping ring
Germany to build a CAMP for COVID-dissidents
Germany to Put COVID Rulebreakers in ‘Detention Camp’
Google Hits Alternative Social Media Platform Minds with Deplatforming Threat
Government Is Using the Mutant Virus as an Alibi for Its Failures
Grapefruit May Protect Your Immune System
Hiccups, tinnitus and stammering are bizarre signs of Covid too
Hidden camera reveals ‘appalling’ conditions in overseas PPE factory supplying Canadian hospitals
How the Food We Feed Farm Animals Is Destroying the Environment
Ikea just bought a forest in Georgia to keep it protected
Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease
Interactions in US family medicine residencies with the pharmaceutical industry
Is There A Climate Emergency?
Killer windturbines bij Nozay – op deze boerderij stierf half december de 400ste koe
Late-night use of gadgets can cause male infertility
Link Between Sunscreen Ingredient, Diet, And Cancer Risk Investigated
Masks Are Not Created Equal
Massive Pole Shifts are Cyclic According to Declassified CIA Document
McDonald’s to remove toxic PFAS chemicals from food packaging by 2025
Microsoft, Oracle & Co full speed ahead on Covid-19 vaccine passports, citing incipient government demand
More contagious coronavirus strain detected in L.A. County as total cases top 1 million
New handheld device detects unwanted trace chemicals
New research database helping cardiologists study COVID-19’s impact on collegiate athletes’ hearts
New skin gel ‘proven’ to heal chronic pain
New study finds COVID-19 increases risk of pre-term birth
Norway Warns of Vaccination Risks for Sick Patients Over 80
NRDC Sues EPA for Its Illegal Rule That Will Expose Millions to Toxic Lead in Drinking Water
Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms Antarctica Hasn’t Warmed In Past 70 Years
Phage Therapy Kills Superbug Behind Many ICU Infections
Pompeo Slams China Over Coronavirus Origin
Prostate cancer warning – Bisphenol A found on receipts could be increasing your risk
Rare, Factual Account of Telecom Industry’s Corruption and Deception
Record Atlantic Hurricane Season?
Research Links Social Isolation to COVID-19 Protocol Resistance
Researchers Rewind the Clock to Calculate Age and Site of Supernova Blast
Risk Pool to be Created to Compensate Nations Hurt by Bill Gates Venture to Dim the Sun to Cool Earth
Severe COVID-19 linked to genetic make-up of both host and virus
Small Study Links Biomarkers in Sperm to Child’s Autism Status With 90% Accuracy
Solar storm releases 1.8 million km per hour particles headed straight towards Earth
Study Indicates Lockdowns Have Increased Deaths Of Despair
Study suggests respirator masks used by police could hurt perception
T cells linked to myelin implicated in MS-like disease in monkeys
Teens Who Take Afternoon Naps More Likely To Be Adult Criminals
Testosterone replacement therapy and the risk of venous thromboembolism
The World’s Biggest COVID-19 Hypocrites
This device stimulates nerves to help people with MS walk better
Thousands of COVID Vaccine Injuries and 13 U.S. Deaths Reported in December Alone
Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us
Traumatic brain injury can increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Tuberculosis Kills As Many People Each Year As COVID-19
Type 2 diabetes – Oranges and tomatoes key in managing blood sugar levels
U.S. steps up claims COVID-19 may have escaped from Chinese lab
Unlocking the World of Autism
US claims Wuhan lab researchers had COVID-19 symptoms before first reported cases
US military sonar linked to whale beachings in Pacific, say scientists
Vitamin K2 deficiency – Low levels increase risk of hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis
WikiLeaks is Reaching Out for Help to Secure Trump’s Pardon for Assange
World may never find Covid patient zero, says WHO
WuFlu Reduced CO2 Emissions But Kills The Economy
You May Want to Rethink the Jab
Your heart needs more care in winter season says expert