Nieuws 17.6.2022

Bedrijfswagen ombouwen naar elektrisch geeft vrachtauto’s tweede leven
Boer Marcel doet alles goed, maar stikstofbeleid nekt hem alsnog | RTV Oost
Brussel VERLENGT coronapas die NIEMAND wil
Caroline van der Plas vraagt Paternotte waarom D66 niet wil innoveren
De VVD gaat 25 miljard uitgeven aan het vernietigen van onze boeren
Deel huurhuizen heeft geen rookmelders voor verplichte datum
Een vreemde wereld. Over het autismespectrum (ASS)
En daarom vinden onze ‘leiders’ de coronapas zo interessant
Er zijn amper nog proefpersonen te vinden voor nieuwe vaccins, hoe zou dat toch komen?
Het effect van boosters op het voorkomen van besmettingen
Het kievitsei beter beschermd dan ongeboren leven? – SGP vs GroenLinks
Hier zie je een voorbeeld van wat fastfood doet met de hersenen – dumbing down of society
Iedereen kan leren van mensen met autisme, vindt Audrey met autisme
Internationale EHS-dag 16 juni 2022
Jeugdzorg nu weghalen bij gemeenten is geen goed idee
Kwaliteit wetenschap mbt ons voeding advies is zeer slecht. Een gesprek met Gary Taubes
Laadpaalstress lokt elektrische rijder op vakantie naar brandstof
Lekker om mensen met QR-code onder controle te houden – Hans van Tellingen
Medisch journaal – Kanker door injecties bewezen? – Willem Engel en Robert Gorter
Microrobot verwijdert hersenbloedingen als gevolg van beroertes of aneurysma’s
Muziek, zó gezond is dit oermechanisme voor je brein
Politieke klasse heeft zelf deze escalatie veroorzaakt door jarenlang de boeren tot wanhoop te drijven
Stal Streefkerk brandt uit, 200 kalveren dood. ‘Ze hadden geen enkele kans’
Tijdgeest Megazien 15 juni 2022
Verpleegkundige houdt emotioneel betoog
Waarom is iedereen ineens allergisch? (Universiteit van Nederland)
We hebben meer boeren nodig


6 (six) lies, frauds that doomed a sitting POTUS that the CDC
80% of children in Gaza suffer from depression
90% of People Have Parasites (Learn Why in 3 Minutes)
A pilot study on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among healthcare workers in the US
A Suspension, Not a Cancellation | Brian Peckford
Adorable dog finally finds new home after spending five years in kennels
Aging in Place Is the Key To Living a Longer, Healthier Life
An exercise-inducible metabolite that suppresses feeding and obesity
Ancient DNA traces origin of Black Death
Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ is hemorrhaging ice faster than in the past 5,500 years
Antibiotic treatment for appendicitis in Norway and Sweden
Antidiabetic and hepato-renal protective effects of medicinal plants in STZ induced diabetic rats
Are the COVID vaccines safe for kids?
Are We Living in the Age of Dopamine?
Artificial Snow Time Released For Flooding aka Weather Warfare/Climate Engineering, Shortened Days
Assessing synergistic effect of Jerusalem Artichoke juice and antioxidant compounds on enhanced viability and persistence of Bifidobacterium species, palatability, and shelf life
Australia commits to reducing greenhouse emissions by 43%
Banned On YouTube – How Vaccines Are Harming Our Children
Biden Threatening Oil Companies
Biofuels to play ‘a big role’ in reducing EU dependency on Russian fossil fuels
Black Death – Origins of plague hidden for more than 600 years revealed
Blood Fat Levels Predict Diabetes Remission Following Gastric Bypass Surgery
Brain tumour – Simple memory test could help you diagnose the deadly disease
Breakthrough study of hormone “crosstalk” in breast cancer
Can dogs reduce stress levels in school children?
Canada’s health-care system is ‘collapsing around us,’ warns CMA president
Children’s Health Defense Reports that a Third Judge was Asked to Step Down in COVID Vaccine Mandate Case
China’s migrant workers fear more lockdowns as Covid threat remains
China’s “Zero Covid” Mandate – Devastating Social and Economic Impacts
Cigarette smoke toxin hydroquinone and misfolding pancreatic lipase variant cooperatively promote endoplasmic reticulum stress and cell death
Could magic mushrooms in care homes curb the fear of death?
COVID-19 – A Reckoning; Part 1 – The Pandemic’s Wake
COVID-19 on the brain – Neurological symptoms persist in majority of long-haulers
Did Philip Morris International use the e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI) outbreak to market IQOS heated tobacco?
Doctors Give Kids Drugs That Can Chemically Castrate Them – Just Like Pedophiles
Doctors warn against over-medicalising menopause after UK criticism
Does Early Life Inflammation Contribute to the Risk for Developing Psychiatric Conditions?
Double-masking quadruple vaccinated Anthony Fauci tests positive for SARS-2
Dr Geert Vanden Bossche interviewed by Dr Maria Hubmer Mogg at The Better Way Conference
Dr. Anthony Fauci is in a terribly high-risk situation
Dr. Maryanne Demasi – My Experience of Exposing the Statin Controversy
Dr. Naomi Wolf and Steve Bannon War Room Discusses the FDA Approval of the Moderna Vaccine for Kids, outraged
E-cigarettes and youth – an unresolved Public Health concern
Eat Grains, Legumes And Root Vegetables Daily And You Ought To Be Able To Get All The Minerals
Elephant in landmark animal rights case to remain in enclosure as court rules she’s not legally a person
Energy Medicine is Here – The Pharmaceutical Industry is Doomed
EPA Announces New Drinking Water Health Advisories for PFAS Chemicals
EPA to Participate in Farmer to Farmer Grant funded Groundbreaking Nutrient Recovery Technology Demonstration
EU Goes All-In on mRNA Vaccines, Reserves Capacity for Next Pandemic
EU initiative on chronic illnesses may ‘indirectly’ help kidney patients, Commission says
EU to criticize UN food agency for pushing back internal review
Exercise molecule burns away hunger
Eye Health May Directly Regulate How Long Someone Lives
Factors Causing Low Covid-19 Vaccination Have Spilled Over to Lower Flu Vaccination Rates
Families Speak Out On Health Problems Linked to Fracking
Fauci Tests Positive For Covid-19
FDA’s insanity on full display
Feeding Cows Seaweed Reduces Their Methane Emissions, but California Farms Are a Long Way From Scaling Up the Practice
Flawed research not retracted fast enough to prevent spread of misinformation, study finds
Food in Hospitals Making You Sicker | Dr. Saray Stancic
Forever chemicals pose risk even at very low levels
France bets big on urban vegetation to put massive heatwaves in the shade
Funny Take on Future Pathology – ACE 2 Receptor or Spike-Attacking Condition
Geert Vanden Bossche with Bright Light News in Bath
German Scientist Who Questioned Vaccine Ingredients, Dies Mysteriously
Green policies are inflicting an ‘energy nightmare’ on Australians
Greenwashing | Trailer | Coming Soon
Groups Sue Biden Admin for Threatening ‘Climate-Imperiled’ Wildlife With Drilling Permits
Gut microbiota in obesity and related comorbidities in children and adolescents
HbA1c measurement may save COVID-19 inpatients from overlooked diabetes
Here we go again – with ‘cases’, or ‘infections’
High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can control prostate cancer with fewer side effects
How Adrenal Glands Work
How big a covid wave could omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 cause?
How cannabis-fed chickens may help cut Thai farmers’ antibiotic use
How DeepMind Unlocks Medicine’s Secrets
How does anesthesia affect neurons in the brain?
How Exercise Helps Mice Fight Pancreatic Cancer
How months-long COVID infections could seed dangerous new variants
How the EU can help end the onslaught against the Amazon
Ignore the Misinformation – Omicron Infection Does Give Natural Immunity
Immunity-boosting treatment enhances CAR-T cell therapy for blood cancers
In Japan, making “online insults” can now land you with a year in jail
Inspired by palm trees, scientists develop hurricane-resilient wind turbines
Interceptor Trashfence Stops a Plastic Tsunami in the World’s Most Polluting River (Then Fails)
Is homeopathy effective for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder?
Is the COVID vaccine safe for my kids?
Is the WEF the Headquarters of Evil?
Is There Life After Death?
Junk food, junk Prime Minister
JUST A JAB | TRAILER 2 Englisch (2022)
Map reveals where 200,000 homes in England could be underwater by 2050
Maternal and neonatal risk factors for autism spectrum disorder
Mattias Desmet on mass formation
Men’s gut health improves by drinking lager beer
Menopause shouldn’t be ‘medicalised’ into something that ALWAYS needs treatment and most women do not want HRT unless symptoms are severe
Microrobot device removes brain hemorrhages due to strokes or aneurysms
Middle-aged women don’t want sex
Monkeypox is a DNA virus unlike coronavirus
NOAA forecasts average-size Gulf of Mexico summer ‘dead zone’
Obesity causes COVID vaccines to lose their efficacy more rapidly
On a ranch in the southwest of the state of Kansas alone, more than 3,000 cattle suddenly fell dead last weekend
Papaverine, a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of COVID-19 patients with underlying cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)
Pastor from Melfort, Saskatchewan claims Public Health offered his church $50,000 to promote “vaccine confidence.”
PCB “No More Toxic Than Table Salt,” Ex-Monsanto Official Testifies
Pesticides Are Spreading Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals,’ Scientists Warn
Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trial fraud allegations that should be immediately investigated by the FDA
Popular drug may have new benefit in men with diabetes, but not women
Preadolescents exposed to high levels of air pollution in their first years of life display changes in brain connectivity
Qatar Omicron-wave study shows slow decline of natural immunity, rapid decline of vaccine immunity
Red wine but not alcohol consumption improves cardiovascular function and oxidative stress of the hypertensive-SHR and diabetic-STZ rats
Research Confirms Statins Are A Colossal Waste Of Money
Researchers develop pancreatic beta-cell restoring therapy for treating type 1 diabetes
Role Of Methane From Cows On Climate Exaggerated By A Factor Of 3 To 4
Saireito, a Japanese herbal medicine, alleviates leaky gut associated with antibiotic-induced dysbiosis in mice
Salmon farming exposed Does the industry’s ‘green image’ stack up?
Severe COVID-19 ‘Rare’ In Unvaccinated People, Survey Reveals
Should the FDA investigate Pfizer clinical trial fraud allegations?
Tell Elon Musk to Stop His Cruel Animal Experiments
The function of gut microbiota in immune-related neurological disorders
The Great Reset – Turning Back the Clock on Civilization
The human microbiome – there is much left to do
The path to true health often starts with a crisis
The Pole Shift Comprendium
The quickest way to stop the COVID vaccine?
The Science Is Settled for Now on COVID-19
The SECRET Science to Lower Fasting Blood Sugars
The WHO Cancels Public Comment on Proposed Pandemic Treaty
The WHO’s lab leak report is INSANE and they know it
They’re marching for “a woman’s right to choose” (as long as she agrees to get injected)
Trade the chair for fresh air
Trudeau Contracts COVID Again – Thanks Vaccines
Tumor ‘signatures’ could provide key to more accurate treatment for deadliest cancers
Two Judges Step Down From New York COVID Vaccine Mandates Lawsuit Over Financial Conflicts of Interest
U.S. Government Is Waging Psychological Warfare On The Nation
U.S. Military Continues COVID-19 Jab Separations
UNINVITED to Davos for the World Economic Forum
Victorian premier demands compulsory second booster (4th shot) for health workers, as excess deaths soar nationally
Video Games Linked To Higher Intelligence
Vladimir Putin’s uncontrollable shaking is evidence of Parkinson’s, professor claims
Warmer Arctic Ocean Fueling Climate Feedback Loop Faster Than Previously Known
We exposed Paxlovid as Snake Oil. We Won
WEF’s Top 10 Scary Ideas — And How They Could Affect Your Future
What will make Trudeau end his vendetta against unvaccinated Canadians?
Whistleblower Reveals The Real Story Behind The “Disinformation Governance Board”
Wildfire smoke exposure negatively impacts dairy cow health

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