Nieuws 17.2.2021

35 ouderen overleden na vaccinatie
Advies NVWA betreffende serviesgoed van bamboe en melamine
Bamboe servies mag in Europa niet meer verkocht worden
Britten stoppen reizigers in quarantainehotels
Corona-uitbraak Amersfoort – Hier zijn geen studies naar gedaan
De angstdictatuur op heterdaad betrapt
De Engelse variant, wat leren de cijfers?
De slager die zijn eigen vlees keurt
Deze inventieve, draagbare ‘pleister’ detecteert tekenen van een burn-out in je zweet
Dit is waarom erwtensoep zo gezond is
Door regelmatig met je kat te spelen red je vogels
Duitse deelstaat verloor eerder avondklok
Durf jij je angst in te leveren? Je krijgt er een leven voor terug!
Europese boer heeft vooral ‘fair trade’ nodig
Europese vaccinvendetta bloedt dood
GGD Zeeland adviseerde zorginstellingen tegen regels in om iedereen te vaccineren
Het GGD-datalek verblindt ons zicht op de Britse mutant
Houtkachels blijken, na opnieuw rekenen, grootste bron van fijnstofuitstoot
Is avondklok nu opgeheven? Of kan het aanvechten van Staat iets veranderen?
Is de uitrol van 5G de oorzaak van de corona pandemie in de 21ste eeuw?
Lommelse schepenen die voorkruipen, dat is niet bedoeling
Ministerie wil vergunning geven voor uitbreiding vluchten Lelystad Airport
Moet Marion Koopmans niet in quarantaine?
Mysterieuze dieren ontdekt onder 900 meter dikke ijslaag Antarctica
Nieuw EU rapport over gebruik mondkapjes
Ook als je geen antilichamen meer hebt ben je immuun
Overlijdensrisico ontbreekt in bijsluiter BMR-vaccin M-M-RVAXPRO
Parler is terug van weggeweest, maar alles is gewist
Prof. Eli Schwartz IVERMECTIN Israel RCT study
Rechter zet per direct streep door avondklok, geen sprake van acute noodsituatie
Relatie consumptie alcohol en kanker en sterfte
Sigrid Kaag – de zoveelste klimaat-doemprediker
Studie – grote steden deuken de aarde in
Vierde fix gaat geluidhinder Schiphol beter spreiden, maar er komt ook concentratie vlieglawaai
We wilden weten hoe nuttig emotionele controle is
Zwevende deeltjes in de lucht verontreinigd met deeltjes tabaksrook


5G and MM Wave
Acne Caused from the Mask
Bruce Lipton The power of the mind
Can an Alkaline diet really do this?
Children of the great reset
Cuomo blames Politics, CDC, nurses, visitors, etc. for his Nursing Home Cover-Up
De oorlog van de globalisten tegen de mensheid
Did Covid-19 come from a Wuhan lab leak?
Een lichtwerker staart niet naar het licht maar ìs het licht
Five Ingredients that Poison your Brain
Healing Sleep Music 528Hz | Positive Energy Meditation Sleep
Hundreds of Florida manatees filmed basking alongside dolphins
If Fruits Have Too Much Sugar, What Should We Be Eating?
Is Processed Food Making People Angry?
Isn’t a vaccine passport basically a compulsory vaccine?
Marianne Zwagerman kraakt avondklok
Neuroloog verliest baan vanwege mondkapje
Pharma companies have taken over your job, they are in charge
Straks is alles je eigen domme schuld
The Invisible Threat Moving Into Your Neighborhood And Seeping Into Your Skin
Toxic Dishwasher Capsules are Loaded With Chemicals That Cause Severe Respiratory Issues and Can
WHO Ivermectin news in next 6 weeks


653 Deaths + 12,044 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show
A National Shift to Organic Farming, Not Carbon Trading, Is Critical to Thwart the Climate Crisis
Advanced Western healthcare systems ‘collapsed’ during Covid-19 pandemic
Age-adjusted mortality from pancreatic cancer increased NINE-FOLD in japan from 1950 to 1995
Ageing offshore wind turbines could stunt the growth of renewable energy sector
America’s Biggest Retailers and Foodservice Companies Have Already Agreed Not To Sell GMO Salmon
Antimicrobial resistance up in animals raised for human consumption
Appetite suppressing drug could be game-changer in obesity fight
As society suffers, Big Pharma gets stronger and wealthier
Bali’s ‘trash heroes’ are cleaning up paradise, one beach at a time
Banks Will Soon Only Provide Loans to the Vaxxed
Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare
Biden’s “100 Days” “Back To Normal” to Be Replaced by an “Indefinite COVID Regime”?
Big Pharma Must Share Their Vaccine Knowledge and Technology With the World
Blizzard Exposes The Perils Of Attempting To ‘Electrify Everything’
Blue-Green Algae Could Help Keep Humans Alive on Mars, Experiment Suggests
Brain Damage Associated with High Blood Glucose
Breastfeeding moms with COVID-19 pass antibodies to their babies
Brit who sneaked out to see fiancée in hotel faces up to 6 years in jail for breaking Singapore’s quarantine rules
Cities Sending Mental Health Experts, Not Cops, And It Works
CO2 dip may have helped dinosaurs walk from South America to Greenland
Conspiracy Theories Are Caused by Government Secrecy
Continued use of nuclear energy brings pollution, cancers and birth defects
Covid Airlines Solves the Great Racial Divide
Covid contracts, why are courts needed for public to get answers?
Covid terror – Unvaccinated citizens’ names should be DISCLOSED
COVID-1984 – The Mechanism of Invisible Empire
Cytoglobin – key player in preventing liver disease
Daily tai chi, exercise help older adults with insomnia
Danish Police Investigating Businesses for Reopening in ‘Shop Uproar’ Against Lockdown Rules
De politie jaagt kinderen met helikopters van het ijs
Dominic Cummings denies helping friends get government Covid contract
Don’t rely on ‘vaccine passports’ for travel, WHO’s Ryan urges amid shortage of Covid-19 jabs
Dr. Meryl Nass – The Virus Is Real
Drinking, smoking, and drug use linked to premature heart disease in the young
Exercise now proven to have mental health benefits for prostate cancer
Existing heart failure drug may treat potential COVID-19 long-hauler symptom
Facebook is silencing debate on lockdown
Firsthand Report On The Crisis In Haiti
Five ways to reduce your household waste – and stop it being shipped to poorer countries
Frozen Wind Turbines Trigger Texas Blackouts
German Nursing Home Whistleblower – Elderly Dying After COVID Vaccine
Health star rating for orange juice leaves parents, dieticians, industry scrambling to see logic
Hershey, Nestlé, Mars and Other Chocolate Makers Named in Child Slavery Class Action Lawsuit
Hospital wastewater favors multi-resistant bacteria
Hospitals still ration medical N95 masks as stockpiles swell
How Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’
How Safe Are the Nanoparticles in Moderna’s Vaccine?
How UK Gov’t Failed to Shield Brits With Learning Disabilities From COVID
Hypocrite Bill Gates Admits His Carbon Footprint is “Absurdly High”
Indian women experience far more Covid-related hardship than men
Japan Appoints Minister Of Loneliness To Combat COVID-19 Related Suicides
Large-scale study finds genetic testing technology falsely detects very rare variants
Lower testosterone during puberty increases the brain’s sensitivity to it in adulthood
Magnetic field reversal could cause ‘crippling damage’ to life and economy
Microalgae identified as clean source of hydrogen production
More People Died Of Drug Overdoses Last Year Than Ever Before In US
New Car Smell Is The Scent of Carcinogens, And Even Short Trips May Overexpose Us
No evidence schools spread lots of coronavirus
North Korea in Pfizer vaccine hacking plot
Over 4m flew on President’s Day weekend despite warnings
Poor mid-life heart health linked to dementia in later years
Posttraumatic stress after natural disasters
Prophylactic role of ivermectin in SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers
Public Health Officials Are Destroying Humanity
Record high number of SUICIDES OF CHILDREN in San Francisco launches lawsuit to reopen schools
Remote students have more work and sleep less, new study suggests
Research raises concerns about some prenatal genetic testing for expectant parents
Scientists use algae to make light carbon fibers that are as hard as steel
Severe exposure to pathogens can cause childhood stunting
Spanish scientists uncover early links between cardiovascular risk and brain metabolism
Study finds link between brain metabolism, cardiovascular risk, and atherosclerosis
Teens may be more likely to use marijuana after legalization for adult recreational use
The brain has a small window of opportunity to repair itself after stroke
The Campaign Against Fossil Fuels
The Effects of Exposure to Glyphosate
The Fukushima quake may be an echo of the 2011 disaster—and a warning for the future
The longer the cell phone is used, the higher the risk of cancer
The Monsanto Papers – Deadly Secrets, Corporate Corruption, and One Man’s Search for Justice
The Political Expediency Of Mass Hysteria And Panic
The Troubling Role of Glyphosate in COVID-19
The WEF Agenda Behind Modi Farm Reform
Time to Get Rid of Monsanto’s Rule
UC Berkeley Reverses Its Absurd Ban On Outdoor Exercise
UK says it shares US concerns over WHO COVID-19 mission to China
We Must Fight the System, Not Each Other
Why the Flu Has ‘Disappeared’