Nieuws 16.7.2021

Alle ‘complottheorieën’ over corona komen uit
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over corruptie rond kobaltwinning Democratische Republiek Congo
Bloedonderzoek naar PFOS-vervuiling gaat van start
Botsingen in Parijs te midden van protest over verplichte Covid-prikken en aanstaande ‘gezondheidspas’
Covid19 update 15.7.2021
Crimineel netwerk rond thuiszorgfraude opgerold
De factchecker gefactchecked
Facebook is beter in informatie verzamelen dan inlichtingendiensten
Grote demonstraties vandaag door heel Frankrijk
Het coronavaccin is geen vaccin
Inbreng Geert Wilders Coronadebat
Julie’s dochter overleed na cosmetische ingreep in Turkije
Kernreactor Doel 2 manueel stilgelegd wegens mogelijk lek
Kjeld Nuis flink ziek na corona-vaccinatie
Liefde die je dieren geeft, krijg je in drievoud terug
Met alleen statiegeld op flesjes zijn we er niet
Ministers van Volksgezondheid laten onderzoeken of verplichte vaccinatie zorgpersoneel juridisch kan
Na vaccinatie met AstraZeneca vaccin ontsteking van het ruggenmerg gemeld
Nederland zet met vier andere landen eerste stap naar PFAS-verbod
Nieuwe spray kan ooit helpen om schade na een hartaanval te genezen
Nooit meer testen, in het Belang van Nederland
Paniek over de Deltavariant van het coronavirus is onterecht
Spaanse toprechtbank oordeelt dat lockdown ongrondwettig was
The Great Reset is een ‘zot boekske’ – Martina Groenveld met Michael Verstraete
Van Meijeren (FVD) vraagt Paternotte (D66) of hij het verschil weet tussen besmetting en positieve test
Veritas Vos Liberabit – Wolfgang Wodarg, David Martin, Reiner Fuellmilch. We worden belazerd.
Waarom niet-alcoholische leververvetting zo gevaarlijk is
Werking kunstalvleesklier onderzocht, opname in basispakket stap dichterbij
Wetenschappers gaan COVID-19 te lijf met CRISPR


100 recipients of the J&J vaccine reported rare nerve disorder
2017 article in a Nature journal discusses ivermectin effects (even against cancer) and mechanisms of action
A New & Very Broad Study Shows Children Have a 99.995% Covid Recovery Rate
A Tragic Death Shows How ERs Fail Patients Who Struggle With Addiction
A YDS alum amid the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ epidemic in Sierra Leone
Acupuncture for the treatment of leptin resistance in obesity
AI-based speech pattern analysis may allow Alzheimer’s diagnosis by phone
Alcohol consumption linked to thousands of cancer cases in Canada in 2020
All Across France Citizens Take to the Streets and Clash with Police Protesting New Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Measures
Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs
Ammonia may be the key to making long-haul shipping green
Assange may never recover from ‘torture’ at Belmarsh
Australia Announces Beginning of ‘New World Order’ As Harsh COVID Lockdowns Imposed
Australia attacks sweeping EU climate plan to tax imports
Banning fossil fuels in sub-Saharan Africa could slow the transition to renewable energy
Big Pharma’s COVID-19 reputation boost may not last — here’s why
Big Tech Is Censoring Key Facts About COVID Vaccine Safety
Breakthrough into leading cause of blindness
Britain fines drugmakers US$360 million for overcharging NHS
British couple with Indian jab taken off flight to Malta
Canadian council member Daniel LeBlanc made a proposal to ban sponsoring by the fossil fuel industry
CDC says COVID boosters may risk more serious side effects
Chemistry Discovery Could Remove Micropollutants from Environment
Children Are At Greatest Risk For Lyme Disease And The Best Known Ways To Avoid It
Chinese Professor Disappears From Social Media After Video of Him Discussing Organ Theft Surfaces Online
Chris Hedges and Slavoj Zizek on the Pandemic’s Ramifications
Cocoa bean DNA testing offers path to end slavery and child labour in chocolate industry
Could new strains of COVID evolve in farm animals or pets?
Could Solar Panels in Space Solve all Our Energy Needs?
COVID-19 pandemic could lead to nearly 2,500 excess deaths from breast cancer by 2030
Covid-recoverers at ‘Very Low Risk’ of Re-infection
Device taps brain waves to help paralyzed man communicate
Discovery of 10 Unknown Phases of Plasma Could Bring Us Closer to Fusion Power
DNC wants to track your texts about vaccines
Doorbraak in belangrijkste oorzaak van blindheid
Dutch province unveils solar bicycle path
Eating FIBER Positively Affects Testosterone (Artichokes, Asparagus)
Electroconvulsive therapy linked to longer hospital stays, increased costs
EPA approved toxic chemicals for fracking in 2011
EU countries ‘pushing back’ asylum seekers at sea – BBC News
EU wades into battle over its green revolution
Experts tackle modern slavery in Greek strawberry fields using satellite technology
Fasting, Aging & Longevity – Summary of Dr. David Sinclair’s Research
FDA Slaps Invisible Warning Labels on Johnson & Johnson “Vaccines” Due to the Emergence of Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Fed Up Flyer Reference List
Feds Let Big Energy Dump 66 Million Gallons of Toxic Fracking Waste Into Gulf of Mexico
Glass Octopus Captured in Rare Footage By Underwater Robot
Government shares COVID-19 vaccine and treatment injury claims after 11Alive investigation
Heart problems in children with rare inflammatory syndrome linked to COVID resolve within 4 months
High School Students Studying Remotely Because of COVID-19 Suffered Socially, Emotionally, and Academically
How COVID 19 pandemic affects birth rates
How to rewire an anxious brain – the 4 steps to relieve anxiety
Humanity Has Flipped Amazon From Carbon Sink to Source
Indonesia Regulator Allows Ivermectin Use For Covid Treatment
Inflammation Clock Can Reveal Body’s Biological Age
Is Sleep the Foundation of Health? | Dr. Kirk Parsley
Israel could beat COVID-19 variant without lockdown
Jim Jordan Warns Of ‘Surveillance State’ And Infringements On Americans’ ‘Fundamental Rights’
Johnson & Johnson recall 5 aerosol sunscreens over benzene traces
Junk Food & Unhealthy Lifestyle is a Problem, Scientists Say– Who Knew?!?
Just Say ‘No’ to Smart Meters
Klaus Schwab says nationalism is a threat to the Great Reset
Largest US Nurses Union Urges CDC to Reinstate Federal Mask Mandate
Link between rise in temporary housing and mental health crisis revealed
Linking Cardiovascular Disease with PTSD
Mandatory Vaccines No Longer “Conspiracy Theory”
Mass protests erupt in Greece after government bans unvaccinated from indoor public spaces
Military suicides outpace combat deaths since 9/11
New Reports Expose How ExxonMobil Used Cash to Buy Influence Over Congress
New spray could someday help heal damage after a heart attack
Newfound human brain cell type helps center people in mental maps
Norwegian cruise company sues Florida over ban on Covid vaccine passports
One in four adults aged 18 to 25 ‘probably’ or ‘definitely’ will not get vaccine
Ontario researchers create body ‘super glue’ made from snake venom that stops bleeding in seconds
Our Daily Dose – Film Exposes How Fluoridated Water Harms Children
Parents of Kids With Birth Defects, Brain Damage Sue Chemical Maker Over Insecticide They Say Is to Blame
Paris in flames as protesters fight new Covid pass and vaccine laws
Phillies Players Believe Coronavirus Vaccine Causes Injuries
Plan to vaccinate teens triggers large protests in Greece
Portuguese government wants to close gas-fired power stations before 2040
Rand Paul – Fauci is afraid of Newsmax viewers
Researchers discover how hunger boosts learning about food in mice
Researchers identify signaling molecule that may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease
Sam Husseini on Lab Leak Biden and Trump
Scientists Identify New Gut–liver Drug Recycling Process
Some Chinese provinces are barring the unvaccinated from entering hospitals, schools, shopping malls
Soy and Cattle Team Up to Drive Deforestation in South America
Spain’s top court rules pandemic lockdown ‘unconstitutional’
The Developing Child – Healing Young Brains
The Shark Is Biting My Cage
This book from 1942 is EERILY similar to the GREAT RESET today
This Censorship Is Out Of Control
Twitter sees jump in govt demands to remove content of reporters, news outlets
US should confiscate products made with slave labor overseas
Vaccine failure? Not really.
Feds Let Big Energy Dump 66 Million Gallons of Toxic Fracking Waste Into Gulf of Mexico
White House to Ask SMS Carriers to Monitor Vaccine ‘Misinformation’ in Private Text Messages
Who owns everything?
Why Evidence-Based Decisions Are The Best Medical Choices You Can Make
Why Prebiotics Are Essential for Healthy Digestion
Why we need muscle with Stuart Phillips, PhD — Diet Doctor Podcast
Wikipedia co-founder – I no longer trust the website I created
Wobble in the moon’s orbit could cause record flooding by 2030
Woman With ‘Life-Altering’ Injuries After COVID Vaccine Teams Up With U.S. Senators to Demand Answers