Nieuws 16.2.2021

Aantal ziekenhuisopnames blijft dalen
Corona maakt voedselnood wereldwijd nóg erger
Cymatic Tartaria, een verloren beschaving met de geheime kennis van geluid
Helft patiënten intensive care maanden na opname nog niet de oude
Het klinkt als een bedenksel van een complotdenker?
Je doet het voor een ander ?
Kapitein milieuramp Rotterdamse haven krijgt boete van duizend euro
PDF – Vrijheid – Adem Kokesh
Regelmatige consumptie van cafeïne beïnvloedt de hersenstructuur
Schiphol kan een enorme hoeveelheid brandstof besparen en uitstoot verminderen
Sloppenwijken waar coronaregels niet worden nageleefd doen het prima
Sporters die deze voedingsmiddelen mijden worden sneller
Studenten onbewust proefpersonen in testfase COVID-19 vaccin
Thee en koffie verlagen risico overlijden bij overlevers beroerte en hartaanvallen
Tijdgeest Megazien van 15 februari 2021
Tsjechië beëindigt de COVID-19 noodtoestand
Wat als landbouwers en natuurbeschermers de handen in elkaar zouden slaan?
Weg met “bamboe” servies dat gezondheid schaadt
Zo manipuleert het RIVM ons met de Britse variant


15 Signs That Your Brain Is Toxic
7 dimensions of depression, explained
Asymptomatics are protected against coronavirus mutations
David Icke 2021 | This Is How We Escape
Distilled, Filtered or Tap Water for Plant Watering?
Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 antibody immunity with Christian Gaebler
Hilde De Smet – Corona update – vaccins, behandeling, preventie.
Paniek zaaien over klimaat onverstandig
Schoolkinderen die slachtoffer dreigen te worden van het test- en quarantainebeleid
Shocking New Report Finds High Levels Of Toxic Metals In Baby Food
The Gut, Lung, Immune System Connection
Top 5 Benefits of Using Olive Oil For Heart, Blood Sugar and Brain
Utrecht – Demonstanten ingesloten. en aantal gearresteerd


28-Year-old Wisconsin Healthcare Worker has Aneurysm – Brain Dead Five Days After Second Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injection
37-Year-Old Surgeon Dies Right After Getting 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine
A Climate Activist Was Arrested for Building a Farmers’ Protest Toolkit
Against the Misuse of Science in the So-called “Pandemic”. The RT-PCR Test
Anal Swabs Used to Test for SARS-CoV-2 Virus in China
Angry Parents and Gynecologists Took Over Social Media Against a Feminine Wash for Teens
Animal Groups in Mauritius Speak Out after Gruesome Footage of Contract Dog Killings
Anti-Viral Coating On Face Masks May Kill Coronavirus
As vaccinations lag, Israel combats online misinformation
Avoiding Chronic Disease Through Major Changes In Lifestyle
Belgium’s ban on non-essential travel could be lifted before April
Biden tells Americans to wear face masks until 2022 just months after saying they’d only need them until April
Big Pharma Profiteering By Trillions From The COVID Scam
Birds use massive magnetic maps to migrate
Breakthrough Study Finds CT Scanning Can Detect Most Lung Cancer Cases Early
Canadian living in Saudi Arabia shocked by $1,017 N.S. COVID-19 test
Cannabis provides relief for “desperate” endometriosis sufferers
Coronavirus may linger for years, but could change into mild annoyance
Covid may not have emerged in China says WHO scientist
COVID Skeptic Stanford, Harvard & Oxford Medical Professors Get Facebook Ban
Covid-19 antibody tests on blood donors reveal high level of infection among South Africans
Doctor Warns That Teens Are Already Clogging Their Arteries
Ex-smoker learned she had lung cancer after joining study
Fears over China’s Muslim forced labour loom over EU solar power
Former WHO Scientist Warns Australian Government To Shut Our Borders Immediately
Fossil Fuels Kill Nearly Nine Million Annually
From ag waste to green energy source
Half of Covid victims go on to suffer depression, says study
Herd immunity is the end game for the pandemic, but the AstraZeneca vaccine won’t get us there
How eating pulses and grains can help you lose weight and live longer
IMF, WTO and WB role in promoting poverty and misery
Instead of a universal basic income, governments should enrich existing social programs
Johnson joins Biden in putting pressure on China over WHO coronavirus investigation
Long-term Mask Use May Contribute to Advanced Stage Lung Cancer
Never-Before-Seen COVID Symptoms Caused by Other Diseases Mislabeled as COVID
Never-before-seen strange COVID symptoms?
New Study Finds COVID Masks Harm Children’s Physical & Mental Health
New Zealand PM puts ENTIRE CITY of Auckland on lockdown after confirmation of 3 Covid cases
Occupational Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields and Health Surveillance
Only 25% of SARS-CoV-2 infections are detected in the UK
Only dummies Get Flu Shots
Parents Say COVID-19 has disrupted children’s dental care
People with dementia are twice as likely to get Covid-19
Quebec – Falsification of Mortality Data Pertaining to Covid-19
Regular caffeine consumption affects brain structure
Remote Learning Making Children Fat, at Risk of Diabetes
Researcher Discovers That Men Are Slowly Losing The Capacity To Procreate
Scientists unravel what makes some people Covid-19 super-spreaders
Selected Quotes from Courageous Big Pharma Whistle-blower Robert F. Kennedy, Jr
Strange creatures accidentally discovered beneath Antarctica’s ice shelves
Suspect Science Threatens US Farming, Again – OpEd
Swedish lawmaker calls for being tough on Germany over Berlin’s commitment to Nord Stream 2 pipeline project
The Economic Crisis Caused By This Pandemic Has Dramatically Altered How Americans Are Living Their Lives
The Media Casually Disregards the Greatest Economic Depression in US History
Tooth loss may predict rheumatoid arthritis, according to new research
Two Swedish Regions Temporarily Halt AstraZeneca Vaccine Use Over Suspected Side Effects
UK coronavirus variant found in US could be deadlier, scientists say
Umstrittener Prof. Drosten muss Gericht PCR-Test erklären
Universities could be fined for ‘stifling free speech’
Vaccine maker pushing annual COVID-19 shots for everyone.
Whistleblower evidence leaves Zuckerberg speechless at hearing
WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website
WHO investigators say coronavirus was ‘circulating widely’ in Wuhan by late 2019
Why Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) Might be a Ticking Time Bomb
Wuhan’s Covid-19 outbreak probably 500% bigger than first thought