Nieuws 16.11.2020

Beste beleidsmakers, vermijd dat de opkomende jeugd een verloren coronageneratie wordt
Boer voor de rechter om weigeren windmolen
De intensieve zorg voor coronapatiënten heeft een keerzijde, 1500+ kankerdoden
De machtsstrijd om de IC-bedden
Er is een verband tussen slaapapneu en de ziekte van Alzheimer
Great reset – Moet je straks gevaccineerd zijn om een concert te kunnen bezoeken?
Het beheren van het microbioom roept nieuwe hoop op voor autisme
Hoax, conspiracy en complotdenkers, maar vooral kritische journalisten verenigen zich in de NVVJ
Hoe zetmeelrijke producten langzaam verteerbaar gemaakt kunnen worden
India start campagne om inwoners meer suiker te laten eten
JanHenk wandelt ‘s nachts kilometers door Rotterdam om zijn ‘PTSS-spoken’ te verjagen
Klimaatactivisten kennen maar één probleem
Lachgas veel verslavender dan gedacht
Ons immuunsysteem is vermoedelijk ‘s nachts en in de winter minder sterk
Verblindheid van experts – over de massapsychologische dynamiek rond corona
Verticaal boeren moet groeiende wereldbevolking van voedsel voorzien
Virus tast niet enkel gezondheid, maar ook rechtstaat aan
Waarom de EU geen Chinese vaccins tegen corona koopt
Wat als diabetes besmettelijk was, zouden er dan wel miljoenen worden vrijgemaakt?
Wat doet landbouwgif met onze gezondheid?
Zeker 50 procent Surinamers weet niet dat ze verhoogde bloedsuiker hebben
Zijn dierproeven onmisbaar in de strijd tegen Covid-19?
Zo worden je idealen gekaapt en misbruikt


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Free Your Shoulders, Free Your Breath
Kritiek op Nederlands coronabeleid vanuit Deens perspectief
Lockdown sceptic Ivor Cummins – Coronavirus deaths are ‘lower than what is being put out’
The Battle for Your Mind
The Link Between Fear Appeal and COVID-19 Perception
Verbazing over wichelroede


4 in 10 adults in Sweden have silent coronary disease
7 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes to Avoid When You Have Diabetes
A diet rich in ultra-processed fats and sugars increases the possibility of muscle pain
Africa is breaking apart – Continental shift will see new ocean form and Madagascar crumble
Are you emotionally dependent on alcohol? An expert shares the key signs
Arthritis drug can reduce mortality rate in Covid-19 patients by 71%
Austrian court orders Facebook to delete same and similar hate postings worldwide
Benefits of high-dose blood thinners in COVID-19 patients remain unclear
Black nurses ‘petrified’ of being sent to frontline without adequate protection
Breakthrough finding offers clues about why certain COVID-19 patients die
Considerable drop in the mean global surface temperature in 2021
Coronavirus lockdown in France to remain in effect until Dec ..
Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale
CRISPR gene editing causes chaos in the genome
Cytokine storms play a limited role in moderate-to-severe COVID-19
Demand EPA Regulate Pollutant that Increases the Risk of COVID-19 Related Deaths
Diabetes remains third leading cause of death as number of patients grows
Does Astrocyte Tau Cause Dementia?
Does cadmium exposure drive obesity?
Don’t silence the anti-vaxxers
Dr. James Lyons-Weilder COVID19 Tests – How Accurate Are They?
EU drugs regulators prepare for COVID vaccines’ potential risks
Excess Egg Consumption Can Increase Risk Of Diabetes, Study Finds
France’s Medicine Watchdog Indicted Over Sanofi’s Birth Defect-Causing Drug
Glaciers Unlock Clues to Spanish Flu Pandemic
Great Barrier Reef Loss Questioned
Great Reset Of Capitalism A Threat To Our Way Of Life
Greece finds COVID-19 in two mink farms, days after Denmark ordered national cull over virus fears
Heavy menstrual bleeding in women on oral anticoagulants
How religion can hamper economic progress
Images Suggest North Korea Might Be Training Dolphins for Military Purposes
Interferon beta-1a may help COVID-19 patients recover faster
Labour calls for emergency censorship laws for anti-vax content
Link between Alzheimer’s disease and gut microbiota is confirmed
Lockdowns Haven’t Brought down Covid Mortality. But They Have Killed Millions of Jobs.
Managing the microbiome raises new hope for autism
Medical and Scientific Experts and Practitioners on Health Effects of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR)
New compounds to potentially treat novel coronavirus identified
New Hydrogel Wound Treatment Activates Immune System to Reduce Scars
New research adds evidence that weed killer glyphosate disrupts hormones
People who eat chili pepper may live longer?
Petrol and diesel car sales ‘to be banned after 2030’
Plant compounds are key to solving the problem of antibiotic resistance
Promising MS drug may worsen disease
Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Pandemic Fearmongering
Respiratory failure in COVID-19 usually not driven by cytokine storm
Rewiring metabolism in insulin-producing cells may aid Type 2 diabetes treatment
Scientists discover secret to superbug’s virulence in diabetic infections
Scientists to examine possibility Covid leaked from lab as part of investigation into virus origins
Simple Device Could Help You Sober Up Faster And All You Have to Do Is Breathe
Six in ten children are immune to the COVID-19 virus despite never being infected by it
Sleep apnea may be risk factor for COVID-19
Steroid treatment should be reserved for sickest COVID-19 patients
Study reveals walnuts helpful in cardiovascular disease
Study suggests mass azithromycin may promote resistance to other antibiotics
The Cocktail Effect of pesticide
The EPA again approves the use of pesticides that were previously defeated in court
The false success story of Monsanto GMOs in Burkina Faso
Two anti-inflammatory compounds shown to be capable of accelerating recovery from COVID-19
UK Intelligence Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media
US health experts warn about giving coronavirus jabs to children
Validity of key studies claiming natural origin of coronavirus in doubt
Viral Protein Rewires B-Cells to Promote Infection
Why COVID-19 Testing Is a Tragic Waste