Nieuws 15.7.2021

Aardappelziekte bij bioboeren, ‘dit gaat om enorm veel geld’
Arts die pionier was op het gebied van de hydroxychloroquine/zink-behandeling voor COVID-19 spreekt zich uit
Bacteriën zijn de sleutel tot vaginale gezondheid
Beantwoording Kamervragen GroenLinks over uitspraak rechter over Shell
Bewoners Hoek van Holland zien effect van maatregelen tegen zwarte stofdeeltjes
Blootstelling aan luchtvervuiling in verband met slechte academici in de kindertijd
Boerenbedrijven uitkopen om stikstofreductie te realiseren is te duur
Corona-vaccinatieplicht voor personeel in Engelse verzorgingstehuizen vanaf oktober
Covid 19 update 14.7.2021
De Nederlandse overheid heeft haar grondwettelijke zorgplicht verzaakt
De stikstofkwestie is voorwendsel om recht op privé-eigendom in Nederland aan te tasten
De Vorming van een Medisch Kartel
De vraag die je ego niet wil horen, maar die je zou moeten stellen bij elke beslissing en wens
Demonstranten Greenpeace beklimmen dak chemiebedrijf 3M, de vervuiler betaalt!
Deze veteraan werd met MDMA behandeld tegen zijn oorlogstrauma. Met succes
Eigenaar sjoemeldiesel kan geld van VW terugvragen, VW in beroep
Henk Otten klaar met Hugo de Jonge ‘zo’n leraar die alles wil uitleggen aan zwakbegaafde klas’
Het effect van vaccinatie op je menstruatie
Het grote ontwaken over 2 weken maatregelen?
Ivar (23) is volledig gevaccineerd
Ontsteking van de hartspier en hartzakje bijwerking van Pfizer- en Moderna vaccin
Rol van de bossen bij de afzetting van giftig kwik
Sjoelen alleen na injectie
YouTube snoert coronakritische hartchirurg de mond en verwijdert zijn video wegens ‘medische misleiding’
Zoekgebieden voor wind en zon landen nog teveel in beschermde natuur


17,503 Dead, 1.7 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots
20 Tons Of Water Used To Extinguish Tesla Fire In Taiwan
25-year-long study of Black women links frequent use of lye-based hair relaxers to a higher risk of breast cancer
63% of workers who file an EEOC discrimination complaint lose their jobs
A flood of Pfizer or government spin? How some media swallowed the PM’s sales pitch over vaccine doses
A1c Dropped Over 6 Points in 2 Months! – Here is the GAME-CHANGER!
Air pollution exposure linked to poor academics in childhood
Alcohol caused 740,000 cancer cases globally last year
Are silver nanoparticles a silver bullet against microbes?
Are we awakening to the grand illusion?
Artificial Intelligence Could Be New Blueprint for Precision Drug Discovery
Asfv, the Disruption Contributing To Sars-Cov-2 Emergence in Wuhan
Association of Vaccination and of Prior Infection With Positive PCR Tests for SARS-CoV-2
AstraZeneca advice has just changed (again). Here’s what you need to know if you’re in lockdown
Australian Children’s Exposure to, and Engagement With, Web-Based Marketing of Food and Drink Brands
Australian scientists develop saliva-based glucose test for diabetics
Baby died after being given laughing gas instead of oxygen
Bacteria are key to vaginal health, UArizona health sciences researchers say
Blue Whale Population in Chile Threatened by Fishing Industry
Canadians with a history of drug dependence more likely to have mental illness, finds study
Cancer-causing chemical detected in 78 sunscreens, FDA petitioned to recall contaminated products
CNN’s Chinese Propagandist Wants Hammer Dropped On Unvaccinated Americans
Common stone could be banned from benchtops if recommendations fail to prevent silicosis | 7NEWS
Contribution of traditional Chinese medicine combined with conventional western medicine treatment for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
Covid Delta variant makes up 100% of cases in Portugal’s tourist hotspot Algarve and capital Lisbon
COVID precautions may result in more breast cancer deaths
Covid vaccine deaths exceeded Covid disease deaths last week
COVID-19 – Should Cases of Guillain-Barré Make a Difference?/ AAPS
Covid-19 vaccines – ethical, legal and practical considerations
Doctors Can Vaccinate Kids in DC Without Parental Knowledge
Dr. Anthony Fauci Declares Three-Year-Old Children Must Wear Masks if They are Unvaccinated
Early-life gut microbiota and its connection to metabolic health in children
Empathy may drive rats and other mammals to help friends over strangers
EU cage-ban moves closer, magic of horse power and ‘egg-mageddon’
Farmers expected to pay for climate change ‘guilt bill’ of cities
Fauci Is Back – Vaccine Mandates NOW!
Fingertip-powered wearable
Gene editing ‘blocks virus transmission’ in human cells
Germany will not make Covid jabs mandatory, Merkel confirms
Global Vaccine Passports Have Arrived Courtesy of Google, EU
Government to Urge Venues to Require Vaccine Passports for Entry after “Freedom Day”
Grana Padano – the suffering of calves made in Italy
Graphene Sensors Read Low-frequency Neural Waves Associated with Distinct Brain States
Gut Microbiome – Part 2, How can our gut create amino acids?
Gut-microbiota-targeted diets modulate human immune status
Higher whole grain intake reduces weight, blood sugar, blood pressure
How Eating GMO’s Impacts Our Health with Jeffrey Smith
How Glyphosate Destroys Your Health
ICE violated internal medical standards, potentially contributing to deaths
Is mandatory vaccination for French health workers legal?
It’s Hidden in Plain Sight | David Icke
Labelling the Lab Leak Theory ‘Misinformation’ is a Stain on British Science
Macron’s vaccine strategy causes strong reactions in France
Mapping the brain’s neural connections can predict recovery after stroke
Mercury and lead threaten Latin American communities
Merkel says COVID-19 curbs to stay until more Germans get shots
Miserable winter of illnesses could be ahead of us, but why?
Moderate egg consumption (3–3.9 eggs/wk) appeared to have beneficial effects on arterial stiffness
More than a quarter of COVID-19 patients still symptomatic after 6 months
Most people have side effects after the second Pfizer jab. Here’s why
Mothers Against London Knife Crime Peace and Love Movement
New warning over China’s ‘vaccine diplomacy’
Oregon State researchers begin to unravel the mysteries of kombucha fermentation
Over 160 unmarked graves found on island where infamous residential school branded ‘Canada’s Alcatraz’ stood
Pennsylvania Town Battles To Shut Down Toxic Waste-To-Energy Plant
Physicians Group Uncovers Evidence that ‘Forever Chemicals’ (PFAS) Have Been Used Extensively in Fracking Unbeknownst to Public
Rate of fever among babies decreased by 66% but cases of bacterial infections double during pandemic
Remember How We Forgot?
Research identifies key role of CXCL9 cytokine in age-related chronic inflammation
Revealing the mystery behind the threat of non-alcoholic liver disease
SARS-CoV-2 mutations occur in essentially the same locations, research finds
Say “No” to Mandatory Vaccination in Australia
Scientists speak out against politicization of COVID-19 origin
Shut Up and Say Something | Trailer
Society IS COLLAPSING – Prepare For OFF-GRID Living!
Solar development could negatively affect desert plants and animals, experts warn
Some Of The Pro Athletes Who Have Gone Plant Based And How Their Results Have Improved
Spanking Children Worsens Bad Behavior, New Study Finds
Stop blocking global COVID vaccines – Protests greet Angela Merkel’s White House visit
Tech execs keep their children away from social media but let other people become depressed and lonely
Tests show lack of antibodies for those vaccinated with China’s jab
The Pandemic Will Prevent Ending Famine by 2030 Year
Top Gain of Function Scientist Ralph Baric Admitted Viruses Can Be Lab Engineered ‘Without a Trace’
Two-thirds of Americans, 227 million, play video games. For many games were an escape, stress relief in pandemic
UK’s Return To ‘Freedom’ Will See Continued Use Of Masks, Government Tracking And Introduction of Vaccine Passports
US Pushes Mexico for Approval of GM Crops, Access to Potato Market
We need to talk about sex… to reduce chronic disease in Aboriginal men, study finds
What Now? A Solar Storm To Wipeout World’s Internet?
What on Earth is Ecocide? | Start Here
WHO warns against people mixing and matching Covid-19 vaccines
WHO warns of ‘chaos’ if individuals mix Covid vaccines
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
Why spending more time in nature could reduce ‘germaphobia’