Nieuwsoverzicht 15.3.2023

Beantwoording vragen over verwaarlozing dieren dat onder verscherpt toezicht stond
Bosbranden kunnen een gevaar vormen voor de ozonlaag
Chinese corona-demonstranten wacht surveillance of celstraf
D66-minister Rob Jetten noemt hogere klimaatbelastingen ‘absoluut prikkelend’
De correlatie tussen CO2 en de Central England Temperature van 1659 – 2022
De Nederlandse modelcultuur – Hoe modellen Nederland regeren – Ronald Meester
De pijnappelklier als kosmische antenne | Gesprek met Saskia Bosman
Drinkwaterbedrijf stopt met gebruik water uit Maas vanwege vervuiling
Duitse minister erkent ernstige risico’s coronavaccins
Duitse minister van Volksgezondheid Karl Lauterbach – 1 op 10.000 gevaccineerden ernstige schade
Duitse minister wist sinds begin af van ERNSTIGE RISICO’S coronavaccins
Ernstige bijwerkingen bij vrouwen na COVID-19 vaccinatie
Europees verbod op verbrandingsmotoren dreigt vast te lopen op “e-fuels”
Kan al ons voedsel van Nederlandse bodem komen?
Kan je als veroordeelde verplichte DNA afname aanvechten?
Meer ziekenhuizen gebruiken duurzame roes in plaats van schadelijk narcosegas
Misvorming van hart, ogen en zenuwstelsel – nano-plastics verstoren groei
Mythe over afnemend libido tijdens de overgang doorgeprikt
Realisatie Natuurnetwerk – verwerving en inrichting, 1990-2020
Reguliere media spelen vies spelletje met burger betreft klimaat
Stikstofbeleid is stuk. Onteigenen gaat jaren duren.
Tijdgeest Megazien 15 maart 2023
Volgens de metingen is er geen dalende trend in oppervlakte ijs op Groenland
Vragenuurtje tweede kamer 14.3.2023
We kijken gemiddeld 5,5 uur per dag naar een scherm, dit doet het met onze ogen
Zorginfarct dreigt door toename kanker

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1 cup cleans toxic kidneys | Dr. Mandell
60% of foods purchased by Americans contain technical food additives
A groundbreaking look inside China in the years leading up to COVID – 19
A new CDC study suggests Black babies experienced the highest rate of sudden unexpected deaths in 2020, dying at almost 3x the rate of White infants.
Agriculture needs fresh approach to tackle insect resistance to biopesticides, new analysis finds
Association of Frequent Aspirin Use With Ovarian Cancer Risk According to Genetic Susceptibility
Beware of the deadly chemicals found in nearly all new clothing, towels, sheets and pillow cases
Britain Has ‘a Lot to Learn’ From Swedish Approach to COVID Rules
Bumping into the unknown of 5G and WI-FI part 2. With radiation physicist Victor Leach
California’s new “misinformation” law to punish free speech while fueling spread of state-sponsored falsehoods
Can we reverse hearing loss? Yes we can, here is how it works
Cardiologist on stem cell therapy that may reduce risk of heart attack, stroke
CDC…the Truth Virus – Why Fact Checkers aren’t Journalists
Children Suffered Under Covid Regulations
Cochrane Fact-Checked with Absurd Results
Cochrane masking review reveals how academics are absolute hypocrites
Concerning levels of FOREVER CHEMICALS detected in several species of fish in UK
Could apple cider vinegar help with diabetes, weight loss, and heart health?
COVID-19 vaccinated high school children are having cardiac arrests, heart attacks while playing sports
Cow dung possible sustainable material of the future, study finds
Daylight Saving Time Linked to Serious Negative Health Effects
Daylight Savings Stinks. Here’s Why 32 States Want to Stop Changing the Clocks.
Detecting hidden brain states
Dim lights before bedtime to reduce risk of gestational diabetes
Dioxin testing plan for Ohio crash site raises concerns
Dotcomnieuws 14 maart
Dr Fauci will go down in history as a tremendous failure for his pandemic leadership
E-cigarettes sold in the playground, as Queensland inquiry looks at how kids get vapes
EPA proposes bold new limits for PFAS in drinking water
EU Commission rejects priority industry access to recycled PET bottles
Exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances during fetal life and hospitalization for infectious disease in childhood
Farms in cities – new study offers planners and growers food for thought
Fast Food Culture Is Driving A UK Mental Health Crisis
Fauci Says LAB LEAK Could Be A ‘Natural Occurrence,’ REFUSES To Take Accountability
Fauci-backed group that funded bat coronavirus tests in Wuhan STILL claims it’s just a ‘coincidence’ that pandemic began in same city as scandal-hit lab
FDA orders plastic surgeons to warn patients about CANCER RISKS linked to breast implants
For Some Long COVID Patients, Acupuncture and Other Eastern Remedies Bring Relief That Western Medicines Have Not
Former EPA scientist exposes corruption at the highest levels of government – soil pollution, biosludge, dioxins and bioterrorism threats
German Gov’t Admits to Paying MSM Journalists via the Bundesnachrichtendienst
German health minister admits serious side effects from Covid-19 vaccines after earlier claiming the vaccines were ‘free from side effects’
German Hospital Data Reveals Massive Signal in Multisystemic Harm
Global Sperm Counts Dropped More Than 50 Percent In Recent Decades
Healing Beyond the Prescription Pad
Here’s How Daylight Saving Time Influences Wildlife
How Big Pharma Operates Behind the Scenes at Your Local Drug Store
How Congress Can Investigate the Pandemic Origins Cover-up
How I and other doctors were fooled into believing that a laser procedure relieved anginal chest pain
How IPCC’s Ongoing Errors Are Impacting Our Planet
How Our Brains Model Reality & the True Nature of the World | Iain McGilchrist
How the Federal Reserve Bought Support for Lockdowns
How the gut microbiome can help predict cancer immunotherapies
Hypothalamic inflammation and obesity, study suggests a pathological mechanism
Invloed van nicotine op suikerniveaus en covid
Is Atlas Misalignment Affecting Your Health?
Ivermectin advocate dies from horrifying side effects — and followers report ‘severe’ symptoms
Judge Rejects Request From Moderna, Moving Key COVID-19 Vaccine Case to Discovery
Kidney Removal From Chinese Infants Rings Alarm
Leaked emails show Fauci commissioned Feb. 2020 paper designed to disprove Wuhan lab leak theory for covid
Leukaemia drug shows promise at treating breast cancer once it spreads
Malformations in heart, eyes and nervous system – Nanoplastics found to disrupt growth
Marburg virus outbreaks are increasing in frequency and geographic spread – three virologists explain
Mediterranean diet found to lower the risk of dementia
Metal exposures from source materials for artisanal aluminum cookware
Mindsets can influence the course of childbirth
mRNA Vaccine Contamination Much Worse Than Thought
Multiple CMEs Earth Bound For Impact On The 14th And 15th Of March?
New high-tech wireless headphones are packed with sensors that can detect potential heart disorders
NIH Emails Show Fauci Facilitated Lab-Origin Coverup
Nine in ten multiple sclerosis patients denied vital drug which halts disease progression due to a woeful shortage of brain specialists
One Health, ESG & Sustainable Development – Inside the WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty”
Our bedrooms aren’t refuges anymore – working, studying and eating in them is bad for our sleep
Parasite Drove Natural Selection in Amazonian Indigenous Groups
PETA Urges Pentagon to Stop ‘Cruel’ Pulsed Radiation Experiments on Animals
PFAS Found in 21 Major Toilet Paper Brands
Pfizer is gonna get Pfucked!
Plastic Waste That Gets Dumped on Poor Countries Is Massively Underestimated
Post-COVID Syndrome Associated With Persistent Spike Protein
Profiteering of COVID Pandemic Must Never Be Repeated, World Figures Warn
Renewable wind and solar energy ‘breaks communities apart’
Richard Lindzen’s Climate Reality Check – Bridging the Gap Between Data and Climate Policy
Roman And Medieval Warm Periods Were 2.8°C Warmer Than 1970-2000 In Central China
Scientists discover a new way to help prevent breast cancer ‘time bomb’
Scientists reveal a potential new approach to treating liver cancer
Similarities identified in chronic fatigue syndrome and long COVID | ABC News
Sleeping habits before a vaccine could impact its efficacy
Startling Evidence Suggests BioNTech/Pfizer Falsified Key Data & Further Scandals
Swan populations grow 30 times faster in nature reserves
Target could lead to more effective glaucoma treatment
The 1 Top Warning Sign You Have a Fatty Liver
The Battle for Your Brain
The Climate Story is a Complete Joke | Episode 2
The great serotonin debate – do depression treatments work by boosting the happy hormone?
The murky past of Moderna, the UK’s £1billion pharma partner
The Ocean’s Influence on Global Temperatures
The US Government Helped Mitigate Hunger During the Pandemic. Why Stop Now?
Triggering bitter taste receptors could someday treat asthma, COPD
Twelve years on from Fukushima’s horror, fishermen still feel the effects
Uncovering COVID-19’s impact on mental health
Vaccine Science and Myth
Vaccinologist Analyzes Pfizer’s 6-Mon Trial Update – More Harm Than Good -Dr. Byram Bridle
Venous blood clots rare among COVID-19 outpatients, study finds
Watch Fauci’s Face When Host Asks Him About Elon Musk’s Criticism
What People With ‘Super Immunity’ Can Teach Us About COVID and Other Viruses
Why lecanemab’s success spells the revival of small-molecule Alzheimer’s treatments
Why spending time near water gives us a powerful mental health boost