Nieuws 14.10.2021

NL – Antwoorden op Kamervragen over herkomst biomassa
NL – Baanbrekende proef voorkomt eenzaamheid onder ouderen tijdens COVID
NL – Brits parlementslid – veel mensen liggen in het ziekenhuis OMDAT ze het vaccin hebben genomen
NL – Covid-19 maatregelen (ken je rechten)
NL – De griepprik is nutteloos bij gezonde mensen
NL – Deskundigen zien strijdige belangen bij Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam en neuroloog
NL – Duitse artsen – hou op met vaccinatiedwang
NL – Ernstige infecties bij pasgeborenen en kinderen in Suriname
NL – Eucalyptisch Genootschap
NL – Ftalaten in plastic producten zorgen voor hogere sterfte
NL – Gratis editie de Andere Krant
NL – Herontdekt middel kan ziekte van Lyme uitroeien
NL – Hoe duurzaam is de kalversector? I Zembla
NL – Hoe radioactieve vloeistof kankercellen vernietigt
NL – Hoe wegen we de morele argumentatie achter het QR Paspoort ?
NL – Invloed gebruik antidepressivum fluoxetine tijdens zwangerschap op foetus
NL – Je slaapt echt beter als je ‘s avonds een banaan eet
NL – Kamer stemt VOOR sociaalkredietsysteem
NL – Komt een m/v bij de dokter
NL – Kwint over misbruik Kaag documentaire en eerlijk betalen van journalisten en artiesten door media
NL – Marcel van Roosmalen over groene stroom
NL – Merck’s COVID supermedicijn brengt ernstige gezondheidsrisico’s mee, waarschuwen wetenschappers
NL – Record aantal overlijdens en ernstige schade door COVID-vaccinaties
NL – Redacteur ARD – Ik kan niet langer zwijgen!
NL – Steeds meer mensen zien de media als onderdeel van de macht
NL – Veel volwassenen met borstkanker gebruiken cannabis
NL – Vragenuurtje tweede kamer 12.10.2021
NL – Wie betaalt de warmtepomp?

1961 Global Cooling Consensus
20 months in, the New York Times (one reporter, anyway) tells the truth at last
90 Percent Of All New Zealand Deaths Link Back To Modifiable Behaviours
911 System In Jeopardy As First Responders Reject Jab
A Global Fertility Crisis – Dr. Shanna Swan
About How Corporations Twisted Wildlife Conservation to Favor Industry
Advice shifting on aspirin use for preventing heart attacks
Alabama Will Spend Nearly 20 Percent of Its Federal COVID Relief Money to Build Human Cages
Almost 42,000 toxic ‘forever chemical’ sources could be polluting surface, drinking water across the US
Alzheimer’s disease, The personality trait that doubles the risk of mental decline
Americans Are Shrinking, While Chinese And Koreans Sprout Up
An Unexpected Journey. Chapter 1 – In search of the Mediterranean blue
An Unexpected Journey. Chapter 2 – Lessons in saving the planet
An Unexpected Journey. Chapter 3 – The last ice.
Ancient Power Station, Bosnian Pyramid Decoded, Dr Sam Osmanagich
Another Global Pandemic Is Spreading —Among Pigs
Antiviral compound blocks SARS-CoV-2 from entering cells
Aspirin lowers risk of COVID – New findings support preliminary Israeli trial
Aussies angry at ‘unfair’ COVID-19 fines
Australia Building Quarantine Camps For “Ongoing Operations”
Australian police interrogate citizens over social media posts supporting anti-lockdown protests
Belly Fat is Merely a Symptom
Big pharma and drug lobbyists are ‘courting’ Kyrsten Sinema as the ‘lead blocker’ on pricing reform
Bild roasts YouTube for stifling free speech in Germany after court rules it was wrong to delete Covid-19 interviews
Boeing tells all US employees to get their Covid-19 shots by December 8
Cancer Immunology, T Cells, and their Effect on Cancer Cells within the Body and Lymph nodes
Care staff shortage worse than before pandemic, study shows
Chemicals found in popular consumer products may contribute to 100,000 early deaths a year in the US
Citizen Journalist Secretly Films 20 Year Pfizer Contractor on Covid Vax “Skeptical of the Science”
Cleaning up an oil spill
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Use and Access Disparities
Could climate litigation do more harm than good?
David Icke | I Tried To Wake You Up
David Wolfe – Interview – How To Build Invincible Immunity
Davos/WEF/UN “Great Reset” to be announced at COP26?
Dehumanized – COVID Patient in Texas Hospital Had Plastic Bag Placed Over Her Head
Delta variant and behavior caused vaccine efficacy drop over the summer in New York
Depression rates are even worse in 2021 than in 2020
Did the virus spring from nature or from human error?
Doctors alarmed by loophole allowing sale of used asbestos products
Dr. Michael Yeadon States Most COVID-19 Deaths Directly Attributed To Remdesivir Or Midazolam
EU ministers call for unified criteria regarding Covid pass
EU to target fake Chinese honey with new labeling rules
Exposure to childhood adversity is linked to early mortality and associated with nearly half a million annual US deaths
FDA grants breakthrough designation to Alpha Tau’s device for GBM treatment
FDA Panel Member on COVID Jabs – Heart Attacks Happen 71 Times More Often
Flattening The Curve In Singapore
Florida fines key county $3.5 million for mandating vaccines
Following the Pathway of Ideological Pathogens in the Human Mind
Gaza’s undrinkable water ‘slowly poisoning’ Palestinians
German Court Slams Youtube For Deleting Controversial COVID Interviews
Ground-breaking trial prevents loneliness among older people during COVID
Havana syndrome reported at US embassy in Colombia
Health Canada Funded Mainly by Big Pharma
How being an older parent could be beneficial for offspring
How human disease-causing genes prevent adaptations to remove them
How Is It Possible That Mammograms Don’t Actually Save Lives?
How Mold and Mycotoxins Cause Chronic Illness Symptoms, Hormonal Imbalances, and Chronic Inflammation with Dr. Lauren Tessier
How to remove pesticides from drinking water
Hundreds rally outside French Senate against ‘imposing’ of vaccination and health passes
Immune response to COVID-19 vaccine different with prior infection
In Northern Ireland alcohol consumption is particularly widespread among pregnant women with devastating consequences
India’s Ivermectin Blackout – Part V
Inflammatory, oxidative and DNA damage status in vegetarians
Iqaluit drinking water supply possibly tainted with petroleum hydrocarbons
It’s Time To Learn To Live With Covid
Lead pipes threaten children and adults in the U.S.
Macron says France to have mini nuclear reactor, green hydrogen plants by 2030
Major step forward in Covid fight as ‘highly potent’ antibody found to eliminate virus
Many adults with breast cancer use cannabis but don’t tell their doctors
Melatonin – a Potential Shield against Electromagnetic Waves
Men, Masculinity and Mental Health, with Ronald F. Levant, EdD
MEPs slam Commission for delaying release of Farm to Fork report
Migraines caused by alterations in metabolite levels
Mindful breathing for pain control – Like yin and yang
Misconceptions about consciousness 2
More Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer
Natural light may be key to improving mood and reducing insomnia
NBA All-Star Player BANNED From Court Until He Complies With COVID Jab Mandate
Neurotoxic Pesticides Linked to Increased Risk of Lou Gehrig’s Disease
New study confirms Sun/Cosmic-Ray climate connection
New Zealanders Caused The Medieval Warm Period
NIH Won’t recommend ivermectin due to conflicting financial interests
NYC’s Unvaccinated Teachers Must Waive Right To Sue If They Want To Keep Health Benefits
NYT Vastly Overstates Number of Children Hospitalized With COVID
Older adults should not take daily aspirin to prevent heart attack or stroke, US task force says
Optimal blood pressure helps our brains age slower
Pentagon archbishop says troops can’t be forced to get Covid vaccine against their conscience
Plastics Production — and Fossil Fuel Industry That Feeds It — Cause ‘Staggering’ Global Devastation, Investigation Finds
Prof. Tim Noakes – We Will Win
Rand Paul Takes On Dr. Fauci’s Push For Vaccine Mandates
Researchers See Fading Vaccine Effect as 7 in 10 Recent COVID-19 Deaths in Sweden Fully Vaxxed
Risky medicines should be stopped before patients leave hospital, researchers say
Rooftop solar increases electricity use, raising questions for utilities and policymakers
Rye a better choice than wheat for weight loss
Scientists discover a highly potent antibody against SARS-CoV-2
Senior figures say failure to prevent second wave was inexcusable given what was known about the virus
Sleep issues linked to mental health disorders
Southwest CEO says he never wanted a Covid vaccine mandate but Biden forced his hand
Stress can be good for you
Study identifies potential therapeutic target for type 2 diabetes
Study on PFAS and fatty liver disease – women more affected than men
Study shows testosterone linked with multi-partnerships in men, but with solo sex in women
Taiwan death from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death from COVID-19
Technocrat Says Pandemic Won’t Be Over Until at Least 2024
The Covid report should damn this government
The dark side of social media networks
The Final Solution. Full Digitization. “The QR Codification of the World”
The high-protein bread
The human neck is a mistake of evolution
The madness of the green agenda
The PCR-RT is a Process. It Does Not Tell You that You Are Sick.
The Scotsman Lies About Sea Level Rise
The story behind Molnupiravir
Thousands of Quebec nurses face suspension over lack of vaccination
Toilet of Europe – Spain’s pig farms blamed for mass fish die-offs
Toxic Trade – The pesticide industry is lobbying hard to counter EU action against toxic pesticides
U.S. FDA staff says Moderna did not meet all criteria for COVID-19 boosters
UCI-led study finds medicinal plant extract to prevent morphine addiction
Unvaccinated Nurse Escorted From Hospital
Unvaccinated Seattle cops face termination
US government pays Merck $712 for 5-day molnupiravir course that only costs $17.74 to manufacture
Vaccine Passports Set the Stage for Increased Surveillance
We have barely scratched the surface’ of the medicinal value of plants
When Vaccines Are Mandated, Who Bears the Liability?
Why Diabetic Men Struggle with ED – A Story of Victory & Freedom from Viagra
Why Has the Pandemic Caused a Spike in Eating Disorders?
Women from traditional farming communities have breastmilk richer in good bacteria and antibodies
Women with shorter periods before menopause are more likely to get heart disease, study says