Nieuws 14.1.2022

Aanslepende coronacrisis weegt op mentaal welzijn
Ab Osterhaus, in Afrika is veel meer immuniteit in de bevolking omdat de vaccinatiegraad laag is
Academici pleiten in manifest voor duurzaam pandemiebeleid
Alcohol verkopen aan jongeren moet net zoals in Nederland strafbaar worden
Asten, The Netherlands joins the nationwide protest
Begrijpend lezen verbeteren door te kijken naar oogbewegingen
Bescherming tegen Covid-19 door darmbacteriën
Coop waarschuwt voor BIO+ vleesproducten
Corona-“gezant” Feike Sijbesma was ook oud-DSM topman
De magie van biofotonen en de communicatie met je DNA
De onverwachte voordelen van vet bij diabetes type 2
De waarheid komt altijd aan het licht
Deense krant Ekstrabladet biedt excuus aan voor Covid-verslaggeving
Een groot deel van onze jongeren lijdt onder de coronamaatregelen
Gemeenten vragen regering om bredere blik op coronamaatregelen
Gemeenten zetten samenwerking met kabinet over jeugdzorg stop, na half miljard bezuinigingen in regeerakkoord
Griepprik beschermt dit jaar minder goed dan gewenst
Het virus komt uit een lab blijkt uit de Project Veritas onthullingen
In België mag de baas je straks niet meer bellen na 18.00 uur
Internist tegen OMT, als je verlenging lockdown adviseert, leef je in een ander universum
Interview met Denis Rancourt
Kinderen als immunologisch schild inzetten om volwassenen te beschermen is moreel laakbaar
Leuvens viroloog Zeger Debyser – Ik was verwonderd over Vlaamse folder over kindervaccins, die gaat in tegen ons advies
Martin van Rooijen over ontkoppeling AOW-uitkering van minimumloon
Maurice de Hond, ik ben gecanceld en daar komt geen verandering in
Maurice denkt dat ze gaan draaien na hun rare advies over mondkapjes buiten
Meneer Hans is terug
Modelbrief Aangifte Zwembaden
Mondkapjes, de bescherming is nul – immunoloog Carla Peeters
Naar een pleeggezin – ‘in het belang’ van het kind
Natuurstrijder Gerhard filmt wat er mis is in de natuur
Nederland is pilot partner in “Known Traveller Digital Identity” project vd WEF
Nederlandse supermarkten willen uitbuiting in Italiaanse tomatenteelt aanpakken
Onontkoombaar narratief is bijna altijd propaganda
Ook de Belgen worden wakker
Ook Rusland ontkomt niet aan de tentakels van ‘The Great Reset’
Ouderen worden financieel in de steek gelaten door onze overheid
Over 390 weken is Nederland dan geheel gevaccineerd
Oxidatieve stress door draadloos gebruik
Pandemie met boosters bestrijden is geen levensvatbare strategie
Pfizer dwingt Big Tech om video te verwijderen waar CEO toegeeft dat Covid vaccinaties “beperkte bescherming” bieden
Sophie van Leeuwen denkt dat de coronapersconferenties flink veranderen
Stop Afvalwater Twente reageert op intenties NAM om te stoppen met afvalwaterinjectie in Twente
Suse van Kleef ziet dat er in Groot-Brittannië veel meer kan
Update Ronnieflix 13.1.2022
Vaccinatielocatie in Groningen ontruimd, volgens bezoekers vanwege reanimatie
Vaccineren van gezonde kinderen is medisch en ethisch onverantwoord
Viroloog – Kabinet nam te vroeg te zware maatregelen
Waarom worden vissen levend opengesneden – Je hoort ze niet gillen
Wet maakt modelabels verantwoordelijk voor klimaatverandering
Wetenschap in diskrediet
Wintermanifest voor een duurzaam pandemiebeleid
Ze hebben 400 miljard gekregen door het gas en doen dan zo


90% of celebrities’ social media posts about food and drinks are for unhealthy items
A List of People Who Had Their Leg Amputated Shortly after Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
Acupuncture enhances brain function in patients with mild cognitive impairment
Alzheimer’s research – inflammatory markers are conspicuous at an early stage
Americans Find Empty Shelves At Grocery Stores Across The Country Amid Omicron Surge
America’s COVID Death Rate Drops to Record Low as Cases Reach Pandemic High
Antibiotic exposure and adverse long-term health outcomes in children
Apiaceous vegetables protect against acrolein-induced pulmonary injuries
Are Liver Problems Caused By GMOs and Roundup?
Assessment of intestinal injury of hexavalent chromium using a modified in vitro gastrointestinal digestion model
Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic
Betaine Ameliorates Brain Damage in a Rat Model of Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
Binge drinking linked to first episodes of heart rhythm disorder
Biologists identify neural circuits associated with aging
BPA exposure of the placenta could affect fetal brain development
Brett Giroir M.D. – Export controls for biotechnology – Rep. Jim Jordan
Canada drops COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its truckers after pressure from industry
Canadian Military Website Shows Massive COVID-19 Numbers
Canadian Province to Impose ‘Significant’ Fines on Unvaccinated Residents
Cannabinoids may prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2, including variants
Cannabis Compounds Stop COVID-19 From Entering Human Cells, Study Reveals
CDC chief Delta variant, NOT Omicron, is responsible for the 1,700 daily Covid deaths in the US
CDC Director Says Vaccines Can’t Prevent Transmission
Cheese Ingestion Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis Rates Both at Rest and During Recovery from Exercise in Healthy, Young Males
Chewing to stay slim – how to savor your food better and dodge weight gain, too!
Chinese Authorities Seals Residents’ Doors, Depriving Them of Food Supplies in COVID-Hit Xi’an
Clothes dryers are an underappreciated source of airborne microfibers
Coming After Your Home
Contribution of cereals and cows’ milk consumption to the exposure to mycotoxins
CORBEVAX – The Hyped New COVID19 Vaccine
Could gene networks resembling air traffic explain arteriosclerosis?
Covid breakthrough – Face mask effectiveness exposed in study comparing protection
COVID-19, boosters, censorship and more
Decreasing Air Pollution Levels Leads To Fewer Cases Of Dementia
Denmark Announces Fourth Vaccine Shot to Vulnerable Groups Amid Omicron Wave
Disruption of CRTC1 and CRTC2 in Sim1 cells strongly increases high-fat diet intake in female mice but has a modest impact on male mice
DOD Can’t Block Discovery of Evidence in Military Vaccine Mandate Trial, Judge Rules
Dr. George Calhoun on China’s Mysteriously Low COVID Deaths
Dr. Jeffrey R Holt on Gene Therapy for Hearing Loss | Interview
Dr. Robert Malone on Vaccine Risks to Kids
Ebola – shattering the lies and the fakery
Effect of earplug/eye mask on sleep and delirium in intensive care patients
EU country threatens to block Telegram
EU shipping plan leaves millions of tonnes of CO2 unregulated
European Union Regulators and the WHO Say Quit the Coronavirus Booster Shots
Europe’s drug regulator warns excessive COVID boosters could lead to ‘problems with immune response,’ joining WHO in pushback
Everything you need to know about masks
Evidence on Statins, Omega-3, and Prostate Cancer
Exposing the Terrifying Connection Between COVID and the Metaverse
Fauci agency blasted for trans monkey study
Fauci obsessed with himself, not with solutions for the country
Federal Lab in New Mexico Pauses Vaccine Mandate
Fish smoking in coastal Ghana linked to high pollutant exposures, elevated health burden
Freedom of the press – Why censorship by platforms must be resisted
Frequent Boosters Spur Warning on Immune Response
From 100% Effective In Preventing Covid To “Very Limited Protection, If Any
German police use data from Covid-tracking app in unrelated investigation
Glyphosate Damages Blood-Testis Barrier and Causes Poor Quality Sperm
GOP Senators Seek China Sanctions for Blocking Probes Into COVID Origins
Gymnema Sylvestre slashes blood sugar levels by 29% and kills cravings in ‘seconds’
Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands standing up against the mandates and restrictions!
Hemp compounds could help block coronavirus, OSU study finds
High-intensity interval resistance training (HIIRT) improves liver gluconeogenesis from lactate in Swiss mice
How Bad is my Batch ? The story of my vaccine injury
How do the effects of childhood abuse extend into middle age?
How Hydrogen Could Solve the Energy Crisis
How long to nap for depending on what you want out of your day
How to not be hungry but still lose weight
How to talk with the vaccine enthusiasts
I’m Willing To Risk Everything For Freedom | JP SEARS
Idolatry and Modern Medicine
Impact of Testosterone on Alzheimer’s Disease
In Canada, Court Bars Unvaccinated Father From Visiting 12-Year-Old
Inside the Rhino Poaching Trade
Is acupuncture effective for knee osteoarthritis?
Israel is a disaster zone today
It is time. It is time to end the pandemic state of emergency.
Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents
J&J Vaccine Gets Additional Warning On Bleeding Side Effect
Lawmakers Blast Biden Pandemic Response, Experts Question Vaccine Mandates Strategy
Leonardo DiCaprio is yet another eco-hypocrite says Darren Grimes
Like social media feeds, our brains take a little while to update
Long-term use of blood pressure drugs may cause kidney damage, study suggests
Lowering blood insulin levels could lower your risk of getting COVID-19
Major French Study Finds Over 99% Glyphosate Contamination in General Population
Male Infertility Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases
Meet Dr. Ben Rein of Stanford University
Mexico Removes All COVID-19 Entry Requirements Including Health Form
Microplastic pollution linger in rivers for years before entering oceans
Migrants keep pouring in as Quebec harshens tone on the unvaccinated
Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath
Ministers have used ‘propagandistic’ tactics to scare public into complying with Covid rules, founder of No10’s Nudge Unit claims
More humiliation for Anthony Fauci and vaccine advocates
Multiple neonicotinoids in children’s cerebro-spinal fluid, plasma, and urine
Natural sweetener xylitol can fight bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus
New CDC Records Detail Agency Head Walensky Wanted Details of Death of Teenager Reported to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
New Research Shows Key To Global Spread Of Autoimmune Disease is the WESTERN DIET
New study reveals how the lung’s immune cells develop after birth
NHS staff finally being heard on Thismorning to discuss mandates
Nitric Oxide on Pathophysiology of SARS-CoV 19 – Toward Possible Role of Acupuncture Treatment
Now the World Health Organization has waved the white flag on Covid vaccine boosters too
Omicron variant is half as likely to cause hospitalization and 91% LESS likely to cause death
Ontario counts suicide victims as COVID-19 fatalities
Parents Must Be Allowed to Decide on COVID Vaccines for Kids, Physician Tells Maine Lawmakers
Parents of College Kids Fed Up With ‘Shut Up and Comply’ Mandates
Pesticides and Cancer Risk
Plastics Recycling a ‘Myth,’ Activist Says
Political Power to Silence and Penalize Physicians who Question Certain Views on COVID-19
Prenatal Exposures & Experiences
Professor’s heartbreaking asbestos warning in her final moments battling cancer
Project Defuse – Secret Documents Expose Dr Fauci’s Military Proposal To Engineer Coronavirus
Proof Fauci Lied to Congress?
Putting mRNA In The Food Supply
Quebec’s UnVaxxed Tax
Rand Paul vs Dr. Fauci at Senate HELP Hearing
Rapid Antigen Tests Cannot Distinguish SARS-CoV-2 and HKU-1 – and That’s Dangerous
Reduced Hospitalisation Risk For Omicron Patients
Registered Nurse speaks out
Remembering faces and names can be improved during sleep
Repeated Covid boosters not viable strategy against new variants
Researchers Find Low Oxygen and Sulfide in the Oceans Played Greater Role in Ancient Mass Extinction
SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease – Seneff
Schizer .. because we care about our profits
Scientists believed Covid leaked from Wuhan lab – but feared debate could hurt international harmony
Severity of Daytime Sleepiness and Parkinsonian-Like Symptoms in Korean Adults Aged 50-64 Years
Severity of menopause symptoms can affect a woman’s cognitive performance
Severity of menopause symptoms can affect a woman’s cognitive performance
Signs That May Signal Heart Attack Risk – Joel Kahn, MD
Stephen Sinatra, MD, Cholesterol Myths Part 2
Stray animals boost morale on Ukraine’s front lines as Russia and Nato remain at odds
Stress associated with an increased risk of getting Covid-19, study finds
Study presents novel therapeutic target for treatment of sepsis
Stunning Facts Released About Unvaccinated Vs. Vaccinated COVID Patients In Australian Hospitals
Symptoms of Pelvic Pain, Treatments for Endometriosis with Sallie Sarrel
The association between tobacco smoke exposure and vitamin D levels among US general population, 2001-2014
The Catastrophic Impact of Covid Forced Societal Lockdowns;
The COVID Mania era highlights the shortcomings of democracy
The danger now is mass resignation, not mass hysteria
The Difference Between Censorship in the US and Russia
The MOST POWERFUL Effect on Your Mood is What You EAT
The Netherlands is one of the most interesting places for tracking the divergence of cases from more acute outcomes as Omicron takes over
The Project Veritas Whistleblower Luncheon & Discussion Panel – January 29th Miami, Florida
The Ultimate Guide to the Great Reset
The unexpected benefits of fat in type 2 diabetes
The Very Strong Correlation Between The Rise In Glyphosate Usage On Core Crops And Autism
The ‘healthy’ food item that may fuel brain decline and ‘harm’ brain cells
The ‘Rebel’ and Human Rights Gadfly Seeking to Criminalize Ecocide
They Control More Than 90% of What Happens | David Icke 2022
They Help Your Body Adapt to Stress with Dan Moirarty and Dr. Tom O’Bryan
This is our last window of opportunity to get to herd immunity
Too much information
Top Immunologist Slams Global Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
Two skin discolourations that may signal a clot ‘in one of the deep veins’
U.S. FDA Amends J&J Vaccine Fact Sheet to Include Rare Bleeding Risk
U.S. May Have Been Responsible for Almost Half of Recent Past Illegal Tiger Trade
U.S. researchers discover drug-resistant gene in sewage
UK rivers being polluted by ‘chemical cocktail’ of sewage, slurry and plastic
Uncover The Corrupt Side of WHO
Unique Footage of January 2 protest against Corona Measures in Amsterdam (Coverage by Laura Haaima)
Unvaccinated and Omicron – Study from California (Preprint)
Unvaccinated doctor warns PM he risks ‘mass exodus’ of NHS staff over mandatory COVID jab policy
Unvaccinated NHS Doctor Explains Challenging Sajid Javid On Compulsory Covid Jabs | GMB
Use of Google Analytics violates EU law, Austrian authority rules
Vaccine purity has infected the West
Virus Hunter Peter Daszak Wanted to Keep COVID Sequencing Data Hidden From Public
What convinced you containment was a scam?
What is anxiety and how can we treat it effectively? With Bunmi Olatunji, PhD
Why Empaths Feel Bad – Teal Swan
Witch hunt of radio host who dared to question the booster jab – James Bembridge
World Health Organization Joins EU In Opposing Continued Booster Shots